Best Online Stylist Services Updated

I last updated this post when Nordstrom announced it was closing Trunk Club. Also, it’s important to note that some people may call online stylists a subscription box service for women but none of the ones I review here is a true subscription box. There are no monthly fees–just great clothing at your doorstep whenever you want it.

Online stylist companies included in this review

The companies I’m considering as the best personal stylist services are:

  1. Stitch Fix
  2. Dia&Co
  3. M.M. LaFleur
  4. Wantable

Since originally writing this blog review, all of these online stylist services have made some important changes. All of these changes are beneficial to the customer–you and me! I mean, that’s why they’re on the list of the best personal stylist online options.

African american woman in a blue dress on a yellow background

These changes include adding male customers, plus sizes, options for members of the military and styling services for children. So now all of these folks can enjoy the services of an online personal shopper.

Here is my review of the best plus size options for an online stylist.

Do online stylists ship to military addresses?

In addition, I’ve had readers write and ask if these online stylist services ship overseas. Here is what I’ve found out.

As long as you have an APO/FPO/DPO address, you can get clothing from both Stitch Fix and Dia&Co and M.M. LaFleur. They all say that they ship to U.S. military addresses.

Wantable says, “Shipment to APO/AFO addresses and U.S. Territories is not available at this time.”

FYI, these companies offer military discounts.

Review of the best online styling services

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So now this article is Wantable vs Stitch Fix vs Dia&Co vs MM.LaFleur. Wantable and M.M. LaFleur could also be considered plus size online stylists based on the size clothing they offer.

Here is my review of the best personal stylist services for men, in case you have a fashion challenged guy in your life. And, here is my Stitch Fix Men review, too.

Now onto my review of the best clothing styling services for women. I believe that you’ll find valuable information here. That is true whether you’re over 30, over 40 or over 50, have curves (like I do), are looking for work outfits or even shoes, or just an overall review of using a personal stylist online to get great clothing.

Have you checked out the most popular subscription boxes by location? Where does your state rank?

Finding an Online Stylist

I recently tried four of what I think are the best online stylist services. They are Stitch Fix, Dia&Co., Wantable and MM.LaFleur.

None of these services cost more than $25 for the styling. This is amazing considering the $100-plus an hour I paid a private stylist in the past. This was when my then-agent told me I needed to update my look for a book tour.

Of course, the clothes you receive through an online personal stylist service are not free. However, each one only sends you a set number of pieces.

In some cases you’re getting a complete outfit in a box. Nonetheless, this prevents you from binge shopping. I know that could be a real concern if you have trouble saying “No” to things in the store.

Why I like online styling

Conversely, if you hate shopping, hate dressing rooms, hate everything about buying clothes, you may want to consider using an online stylist service. You can do all the shopping in the comfort of your home.

Need to find a good fitting bra? Read my new blog post on top bras.

I believe that shopping from home, getting help from a stylist online, not only makes you a smart, sophisticated consumer but also allows you to purchase with confidence and convenience.

All of these services offer free shipping both ways. All allow you to pick a price range for the clothing and accessories they send to you. This choice ensures that you stay on budget and you can enjoy a personal stylist on a budget.

Stitch Fix: Best Online Styling Services

This was the first online styling service I tried. A Stitch Fix shipment comes with a $20 styling fee.

You receive five pieces with each shipment. Having worked with a personal stylist in the past, I knew that the way to find clothes you love is to create a style profile based on your likes and dislikes in fashion.

Stitch Fix’s questionnaire is quite extensive. It asks you to rate certain kinds of clothing. It also asks you to explain your lifestyle and the kinds of clothes you need (stay-at-home mom, business casual or sparkly, special occasion). Then you can add personal notes about you that the questionnaire didn’t cover.

Stitch Fix Styling

stitch fix review online stylist

While the company uses real-life stylists to pull your clothing, it bases recommendations on an algorithm that doesn’t seem to understand negatives such as “I don’t like” or “No blouses.” The best way to get what you want is to tell Stitch Fix what you like and want only.

Case in point: in my last shipment, I asked only for stretchy, comfortable pullover tops and sweaters. And you know what? That’s exactly what I got.

