Definition of Peloton for Seniors

When I first set out to write this article about Peloton for seniors, I’ll admit that I had some preconceived notions about the definition of a senior citizen. But then I had to remind myself of this: according to society I am a senior citizen. 

I was born in 1965 so the minute I turned 55 in 2020, the world considered me older. Not quite elderly or infirmed but older. I mean, suddenly I could qualify for senior citizen discounts at my local Goodwill store or the supermarket.

What does it mean to be a senior

Truth is, in thinking about writing this article, I was thinking about my own parents who are in their 80s. How might they approach using the Peloton app or even a Peloton bike. I mean Peloton does offer classes that would be appropriate for people in their 80s who were never gym rats. Immediately, I thought of classes like chair yoga.

I’d rather not use my own preconceived notions of “senior” fitness and Peloton. So, I took my query about what is the definition of Peloton for seniors to a bunch of, ahem, seniors.

What is Peloton for seniors

These so-called seniors were the fellow members of the Facebook Group Peloton Over 50 & Fabulous. There are more than 8,000 of us in this group. This group morphed out of another GenX/Baby Boomer Peloton group that got too negative.

I shouldn’t have been surprised to learn about the workouts they do and classes they take and Peloton instructors they love–even though they’re in their 50s and 60s. Some are in their 70s. 

Below are some of their responses. Some have been edited for clarity, spelling errors or space.

Either way, you can read for yourself how legit senior citizens are using their Peloton bike, Peloton Tread or the Peloton app for strength training, power yoga classes, cycling, running and more. 

You may be surprised by some of their responses. I know I was.

definition of peloton for seniors featured pin

Seniors who take all kinds of Peloton classes

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“I’m going to be 60 this year, and heavy weight work is my favorite, but I also bike at least 5 times a week, stretch everyday, and try to get a sleep meditation at night. My bone density is great, and my joint pain is minimal.” – Jo

“Senior? What does that even mean when it comes to health? I’m 57. I lift, jog (I have never been a runner at any age, but still getting faster) bike, row, hike. If I’m going to workout with weights, I’m going all out. I will never slow down. I have 3.5 years of daily blue dots” – Dina

“Been with Peloton for almost 5 years and as I get older, I am more open to trying different things! I’m 63 and finished the shadowboxing 3 week course and now incorporate that into my routine (great full body workout) and it makes this ‘almost first time grandma’ feel like a badass!!!” – Sammi

(My review of the Peloton boxing program. I didn’t love it as much as Sammi did.)

“I just turned 61 and have no interest in chair yoga. Hot power is more my style. I only use the app…no bike or tread. I love hiit, strength and yoga.” – Lauren

“I’m 61 and follow the Hardcore on the Floor calendar. It has made such a difference and I make strength the priority if I’m time limited. Also have arthritic knees and Hannah Corbin’s barre classes are great for that.” – Becky

Here is my review of the Hardcore on the Floor calendar.

Peloton keeps these folks motivated

“I joined Peloton last fall a couple months before I turned 58. My goal is to go into my 60s stronger and healthier. I’ve watched my 78 year old mother begin to lose mobility and I don’t want to be like her in 20 years. The bike has made my hip pain almost disappear. I usually get very down and lethargic in the fall and winter months, but not this year! Staying active has helped my mental health as much as my physical health. I love all the cycling classes because I can try different instructors & different genres of music and I love the ten minute arms & light weights because the classes are quick and fun!” – Nicole

“I’m 57 and never have I stuck to any exercise regimen before Peloton. Paid monthly dues at gyms for years without showing up. It’s now been a little over a year without missing a week with my Peloton. I love Bradley Rose and Denis Morton the best for rides because the music is an important motivator for me. Emma Lovewell for core and Tunde Oyenin for arms. I love that there are so many options from yoga and meditation to full blown energetic workouts to suit every mood.” – Eileen

“Almost 69, best shape of my life. I work out 6 days a week. I do not have a bike or tread but do the classes for building strength, and flexibility. My age is irrelevant to my progress or what classes I like. Experimenting with new types of workouts keeps me motivated. Creating a strong, fit healthy body for the next third of my life is the goal. Today is the future I dreamed about 2 years ago. I plan for Future Me by the actions I take today!” – Pamela

Former athletes now seniors stay in shape with Peloton

“I’ll turn 60 this year. I was a runner and a Sprint triathlete in my 40s, and just kept spinning and weightlifting through my 50s. I don’t train for events anymore but work out for the joy of it. For me, I enjoy Matt Wilpers’s 45 minute power training rides once a week. Then, I spin every other day so I will do a 30 minute hit and hills or Tabata ride. Love the spin bike for how it oils my joints and what weights do for everything else.” – Wendy

More about power zone training here.

