How to Move a Peloton Bike or Tread

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It was two years after I got my bike that I began to wonder about how to move a Peloton. You see, we were moving for my husband’s new job.

Granted, I would not personally be moving my Peloton bike. No, we’d hired movers for the task.

Nonetheless, unlike the NordicTrack treadmill, which cost a few hundred dollars and which the movers would also be transporting, my Peloton bike cost a few thousand dollars. Also, the Peloton has many interconnected parts and is heavy. So, I was a tad concerned if the cycle would survive the move from the Jersey Shore to Western Pennsylvania.

Long story short, that Gen 2 Peloton made it. Now, five years later, I’m still using it daily and it works great. The original monitor and power cord are still in excellent condition, too. 

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How to move a Peloton yourself

I know tons of people who have moved their Peloton bike themselves. They tell me that, with the monitor removed, a Peloton will fit in the back of a typical SUV.

Now the Peloton Tread is entirely different. Well, at least the original Peloton Tread+ was a monster. The “regular” Peloton Tread that the company introduced, at a lower price point, is a bit smaller. However, it’s still heavy and cumbersome.

What does a Peloton weigh

Neither the Peloton bike nor the Peloton treadmill is lightweight. However, the Tread is much heavier than the bike. So you are likely going to need help when you go to move your Peloton bike or Tread.

Here is how much each piece of equipment weighs

  • Original Peloton bike: 135 pounds
  • Peloton Bike Plus: 140 pounds
  • Tread Plus (since recalled): 455 pounds
  • Regular Peloton Tread: 290 pounds

Peloton recommendations for moving a bike

There is a page on the Peloton support website that includes the company’s tips for moving a Peloton. This includes moving a Peloton to a new home. Also, it covers moving a Peloton to another room in the house. I’ve paraphrased those tips here.

How to move a Peloton when using a moving company

The company recommends working with a moving company that will insure your belongings, including your Bike, should something happen. Most movers will insist on packing your belongings for insurance to apply. If necessary, point them to the Peloton website for instructions on disassembling your bike or Tread.

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Remove parts of the bike before moving

Peloton recommends removing the touchscreen, pedals, sweat guard, water bottle holder, and weight holders from your Peloton Bike or Bike+. However, when the movers worked with my bike, they only removed the touchscreen. Then, they wrapped the touchscreen in bubble wrap. Finally, they wrapped the bike itself in multiple moving blankets, then secured it with packing tape.

Lower handlebars and seat

Also, before moving your Peloton bike, you should bring the handlebars and seat post to the lowest positions possible. I believe that would be 1 on the seat height and A on the handlebar height . Then, tighten the lever (on the original bike) or the knobs (on the Bike Plus) so nothing moves en route.

That Peloton support page also includes video instructions on how to remove various parts of the bike to keep it safe in transport.

How to move a Peloton from room to room

Here are Peloton’s recommendations for moving a Peloton around the house. Thankfully, they’re much easier since the bike rolls. Did you know that there are wheels on the front base of the bike, near the stabilizers? They look like the wheels on my Rollerblade skates.

  1. Remove the touchscreen from the original Bike to prevent any damage. However, do not remove the touchscreen from the Bike+.
  2. Position yourself behind the back of the Bike.
  3. Grab the back stabilizers with two hands and lift the back of the Bike up to tilt it onto its front wheels.
  4. Carefully push or pull the Bike to its new location.

Again, the Peloton bike weighs around 140 pounds. So make sure you lift with your legs when tipping the bike to roll it to its new location. Otherwise, you might end up hurting your back. If necessary, have someone help you.

How to move a Peloton Tread

Given that even the smaller Peloton Tread weighs 290 pounds, this isn’t something you can move yourself. At one time Peloton offered a service to help owners move their Treads. However, now that Peloton has laid off large portions of its warehouse staff, I’m not sure how reliable that is anymore. 

On the other page, this Peloton support page about how to relocate a Tread does offer the use of a Peloton technician to move your Tread. Granted, it’s for moving within your home. Also, it comes with a $250 fee. 

Cost to move a Tread to a new home

So, what are your options if you’re moving homes? Well, that same Peloton support page says that for $175, technicians will disassemble your Tread. Then, for another $175 they’ll reassemble the Tread at the other end. However, they will not actually move the Tread from one home to another.

On the other hand, I would take this so-called service offer with a grain of salt. Given the complaints I’ve read on the Peloton Facebook groups of Treads delivered unassembled or Treads that need repairs and no technicians coming, I would not rely on Peloton for moving your Tread. 

How to find someone to move your Peloton

Instead, I would suggest hiring a moving company with strong people to do the job. Or you can find someone on TaskRabbit to move your Peloton Tread.

If you’re a new customer to TaskRabbit, I have a coupon code to help you save. Use code NEW10US and this link to save $10 on your first TaskRabbit job. 

Your warranty when you move a Peloton

I think Peloton may have changed the warranty policy since we first bought our bike in 2016. Back then I recalled that if you moved your bike from the address where it was delivered, then you voided your warranty. Since we moved our bike in 2018 to our new home in Western Pennsylvania, I just assumed that our warranty was kaput.

However, in researching this article on how to move a Peloton, I re-read the warranty section of the Peloton support pages. And I did not see anything even remotely close to what I remembered. 

Then I wrote this article in response.

What Peloton says about moving a bike

In fact, the only element in there related to moving a Peloton was this statement about what is not covered by the Peloton limited warranty (I’ve added the bolding): 

“Damage or equipment failure due to normal wear and tear, installation, relocation, repair, improper or negligent assembly of the Product or any accessories, or maintenance (other than in each case that is caused by a Peloton authorized service technician), use of the Product beyond its design and its intended purpose, use of the Product with parts or accessories from third parties, or with parts or accessories not originally intended for or compatible with the Product, or any use contrary to the instructions in the Peloton Bike and Bike+ User Manual, the technical specifications or other published guidelines relating to the Product.”

Finally, I learned something I didn’t know: the Peloton bike frame is warranted for five years from purchase. Sounds like I need to write a new article on the Peloton warranty and what you need to know. And when I do, I will link to it from this article.

Final thoughts on how to move a Peloton bike

We’re getting ready to move again in 2023. At least this time around I’ll know what to expect when moving a Peloton.

Or, since at that point the bike will be seven years old, I might do this instead: just sell my used Peloton before I move. Then, use the money I make towards buying a new bike.

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