Update: I got this note from the folks at Stitch Fix to better explain how the algorithm works:

The algorithm filters items for our stylists (for example, filtering out certain colors or patterns a client has indicated they don’t like) and makes recommendations to the stylist of pieces that it thinks the client might like based on responses to their style profile. Clients can specify in their stylist note, style profile or at their Pinterest board what they like or don’t like. The stylist is then freed up to read and consider feedback from past Fixes, specific requests, the stylist note, and items a client may have pinned on a Pinterest board. Ultimately, it’s completely up to the stylist what is put in each and every Fix, but they have the best tools at their fingertips to help them back that decision. 

When Your Fix Arrives

Every fix comes with a note from your stylist. It also includes picture cards giving you styling suggestions for each of your pieces. I love these cards. I’ve kept every one.

You have three days to decide which pieces you want to keep from Stitch Fix. Keeping all five? You get 25% off your entire purchase. Whatever you don’t like you send back in a postage-paid package. You rate your feedback of what worked and didn’t work online.

Here is my review of Stitch Fix for activewear.

What I like about Stitch Fix

What I like best about Stitch Fix is I ended up with pieces I never would have picked out for myself in the store. It is likely the same experience if I had shopped with a personal stylist in a brick-and-mortar store, but it’s a lot cheaper.

(I did a more extensive review of Stitch Fix a few years ago.)

Note: Stitch Fix now sells shoes.

Looking for my Stitch Fix Men review? Use this link.

stitch fix online styling service

Stitch Fix is the ONLY styling service I’ve tried and reviewed here that offers maternity options and styling for children.

Finally, find out how Stitch Fix helped me find the perfect special occasion dress for my daughter’s college graduation.

You can buy your favorites outside of a Fix

Stitch Fix lets you buy your favorite pieces in different colors.

I’ve got a few favorites in the “My Items” sections on the Stitch Fix website that I’m definitely ordering in different colors! You can make these purchases on the Stitch Fix website as well as the app.

Stitch Fix Kids

Stitch Fix is now styling kids. Now your youngest fashionistas can enjoy an affordable personal online stylist.

Each Fix includes 8–12 items personalized to your kid’s sense of style and interests, with clothing curated to deliver head-to-toe looks, ranging in price from $10–$35 per item. Stitch Fix Kids is for boys and girls.

This service can help you find classic fashion staples for girls.

Add on extras to your Fix

Stitch Fix just rolled out its newest add-on category of intimate wear called Stitch Fix Extras. After scheduling your fix, now you’ll be able to browse camisoles, shapewear, underwear, tights, bralettes, bras and socks to add to your next shipment.

As far as Stitch Fix clothing examples, brands include Hanky Panky, Free People and Wacoal, as well as a new Stitch Fix exclusive brand, Everyday by Stitch Fix.

New sizes and exchange options

First, if something doesn’t fit, no stress. Stitch Fix now allows you to make exchanges for clothing that doesn’t fit.

Next, plus-size fashion has finally come to Stitch Fix. So finally you can get style boxes for plus size from Stitch Fix. Yeah!

In addition, you can still enjoy Stitch Fix when you’re pregnant. Yup, you can request a maternity “fix” at any time.

Finally, you can order Stitch Fix gift cards for the men and women in your life! Stitch Fix Gift Cards starts at $20 and up. You can print gift cards at home to hand deliver, email them or have them sent by snail mail. Order a Stitch Fix gift card today!

does stitch fix have maternity clothes

New designers available at Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix recently expanded its brand offerings with recognizable names. Some of these Stitch Fix clothing examples of brands include:

  • Alice & Olivia
  • Helmut Lang
  • Kate Spade
  • Rebecca Minkoff
  • Theory AG,
  • Citizens of Humanity
  • JBrand
  • Joe’s Jeans
  • Liverpool

Earn free clothing

When you sign up for Stitch Fix–and order your first Fix–you’ll be eligible to share the Stitch Fix love with friends. That is you’ll get your unique referral link.

Then, with each friend that signs up for and schedules their first box, you’ll get a $25 credit to spend on clothing. So it’s like getting a personal stylist online for free.

This blog post explains how to get free clothing from sharing your code.

Dia&Co. Plus Size Subscription Boxes

Dia&Co.’s demographic is women size 14 and up who wear plus-size clothing. It works very similarly to Stitch Fix, but it’s a plus size clothing subscription. Like Stitch Fix it uses an online questionnaire that helps to build your style profile.

