How to Find Peloton GIF and Memes

I’m not sure the first time I saw Peloton GIF or meme, but it was probably in one of my favorite Peloton Facebook groups. In fact, it was likely in my Power Zone challenge team group. We love a good GIF or meme when discussing our favorite instructors or rides.

In this article I’m going to point you to where you can find official Peloton GIFs and memes. Also, I’ll help explain the difference between a GIF and meme, and show you how to make your own, if you’re so inclined.

Finally, I’ll share some of my favorite Peloton GIFs and memes. Many feature popular instructors like Cody Rigsby, Jess King and Kendall Toole.

peloton gifs featured pin

Peloton GIF vs Peloton meme

So, what’s the difference between a Peloton GIF and meme? A Peloton GIF usually includes a video clip of a Peloton instructor plus text of one of their catchphrases. A Peloton GIF might also be a humorous poke at the Peloton cult, such as from SNL or Saturday Night Live or some other pop culture reference.

A Peloton meme, on the other hand, may or may not feature a Peloton instructor. Also, memes are usually a static image accompanied by snarky text. 

However, I’ve seen Peloton memes that show images that have nothing to do with Peloton. For example, there’s one Peloton meme I love featuring “Ned Stark” from “Game of Thrones.” It says, “One does not simply do a Peloton workout and not tell someone.”

So, true, Ned. Guilty as charged.

My favorite Peloton GIFs

If you subscribe to my blog’s newsletter, then you know I like to throw in a Peloton GIF whenever I can. Most recently I’d included the GIF here of instructor Rebecca Kennedy.

It was in my weekly email about the article I’d written on Peloton instructor hair and makeup–I share tips and brands. I was so excited to share the info I’d tracked down and this GIF spoke to my excitement.

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In addition, the first email I sent after the new year included this Robin Arzon GIF. I could easily see myself using this the first week of January every year–unless another Peloton instructor comes out with a Happy New Year GIF.


Oh, wait. Jess King has a Peloton Happy New Year GIF, too! It’s from her New Year’s Eve The Jess King Experience ride/class.

Jess King GIF

Speaking of Jess King, she’s got some really off the wall GIFs out there. Some with sound, some without. I think she’s probably best known in the GIF world for her hair spin or swirl on the bike. Check it out below.


I don’t know how she did that. If I tried that move on my Peloton, I’d throw up and fall off.

Cody Rigsby GIF

Thanks to his stint on “Dancing with the Stars,” Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby is even more popular than ever. And that’s true with his GIFs. I see them everywhere. Here’s my favorite.


Kendall Toole GIF

I didn’t really come to appreciate Kendall Toole as an instructor until I took the Peloton boxing program. Then, I finally realized what the hype was all about. 

Also, I’ve enjoyed her movie buff rides. Especially the Halloween one, when you’re literally pedaling (your Peloton) to get away from the imagined bad guy.

Anyway, I think this Kendall Toole GIF epitomizes her energy.


Adrian Williams GIF

I’m thankful for the Hardcore on the Floor calendar for introducing me to so many different instructors. This includes Adrian Williams. I hadn’t taken any of his classes before starting to strength train.

Adrian is pretty straightforward in his programming and his cheerleading. However, even he has to take an “emotional lap” after an intense interval, AMRAP or EMOM. While his emotional lap GIF doesn’t actually show him taking that lap, you get the idea.


Alex Toussaint GIF

Alex Toussaint has one of the most popular motivational quotes from Peloton instructors. And that is, “This ain’t daycare.”

But Alex has plenty more motivation to give in GIFs. Oh, and he’s not shy about saying he’s about to kick your a$$.


Peloton birthday meme

Looking for a Peloton birthday meme to share? Well, you’re actually going to find more of them in GIF format than as a stationary image. In fact, when I searched Giphy, I found Peloton birthday meme GIFs from Cody Rigsby, Sam Yo, Becs Gentry and Leanne Hainsby.


How to make your own Peloton Meme

One of the easiest ways to make your own meme, Peloton related or not, is to use Canva. I have the paid version of Canva, which gives me access to many more features not available on the free version.

Anyway, the great thing about Canva is it has templates for almost anything digital. This includes Memes.

FYI, I find the web version of Canva much easier to work with than the Canva app. But if you live on your phone, it’s good to know that there is an app option.

When you click over to, you’ll see a search window on the top of the page. It asks, “What will you design?” If you type in “meme,” Canva will give you lots of options:

  1. Meme
  2. Funny memes
  3. Suggested templates

Since I’d never made a meme before, I clicked on suggested templates. There were more than 250 to choose from on the platform.

I scrolled through a bunch before deciding to make this meme here. If you’re a generous high five giver on the Peloton leaderboard and you’re not getting high fives back, you know that feeling when, well, IYKYK.

peloton high five meme

I had so much fun making this Peloton bike meme on Canva that I made more. If you do Power Zone challenges, I think you’ll really appreciate this one.

power zone meme

If you’re feeling blue or know someone who is, here are meme quotes to cheer someone up. Some of them are pretty hilarioius.

Where you can find Peloton GIFs and Memes

A few years ago, Peloton authorized one site to host the Peloton GIF. And that site is Giphy. 

Actually, Giphy is a website and it’s an app. I have it on my iPhone.

You may have seen these Giphy GIFs in actual emails from Peloton. While I couldn’t find any examples in my inbox, I know that I’ve received them. And why not? Who doesn’t love a great GIF?

As far as Peloton memes go, you’re more likely to see them on the site Tenor. However, Tenor also has GIFs but the quality isn’t as good as on Giphy.

Maybe Tenor isn’t officially a Peloton GIF or meme provider? Who knows.

Finally, you may have seen Peloton memes elsewhere on social media or the Internet. We all know that the Peloton girl from that Christmas commercial a few years ago inspired a ton of different memes and GIFs.


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