Discover Must See Ideas for Your Peloton Room

When we were selling our home in New Jersey a few years ago, we had no idea that folks looking at our house were also interested in Peloton room ideas. How did we know this? Because we would come home from having a showing or an afternoon with an open house, and we would find notes left on the bike.

“Love your Peloton room.”

“You did a great job putting your Peloton in a small space.”

“You’ve got the best Peloton setup.”

There were even notes left asking us to follow the person on the Leaderboard.This is what our Peloton room looked like.

peloton exercise room accessories must haves

Peloton setup

At the time it was amusing. But now that Peloton has become more popular, I realize how much more Peloton owners care about their setup. I know they’re looking for room ideas from how popular my Pinterest boards about the Peloton topic have become.

Based on this article on, people want a Peloton room when buying a home. My guess is they want to see houses that already have a Peloton in them so they can get ideas on where they can fit or place their own Pelotons if they live there.

In addition, if you’re selling a house with a home gym in it, you might find a buyer faster.

Why write about Peloton room ideas

I’ve already covered some ideas for decorating a Peloton room–aka my blog post on Peloton instructor quotes. Therefore, I thought it was high time to do a blog post devoted entirely to Peloton room ideas.

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In this post not only will I offer you ideas on where to put your Peloton in your home or apartment, but where not to put the bike. In addition, I’ll address how much space you need for a Peloton bike–and a Peloton Tread–so, if you’re waiting for delivery of the new Peloton Bike+ or the original cycle, you can measure out where the best place to put it will be. Finally, I will offer some decorating ideas, too.

Peloton workout room ideas

When it comes to designing your Peloton workout room and where to put a Peloton in your house, the first thing you have to consider is how much space you have. For people with a Peloton in an apartment, they may not have the luxury of an extra bedroom as their Peloton room. So they’re really looking for ideas on how to fit a Peloton in a small space. More about this in a bit.

Peloton in bedroom

But back to that extra bedroom as an idea for a Peloton room. I think that’s perfect. In fact, the Peloton room in our New Jersey house was just that–an extra bedroom.

One, if you put your Peloton in an extra bedroom, it’s a good idea to make sure that you don’t have to worry about people needing to sleep in there on a regular basis. If you have regular guests, let’s hope they are Peloton lovers, too, right?

Two, a guest bedroom is likely to have a door. Therefore, you can close when you work out.

Finally, a bedroom is usually big enough to fit a bed. And, believe it or not, the Peloton cycle footprint is smaller than a twin bed. So, if a bed can fit, so can the Bike.

The Peloton Tread, though, is another story. Below I’ll discuss the Tread dimensions so you can size it out.

Peloton in small space

If you’ve only got the Peloton cycle, then you have more wiggle room for where to put a Peloton in a small space. Because, as I mentioned, the Peloton footprint is smaller than you may realize.

Just consider the size of the mat that goes underneath the Peloton bike. Its dimensions are 36 inches by 72 inches. Or, three feet by six feet.

More about the Peloton mat in this blog post: Best Mat for Peloton Review.

Additionally, you could put down rubber tiling in your Peloton room. Check out the pretty ones I found on

Peloton height

As far as the height of the Peloton bike, it depends on what setting you have the handlebars on. My husband is 6′ 3″ tall. So, our handlebars tend to stay on the highest setting–P.

When I measure from the top the touchscreen to the floor, it is 56 inches. Or just under five feet. By those dimensions you could legit fit a Peloton in a walk-in closet.

Peloton Tread dimensions

According to Peloton, here are the dimensions for the original Peloton Tread, now known as the Peloton Tread+:

72.5” L x 36.5” W x 72” H 

As far as the newer, smaller, less expensive Peloton Tread, here are its dimensions and footprint:

68” L x 33” W x 62” H

So, it’s obvious that you’re going to need a bit more space to fit a Peloton Tread in a room.

How much space do you need for a Peloton

As I’ve just explained, the dimensions for the Peloton equipment is as follows:

  • (Currently recalled) Peloton Tread+: 72.5” L x 36.5” W x 72” H 
  • Peloton Tread: 68” L x 33” W x 62” H
  • Peloton Bike and Bike+: 36 inches by 72 inches. Or, three feet by six feet. At its full height, the screen is about 65 inches.

With the bike, I would recommend also adding space on the sides based on your wingspan or when your arms are outspread. I recommend this because if you do any of the classes involving arms–Intervals and Arms or Arms and Light Weights–you’ll need room on either side of the bike. This will give you a better sense of how much your Peloton bike will take up in whatever space where you decide to set it up.

Peloton corner

During Spring 2020 many of the Peloton instructors were doing classes live from home. In it you could get a sense of where they had put their Peloton bike in their New York City apartments and what kind of setup they had.

Many seemed to have created a Peloton corner within a living room. This New York Post article focused on New Yorkers managing to find space for a Peloton in their small apartments out of necessity since gyms were closed.

It even includes a picture of instructor Jess King teaching a class from home. Her Peloton bike is parked in front of a wall of windows, near a bookcase in a corner and close to what looks like a work-from-home desk. It shows how little space the bike actually takes up in her living room.

If I was redesigning my Peloton room with a nook in mind, I would love it if my husband would create a space where I could sit down to put on and take off my cycling shoes. A bench with storage underneath would be ideal. And if I can convince him to make this for me, then I’m definitely trying this bench cushion DIY to elevate the space from workout room to WOW!

Home office with Peloton

Another great idea for a Peloton space is putting it in your home office. One of the reasons I love this idea is I’m already a fan of building an exercise desk at home.

One of the products that can help you have a home office and a Peloton room is the Spintray. I use it to get in my miles while participating in Zoom calls or writing this blog.