You also get five pieces in each shipment. For the longest time it was the only way to get style boxes for plus size.

My millennial daughter was my test subject for Dia&Co. We ordered her first Dia&Co. subscription box right before she left for London, where she was studying abroad for her junior year in college.

We figured spending a few months in Europe was a great reason to get new clothing. Also, we could treat her to a personal stylist albeit one she could work with via a subscription box.

The Dia&Co cost is extremely reasonable. Her styling fee was $20. That’s what everyone pays.

You pay that styling fee after you receive your clothing, try everything on and decide which items you are keeping (and purchasing) and which you are sending back. The $20 is deducted from what you decide to keep. Again making the Dia&Co cost on par with other online styling services.

Dia&Co offers free shipping, free returns, and free size exchanges.

Dia&Co. Subscription Box

Her experience with Dia&Co. was very similar to mine with Stitch Fix. When she first opened her subscription box and pulled each piece out, she wasn’t sure she was going to like anything. But she didn’t give up.

After trying them on, and then mixing and matching with fashion items she already owned (shoes, scarves, pants, etc.), she determined three of the five items from Dia&Co. were keepers. Those keepers were a black maxi dress she could dress up or dress down, a pink party dress, and a black-and-white chevron-detailed blouse with orange accents. She sent back the remaining two items in the postage-paid package Dia&Co. provided.

Get more with your Dia&Co subscription

As I mentioned in the introduction of this updated review, Dia&Co has changed how it lets you get clothes sent to you. And I love these changes.

Previously, when you signed up for Dia&Co, you would have to request a new box. Now you can subscribe and you can choose how often you want to receive your box of clothing–kind of like an online stylist in a box on autopilot. Your choices include a new box of clothes every 15 days, every month or every other month.

Update from online fashion stylist Dia&Co reviews

african american woman surrounded by white boxes with purple ribbons from dia&co subscription box styling service

Here is the latest news from Dia&Co.

I’m so excited to share this latest update with you. Dia &Co has expanded from just being an online stylist to being a full-fledged online store. Now you can shop the styles you want, when you want at!

Want to get 25% off your Dia box? You’ll qualify for this discount when you keep all five items from your subscription box. Also, you can always give the gift of a dream wardrobe and a personal stylist with a Dia & Co gift card!

New ways to get your Dia&Co boxes

Dia&Co now offers free shipping and size exchanges. In addition, Dia&Co is letting you be your own stylist on subsequent boxes.

That is, you can choose up to 3 items to add to your box, and your stylist will select the rest! Again, not available on your first box.) Finally, Dia&Co now has activewear! Sign up for the new Dia&Co active box!

Share Dia with friends

Also, you can share the love with your friends who wear size 14 and up. When a friend signs up for Dia & Co , you get $20 off your next box.

Finally, Dia&Co is now stocking more recognizable, name-brand designers. I’ve rounded up a few of them below.

Read my review of stores and brands selling womens wide width dress shoes and more.

MM.LaFleur Review: Best Online Styling Services

MM.LaFleur wants you to know that it is not a subscription service. You do not have to sign up to receive its clothing-in-a-box on a regular basis.

All you have to do is register and create a style profile, like other online stylist companies. Best of all, you do not have to pay any sort of styling fee.

MM.LaFleur carries its own brands

Because MM.LaFleur sells its own brand of clothing, there is no way of “knowing” ahead of time how things are going to fit. This is a huge plus because you really need to try everything on.

You can’t simply discount an article of clothing just by looking at it. I almost did that with a sleeveless sheath dress that I ended up loving and keeping. The pants, skirt and shirts I received all fit me well. I just didn’t like how they looked on me so I sent them back.

mm lafleur personal styling service plus size

This online stylist offers a true personal touch

There are a number of ways that MM.LaFleur adds an authentic personal touch. First, like with the other online stylist companies, you get a note from your stylist.

Next, my MM.LaFleur shipment was literally wrapped up in a bow, making it feel like a gift. Finally, two days after my Bento Box arrived, my stylist texted and emailed me to see if I had any questions. We had a dialogue back and forth to answer some of my questions, and I really liked that.

