Stores with In Store Pickup

If you’re a procrastinator or just hate the crowds at the stores, then you’ll love shopping at stores with in store pickup or curbside pickup or drive up. That is you buy online and then use in store pickup to retrieve your purchase. This could be your saving grace during this holiday season–or really at any time of the year.

In fact, any time of the year this option–sometimes called BOPIS or BOPUS for buy online pick up in store–can be a time and a money saver.

You don’t have to waste time going up and down the physical aisles of a store looking for what you want or need. Because you can do that searching online from your computer or phone. You’re also able to do price comparisons by toggling between apps or tabs on your web browser.

What does free store pickup mean

When you’re picking up in store or with same-day pickup or something similar, you’re not paying for shipping. Some stores even offer shipping to a store, which is also free.

But store pickup is most often free. So if you’re wondering what free store pickup means, it means free. Plain and simple.

Ah, free. It’s my favorite price.

Plus, store pickup often includes contactless curbside pickup or drive up, where they put things right in your car. This is how I shop at both Target and Walmart

Sometimes stores want to encourage you to try their curbside pickup services. Recently, was offering an Nordstrom Note incentive if you bought online and then picked up at curbside.

Stores with in store pickup

But back to your last-minute holiday shopping and the stores with pick up in store. Turns out there are plenty of them with an online presence and a brick-and-mortar one, too.

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That means you can shop from the comfort of home and only head out to the store for your pickup. You may find some crowds in the parking lot or at the customer service desk. But chances are you’ll get in and out of the store faster than the average shopper.

I’ve found 17 stores with in store pickup options. Whenever possible I’ve added links to deals they might be offering this month. I mean, why not save money when you can? Now onto the list of stores that have pickup in store.

These retailers are listed here in alphabetical order. And if I find additional stores offering this option, I’ll add them to the list.

Finally, if you need last-minute holiday gifts, like fun advent calendars for adults, this shopping option is fantastic.

1. Abt Electronics in store pickup

While Abt Electronics has a robust online store, to take advantage of its buy online pick up in store option, you must live in the Chicagoland area.

Here is how the Abt website describes the in store pickup process:

“In-Store Pickup is a free service that allows customers to order items online and pick them up in-store at Abt’s retail location in Glenview, IL. Only items marked in stock are eligible for in-store pickup. In-store pickup is only available to local customers during checkout. Certain items are only available for in-store pickup.”

2. Ace Hardware stores local store pickup

As one of the stores with in store pickup, Ace Hardware actually offers two options for fulfilling your order. It’s explained on the Ace Hardware website.

Basically, your online order is being fulfilled by your local Ace Hardware store. The most common option is it is pulled from the shelves within the store, the same day.

The only caveat is you must place your order two hours before the store closes in order to get it the same day. Otherwise, you can get it the next day.

The other option is it is sent from a local Ace warehouse to your local store. This usually takes two or three days. But like the in store pickup, this is free.

FYI, there are 5,200 locally owned and operated Ace hardware stores worldwide.

3. Amazon same day locker locations

Sure, isn’t like other brick and mortar stores that also have an online presence yet offer pickup in store. But thanks to Amazon Locker same day services, it is possible to take advantage of same day pickup locations.

Even better, this is a free service for Amazon Prime members. Have you considered giving the gift of an Amazon Prime membership? 

I’ve seen Amazon Lockers firsthand at my local Whole Foods locations. However, when I searched online for Amazon Locker locations, I discovered that a nearby Rite Aid drugstore has them, too.

You can learn more about Amazon Locker locations here.

picture of amazon locker
Why use Amazon Locker? Because you might be able to get same day delivery in store on your order.

4. Best Buy drive up

Our family has found that the Best Buy pay online pickup in store option is great for shopping for and buying electronics. I’ve lost count on how many gadgets we comparison shopped online for.

Eventually, we usually ended up buying on the Best Buy website. Then, we drove to our local Best Buy to pick it up the same day.

You should check out Best Buy’s Top Deals. picture of best buy store which offers bespay online pick up in store

I’ve lost count on how many times our family has used the the Best Buy pay online pickup in store option.

5. Belk free store pickup

Belk is one of the retailers listed in my article on the best bridal registry perks for couples. Turns out Belk offers great perks with its free store pickup option.

According to the Belk website that explains the service, you can shop online from a variety of categories, and then pick up your purchase, for free, the same day. Belk does note that ” [i]tems available for in-store pick up will be marked as such on Enter your ZIP code to check availability.”

Belk says that each store will have a designated area for “Buy Online Pick Up In Store” orders. There will be signs to guide customers.

6. Booksamillion stores with in store pickup

What do you do if you want to make a purchase on and pick it up in store? Simple.

Choose that option at checkout, and Booksamillion will email you when your order is ready. This is often the same day.

7. CVS Photo order online pickup in store

While regular CVS orders placed online are not able to be picked up in store, CVS Photo is completely different. With CVS Photo orders placed online–cards, photo gifts and more–you can not only pickup in store but most like the same day.

8. Dillards order online pickup in store

Good news! Dillard’s order online pickup in store is available this holiday season.

Bad news? There are a number of restrictions before you can take advantage of this store with in store pickup.

Here is exactly how explains the restrictions: 

Dillards’ rules

The orders must total $50 or more (the only exception is cosmetic merchandise, which can be less than $50).

