How to Find Private Vacation Rentals with Peloton Just Updated

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This past holiday season my family and I tried to find vacation rentals with a Peloton in it. Let me tell you it was not easy.

First we started at AirBnB. There was no way to search for Peloton.

Next we tried VRBO. Again no way to set a filter to search for a Peloton. You can look to see if a home has “fitness room/equipment” but then you have to wade through each listing to see if they mention Peloton.

We even tried Craigslist to look for a private Peloton vacation rental. But, to be honest, those options seemed shady AF.

Finally, we just went to Google. While we found many options that way, it wasn’t easy. I mean there were literally more than a million results. Who has time to get to the end of Google?

Therefore I knew that there was a need for an article on how to find a private vacation rental with the Peloton in it. This would be a blog post that groups the information all in one place for finding a vacation home that comes with a Peloton in it.

vacation rental with peloton pins

Why write about vacation rentals with Peloton

As a devout Peloton user since 2016, I understand how important it is to be able to continue your workouts on the Peloton while on vacation. That’s why, for example, back when I was going to New York City regularly, I always booked a stay at a Peloton hotel.

Here is my article on Peloton hotels.

In addition, if I was traveling somewhere else, without a Peloton, I still used the fitness room. In these instances I might ride the regular spin bike in the gym, with cycling class on my phone via the Peloton app. Or I might do a Tread class, again using the app on my phone, on a regular treadmill. In fact, it’s how I do all of my Tread bootcamps here at home, since I don’t own a Tread, but I do own a Nordic Track treadmill.

Here is my article that explains and reviews Peloton bootcamp classes.

Renting a private home for vacation

Now that more people than ever are renting private homes for vacation versus staying in a hotel, finding places with a Peloton is super important. Again, I know, because I tried, and I failed.

So I’ve done your homework for you. I’ve scoured the web for vacation rentals–homes, houses, and apartments–with a Peloton room or a home gym with a Peloton in it. I’ve arranged this blog post by state.

Hopefully, this makes it easier for you the next time you’re looking to go on vacation and want to be able to continue your Peloton streak while you’re away. Keep in mind that I have not included rentals that mention a community, building or nearby gym with a Peloton bike. I’ve limited the information to houses, condos and apartments that have the Peloton right in the home itself.

Side note: in my research I came across a few companies that advertised Peloton rentals. However, since I can’t vouch for them, I haven’t included them. I have no idea what kind of shape these Peloton bikes would be in so I’d rather not risk it.

Companies that help you find private home vacation rentals

Before I get into my list of vacation rentals with a Peloton in them, I wanted to explain how I found the listings here. Primarily, I used three home rental sites.

Homes & Villas by Marriott International

Normally, I think of Marriott as just a hotel brand. But I recently learned that there is a “homes and villas” private rental arm of the business. And guess what? A handful of homes under Homes & Villas by Marriott International have Pelotons in them. Primarily, they are in California and New York.


One vacation rental site I checked was VRBO. I called is Veey Are Bee Oh; my millennial daughter pronounces it Verb-Oh. However, you call it, it’s one of the most popular sites out there.

Turnkey Vacation Rentals

In addition, I researched using a newer home rental site called Turnkey. If you work in real estate or have ever sold or bought a home, you understand the term “turnkey.” It means an impeccably kept house, apartment, condo or another kind of home. This is the kind of home where you don’t have to do anything to it because it’s already perfect.

Unlike VRBO, which has become a sort of search engine for home rentals, Turnkey is more about property management. So, it’s smaller.

Unfortunately, Turnkey doesn’t have a great filter for narrowing a search. Unlike VRBO, which allows you to search for a home gym, there are only two filter you can set on Turnkey. They are “pet friendly” and “pool available.”

Even so, Turnkey does have a handful of Peloton vacation rentals. Ironically, some of them are cross listed on VRBO. All of the ones I could find are located in California.

Despite these limitations, if you will, I’m excited about this new platform. So, whenever possible, I have linked directly to it.

Other vacation rental referral sites

I recently learned that both TripAdvisor and Agoda have sections on their websites for private vacation home rentals. Same with, which is more about renting rooms in homes than whole homes.

However, finding ones with a Peloton in them isn’t easy. However, if you’re already familiar with either site, it’s good to know that they are both additional options for finding private homes to rent for a vacation–with or without a Peloton bike in them.

Here’s why I did not include AirBnB

I haven’t included AirBnB in this blog post. Why? Because I’ve heard too many nightmares stories about the company lately. From reservations getting cancelled unexpectedly to hosts not following certain health protocols, those are headaches you do not want to have on vacation.

Make money by turning your home into a vacation rental

In addition to helping you find vacation rentals, both VRBO and Turnkey can help you make money by renting your own home. So, when you go away, you can arrange to have someone stay at your house, and you make money from the rental income.

Here is a link to sign up your home to be listed on VRBO. 

And, here is a link to sign up your home to be listed on Turnkey.

We recently bought a new home in Maine, and plan to rent it out to make extra income. All that’s left to do is get a Peloton in there so that we, too, can advertise it as a vacation rental home with a Peloton in it.