“I will be 58 in June and was a competitive long distance runner until I turned 50 and then injuries plagued me. Once COVID came, I ordered the Peloton and have not turned back.” – Lori

“I’m 67 and have the Peloton contrarian perspective. I got my bike because I ran myself (literally) into a metatarsal stress fracture in Jan 2021. I was never a spin class guy at the gym, but now I spin 2 or 3 times per week for pure cardio, meaning I focus on my heart rate zones. The other 4 days per week I do strength workouts on my Tonal. Except for Denis and Matt, I find just about all the Peloton instructors pretty annoying.” – Harry

This article guides you to hotels with Tonal and Mirror stations.

Peloton helps these seniors manage health issues

“I’m 50 with lupus. I lift weights with cardio daily to keep me healthy and in shape. I feel as if I didn’t work out, the aches and pains would be amplified. And I love the simplicity of Peloton. The ability to get out of bed every morning and workout in the comfort of my own home is amazing after years of driving to a gym or meeting a group in the morning to run. My favorite classes are Saturday60 with Jess Sims and strength training with Adrian Williams.” – Linda

“I’m 59…I started seeing ortho for my knee 5 years ago and he recommended riding a bike and leg workouts. So we bought a peloton soon after. Before my knee surgery nine weeks ago, they had me ‘prehab’ on my bike. And post surgery, they had me on a bike and my PT was thrilled I had a peloton at home!” – Jan

“Chair yoga, really? I’m 57 and  have rheumatoid arthritis but I don’t do chair yoga. With today’s treatments, I do the most challenging workouts Peloton offers. It may take me a little longer to transition during a bike bootcamp from the floor back to the bike. But I got it.” – Kim

Favorite Peloton instructors for seniors

“I’ll be 58 in July. I don’t feel like a senior at all. But, alas, here I am. That being said, I love yoga! Slow Flow Yoga with Ross Rayburn helps my hips stay supple.” – Julia

“I adore Cody Rigsby. He keeps me entertained and helps with the fact I simply don’t identify as over 50 and likely never will. The best part he is genuinely warm, funny and sincere in person when I rode live in the studio with him in October 2019.” – Tracy (that’s her picture below)

peloton for seniors with cody and dj john michael

“I’m 53. I love Sam Yo’s classes the most – love his whole vibe and the way he structures his classes! I find Andy Speer to be a particularly effective teacher as he thoroughly explains each move ensuring I’m doing them correctly.” – Sarah

“I’m 65 and love my Peloton bike. As a former Spin instructor I appreciate the coaching I get from Matt Wilpers, Christine D’Ercole and Denis Morton.” – Deb

“As a 53 year old with hip and knee issues I enjoy Christine D’Ercole’s low impact rides- her classes are inspiring and I always feel incredible both physically and mentally after class. I super love Aditi Shah’s beginner yoga classes. They have helped my hip flexibility/mobility. Her classes are calming and her instructions are easy to follow.” – Shelley

“Well, first, I am a senior by every definition but my own. I’m 74. Favorite classes: anything hip hop, so Alex’s Club Bangers (Alex Toussaint).” – Tim

This article features your favorite Peloton instructor quotes.

Final thoughts on the definition of Peloton for seniors

I found other Peloton-related blogs writing about classes for senior citizens. And I had to laugh. Some of these writers must be millennials. Why? Because they make us over age 50 Peloton users sound like we should be in a nursing home. 

It reminds me of a long-ago segment on “Good Morning America” where they were talking about something related to people in their 30s, 40s and 50s. And the graphic they used for the person in their 50s was a granny with a bun, hunched over a cane. Hello? Are you kidding me? That was the last time I watched that morning program–I was so insulted.

I should have learned from that experience not to come to writing this article with preconceived notions of how my fellow seniors use their Pelotons. If anything, it keeps us young at heart, and in body and mind–all without ever having to do a chair yoga class. However, if we ever want to do chair yoga, it’s because we can, not because we have to do that kind of class.

I’m covering Peloton for people over 40 and over 50 on my new blog about Aging At Your Best. 

More about Peloton yoga here.

Finally, if you’d like to join the Facebook group Facebook Group Peloton Over 50 & Fabulous – #FabOver50, here is a link.