Having your stylist be so accessible makes it feel like you’ve always got a girlfriend to go clothes shopping with. 

Ways to save at MMLaFleur

If you haven’t yet tried M.M.LaFleur, how’s this for an incentive? You can save 25% on an in-person or virtual styling appointment.

Plus, during the holiday season, you can save on M.M.LaFleur gift cards.

mmlafleur gift cards

Also, like the Peloton membership discount, MMLaFleur offers a discount on clothing for essential workers, students and educators.

MM LaFleur has the perfect work from home outfits or work at home wardrobe. These are amazing options if you’re looking to create a style capsule that will allow you to get dressed for working at home easier.

Finally, I’ve just discovered that you can buy MM LaFleur clothing at Nordstrom. It’s a limited amount of styles but definitely great for creating a capsule wardrobe.

Here is my more in-depth MM.LaFleur review.

Update from MM.LaFleur Personal Styling Service 

Like Stitch Fix, you can get “extras” from MM.LaFleur. In my last Bento Box I got what I am calling the best pair of tights ever. Seriously. They are from Commando. I’d never heard of the brand before but now I’m a huge fan! Ask for them if you can.

I have worn these tights with every dress. Since then they have lasted through dozens of wearings and washings. Best of all, they don’t leave me feeling like a sausage! Pair them with black booties to be totally on trend!

Wantable Review: Best Online Styling Services

Online styling company Wantable calls its subscription box service a “Style Edit.” I recently tried out Wantable and wrote an extensive review of my Wantable style edit. However, I wanted to add some highlights to this popular blog post, too, just in case you showed up here looking for Wantable reviews. I’ve since requested a few Wantable Style Edits and at least one Wantable Fitness Edit.

Click here to sign up for a Wantable Active Edit and save $25 off your first order.

How does Wantable work

For starters, you may be asking, “What is Wantable?” Well, Wantable is an online styling company along the likes of Stitch Fix. You may call it a Wantable subscription or a Wantable subscription box. However, there is no subscription fee.

Like so many of the online styling and subscription box companies I’ve reviewed, Wantable starts by asking you about your style. Whether you’re signing up for a Wantable Style “Edit” (that’s what Wantable calls its clothing box–an edit) or Wantable Fitness Edit, you have to take a quiz. It’s easy and fun.

The Wantable Stream

wantable stream

After going through the Wantable style quiz, and placing my first styling order, Wantable directed me to visit the Wantable Stream. When I got there I was faced with dozens of clothing choices that I could request or decline. So I clicked on some items I thought I might like. I was able to request or decline certain pieces of clothing.

Wantable vs Stitch Fix

So how does it work out when comparing Wantable vs Stitch Fix? Let me outline the similarities and differences:

Styling fee Wantable vs Stitch Fix

Both charge $20

Number of items in the box Wantable vs Stitch Fix

With a Wantable style edit vs Stitch Fix, well, Wantable definitely comes out ahead here. You get seven pieces with your Wantable style edit. With a Stitch Fix “Fix,” you get only five pieces.

Free shipping Wantable vs Stitch Fix

Yes, both companies offer free shipping of your clothing to you and free shipping back to them after you checkout.

Wantable vs Stitch Fix brands

Both companies offer their own exclusive brands but also sell brands that are available elsewhere. For example, both Wantable and Stitch Fix have sent me the Liverpool brand.
wantable style edit review

Wantable style edit pros

There are many pros to include in this Wantable style edit review. They include:

  • easy-to-take style quiz
  • affordable styling fee that’s on par with what other online stylist companies charge
  • free shipping both ways
  • brands of Wantable clothing that I recognized or was familiar with or, frankly, already owned.
  • option to exchange clothing for a different size
  • you get seven (7) pieces in a Wantable Style Edit or Wantable Fitness Edit

One more pro for Wantable. Men can get their own Wantable Fitness Edit. So, yeah, guys can enjoy Wantable, too!

Again, you can read my in-depth Wantable style edit review here.

Click here to sign up for a Wantable Active Edit and save $25 off your first order.

Overall Thoughts on the Best Online Styling Services

Since first writing this review on the best online styling services a few years ago, I’ve continued to use each and every one of the companies profiled here. My daughters have also signed up for their own boxes as has my husband.