We’ll probably end up buying a used one off Facebook Marketplace since the wait for new ones is so long these days. If you’ve bought a used Peloton this way, I’d love to hear from you about your experiences, your dos and don’ts, etc. I’ll probably end up writing about this topic in the near future either way.

Nationwide and international vacation rental homes with a Peloton

Now, onto the state-by-state listings of vacation rentals with Pelotons. I’ve just updated this post to reflect a new number of private homes included.

Right now I’ve got 61 105 homes to share with you in 21 26 states. Also, I’ve included a handful of international locations–all in the Caribbean right now. This includes the United States Virgin Islands as well as Jamaica and Turks and Caicos.

States not included in this this of vacation rentals

Keep in mind that this article is a work in progress. The more of these vacation homes I come across that meet our Peloton needs, the more I’ll add to this post.

Updated June 2021: South Carolina finally has a vacation rental with a Peloton; it’s in Hilton Head (linked below).

Updated May 2021: Woo hoo–Montana is coming off the list of states without vacation rentals homes with a Pel0ton. A friend on my Power Zone Challenge team let me know that her condo in Big Sky, Montana (linked below) has one.

Right now, the following states do not seem to have any vacation rentals available with a Peloton bike or Tread in them:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Indiana 
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland 
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada 
  • New Hampshire
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia 
  • Wyoming

Finally, these rental homes with Pelotons in them are in high demand. So if you think you might want to book one of the ones I’ve included here, I would do it the same day you click through my links or at least within a few days. Do not wait longer than a week to book a vacation rental, or it will be gone.

Arizona Vacation Rentals with Peloton


Not only does this five-bedroom, five-bath vacation rental include a Peloton bike, but also it has a fully decked out home gym, as shown in this pic from this VRBO listing. There’s a treadmill, free weights and more. Plus, the home has a pool.

sedona vrbo vacation rental with peloton


The VRBO listing for this home on the Camelback Golf Course seems to suggest that it just added a Peloton bike to its amenities. There is no picture of the bike, just the following statement:

“A new Peloton stationary bike with full active membership is included.”


The photos in the VRBO listing suggest that this five-bedroom, four-bath house has both a Peloton bike and Peloton tread along with Peloton bootcamp weights. But the pictures are the marketing ones for the equipment, not the equipment itself in the home. So, confirm before booking.

California Vacation Rentals with Peloton

Northern California

This is a waterfront, three-bedroom, one bath home in the Bay Area–Bolinas, California, to be specific. Based on the picture in the Turnkey listing, the Peloton is located in a nook overlooking the water.

FYI, if you prefer to book through VRBO, here is a link to the same home’s listing on that platform.

Additionally, you can find this home listed on TripAdvisor.

Carnelian Bay

This vacation rental with a Peloton, listed on Homes and Villas by Marriott, is located near Tahoe City and is an easy drive to mountains like Northstar, Squaw, and Alpine. It’s a three-story home with five bedrooms and three-plus bathrooms. In addition to the Peloton bike, the home has a pool and tennis courts.

Central Coast

Not only does this four bedroom, three bath home have a Peloton bike, but according to its Turnkey listing, also has a home gym that features a Hydrow rowing machine, weights and a Smart TV for doing online classes while on vacation. Unfortunately, the listing did not include any pictures of the home gym.

Dillon Beach

The owner of this three-bedroom home, overlooking the water in Dillon Beach, wrote to me after discovering this post on private home vacation rentals with a Peloton. He wanted me to include it in my roundup. Since it has a Peloton and it’s listed on VRBO, here you go! 

Lake Tahoe

Located in North Lake Tahoe, this vacation rental is advertised on Turnkey as a modern mountain getaway. So modern, is it, that it has a Peloton bike, which seems to be located in the family room. The bike has great views of the nearby forest, which in these pictures are snow covered.

You can also rent this home via Homes and Villas by Marriott.

north lake tahoe turnkey vacation rental peloton

Mammoth Lakes

I found this Peloton vacation rental via a Facebook friend who shared it in a mutual Peloton group. It’s a three-bedroom, three-bath home that sleeps eight. The Peloton sits in a home office space with great views.

peloton bike in home office.


This rustic guest house sits overlooking the Salinas River, in a gated, private community. It’s just one bedroom and one bath, but it does have a Peloton bike (see below). I found this listing on Homes and Villas by Marriott.

Napa & Sonoma Area


You’ll find the Peloton bike in the game room of this luxury wine country home. The game room also has a foosball table and a pool table.

In addition, this three-bedroom, four-bath house has a sunny swimming pool. The house overlooks nearby vineyards.

Peloton bike in front of Peloton decal.

St. Helena

This Napa Valley three-bedroom, three-bath home has everything both Peloton and Soul Cycle fans would want in a vacation rental. There is a Peloton bike, a Peloton Tread and a Soul Cycle bike, among other fitness equipment. When looking through pictures of the listing, though, I did not see the Soul Cycle bike–only the Peloton. I wonder if it’s possible this home has two cycles?