Is the Peloton bike easy to move

Even if you come up with an idea for a Peloton workout room, you can always move the bike around. That’s because it is, technically, on wheels.

If you have smooth floors, you just have to tip it forward and roll it from one place to another. So, is the Peloton bike easy to move from room to room? Yes, it is.

In fact, when we decided to move our Peloton bike from a corner of the living room into our Peloton workout room in that guest bedroom, it was no big deal. I just tipped the bike in a way that the wheels, which look like Rollerblade wheels, were touching the floor. Then, I just pushed the bike from the living room into that guest bedroom.

However, moving your Peloton to a different floor in your home or a new house? You’ll need at least two people to do that.

how to move a peloton bike

Peloton home gym ideas

Maybe, when thinking about Peloton room ideas, you’re thinking more about a legit home gym. I’ve seen tons of people set these up in a finished basement space. This is especially true if they’re putting a Peloton Tread in a home gym along with the cycle.

Don’t put Peloton in garage

Another home gym idea I’ve seen on social media is Peloton in the garage. Unless you’ve got a climate-controlled garage, do not put your very expensive gym equipment outside in the garage. It’s not a good idea to have a Peloton garage gym

Same with the question about whether or not you can keep a Peloton bike outside. You really shouldn’t, even if you invest in a bike cover, like a grill cover.

Peloton garage gym

Why do I so no to the Peloton garage gym? Let me count the ways.

One, if you live in a humid location, that humidity is going to be bad for your bike.

Two, you really shouldn’t let your Peloton get wet.

Have you read my blog post about Peloton maintenance? It’s all about keeping the metal parts on your bike dry and sweat off of them.

Reports of ruined bikes

Three, there are people in the official Peloton group on Facebook who have reported what happened when they kept a Peloton in the garage. Their bikes basically rusted in place.

At first, it wasn’t obvious. But someone went to tighten the pedals or do something else with the bike and discovered that all the metal had rusted. Then, they needed a new bike frame. And something like that isn’t going to be covered under your bike’s warranty.

Peloton room ideas in an apartment

As I mentioned earlier, plenty of people find a space to setup their Peloton in an apartment. This includes the Peloton instructors who were teaching their classes from home in Spring 2020.

I know that for a long time, apartment complexes added Peloton bikes to the community gym area as a way of attracting renters. Unfortunately, with the way 2020 turned out, those Peloton rooms had to close and many apartment dwellers were left to buy their own Peloton bikes.

That’s what happened with my sister in North Carolina. She and her boyfriend fell in love with the Peloton in their apartment gym. But once it closed, they knew they wanted to get one of their own. And they did. Welcome to the cult, sis!

Rental apartments with Peloton bike

Some apartments are offering Peloton bikes in the apartment as an incentive to get renters. For instance, there is a grouping of New York City apartments called StonehengeNYC. One of their rental properties has what they call a “Fit Apartment.”

What makes it a fit apartment? The fact that it comes with a Peloton bike. So it’s an apartment with its own Peloton room.

In case you’re interested, that building is called Stonehenge 70. It is located on West 70th Street in Manhattan, between 10th Avenue and West End Avenue near Lincoln Center.

Peloton noise in apartment

If you’re worried about the noise a Peloton bike might make in an apartment, don’t. Most people use their Peloton while wearing Bluetooth headphones. So unless you’re singing along at the top of your lungs, there isn’t a lot of noise.

The bikes themselves are quiet, too. In fact, my husband often wakes up before me and does his Peloton workout in the next room. You know what wakes me up? Not the noise from his ride but when he clips out of the pedals. For some reason that is the loudest part of the Peloton bike.

Peloton Tread noise is different

Unfortunately, the Peloton Tread isn’t nearly as quiet as the Peloton cycle. This makes sense. People are likely doing a higher-impact workout using the Tread aka running. So, there’s pounding with that. Plus, there’s the motor.

Therefore, if you are worried about noise, I wouldn’t put a Tread in an apartment unless one of two things occur. One, you don’t share a wall with your neighbors. Or, two, you are on the ground floor with no one underneath you.

Ideas for hiding a Peloton

Of course, when asked how to hide a Peloton, I want to joke about tossing clothes on it. You know, how people invest in exercise equipment like a stationary cycle or a treadmill, and eventually it just becomes a place to hang your clothes. To be honest, that’s never happened with my Peloton bike.

But in all seriousness, people who have a Peloton in a small space, like a living room, often use privacy screens or dressing screens or foldable room dividers. They’ll put them up as a backdrop to the room with the bike behind it when they’re entertaining. And then they’ll take them down when they exercise.

I’ve also seen Pelotons in a space that’s supposed to be a closet. And then the owner installs one of those sliding barn doors to close off the workout space to hide the bike when not using.

Peloton room decor ideas you have to see

There are four places where I’ve seen some amazing Peloton room decor ideas and Peloton room inspiration.

First, Instagram. One of my Instagram followers shared the photo below of her newly renovated Peloton room. She even gave me permission to share the photo here. If you want to learn more about her, here is her Instagram with a link to her website.

One of my favorite places to buy personalized gifts is Etsy, whether it be for dog lovers or Peloton aficianados.

From time to time, Etsy offers coupon codes for savings. So, when that happens, I’ll post information right here.

Second, real estate listings. As I mentioned at the top of this post, it seems like more and more people are looking for homes with a Peloton room in them.

Third, Etsy. I know that a lot of my Peloton-obsessed friends are buying Peloton home decor on Etsy. This includes those aforementioned Peloton instructor quote items. You can find lots of inspo for workout room wall decor there.

Fourth, builder websites. Or home renovation companies.

Final thoughts on Peloton room ideas

Have I missed answering any questions you had about ideas for a Peloton room? If so, post a comment and let me know.

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