Clearly, we are finding value in these best personal stylist services that shopping in a store isn’t giving us. Plus, I can tell you that I’ve been able to stay on budget with each Fix or box I’ve received.

So which are the best online styling companies for women? I’d say the one you keep using, am I right?

I would love to hear your feedback on using these services so please post a comment below.

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  1. I have used Stitch Fix for about 1 1/2 years. I kept one item from the first box and requested another stylist whom I have been working with since. She seems to listen, looks at items I have been browsing, sends request as much as possible. She’s great! I think if someone is unhappy with their items, they could request a different stylist who may have different ideas that fit you personally. I too have receive items that I would have not picked myself when going shopping and love them! Sort of thinking outside the box!!! There have been a few items that I wasn’t crazy about but kept to get the 25% discount. There were a couple of times I literally could not wear because of size so I called the company and ask if I could still get the discount since it was not my choice for the item that would not work because of size. They were very accommodating. Stitch Fix now lets you preview your next Fix items and pick the ones you prefer. I have truly enjoyed Stitch Fix–it’s my fun treat to myself every month!!!!!

  2. I’d like to see the way they work behind the scenes (and the way they treat their employees) thrown into the rating factors. I just read all the employee reviews on for stitch fix, and I was absolutely horrified. Employees are treated SO badly there!! And did you know they’re only given 15 minutes to style each client, which they don’t feel is enough time to read your feedback and properly pick things out for you? They also all complain about very limited selections to choose from and the fact that the company after going public has shifted drastically from focusing on the customer experience to focusing on making more money at the sacrifice of quality. Until I know what it’s like behind the scenes at the rest of these companies, I refuse to buy from ANY of them.

  3. Great style eve and one of the best site for women. I really feel glad to read this article. Will defiantly try all these options soon.

  4. I’m glad and little bit inspired by your post. You have written amazing article for that big thanks from me. Keep sharing good post.

  5. I have been getting stitch fix for a year, so have my friends, we were very excited at first, living all the pics. Then things went downhill, it’s like they get you hooked, then stop caring. I was getting fixed once a month and tried to change to every 3 months, but they keep sending once a month. I’m on my 3rd stylist and getting very aggravated because they no longer listen. After the next box I may have to stop. Too bad because I hate to clothes shop. Thanks liz

    1. Thank you for sharing this experience, Liz. I have never used an online personal stylist. A co-worker uses Stitch Fix and said she likes it. But she did not share the down side to Stitch Fix. Based on your experience, I’m more uneasy about it than I was before.

      1. I have found that you get what you put into stitch fix. I have bought everything from my last three boxes and always get complemented on my stitch fix clothing! It fits well and is decent quality (think 2-3 years of regular wear for decent prices). But to get that I update my Pinterest board often and point my stylist to that each time. I also am specific on quantity (I.e. 2 dresses for work, one blue blazer and tops to go underneath.)

        Try it out, it takes two boxes for them to get your style perfect but be honest with your review of the items. They have excellent customer service so if you like nothing, they will generally waive their styling fee to try again. Also, I do not sign up for a recurring fix, I wait for them to offer me a free styling fix, which is about 3-4 times per year.

    1. I tried Allume. I liked the fact that I could see all the choices before selecting what I wanted to order. If you need to return anything you order, you return it to the store/ship to the store that it was bought from. The stylist shops online for you, and puts together gathers 3 looks.
      I wondered if a bot was partially involved. I could see a bit of a person on some comments I made on the app when viewing the pieces they put together for me. She switched out items that I said NO or said that I’d never wear certain prints.
      Oddly, if you like the pieces and want to buy them, if you don’t meet the store’s shipping rate to qualify for free shipping, you have to pay all the various shipping fees.
      A positive is that they will make sure you get all the discount codes possible when they purchase.
      Like the other stylists, you get the $20 fee back on your order. I only bought a handbag.
      I don’t know if I would use it again. I found a list of brands they have and will look into online shopping the brands I didn’t know who had plus clothes.

      1. I just tried Allume, too. I’ll be writing my Allume review soon. I hope you’ll check it out once it is online.

  6. I’ve just recently tried all three.

    Stitch Fix – I liked the first few boxes until winter and fall clothes started showing up. It’s 90 degrees in Michigan. I complained and my last box was all super cute summer clothes.