The VRBO listing also mentions that it has an “Internet connected TV to take online classes.” So, good to know if you want to do yoga or something else using the Peloton app.

napa valley vrbo vacation rental peloton


The VRBO listing for this vacation rental in Windsor says it has a Peloton bike. Originally, the listing included a picture of the home gym but not the Peloton. However, it’s since been updated to include the image below.

windsor vrbo vacation rental peloton bike home gym


This Sonoma home has four bedrooms and one bath. The photography on its VRBO listing does not show the Peloton bike it supposedly has. So confirm with the owner before booking.


There are actually two buildings on this Sonoma property. So, this vacation rental can sleep up to 10. The VRBO listing mentions a Peloton, along with tons of other workout equipment, but there are not photos to confirm where the Peloton bike is. So, please double check before booking.

Palm Springs Area


Located close to La Quinta in the Indian Palms Country Club (Gated Community), this home has two master suites, 2.5 bathrooms and can sleep up to six people. The backyard is perfect for entertaining, thanks to the pool with a waterfall, fire pit, outdoor kitchen and enclosed 65 inch TV. 

I found the Peloton bike in the pictures accompanying the VRBO listing. It seems to be tucked into one of the two bedrooms. The photography was very dark and not great, which is why I haven’t included it here. But I did see photographic evidence that this private vacation rental does have a Peloton in it. 

La Quinta

This four-bedroom, three-bath vacation rental home in La Quinta near Palm Desert has yoga mats and hand weights and, allegedly, a Peloton bike. Originally, the pictures in the VRBO listing showed a Schwinn spin bike. However, the listing has been updated to include the image below.

Clearly you can see the Peloton bike, plus a Smart TV that you can cast the bike’s screen to for easier viewability when working out. Nice update, La Quinta home!

la quinta vrbo vacation rental peloton bike cast to tv

Little Tuscany

Wowza! That’s my reaction to this VRBO vacation rental listing in Little Tuscany. In addition to the Peloton bike, this five-bedroom, four-bath home has the Peloton Tread as well as the Mirror workout system. There are pictures of the fitness room on the listing. However, the quality was too poor for me to share here. But you can check it out for yourself here.

Palm Desert

In addition to having a charging station for an electric vehicle, this Palm Desert home has a Peloton room overlooking the pool. The house itself has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It is listed as a vacation rental on Homes and Villas by Marriott.

Southern California


VRBO describes this Anaheim home as large, resort-style home. It seems to have it all: a pool, hot tub, firepit and, of course, a Peloton Bike Plus in the game room.

anaheim vacation rental with peloton orange county

Cabo San Lucas

The person who owns this Peloton vacation rental is in a Facebook group with me–all about hotels and rentals with Pelotons. Anyway, she posted that her home still has some availability for the upcoming season. 

This house is a four-bedroom, three-bath oceanview villa. Here is how the owner describes the Peloton and workout space in the VRBO ad:

“Upstairs you will find the Peloton area with a Peloton bike (you can bring your own shoes or we have cage adapters to wear with your sneakers and a pair of Peloton shoes in a men’s 9), Peloton weights (2 lbs, 3 lbs, 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 15 lbs 20 lbs), a Peloton mat, Peloton resistance bands and Peloton Yoga strap and blocks. You are able to stream the Peloton app using the Kindle Firestick! On the upstairs balcony, you can attach the TRX system and exercise while taking in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean!”

La Jolla

This is a three-level home with a sky deck and ocean views in La Jollas. It has five bedrooms and five baths. In 2021 the owners added a Peloton bike on the home’s third level. 

The listing on the Homes and Villas by Marriott site reminds guest to bring their cycling shoes. So, I would guess that this Peloton has original pedals that take Delta cleats.


If you’re looking for a vacation rental that’s near the Rose Bowl and Old Town, this Pasadena home is for you. Also: it has a Peloton Tread and a Peloton bike. So, you’ll definitely get your exercise in when staying here. 

According to the VRBO listing, the home itself has four bedrooms and three baths, and sleeps 10. Also, there is a small in-ground pool and a hot tub.

pasadena vrbo rental with peloton tread bike
This VRBO private rental has both a Peloton Tread and a Peloton bike.

Rancho Santa Fe

The VRBO listing describes this private rental home as a modern, luxury farmhouse. It has five bedrooms and five and a half baths on 3.5 acres. The listing mentions a Peloton bike in the home’s exercise room, which is shown below.

rancho santa fe vrbo vacation rental with peloton

San Diego

This La Jolla-area home’s VRBO listing includes mention of the Peloton bike but does not include any pictures. The house itself has four bedrooms and three baths. It also has a hot tub and a pool.

San Diego

Located on Mission Beach in San Diego, this is a four-bedroom three-bath condo. The VRBO listing shows the Peloton bike tucked in a corner of one of the bedrooms.

san diego vrbo vacation rental peloton in bedroom

Santa Barbara

This is a private, newly renovated Spanish Estate that sits on two acres of park-like grounds in the Montecito Hedgerow District. It is a short walking distance to the famed Miramar beach and the restaurants and shops of both the upper and lower Montecito Villages.

The home, with six bedrooms and six baths, has a gym “pavillion.” Its VRBO listing shows one picture of this pavillion but does not include the Peloton, which is mentioned in the description. So be sure to confirm before booking.

Santa Monica

The VRBO listing for this Santa Monica home mentions a Peloton, but there are no photos of it. Please double check before booking.

