My Favorite Peloton Facebook Groups

While using Peloton is great for exercise, it is the Peloton Facebook groups where you’ll really find a community. This is true regardless of what piece of equipment you own (or don’t own), which of the instructors are your favorites or even what stage of life you’re in.

I prefer Peloton groups on Facebook over the conversations I’ve seen on the Peloton cycle group on Reddit–or subreddit. I don’t know–sometimes people seem so antagonistic on Reddit. Then again, the OOP (Original Official Peloton page) on Facebook, now known as the Official Peloton Member Page, can be pretty toxic. With nearly 470,000 members it’s not surprising that things can get out of hand there.

How to find Peloton groups on Facebook

You can use the Facebook search feature to find various Peloton groups. Obviously, you should start your searching using the term Peloton.

After that you can try searching using the hashtag you might have added to your profile to represent a fan club, such as BooCrew for Cody Rigsby fans or You Get To Crew for fans of Jess Sims. Her most popular instructor quote, in case you didn’t know, is “You don’t have to, You get to.”

More about Peloton instructor quotes here.

These are both examples of Peloton hashtag groups.You may have seen these hashtags go by you on the Leaderboard during a recent class. Maybe you have one of these hashtags on your profile already.

How to join Peloton groups

With Facebook groups, including for Peloton devotees, most administrators ask you to answer a series of questions. I’ve never had to answer more than three questions.

However, you will likely have to share your Peloton Leaderboard username. This way the people running the groups can check you out and make sure you’re legit.

Also, you’ll need to agree to their terms of service, if you will. Usually it’s something along the lines of being nice and constructive and not using abusive language.

Make sure you follow group rules

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On the other hand, some groups may have other specific rules you have to follow. For example, in the Hardcore on the Floor Facebook group, the organizers are very clear that there is not to be any diet culture talk. And they’re very strict about this.

I’ve even made this mistake and had my posts deleted. That was my fault for not remembering the group’s rules.

Peloton facebook groups pin

My Favorite Peloton Facebook Groups

Again, I like more niche Peloton Facebook groups. So I’ve decided to share my favorites with you.

Maybe you’ll find a Peloton group on Facebook you want to check out, based on your likes, dislikes, age or even where you live. And if you have a Facebook group about Peloton that you think I should check out, I’d love to hear from you.

Power Zone Pack

If you’ve ever taken a Power Zone ride with Matt Wilpers, then you’ve heard him promote the Power Zone Pack Facebook group. It is the original gathering place for those devoted to Power Zone training. Also, it’s the group that organizes the various Power Zone Pack or PZ Pack challenges throughout the year.

Here is my article about Power Zone training.

Currently, the Power Zone Facebook group has 126.5K members. I joined the group in January 2018, right before I tried my first Power Zone challenge. Since then I’ve done dozens of them and continue to co-lead a team.

Hardcore on the Floor

As I wrote in this article about the Hardcore on the Floor strength-training program, when I joined, there were a few thousand people in this Facebook group. Now there are almost 378,000 members.

The benefit of joining this hashtag #hardCORE Peloton Facebook group is you get a monthly strength training calendar. You can follow it to a tee or you can pick and choose how much of it you want to do.

This calendar was my gateway drug into some of the Peloton programs that I never in a million years would have done before Hardcore. This includes Peloton boxing and the Arms with Tunde program.

Peloton Hotels & OnTheGo

A fellow Pittsburgh-area Peloton user runs Peloton Hotels & OnTheGo. This Facebook group currently has 52.4K members.

Here is the group’s description:

“To serve as a single source for posting known hotels, rentals, and gym locations with Pelotons as well as being able to search for existing options.”

People are very generous with sharing information about hotels with Peloton bikes. In fact, when I was in NYC in June 2022 for the studio reopening media preview–and stayed at a NYC Peloton hotel–I posted in the group about the two bikes in that hotel’s gym.

Peloton #ShortieTribe

When I wrote my article about the Peloton #ShortieTribe, I explained that you legit had to be 5’4” or shorter to join. I just make the cutoff.