    Dia&Co – My first box came today and I’m wearing it. Love the clothes. I’m returning one shirt.

    Trunk club – So far so good. They listen. It’s higher end for sure.

    I’d recommend all three.

  7. I used stitch fix. The first box I loved and kept all the items. I will admit there were a few I was not sure about but once I tried them on, I loved them. From there it was pretty much downhill. I tried leaving “notes for my next fix”. In my most recent one, I explained, I was returning to work after maternity leave and needed stylish clothes that I could layer with a blazer or cardigan because the Air Conditioning in the summer bothers me. (in my first profile, I explain that I am an attorney.) My fix contained 1 pair of jeans and 2 tee shirt tops that I can “layer to transition from work to the weekend.” Not what I asked for.

    On some boxes, there was a discount if you kept all 5 items. They would have four great ones and one crappy one but it was worth keeping the crappy one to get the discount to make the box cost less. At work, a lot of us tried Stitch Fix (secretaries, IT people, and attorneys) and all end up getting a lot of the same items, so I question, how individualized it is.

  8. Thank you for your article. I’ve used Stitch Fix. never receiving an article I wanted. Now I’m trying DIA&Co, they didn’t send my 1st box, and sent an email stating they were sorry I didn’t like any of the garments. Obviously, I’m hitting %0. I’m going to give DIA one more try. Is it a possibility that these companies use computer generated choices, instead of “Real People” reading your comments and choosing from the customer’s remarks? Sincerely, some if the outfits are horrendous. I haven’t even received what some of the models on the sites are wearing. Just call me “Not Convinced” . At this point I wouldn’t recommend any if these companies. By the way, how do I find an affordable stylist that I can interact with on a personal basis?

    1. Hi Lamona,

      It’s unfortunate that your experience wasn’t better with Stitch Fix and DIA&Co. I am a personal fashion stylist that offers affordable virtual services to women for a personalized experience. Please visit my website or contact me at the email below. I would love to help you curate a new wardrobe that works for you.

  9. My first box curated was perfect. Stylish and classic with a mix of high low. Every item arrived with no wrinkles, beautifully folded. Through the year the trunks devolved and clothes were cheap and not my style. Big bows and a bit frumpy. The worst part, everything arrived in plastic bags. Every item wrinkled. I found the opening of theses cheap bags a big let down. The other annoyance, I stated no heels on shoes and that I’d shop for my own shoes. Despite theses requests I received shoes. I’m convinced my stylist is a bot. No thank you Nordstrom, I’ll shop on my own.

    1. I agree, the stylists are boots, and I guess if you really want quality, we’d have to find a “real stylist”

  10. I used to love Trunk Club but now it’s obvious their stylists are automated. Or maybe only automated if you don’t spend enough.

  11. I tried Dia & Co. I’m over 60 and wear Womens 22-24, and the clothes in the stores are pretty boring. It seems to me that designers think our fashion sense dulls if we exceed some predetermined size.

    At any rate, I liked the first box and kept all but one item. That was the end of the good times. From that point forward, I am absolutely certain there was no stylist involved at all. No one listened to anything I said, they sent wildly inappropriate options indicating they had clearly ignored my profile and stated preferences. I asked for no pants and got pants. I asked for no grey and got a box full of grey. I asked for classics and got pre-distressed skinny jeans. I gave them 3 chances altogether. After the first box, I kept only a necklace out of each subsequent box so that my ‘styling fees’ were not wasted. I never thought the necklaces were worth $20, but at least I got something out of it.

  12. Thank you for the comparison. I am 40 something and needed some updates to my wardrobe. In my first box I was sent a pair of jeans that fit!! I was shocked. I explained my body structure in my profile and I guess that was the help they needed. (Big thighs). Of course it could have gone either way. In several boxes since, I’ve found a few updates to add that I love. I do feel the price is higher than I would normally spend, but I love the convenience. Returns have been easy and I’ve tried to reply in the comments of my returns why the item didn’t work. I’m going on a trip in April and this fix was targeted toward my request. I’m interested in trying another service, but I haven’t yet tentative on doing that. Thanks for your reviews.

  13. I could look at the actual websites to find the answer, but was wondering if they offer free delivery to military bases outside of the USA? It is so hard to find clothes in Japan and online shopping is not easy to do unless you know what you want!