Colorado Vacation Rentals with Peloton


You’ll find the Peloton bike in this five-bedroom, four-bath home in the finished basement, in the game room, next to the pool table. The VRBO listing says this is a ski in, ski out house.

breckenridge vrbo vacational rental peloton


This industrial loft in Denver’s RiNo Arts District has a Peloton bike on a second level balcony, overlooking the living room. According to the VRBO listing, the apartment itself has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

denver loft vrbo vacation rental peloton


A Facebook friend told me about this home in Granby, which is northwest of Denver, in the Rocky Mountains. According to the VRBO listing, this is a five-bedroom, three-bath home with a gym and Peloton. It’s available for rent in both warm and cold weather.


I found this Telluride contemporary home with a Peloton on Homes and Villas by Marriott. It has four bedrooms and four-plus baths, and can sleep nine. 

The Peloton seems to be in a basement-level workout space (see below), along with an elliptical, a weight bench and much, much more.

Winter Park

The owners of this VRBO vacation rental in Fraser are really excited to share with you that they have a Peloton. Here’s how the listing reads:

“We have a PELOTON spin bike for you to use!! Just log into your own [P]eloton account or use our guest account.”

By the way, this is a five-bedroom, 2.5-bath home. From the listing pictures, it looks like the bike is in the master bedroom.

And the shoes hanging from the back of the bike seem to have the Delta Look clips on them. But, check with the owner when booking so you know what kind of cycle shoes to bring.

winter park colorado vrbo vacation rental peloton in bedroom

Connecticut Vacation Rentals with Peloton


This is a quintessential New England estate in Fairfield. It has six bedrooms, five full baths and three half baths, with an in-ground pool and lovely grounds. The VRBO listing mentions the Peloton bike and a treadmill, but I did not see any pictures of this equipment.

New Milford

Advertised as a lake house, this vacation rental in Litchfield County actually sits on Candlewood Lake. According to its VRBO listing, there is a Peloton bike and some additional workout equipment. However, there are no pictures of the exercise space.


This family-friendly VRBO vacation rental–toys, backyard playground–has three bedrooms and one-and-a-half baths. The VRBO listing says that a Peloton bike part of a small home gym, but there aren’t any pictures to confirm the Peloton.


Only 45 minutes from New York City, this colonial-style home has three bedrooms and 1.5 baths. Of course, it also has a Peloton bike. In fact, the VRBO listing says that in addition to the Peloton, the home has free weights, kettle bells, yoga mats and an exercise ball. Alas, there are no pictures.

Delaware Vacation Rentals with Peloton

Rehoboth Beach

A four-bedroom, three-bath home near the ocean, the VRBO listing says this vacation rental has a Peloton bike. However, there are no pictures of the bike or where it is located.

Florida Vacation Rentals with Peloton


You can book this one-bedroom apartment, with a Peloton bike near Disney, through Orbitz. This vacation rental is also pet friendly.


If you’ve ever been to Disney World in Florida, then you know the town of Kissimmee is practically next door. The VRBO listing for the vacation rental mentions that connection.

It also mentions the Peloton bike, which is located in the fully renovated and air conditioned garage/home gym. Good thing about the A/C. I would not want to be on my Peloton during a Florida summer without it.

kissimmee fla peloton vacation rental home

Florida Keys

The VRBO listing for this Marathon home, with indoor and outdoor pools, is unclear exactly where the Peloton bike and other fitness equipment is. It wasn’t shown in any of the interior pictures so double check before booking.

Panama City Beach

A friend in a Peloton-related Facebook group told me about this Panama City Beach vacation home with a Peloton. She says it also has a rower.

I found a picture of the exercise room in the VRBO listing (shown, below). That fitness space has a flatscreen TV so you can use the Peloton app for workouts, too. Anyway, the home itself has four bedrooms and five baths, and it is walkable to the beach. 

Exercise room with Peloton and rower.

Panama City Beach

The Peloton in this VRBO listing on the Florida pandhandle is located in the home’s guest carriage house, which is adjacent to the main house. That home has five bedrooms and five and a half baths. The entire place sleeps 12. There is also a heated pool in the private courtyard. Unfortunately, the ad does not include pictures of the bike, so I can’t share them here.

Santa Rosa Beach

The Peloton bike is a new addition to this four-bedroom, 3.5-bath home. It is so new that there are no pictures of the bike in its VRBO listing.


This Florida VRBO rental–a four-bedroom, 4.5 bath home–comes with access to a fitness center with two Peloton bikes.

Georgia Vacation Rentals with Peloton


A cottage in the upscale Buckhead area, this vacation rental on VRBO mentions having a Peloton bike but there are no pictures of it.


The VRBO listing for this Atlanta home doesn’t specifically mention having a Peloton. However, when clicking through the pictures, I spied one next to a window in a family room. By the way, this is a four-bedroom, 4.5-bath home in Ansley Park.

atlanta vrbo vacation rental peloton family room


This four-bedroom, two-bath home, about 10 minutes from the Augusta National Golf Club, recently added a Peloton to the home office. The VRBO listing mentions this addition and adds that the photography is out of date.