This is still true about this Facebook Group with nearly 15,000 members. Here is the group’s description:

“Welcome to the Shortie Tribe! This is the place for petite and powerful Peloton riders if you are 5′ 4″ or under.”

Peloton Moms Book Club

Unlike book clubs in real life, where you drink wine, gossip and never read the book, the Peloton Moms Book Club is a Facebook group that’s the intersection of Peloton and books. We are people who love our Pelotons and love reading books.

I’ve gotten so many great recommendations from this group. These are books I never would have taken out of the library without my fellow book lovers–some 30,000+ in the group.

Fun fact: author Elin Hilderbrand is a member of Peloton Moms Book Club and has done Zoom events for members. Also, people who meet her in real life will share pictures in the group. These “Peloton in the wild” moments often happen on Nantucket, where Hilderbrand lives and many of her books are set.

Here are other celebs like Hilderbrand on Peloton.

Broadway Fans of Peloton

This Peloton Facebook group is one of the most recent ones I’ve joined. It was after taking the various Peloton Broadway themed classes that I knew I wanted to be in a group with theater lovers. A friend recommended ​​Broadway Fans of Peloton.

Like the Peloton Moms Book Club, Broadway Fans of Peloton is a great place to get recommendations for shows to see or soundtracks to listen to. Right now this group has just under 2,500 members.

However, according to its group description, it actually started as a place to recommend Broadway-related classes with other Peloton users. I guess since its founding it has morphed into more than just about the classes but shows, too.

Check out StubHub for Broadway tickets.


So I will admit that Pelopause is a bit of a stretch as a Peloton group. Because Peloton really doesn’t have anything to do with menopause.

However, the group has become really helpful as many midlife members deal with the inevitable symptoms of menopause, including weight gain. Right now there are just 4,000 members.

This article outlines the 34 symptoms of menopause.

In Pelopause we talk mostly about the benefits of regular exercise. Also, people share resources and information.

In fact, it was through this group that I discovered that there are gynecologists who specialize in midlife women. That’s how I found the doctor I see now at UPMC in Pittsburgh.

Want to know why you are always hot at night?

Local Peloton Facebook groups

Speaking of Pittsburgh, when we moved to Western Pennsylvania in 2018, I joined the local Facebook group for Pittsburgh. It’s called Pittsburgh Peloton Group N’at. (N’at is Pittsburghese for “and that” like someone might say etcetera.)

However, next year we’re moving to Maine, when my husband retires. So I’ll be on the lookout for another local Peloton Facebook group to join. I don’t know if it will be generic to New England or specific to Southern Maine where we’ll be living.

Peloton instructor Facebook groups

Every Peloton instructor has a fan base. In most instances these fan bases come together in a Facebook group or two.

I say or two because sometimes there is an overlap. For example, I’ve already mentioned the Power Zone Pack on Facebook. Well, if you do Power Zone Training, then you know that there are seven Peloton instructors that teach Power Zone classes. They are:

  1. Matt Wilpers
  2. Denis Morton
  3. Christine D’Ercole
  4. Olivia Amato
  5. Ben Alldis
  6. Sam Yo
  7. Erik Jager

Now, each of those instructors likely has their own tribe or crew of Peloton Community on Facebook. But oftentimes they can overlap on the Power Zone Pack page.

These might be conversations about our favorite Power Zone ride with Denis or why you need to watch out when Matt teaches a class wearing red. In the latter case, red = hard ride. Just like when Robin Arzon wears all yellow.

Anyway, below I’ve listed a few of the various Facebook groups that are specific to Peloton instructors. I’ll admit that I’m not in every single one and I don’t know about each one.

But I’m in plenty. And I know I may have missed a few.

Therefore, if I’m a member of one of these Peloton instructor groups, I’ll post some commentary based on my experience. If I’m not a member, I’ll just give you the basics, such as how big the group is and if there is any description on the Facebook group page. So, here goes.

