Make Extra Holiday Money

We could all use a little extra holiday money these days, right? Truth is, we could all benefit from extra cash overall, what with interest rates on the rise.

However, if you find that your budget is busting at the seams, you may be looking to make extra money this holiday season. It is possible.

One, the jobs reports keep telling us this: there are twice as many jobs available as there are people to take the jobs.

Two, retailers are offering incentives to lure holiday works. This includes offer extra cash or signing bonuses.

For example, last year and this year, Amazon was offering up to $3,000 as a bonus to sign on for seasonal work. Maybe that’s why the characters in “Nomadland” did that seasonal work.

Target is another retailer looking for seasonal employees. Some of their benefits include:

  • generous hourly wage
  • 10% shopping discount
  • flexible scheduling
  • free mental health support
  • free flu shot

Tips to bring in extra holiday money

If you don’t want to get a retail job, there are plenty of other ways to bring in extra holiday money. Many of these tips are those you can follow right at home.

Extra money around the house

When was the last time you went cushion diving to look for spare change in your couch or easy chairs? What about in the laundry room?

Every time I count spare change, I end up with an easy $40 or $50. Right now there is a coin shortage in the U.S.

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So, your bank will be happy to take your rolled coins and give you the paper dollar equivalent. Stock up on coin wrappers via Amazon.

Turn coin counting into an at-home math lesson for your kids. Or, offering them a commission based on how much they help you.

Look for legit lost money

In addition to spare change, you may have find your holiday money in money that is owed to you.

Every U.S. state has an unclaimed property program that actively and continuously finds owners of lost and forgotten assets.

According to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators at, a total of $2.25 billion (yes, billion!) was returned to rightful owners last year. The average amount Americans found in lost money was just under $900.

Most recently, I searched for missing money on my husband’s behalf. I found $225.71 from an old Upromise account we’d started before our daughters went to college.

unclaimed funds checks 1

Trade in old electronics for extra money

For years I’ve used Gazelle to get money for old and broken iPhones. One time, Gazelle gave me $75 for my daughter’s broken iPhone.

I kid you not. The phone was broken and still Gazelle sent me $75.

Get gift cards for old phones

Also, you can send old electronics to major retailers. For example, you can visit this trade in page on the Best Buy website to determine the value of old electronics. Then, if you decide to trade in with Best Buy, you’ll get a gift card to the store.

Target also has a trade-in program. Like Best Buy, you’ll get a Target gift card if the store determines your old stuff has value.

Considering the average American household has about 10 unused electronics sitting around collecting dust, you could really have unfound cash in those old electronics and gadgets. In my house alone, we have two old iPhones (an iPhoneX and an iPhone 6s), plus an iPad.

Here are ideas on how to make quick money in one day.

Consign or sell clothing to make money

Here’s another used-stuff option to consider: consign your clothes. Twice a year I bring my clothing to a nearby consignment shop, and I usually walk away each time with between $50 and $100.

Most recently I’ve been listing my used clothing on Poshmark. If you’ve never signed up to use Poshmark, use my code SUDDENLYFRUGAL on Poshmark. You’ll get $5 and so will I!

Are you a Lululemon fanatic? Well, you can sell your clothes on Poshmark. Or, you can sell them back to Lululemon.

In this article about recycling clothes, I explain how the Lululemon buy-back program works. But here’s the info again for you.

Finally, I found nine clothing brands that will buy back their clothes for cash.

Lululemon Trade In Program

What is the Lululemon Trade In Program? It’s simple.

You can take your gently used clothing from lululemon back to a store. Then, the store associates will determine if they can sell it in their lululemon like new store.

In return, you’ll get an e-gift card to Lululemon. You can use this “free money” to buy holiday gifts.

What used lululemon clothing is worth

Wondering what kind of credit you can get for your used clothing? Here are the guidelines for the lululemon trade in program:

  • $5 for shirts, shorts and skirts
  • $10 for hoodies, sweatshirts, sweaters, pants, crops, leggings, dresses, and large bags–that is, backpacks, duffels and totes larger than 10L, according to lululemon.
  • $25 for outwear