So, no picture of the Peloton and also the elliptical machine shown is no longer there. Guess the Peloton kicked the elliptical to the curb. 

St. Simons Island

A brand-new-built townhome, this vacation rental has three bedrooms and two baths. From the VRBO listing, it looks like the Peloton cycle is right in the home’s foyer.

vrbo st simons island georgia peloton vacation rental

Idaho Vacation Rentals with Peloton


You can rent a luxury apartment in Boise with a Peloton via the Trip Advisor site. The apartment has two bedrooms and one bathroom, and can sleep four people.


I was today year’s old when I discovered that Orbitz has vacation rentals. And how did I discover this? When I stumbled upon this Boise luxury apartment rental with a Peloton bike in it.

Illinois Vacation Rentals with Peloton


This vacation rental is a two-bedroom, one bath condo in Chicago. Its Peloton bike is featured in one of the first pictures on the VRBO listing. The bike is tucked away in a corner of the dining room.

chicago vrbo vacation rental peloton


I found a building in Chicago’s River West neighborhood with two different luxury apartments that you can rent and both have Pelotons in them.

One, a tri-level, industrial space, has a Peloton bike. You can see it in Picture 30 of this VRBO listing.

The other apartment, a loft, has a decked out Peloton gym on the basement level. It includes a Peloton bike and a Peloton Tread. You can see it via its VRBO listing here or the picture, below, which the owner shared with me.

chicago river west vacation rental peloton gym

Maine Vacation Rentals with Peloton

Boothbay Harbor

At first glance it’s not obvious that this log cabin in the woods has a Peloton bike. But, once you click through the Turnkey Vacation Rental listing’s photos, you’ll see her. In picture 11, you can catch a glimpse of the Peloton bike down the hallway from the kitchen. And then in picture 14 you see the bike in the corner of a bedroom, next to a window.

Peloton bike in wood paneled bedroom


The owner of this three-bedroom home on VRBO, which is pet-friendly and has a fenced-in backyard, had a brand-new Peloton Bike+ delivered in mid-April. Vacation renters can bring their Delta Look cycling shoes to ride it during their stay. She said the bike will also have toe cages. 

vacation rental with peloton bike plus


The listing for this VRBO vacation rental in the Cape Porpoise area of Kennebunkport, on the Maine Coast, says that access to a Peloton bike is available upon request. Unfortunately, there are no pictures in the listing to show which kind of Peloton bike it is.

Massachusetts Vacation Rentals with Peloton

Chatham, Cape Cod

In the VRBO listing pictures for this Chatham home, I saw both Peloton-brand cycling shoes as well as sneakers in front of the Peloton bike. So, I’m guessing if you booked this as your vacation rental, you could bring your regular spin shoes from home. The fitness room in this five-bedroom, five-bath home on Cape Cod also has a treadmill, elliptical and a ton of free weights and dumbbells, as you can see below.

chatham cape cod vacation rental vrbo peloton

Dennis, Cape Cod

This two-bedroom, two-bath home on Cape Cod overlooks Kelley’s Bay and is conveniently located near Route 6. It can sleep six.

The VRBO listing mentions that the home recently added a Peloton bike, shown below. I should teach the owners how to unclip from their Peloton bike pedals so they don’t need to leave their shoes hanging.

cape cod home with peloton

Harwich, Cape Cod

I stumbled upon this Cape Cod Peloton rental on Travelocity. It’s a three-bedroom, two-bath home. It has a full fitness center that includes a Peloton bike.

Lenox, The Berkshires

A person in one of my Peloton-related Facebook groups shared that her home in Lenox, in the Berkshires, has a Peloton for guests to use. However, riders have to have their own accounts to log in.

The home has four bedrooms and three baths, and is one two acres. It’s close to Tanglewood (great for summer stays) and nearby ski mountains (great for winter stays).

Note: While the Peloton is mentioned, there are no pictures of it in the VRBO listing.

Martha’s Vineyard

You’ll find the Peloton bike in the home office of this Oak Bluffs home on Martha’s Vineyard. That home office includes a sit-to-stand desk, great for work from home. According to the VRBO listing, this is a four-bedroom, two-bath cottage on the bluffs overlooking the beach.

marthas vineyard vrbo vacation rental peloton home office


In addition to the Peloton bike in the basement family room of this home, there is a traditional spin bike, hand weights and yoga mats. According to VRBO, this home on Nantucket has five bedrooms and 4.5 baths.

nantucket vrbo vacation rental peloton

Michigan Vacation Rentals with Peloton

New Buffalo

You’ll find this Peloton vacation rental on the Western side of Michigan, close to Lake Michigan. According to the VRBO listing, the bike is situated in a nook in the master bedroom. This three-bedroom, two-bath home also has a pool.

michigan vacation rental peloton vrbo in master bedroom

South Haven

A four-bedroom, five-bath home in Western Michigan, this vacation rental has views of nearby Lake Michigan. While it mentions having a Peloton bike, the VRBO listing does not include any pictures of it.

Missouri Vacation Rentals with Peloton


I found out about this VRBO rental through a Peloton Facebook group. This home has 10 bedrooms and nine baths across three levels, and can sleep 28. You’ll find the Peloton bike in one of those bedrooms.