The order cannot include a Gift Card.

Merchandise cannot be more than 40% off the original price.

All orders for china and stemware will be shipped from the warehouse to the store for pickup.

The order cannot contain items shipped directly from the vendor.

The option will display on the shipping section of checkout for merchandise available for In Store Pickup. Simply select your preferred location from a list of States/Cities/Stores.

You will be charged for the merchandise when you receive the email that your merchandise is ready to be picked up or when the merchandise is shipped from the warehouse. There will be no fee for this service.

Finally, Dillards also appears in my bridal registry piece

9. Gap

This time last year Gap was not letting you buy online and then use curbside pickup to get your purchase. Now they are.

So, that’s one good thing that came out of 2020–Gap joining the buy online, pick up at the store gang. Basically, you buy online at and then drive up to get your stuff. Awesome.

10. The Home Depot stores with pickup or drive up

There are more than 100,000 products at The Home Depot that you can order online and pickup in store same day. I kid you not. One hundred thousand to choose from. That’s insane. 

As far as savings go, I would recommend starting your shopping at “Special Buy of the Day! Today Only Savings from The Home Depot! While Supplies Last – Online Only.”

11. Nordstrom buy online pickup curbside

nordstrom in store pickup area

You want to know how popular the Nordstrom buy online pickup in store option has become?

When I visited my local Nordstrom recently, a whole section of the women’s department had been transformed into a “pick up in store” headquarters.

That is, there were shelving units three deep filled with shopping bags from people who bought something online and were going to pick it up in store.

The Nordstrom website explains how buying online and pick up in store works.

In most instances if something is available for pickup, you’ll be able to get it that day “today” or the next “tomorrow.” 

Also, if you don’t want to get out of the car, you can always option for Nordstrom Curbside Pickup.

Finally, read how Nordstrom can help you fit the best fitting bra for you.

12. Office Depot and OfficeMax free store pickup

Together, Office Depot and OfficeMax are stores where pickup is free. And in most instances, your order is ready for pickup in one hour. Wow! 

13. Old Navy stores with in store pickup

When you’re shopping online at Old Navy, make sure you select the “Pick up in store” option at checkout. Then, Old Navy will email you when your purchase is ready to pick up.

FYI, at one time Old Navy offered curbside pickup. However, they discontinued that in October 2022.

14. Petco stores with in store pickup

When describing Petco’s curbside pickup option, here is what Petco says: “Don’t wait for delivery. Avoid shipping fees.”

And that right there is why I love stores with the in store pickup option. As I’ve already mentioned, I love being able to do my shopping online–even apply discount codes at checkout–but then choose to pick up my order in person. 

Like other stores that have pickup in store, Petco will email you when your order is ready. Then you can strap your dogs into the car–or maybe that’s just me when we shop at Petco–and head to the store to pick up your items.

FYI, during the holidays Petco was offering various discounts for purchases that you buy online and pick up in store. So be sure to check out the blue bar below the Petco logo on the website for any current discounts. They seem to be changing every day or every two days.

15. Staples BOPIS

As a store with in store pickup, Staples is sure fond of the term BOPIS. And as I mentioned earlier, BOPIS stands for buy online pickup in store. Here is how it works at 

When you’re shopping online, make sure the products you’re interested in have a “pick up today” button showing. Next, Staples will choose the nearest store to you or you can choose the store where you want to pick up. Then, you can complete your order.

When your order is ready, Staples will email you. Inside the store look for the register with the sign that says “Online pickup” so you can get your purchase there.

picture of order pickup sign at store

16. Target order online drive up or pickup

With Target order online pickup in store, you often can often pick up the very same day. In fact, I’ve found that my Target orders are often ready within two hours of my place them.

Beyond that, there are plenty of other ways that Target makes buying online and pickup in store super convenient.

First, Target will hold your order for up to three days in case you can’t get there the same day.

Second, you select the Target that is most convenient for you, not the one that the website might determine is the closest to you. (Some stores do this automatically which is really frustrating.)

Next, you should definitely download the Target app and use the “Drive Up” option in the app. That means that a Target employee will bring your order to the car.

You don’t even have to get out. Look for designated “drive up” spaces in the Target parking lot. Honestly, since 2020, this has been my husband and my favorite way to shop at Target.

However, don’t use “Drive Up” if you live in a state that has banned plastic bags. That’s because Target will charge you a bag fee for each one you use. Instead, do in-store pickup and bring your own bags. Then, Target will refund that money.

How to change Target pickup person

When you use the Target app to do order pickup or drive up, the app defaults to you as the designed person for the order. However, you change the pickup person within the app.

It’s fairly easy to do. You just have to make sure that the person you want to add is aware that you’re adding them.

That’s because Target will either text or email them to get their permission to add them as the pickup person. I believe that once you add this person to your account, then you can change them to the pick up person again in the future without having to email them again.

picture of order pickup sign at target

17. Walmart order online pickup in store same day

With Walmart order online pickup in store same day, not only are we talking about grocery pickup services–which I reviewed here and continue to use to this day–but a way for you to get your gifts and avoid lines and paying for shipping.

Walmart makes it easy for you by guiding you right to the products eligible for in store pickup right on the Walmart website. What I really like is you can add grocery items to your pickup in store same day order.

Here are additional last-minute gift ideas.