Last Minute Gift Ideas

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Are you a last minute gift shopper? Well, if you find yourself almost out of time to buy gifts, you’re not out of luck.

There are plenty of ways that you can get a last minute gift or gifts. This is relevant for last-minute anniversary or birthday gifts, or when you need to get presents under the tree or into a stocking by Christmas Eve. How?

Three Ways to Secure Last Minute Gifts

  1. Give experience gifts.
  2. Buy from stores that let you buy online and pick up in store.
  3. Send a gift card by email or print out to give in person

For the procrastinating gift buyer, these two options provide all the conveniences of online shopping, even if you’re time challenged. Plus, with the first option, you don’t have to wait for shipping or wrap a box or anything. Just print out the confirmation and tuck it in a card or stocking. Or have it delivered to the gift recipient’s email in box.

With the second option, you won’t have to wait for the item to be shipped to you. Just choose a store that’s convenient for you to swing by after work this week. And voila, last-minute gifts purchased. Now all you have to do is the wrapping.

Here I’ve highlighted some last minute gift ideas. These are great ideas for both experience gifts and gifts that you can buy online and pick up in store today.

Experience Gift Ideas

Sometimes people don’t want the gift of stuff. They want the gift of an experience. Here are a handful of last minute gift ideas that fit the bill as an experience gift. This is based on my recent article on five experience gifts to give right now.

DNA Testing Kits

Having your or your pet’s DNA tested is all the rage. One year my husband got me the Wisdom Panel dog DNA kit, and it was an awesome gift!

Meal Kit Delivery Services

Starting last year we tried three companies that allowed us to make fresh meals conveniently and affordably. They are HelloFresh and Sun Basket

However, I am suggesting you consider one of the other two meal kit services. For example, if you sign someone up now for HelloFresh, you can save $40 on their first two deliveries.

Sun Basket is offering savings, too. Save $90 when you order your first Sun Basket meal kit.

Here is my review of these meal kit delivery services.

Spa Services

You can save money on SpaFinder gift cards. A gift card that can be emailed to the recipient is the ultimate last minute gift solution.

Online Styling Clothing Companies

One of the most popular blog posts this year is my review of online styling clothing companies Trunk Club, Stitch Fix and Dia&Co. Two of the three services I review are offering gift cards for the holidays, a great way to set someone up for a subscription.

Last Minute Gift of Entertainment

A great option for a movie junkie is Fandango, the movie ticket company. If you’re looking for a gift for a movie lover, I think a Fandango gift card is a great idea. Right now when you buy Fandango movie theater gift cards, you’ll get a $2 towards a movie or TV show. So you get a gift for someone else and receive one for yourself. Sweet.

Another way to save on entertainment? With an Amazon Prime Gift Membership. This is something you can definitely send via email. In addition, Amazon Prime has some entertainment-specific options you can sign up for. These include books, movies, music and premium TV channels. Here are nine options:

Shop Online, Pick Up in Store Last Minute Gift Ideas

Buying online and picking up in store has become a hugely popular way to combine two shopping conveniences. That is, being able to place an order when it is convenient for you, and then visiting a store to get the item when it is convenient for you.

Also, when you shop online and pick up in store, you do this for free. In other words, you won’t pay any shipping fees. I know that when I shop online, I see this offer at stores ranging from Walmart to Staples.

I’ve even taken advantage of these options myself. For example, you know I like to make extra money in my Poshmark side hustle. Last year I treated myself to a dress form mannequin that I could use for styling clothing and taking pictures for my Poshmark listings. I bought that mannequin online from Pier 1 Imports (sadly, which went out of business in May 2020) and then an hour later drove to the store to pick it up. Super easy. And I didn’t have to stand in line at the cash register to pay.

Here are ideas on how to get cash for gift cards you can’t regift.

Where to Shop Online Pick Up in Store

In addition to Walmart and Staples here are some additional stores that will let you shop online today and pick up your gift in time for the holidays.

Here is my recent article on stores that let you buy online and pick up in store.

Send an E-Gift Card

When in doubt you can always go with the gift card. If you don’t have time to get to the store to buy a gift card, buy one online. And I’ll do you one better. Buy a gift card that you can print out and give to someone in person. Or you can choose to have an e-gift card emailed to your recipient. My mom has done this many years in a row with SpaFinder gift cards for my birthday or the holidays.

Stitch Fix also has this option. There are Stitch Fix Gift Card – All Types that you can buy and print out or send via email at the last minute. Great for procrastinators who love clothes.

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