Bedroom with Peloton bike in front of window.

Montana Vacation Rentals with Peloton

Big Sky

This is a four-bedroom, four-bath condominium that sleeps 15. Best of all–it has a Peloton. I found out about this vacation rental on VRBO from a teammate of mine on my current Power Zone Challenge team. I was so excited when she told me that not only did she rent out her Montana home but also that it had a Peloton bike in it.


This is a penthouse apartment vacation rental with a Peloton bike. It sleeps six. The home, available to rent via Orbitz, also has a hot tub.

New Jersey Vacation Rentals with Peloton

Beach Haven

On Long Beach Island, near Barnegat Light, this is a custom built lagoon front home in High Bar Harbor. This elegant home has 5 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, and the ability to sleep up to 12 people. And, of course, there is a Peloton bike. However, the VRBO listing does not include any pictures of the bike. So I can’t share where in the home it is.

Cape May

This is a Victoria home with nine bedrooms and eight baths. It looks like it should be a B&B or Inn, and maybe at one point it was. But now it’s a Peloton vacation rental–with the Peloton bike on the home’s first floor, so says the VRBO listing. Unfortunately, there are no pictures to confirm this. So, ask the owner before booking.

New York Vacation Rentals with Peloton

Big Indian (Catskills)

Thanks to a Facebook group I’m in of Peloton lovers, I discovered this pet-friendly, Peloton-inclusive three-bedroom bungalow rental in the Catskills in New York State. I’ve included a picture of the Peloton room, below.

Peloton room in vacation rental.


The Homes and Villas by Marriott listing for this vacation rental cuts right to the chase:

“4BR/3BA – Private pool, Sonos speaker system, work-from-home desk, Peloton, hot tub, and more!”

East Hampton

East Hampton is on the Eastern end of Long Island. This six-bedroom, three-bath home is listed on VRBO. The Peloton sits in the living room.

east hampton vrbo vacation rental peloton

East Hampton

According to the pictures on this vacation rental’s VRBO page, you’ll find the Peloton in a finished basement, next to the children’s playroom. The home itself has six bedrooms and five baths, and is located on a gated lane.

east hampton vrbo vacation rental peloton background

East Hampton

When renting this East Hampton house, for some reason the only time that you can access the home’s Bike Plus is between Memorial Day and Labor Day. And you have to request it up front. Wonder where the Peloton goes for the rest of the year?

Also, the VRBO listing pictures show an original Peloton bike, not the Bike Plus. So, either the photography is out of date or the person who wrote the listing doesn’t understand the difference between the two cycle models.

east hampton peloton bike not plus

East Hampton

If you’re interested in staying in this East Hampton home with a Peloton bike during summer, the VRBO listing notes the following: In June, the minimum stay is one to two weeks. For July and August, you must rent this house for the entire month.

There are no pictures of the cycle in the listing. So, I can’t tell you where it is in the home. Be sure to ask before booking.

Hampton Bays

You can walk to the Long Island beaches from this three-bedroom, two-bath home in Hampton Bays. The VRBO listing shows the Peloton bike right under the air conditioner–great for staying cool–in the dining area.

hampton bays vrbo vacation rental peloton

Lake Placid

Here is what the VRBO listing for this two-bedroom, two-bath log cabin says about the Peloton bike:

“We don’t have a fitness room, but there is a Peloton bike available for use. Please let us know ahead of your visit if you would like access to the bike. Bring your shoes and your login details.”

Alas, there are no pictures of said Peloton cycle.


If you’re looking for a Peloton vacation rental in the big city, you might want to consider this one-bedroom apartment listed on VRBO. Located in Battery Park, which is downtown, the very first picture in the listing is of the Peloton bike in the living room. FYI, the nightly rate is cheaper than most New York City hotels!

battery park vrbo vacation rental peloton


The set up of the Peloton bike in this VRBO vacation rental is breathtaking. The Peloton room sits in a bright, airy home office, overlooking a lovely deck. This home, on the Eastern End of Long Island, has six bedroom and seven baths.

montauk vrbo vacation rental peloton bike


Just north of New York City, this Rhinebeck six-bedroom, four-bath vacation rental doesn’t specifically mention having a Peloton bike in it. However, while reviewing the VRBO listing photos, I spotted the bike in a hallway. It was a terrible pic, which is why I didn’t share it here. So, good to know if you’re looking to get away to someplace a short distance from the metropolitan New York area.

Sag Harbor

A seven-bedroom, five-bath vacation rental, this Sag Harbor home has many different exercise options. According to its VRBO listing, it includes a Peloton, elliptical, light free weights and WiFi enabled TV. This waterfront house also has a pool. Unfortunately, the VRBO listing does not include any pictures of the home gym.

Sag Harbor

The VRBO listing for this Sag Harbor home includes a recently added Peloton Bike, picture shown, below. The house itself is situated in a secluded, wooded area as part of a natural preserve. It has lots of windows and natural light. There are four bedrooms and four baths, and it is walkable to Sag Harbor Village.

Peloton bike on tile floor.


