Pacific Northwest Hotels with Peloton Bikes

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This article on Pacific Northwest hotels with Peloton bikes focuses on the following United States locations: 

  • Alaska
  • Idaho
  • Oregon
  • Washington State

Why did I put together this list specifically devoted to hotels in the Pacific Northwest Region with Peloton bikes? Because my original Peloton hotel finder post got too long. 

I’ve already written separate articles on Peloton hotels in two of these four states. In addition, since the West Coast of Canada is sometimes considered to be part of the Pacific Northwest, I’m going to include a link to my post about Peloton hotels there. They’re primarily in Vancouver.

List of hotels with Peloton bikes in Pacific Northwest  

Below is an alphabetical list of the four Mid Atlantic states I’ve included in this article about Peloton hotels. Then, within that list you’ll find one of two things.

One, an alphabetical list of cities and towns within that state. Or, two, a link out to a separate article about Peloton hotels in that state. In conclusion, I believe it should make it easier for you to find Mid Atlantic hotels with Peloton bikes for any upcoming trips you might be taking.

Alaska Peloton Hotels


Coast Inn at Lake Hood

The Coast Inn at Lake Hood hotel invites you to “feel the burn” on the Peloton bike in the hotel fitness facility. I’ll take a glazed donut look instead, thank you.

The Hotel Captain Cook

While there are no TripAdvisor reviews of the Hotel Captain Cook that mention Peloton bikes, a Facebook friend recently stayed there. She confirmed that there are two Peloton cycles in the fitness center for guests to use.


Idaho Hotels and Vacation Rentals with Peloton Bikes


Boise Vacation Rental

I found a listing on for a modern Boise apartment with a Peloton bike. It’s available for short-term, vacation rentals. See the picture, below.

boise vacation rental with peloton bike

You can find information on more vacation rentals with Pelotons here.

Oxford Suites Boise

A member of the Facebook group Peloton Hotels & On the Go reached out to me to let me know about the Oxford Suites Boise. She’d just stayed at this hotel and said there was a brand-new Peloton bike in the fitness center. It has toe cages so she could wear her tennis shoes to spin.


Coeur D’Alene

Coeur D’Alene Resort

A TripAdvisor review said that the Coeur D’Alene Resort was a hotel with just one Peloton bike. However, someone I know confirmed that there are actually two cycles in this Peloton hotel.

SpringHill Suites Coeur d’Alene

The SpringHill Suites Coeur d’Alene has a single Peloton bike. For a time this hotel was the only one in Idaho with a Peloton. Thankfully, not any more.



Wood River Inn & Suites

The fitness center at the Wood River Inn & Suites is small and jam packed with lots of equipment. But here’s the best news–there are two Peloton bikes in the gym.



Limelight Hotel Ketchum

I’m told there is a single Peloton bike in the fitness room at the Limelight Hotel Ketchum


Oregon Peloton Hotels

This blog post about Oregon hotels with Peloton bikes will guide you to lodging in the state. In the meantime, below, is a quick list of some of those properties in Portland, Oregon.

Portland, Oregon Hotels with Peloton Bikes

Washington State Peloton Hotels

If you’re looking for Seattle hotels with Peloton bikes, you can see a few examples, below. However, you can find an expanded blog post, here, with all of the Washington State hotels with Pelotons that I could find.

Seattle, Washington State Hotels with Peloton

Pacific Northwest Canada hotels with Peloton bikes

As promised I’ve included a list of Canadian hotels with Peloton bikes, located in the Pacific Northwest. Specifically, it’s a list of Peloton hotels in Vancouver, British Columbia. Finally, you can read more about hotels with Pelotons throughout Canada–all of the provinces–here.

Vancouver hotels with Peloton bikes

Best Western Plus Carlton Plaza Hotel

The Peloton bike at the Best Western Plus Carlton Plaza Hotel is front and center on the amenities page of this hotel’s website. That’s where I grabbed the photo, below.

Days Inn by Wyndham Victoria Uptown

I couldn’t find a mention of the Peloton bike on the Days Inn by Wyndham Victoria Uptown website. However, I spotted this TripAdvisor review. Luckily, it included pictures of the cycle overlooking the pool.

Executive Hotel Le Soleil Vancouver

When the Executive Hotel Le Soleil Vancouver got its Peloton bike, it shared the news on its Facebook page. Here it is, below.

Georgian Court Hotel

The Georgian Court Hotel, part of the Best Western family, has a Peloton bike in the hotel gym. In addition, the hotel has yoga mats in all of its guestrooms. So, if you want to fire up the Peloton app and practice yoga, you don’t have to bring your own mat.

Hotel Blu Vancouver

You’ll find one Peloton bike at the Hotel Blu Vancouver.

Versante Hotel

Located in Richmond, the Versante Hotel shared the Facebook post, below, about the Peloton bike in its gym.

Wedgewood Hotel

I spied a Peloton bike in the corner of the fitness center at the Wedgewood Hotel in Vancouver. 

Final thoughts on Pacific Northwest hotels with Peloton bikes

As with all of the Peloton hotel posts I’ve written, this one on Pacific Northwest hotels with Peloton bikes is a work in progress. So, if I come across additional hotels in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon or Washington State with Peloton bikes, I’ll be sure to update this article.

On the other hand if you’re aware of a property that fits the bill–and I don’t have it included here–please let me know. In addition, if any of the information I’ve shared is inaccurate, let me know that, too.

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