Bradley Rose’s Rebels-Peloton Fan Page

Facebook Group for the Peloton Instructor Bradley Rose. Official Roses Rebels Group. 8.8K members

Adrian Williams’ Thunder Squad – A Peloton Fan Page

This Facebook group is dedicated to Peloton strength and Tread instructor Adrian Williams. He calls his fans the Thunder Squad. This Facebook group has 6,000 members currently.

Ben’s Peloton Army

A Peloton fan page dedicated to the UK’s very own Ben Alldis. 8.8K members.

You Get to Crew

Based on Jess Sims’ mantra, “You don’t have to, you get to,” her fans belong to the You Get To Crew on Facebook. 11K members.

RK Solid Crew

The Rebecca Kennedy fan Facebook group. Rebecca refers to her followers as being part of RKSolid. 3.2K members.

Hannah’s Push Push Crew – A Peloton Fan Group

This is a group for people who are fans of UK Peloton instructor Hannah Frankson and who want to discuss her Peloton classes and all things Hannah. 6.4K members.


This is the fan group for Jenn Sherman aka Jennifer Screiber Sherman aka JSS. When I searched for myself in the group, which has 11,000+ members, it says I joined this Facebook group four years ago. That sounds about right.

Team Lovewell

Team Lovewell is the Facebook group for Peloton instructor Emma Lovewell. Currently, there are about 5,000 members in this group.

Matt’s Maniacs

The Peloton Facebook fan group for Matt Wilpers is called Matt’s Maniacs–Let’s Get #wilpered. Currently, it has 14.6K members.

Here’s the group description:

“For Peloton bikers and runners who love Matt Wilpers for his amazing coaching…in other words getting #wilpered”

The CDE Project – Christine D’Ercole

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, then you know that I became a Christine D’Ercole fan back in 2017. This was when she was offering regular New Wave Wednesday rides.

At that time her Facebook group was a small community of Peloton riders who were also Christine fans. And Christine was in the group with us. I joined in October 2017.

Then, Peloton changed the rules of instructor interaction in such Facebook groups. So no more Christine to interact with, but there was plenty of good stuff in the group, and there still is. Currently, the group has 11,000+ members.

For example, you may have heard that Christine is a world-class cyclist. So, in her group, people will share information about when and where her next races are.

She frequently competes at the velodrome in Trexlertown, PA, which is in the Lehigh Valley. And lots of The CDE Project – Christine D’Ercole members get together in real life to watch her race.

Denis’s Menaces

I guess you have to be a person of a certain age to get the tongue in cheek name of the Denis Morton group on Facebook, which has 16K members. My fellow group members aren’t really menaces. However, we’re totally here for Denis’ dad jokes and devotion to riding on the beat of the music in the cycling classes he teaches.

Also, members share when Denis’ yoga classes are. And, since Denis tends to do shoutouts for milestones and birthdays in the preshow, someone always records that and then posts in the group.

Finally, I joined this group two years ago. That’s about the same time that I really got serious about Power Zone training.

Final thoughts on my favorite Peloton Facebook groups

As I said in the beginning of this article, I believe the real community of Peloton begins in these various Facebook groups. Some of them then expand into real-life get togethers or rides together in the studio.

For example, soon after the NYC studio reopened, the BooCrew, Black Girl Magic and JSS had group rides together in the cycling studio with Cody Rigsby, Robin Arzon and Jenn Sherman, respectively.

In addition, many of the Hardcore on the Floor members who live near each other have organized in real life (IRL) get togethers. When the Peloton store opened at the Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh in 2019, I went to meet up with the people from the Pittsburgh Peloton group. Here is a photo of that event, where Emma Lovewell was present.

peloton pittsburgh group at store opening

So, like I said, if I’ve missed out mentioning any Peloton groups on Facebook that are your favorites, please let me know. I would love it if you shared a comment with your thoughts.


  1. My favorite Peloton group BY FAR is Broke Ass Bitches of Peloton! Some might be put off by the name. But, it is the best little corner of the Internet. This group is so uplifting and supportive. There are always challenges, group rides, etc. Several times a year they coordinate challenges with donating to charities. Zero drama is allowed in the group. I’ve made some of the best friends I’ve ever had in this group. So great! Oh also, their group LB tag is #PeloPeasants

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