This is a six-bedrom, six-bath home in the Shinnecock Hills area of Southampton. It’s a waterfront property on the Shinnecock Bay. Here’s how the VRBO listing describes the home’s Peloton room (shown, below):

“The basement offers a gym with a Peloton spin bike, weight machine, and yoga equipment.”

vrbo vacation rental southampton shinnecock peloton room


This VRBO vacation rental is advertising the recent addition of a Peloton Bike + Plus to its home gym. Here is howthat part of the VRBO listing reads:

Brand New Peloton Bike+ in Pool House with toe pedal cages so no need to bring your own bike shoes, also with swivel screen so you can also take yoga/pilates/strength classes as a group.

The home itselfhas six bedrooms and three baths, and can sleep 15. Its pool is open from Memorial Day weekend through the end of September. Bike Plus is shown below.

vrbo vacation rental peloton bike plus southampton new york


One of the first pictures you see on this vacation rental’s VRBO listing is the Peloton bike in the living room. It sits facing the bay behind this three-bedroom, three-bath home.

southold ny vrbo vacation rental peloton


The VRBO listing for this three-bedroom, three-bath home near Westhampton states that it has a Peloton Tread and a Peloton Bike. However, since there are no pictures to confirm this information, please doublecheck with the owner before renting.

North Carolina Vacation Rentals with Peloton


A friend recently returned from staying at this four-bedroom, four-bath home in Asheville. According to this home’s VRBO listing, the rental includes a pass to the Biltmore. But, even better than that, this mountain retreat has a Peloton Bike Plus. Note: the bike pedals take Delta LOOK cleat shoes only; there are no shoe cages.

asheville vrbo peloton bike

Atlantic Beach

On the North Carolina Crystal Coast, this Atlantic Beach home has five bedrooms and four baths. It sits right next to the beach and has a Peloton bike in what it calls the “Tiki Room”–so says the VRBO listing. The home even has an elevator.

northcarolina vrbo vacation rental peloton in tiki room

Blowing Rock

This large log cabin in Western North Carolina recently added a Peloton Bike. Here is how the VRBO listing describes it:

“We now have a Peloton for guests to use. Must be experienced and bring your own cycling shoes.”

I would assume the Peloton uses the traditional Delta Look cleats on your cycling shoes. The picture below shows traditional Peloton bike shoes next to it. However, since some owner swap out the pedals for SPD, I’d confirm with the owner before booking.

The house itself is located on 3.5 acres of a beautiful and private mountain landscape. It has three levels, five bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms.

Peloton bike in front of a window.

Oklahoma Vacation Rentals with Peloton

Broken Bow

The Peloton bike mentioned in this VRBO listing works with two types of shoes. First, you can bring your Delta cleat shoes from home, assuming those are the kind you use. Second, if you don’t want to bring your cycling shoes, the bike also has toe clips. This is a “modern” two-bedroom cabin in the Ouachita National Forest.

oklahoma vrbo vacation rental with peloton

Oregon Vacation Rentals with Peloton


According to its VRBO listing, this is a “[s] tunning, modern home nestled in the beautiful SE Hidden Hills neighborhood.” In this vacation rental, the Peloton cycle is in a spare bedroom.

bend oregon vrbo vacation rental peloton

Pennsylvania Vacation Rentals with Peloton

Lake Harmony

This is a seven-bedroom, four-bath vacation home to rent in Lake Harmony in the Poconos. If you rent this home, bring your sneakers or SPD cycling shoes–not the shoes with Delta clips. This VRBO listing specifies that the bike has toe cages and SPD pedals. The Peloton bike is in the walkout basement game room, where this is also a pool table.

poconos vacation rental vrbo peloton bike


Want a getaway in the middle of the city? This Center City, Philadelphia vacation rental, listed with Homes and Villas by Marriott, should be on your list.

It is a one-bedroom, one-bath apartment in a building with a full gym that includes Peloton bikes and an outdoor pool. It’s also a pet-friendly rental. The apartment is on the 12th floor so expect great views.

Pocono Summit

Located in Pocono Summit, this home has six bedrooms and three baths. The VRBO listing shows a small yet well stocked home gym with a Peloton bike, weight bench and free weights.

pocono summit vrbo vacation rental peloton

Pocono Pines

It’s not clear from the VRBO listing where in this Pocono Pines vacation rental where the Peloton bike is located. Plus, there aren’t any pictures of it to confirm location. So, I would double check with the owner before booking.


This vacation rental in Scranton appeared on my radar while researching my new article on Pennsylvania Peloton hotels. It’s a two-bedroom, two-bath penthouse apartment with a Peloton bike. The apartment is walkable to the Mall at Steamtown. You can book it through Orbitz.


On its VRBO listing, this vacation rental in the Poconos says it’s a two-minute drive to Camelback Mountain. But you’re here for the Peloton, right? Well, this four-bedroom, four-bath home, which sleeps 10, does not disappoint. The Peloton bike sits in a small home gym, along with a weight bench, free weights and more (see below).

camelback poconos vacation rental with peloton

South Carolina Vacation Rentals with Peloton

Hilton Head

So excited to have discovered this Hilton Head vacation rental with a Peloton listed on Homes and Villas by Marriott. It’s a four-bedroom, three-plus bath home with a home office workspace and, of course, a Peloton nook in that same room.

