Top Clothing Gifts Boxes for Men

Are you considering giving a guy in your life one of those gift boxes for men this year? You know, a clothing subscription box or some kind of men’s online styling service? You may be asking:

  • What is the best clothing subscription box for men?
  • What is the best monthly clothing subscription for men?
  • How do I find the best gift boxes for men?

If so, this gift guide is for you.

I’ve rounded up the top and best clothing subscription boxes that would absolutely qualify as gift boxes for men. These are the ones that send clothing, accessories, workout gear and other fashion goodies on a monthly or quarterly basis–or however often your guy wants it. It’s like giving a guy the gift of a men’s personal stylist online.

men's subscription boxes pins 2020

What’s great about these gift boxes for men is they really run the gamut. First, they mostly focus on clothing. Next, it could be clothing for the workplace, an activewear subscription box or workout clothing subscription box perfect for the gym rat, or a gift box filled with gear from your guy’s favorite team. Finally, subscription boxes are great for men of all ages–brothers, dads, retired men, outdoorsmen, etc.

What are clothing subscription boxes?

Even though these clothing subscription boxes have the word “subscription” in them, in many instance there is no need to commit. Like I said you–or rather he–can choose how often or infrequently these gift boxes for men show up on his doorstep. You can buy one clothing subscription box for me or purchase a series of deliveries.

Best of all, you’ve ensured that you’ve chosen a great gift that will have him wearing something clean and fashionable all year long. And you don’t have to fight any holiday crowds to get your gift buying done. That’s because you order these gift boxes for men online and they show up on the gift recipient’s doorstep.

Top clothing gift boxes for men

Here now are the best clothing gift boxes for men. They are listed here in alphabetical order. These are definitely some of the best clothing subscription boxes for men. Many of them my own husband has tried out and loves.

If I’ve found coupons or deals on any of these boxes, I’ve included them here. Now onto the list. Happy shopping.

Basic Man

In my recent blog post on the most popular subscription boxes by state in the United States, Basic Man showed up a lot. I mean A LOT.

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That means tons of men swear by this clothing subscription box that sends you basics on a monthly basis.

Not familiar with Basic Man? For starters you can sign up for Basic Man on Cratejoy.

Next, here’s the gist.

With the Basic MAN box, each month he’ll receive a premium t-shirt, antimicrobial boxer briefs, and a pair of heavy combed bamboo socks for everyday wear.  This is the perfect way to encourage him to change up his “under style” and the perfect holiday gift that keeps him “fresh.”  

Use code NEWBASICS to get him a free gift at checkout.

Brewski Craft Beer Shirt Club

The Brewski Craft Beer Shirt club, aka men’s clothing subscription box, scours the planet looking for the best beers, and the best t-shirts to match. Every month the lucky recipient will receive limited edition collectibles while also finding a new favorite t-shirt to match.

If he loves craft beers, but you don’t know which to buy for him, get this unique option as a great beer gift alternative. Clearly, this men’s clothing subscription box is on the casual side.  

Here’s what one woman had to say about why she bought the Brewski Shirt Club gift box for men for her husband: “Finally, a gift my husband looks forward to receiving more of! Each delivery has been unique and the quality of the shirts is surprisingly good.”

If you’re looking for gift boxes for men who love beer and t-shirts, the Brewski Craft Beer Shirt Club would be a great choice. FYI, you can sign up your guy for the Brewski subscription box via Cratejoy.

Menlo Club Men’s Clothing Subscription Box

With a Menlo Club subscription, you’re sent a handful of men’s clothing pieces each month. You tell Menlo Club ahead of time your size and your likes and dislikes, and then you get the surprise package in the mail.

Despite the surprise element, here is what I can tell you about this clothing subscription box for men. You will receive a curated package of Five Four, Grand AC, or New Republic brand products.

On average, you receive two items per month and every month is different. Menlo Club offers easy size exchanges along with free shipping. Right now, you can get $35 off your first seasonal package!

Southern Scholar Socks

People joke about getting socks for a gift but Southern Scholar gift box for men is no joke. This is the perfect gift for the man who always leaves the house for work, or formal occasions with the same white socks that ruin his look.