    1. Hi, Teresa: Here is what I found out about Stitch Fix:

      Do you ship to APO/DPO/FPO addresses?

      Yes, we ship to United States mailing addresses, including APO, FPO and DPO addresses.

      Does that help?

    2. I spoke with Dia and they said they have free shipping as long as it’s an APO/FPO/DPO address.

      Hope that helps!


  14. I am currently receiving Stitch Fix every 3 months and Dia & Co every other month. I also tried Wantables and did not like their selections at all. I like both and have found the items they send me are not something I would typically pick if I were in a store but I find I do like them. However, I have now asked both companies to send me complete outfits as I have so many items of clothing and I get overwhelmed putting outfits together. We will see if they comply with my request. My only pet peeve is it is a little costly as I buy a lot of clothing online at Chico’s and I never pay full price.

  15. I tried Stitch Fix based on a coworker’s positive experience. I was extremely disappointed in the selection and quality of the items I received. They were nothing I would choose for myself, very ordinary, and a sweater (the only item I may have considered keeping) was literally unraveling. The website does not list a telephone number and it is cumbersome to cancel. After reading the article above, I will give Trunk Club a try. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  16. I am considering one of these services. What price option did you pick? And, I am mostly interested in work clothes. I am required to wear business. That being said, would you recommend one option over another?
    Thank you

  17. I have been using Stitch Fix for about a year now, and have bought only a few things. I am in my late 50’s, very busy with community and my job and mostly a casual dresser. I truely questioned whether my profile was looked at before my fix was sent, because the choices sent were so far off. I keep thinking it may be my age, the choices are more Jr then classic. I have updated my profile multiple tims, I have even gone as far to say to the stylists…think of dressing your mom!

    1. I experienced the same with my Stich Fix shipments. I had written my feedback on their enclosed cares for three shipments and nothing was done. Does anyone read the comments? Very frustrating .

    2. I give up on Stitch Fix. After 2 great fixes I started getting repeats. Even worse, repeats of the items I bought. How many grey T-shirt’s do I need? And skinny jeans. Every box had skinny jeans, even after I said no more skinny jeans. It’s been about a year so I thought I’d give them another try. Today I received my requested 5 shirts. One was EXACTLY the same shirt I bought last year. I’m done w Stitch Fix.

    3. So true!!! Last year I received beautiful clothes… quality merchandise. Today I received a dress for a 20 year old that obviously had been out and back the tags were a mess! Sadly I think we have to part!

  18. I have received 2 boxes from stitch fix and I haven’t been able to keep everything in them. I have tried to exchange the size because for some reason they sent me 2 tops in the wrong size. I was a bit annoyed because I was not able to keep everything and save money on the items. When I tried to exchange them because of the size it said they didn’t have anymore. I’m hoping I keep all the items in my next delivery.

  19. I have only received 2 boxes from Stitch Fix so maybe it’s too early to judge. But in the second box I’m not super satisfied with the quality of the clothes. The first box I kept everything and I have received compliments on the clothes. They sent items I wouldn’t have picked out for myself and I liked most of them. But a snap was missing on the jacket (i didn’t notice it at first) and the second box contained acrylic sweathers (I wear alot of sweaters) which I think are cheap. OK – I’m in my late 50’s and think cotton is king….. So, I’m having a hard time committing to the next price level as I know I can find decent quality for reasonable prices. Not their next level prices.

    Any thoughts on the quality of materials (not premium brands) would be greatly appreciated. Maybe it’s just me ):

    1. Not just you. I just started Stitch Fix, and in both of only 2 packages, I sent back and items because of poor quality. I emailed them with this feedback. I will likely try Trunk Club instead.

  20. Thank you for a great comparison! Did you find a big difference in the cost of the clothing between these companies? I tried Stitchfix and found their prices to be higher than I’m used to paying and am wondering if they are all that way. Thank you!

    1. I did find Stitch Fix prices to be a bit higher, but there has been some really expensive stuff from Trunk Club, too. You can set your spending budget with your stylist, and they’re pretty good about sticking to that. Good luck and happy shopping.


  21. Which one is your favorite? I just ordered my first stitch fix! I can’t wait for it to come in. Thank you for your blog!