Tennessee Vacation Rentals with Peloton


After you ride the Peloton bike in this three-bedroom, three-bath vacation rental home, you can jump into the hot tub. Because, according to the pictures on its VRBO listing, the Peloton sits right next to the hot tub in a four-season room overlooking the mountains.

tennessee hot tub vrbo vacation rental peloton


The very first picture you see in this home’s VRBO listing is the Peloton bike tucked in a corner of the living room.

nashville vacation rental vrbo peloton bike

Texas Vacation Rentals with Peloton


This vacation rental on VRBO describes itself as a “luxury French country home with Lake Austin Boat Dock.” While those are nice amenities, to be sure, here’s what you’re really going to love about this five-bedroom, three-bath house: the home has a Peloton Bike + Plus and also a Peloton Tread. 

vrbo vacation rental lake austin peloton bike tread
Picture 42 of the VRBO listing show the Peloton Bike Plus and the Peloton Tread side-by-side in the workout space of this vacation rental.


A fellow Peloton devotee shared that her home near Galveston is now available as a vacation rental on VRBO. Her Peloton bike is in front of glass doors that overlook the waterfront location. 

The home itself has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, and sleeps 12. It also has an on-site boat slip.

peloton room galveston vrbo vacation rental

The Woodlands

This home in The Woodlands has five bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. The VRBO listing heading highlights the fact that this house has a Peloton. When you click through the pictures, you see the Peloton cycle in its own corner in front of a window.

woodlands texas vrbo vacation rental peloton

U.S. Virgin Islands

St. John

The very first picture you see on VRBO for this villa is the Peloton bike in the living room. Situation on the USVI island of St. John, this home has three bedrooms and 3.5 baths.

st john usvi vrbo vacation rental peloton

Utah Vacation Rentals with Peloton

Deer Creek

If I hadn’t looked through the pictures of this eight-bedroom, eight-bath home on VRBO, I never would have known this private vacation rental home has a Peloton. But there it was, in a well-stocked home gym that also includes an elliptical machine and other workout equipment. This is a ski-in, ski-out home that can sleep up to 20 at the Deer Valley Resort in Midway.

Peloton bike in mirrored home gym.

Park City

This luxury mountain home, which offers ski in, ski out options in the winter, mentions having a Peloton bike. However, when looking through the VRBO listing pictures for this five-bedroom, five and a half bath home, I didn’t see one. There is an image of the at-home gym, but no Peloton is there. Therefore, please check with the owners before booking and packing your cycling shoes

Park City

I almost missed the Peloton in this four-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath home. That’s because the VRBO listing includes pictures of a well-appointed home gym. However, there doesn’t seem to be a Peloton in the home gym at all. Well, I’m glad I didn’t click away because a few photos later, there she was–sitting in a lovely home office.

Peloton bike in home office.

Park City

There is a Peloton corner in the master bedroom of this vacation rental listed on VRBO. This is a townhouse with four bedrooms and four baths.

park city utah vrbo vacation rental peloton

Park City

This Park City condo, which sleeps seven, says it has a Peloton bike available to vacation renters. Here’s what the VRBO listing says:

The Peloton exercise bike is equipped with slip-on pedals as well as clip-in pedals.

However, the listing did not include a picture of the bike. So please ask first for confirmation before booking. 

Washington State Vacation Rentals with Peloton


Here you have a townhome near downtown Seattle, listed on VRBO as a vacation rental. It’s just one bedroom but has two home offices. In one of those offices is the Peloton bike, complete with mood lighting.

peloton mood lighting seattle vacation rental vrbo


New Auburn

Rustic, hunting lodge are the words that come to mind to describe this VRBO listing in Wisconsin. For a getaway in the woods on a private lake, this house with five bedroom, four full bath and two half baths is perfect. You know what else makes it perfect? The Peloton bike next to a window, overlooking the manificient vista.

peloton bike vrbo vacation rental wisconsin

International Vacation Rentals with Peloton

I’m so excited to have found some international homes that you can rent for your vacation and that come with a Peloton. I know that when I was writing my Peloton hotels article, finding overseas, Caribbean or international hotels with Pelotons was not easy. Thankfully, I didn’t have that issue when finding homes on VRBO.


Montego Bay

According to the VRBO listing for this vacation rental on Montego Bay, there are two Peloton bikes in the home’s private gym. It must have traditional Look Delta-compatible pedals because here’s what the listing says: “[C]an only be used with Peloton shoes.” However, there are no pictures of the bike.

Turks and Caicos

Long Bay

A beachfront villa on Long Bay in the Providenciales, this vacation rental is actually three buildings and can sleep up to 12. The VRBO listing mentions Peloton bike but the pictures did not show it.

Grace Bay

This one-bedroom, one-bath condo in Grace Bay in the Providenciales is in a larger complex with a beach, pool and fitness center. It is listed on VRBO.

While the fitness center has “regular” workout equipment, the condo unit itself has a Peloton bike. It’s shown, below.

peloton bike in turks caicos condo

Finally, want to live permanently in a home with a Peloton? Check out this article on buying a house with a gym.

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