The Southern Scholar men’s sock subscription box delivers a 200-needle-count dress sock each month in this men’s clothing subscription box. These socks are made from their signature material blends. 

If you’re looking for a unique men’s clothing gift for a guy who has everything, the Southern Scholar Subscription box is always in style! You can sign up for Southern Scholar via Cratejoy.

Spiffster Tie Club

Due to my husband’s job, he needs to wear a tie to work every day. Thankfully, he doesn’t wear the same tie every time, but men like this do exist. Does this sound like a man in your life?

Here’s a great way to help him change it up without making him–or you–go to the store. You can give him a subscription to the Spiffster Tie Club. This gift box for men sends a brand new, stylish necktie each month. This ensures that he has always has something new to help him stand out. 

Stitch Fix for Men

Stitch Fix for Men is a clothing fashion styling service. You don’t pay a monthly fee, and you can keep or send back any items you receive. Therefore, it is not a true subscription box.

What I love about Stitch Fix–and so does my husband, is that you can order a Stitch Fix box whenever you’d like. You can do this through the website or the Stitch Fix app. Once you try something on, you can keep, return or exchange any item.

Stitch Fix is great for the fashionably challenged man. This is the guy who hates to shop and who gets overwhelmed easily with too many choices. In each Stitch Fix shipment, you received just five items. It’s the perfect amount for a men’s clothing fashion styling service.

My husband has received all kinds of clothing from Stitch Fix for Men. His favorite green khaki chinos came from Stitch Fix.

I first wrote about Stitch Fix gift boxes for men in this review of men’s online styling services as well as Stitch Fix with big and tall men’s sizes in this other review.

Tee Blox

Gamers and geeks will love the Tee Blox gift box for men. Why? Because it’s a clothing subscription box for men that sends him a new “fan favorite” t-shirt each month. 

Simply select what he’s into by niche, and they’ll curate the perfect delivery. Because let’s face it, TV and game trends change fast.

When you give the TeeBlox box as a gift, TeeBlox does the hard part by finding the newest and coolest gifts. You get the rewards by watching him light up–or hear about how he did–when each new box arrives.  

You can order the Tee Blox subscription box via Cratejoy.

Victory Box

Victory Box refers to itself as the premier monthly men’s accessories box. You receive from three to five high-quality men’s fashion accessories and lifestyle products each month.

So when it comes to men’s gift boxes, Victory Box is somewhere in between a men’s clothing subscription box and a men’s accessories subsription box.

A bonus to pre-paying for a 3-,6- or 12-month subscription? You’ll get extra free accessories in each box.

Either way, every month, with this men’s gift box, your guy can expect to receive a combination of ties, socks, tie clips, lapel pins, grooming products, bracelets, and more! You can sign up for Victory Box via Cratejoy.


When it comes to getting clothing through Wantable, you’re requesting something called an “edit.” That is, you’ll be editing your current wardrobe.

While most of Wantable’s business is geared towards women, there is one element to Wantable that is for men. It’s called the Wantable Men’s Active Edit and it is 100% activewear and athleisure clothing. I mean, with so many people working from home these days, you can totally get away with wearing comfortable clothes and still looking professional on a Zoom call.

Have you read my piece on building a work from home or work at home wardrobe?

So, here’s how Wantable describes its men’s active edit:

“Seven performance and loungewear picks for working out, video calls and/or simply chilling out. Get quality brands, effortless style and the ultimate in casual comfort (sizes S-XXL) delivered to your door. Keep what you love — put the rest in your prepaid return envelope, and schedule a free pick-up.”

Here are the best overall subscription boxes for men.

Not quite gift boxes for men but…

Here are a few additional gift ideas for the guy you might be shopping for. While not exactly gift boxes for men, these are brands I’ve purchased or my husband has received, and we love them. They are definitely worth checking out

Bombas Socks

Bombas are some of the best moisture-wicking socks. If the guy in your life is athletic, then he needs these socks. 

Get 20% off your first purchase of Bombas, the most comfortable socks in the history of feet, by using code BOMBAS20.

Here are two other reasons to love Bombas socks. First, for every pair of socks you buy, Bombas donates a pair of socks to a person in need. And, second, Bombas socks come with a lifetime guarantee or warranty. 

Shop now and use code BOMBAS20 for 20% off your first purchase.