Peloton Walking Classes Explained and Reviewed

As soon as I discovered the Peloton walking classes, I started taking them. That’s because I have always loved to walk. I walk my dogs every morning, and if I can run errands on foot, I’ll do it.

What, you didn’t know that Peloton had walking classes? Yup. Peloton is so much more than just a bike or a treadmill.

So, what is a Peloton walking workout like? Well, it depends on which kind you take. In this blog post I’ll explain to you the different kinds of Peloton walking classes, where you can find them and also a review of what to expect. 

What are Peloton walking classes and where do you find there

There are a number of different kinds of Peloton walking classes. And there are a number of different ways to find them.

One, if you own the Tread, then you can use the Tread tablet to find the walking category. Two, you can find walking classes using the Peloton digital app, your Smart TV, such as my Roku, or the Peloton website by looking under Classes and then Walking.

However, there is one more way to find walking classes with Peloton. And that would be on the app you have on your phone.

There you should go to Classes, then tap on Outdoor. Use the filter to select Class Type, then Walking, and there you go. More about outdoor walking classes in a bit.

Finally, in 2022, Peloton introduced the Just Workout option. It includes walks.

Peloton walking classes outdoors on the app

What’s great about the walking classes on the Peloton app is that you can take them with you outside. First, there are the Outdoor classes that have their own legit category on the app.

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Right now, there are 100+ Peloton walking classes to do outside. You’ll find them with the filter and selecting walking.

Second, no one said that you have to take the regular walking classes on a Tread or treadmill only. In fact, if you can ignore the prompts for speed and incline that instructors are calling out, you can definitely do every Peloton walking class without ever stepping on a treadmill.

Peloton outdoor walking classes

As I mentioned as of this writing there are 100+ classes that come up on the Peloton app under outdoor walking classes. Previously, all the walking classes were lumped in with Walk + Run classes.

Thankfully, Peloton has fixed this glitch. Now you can choose from a number of different types of walking classes to take outdoors.

They are:

  • Music Walk
  • Power Walk
  • Theme Walk
  • Walk + Run
  • Warm Up/Cool Down Walk

Finally, what makes the outdoor walking classes on the app special is this: they are audio only. So, you just need to play them and go.

I do them using AirPod earbuds. Then, I have my phone in my pocket so it’s completely hands- and wire-free for me to walk.

What kind of Peloton app walking classes are there?

There are all kinds of categories of outdoor Peloton walking classes that you can do on the app. My favorite walk is Jess Sims’ 90s walk.

According to the mPaceline app, which I use to track my workouts, I’ve done this walking class 64 times. In my opinion this is the best Peloton walking class of all time. I hope it is never purged.

mpaceline app for peloton

Anyway, as of right now, there are three categories of outdoor Peloton walking classes. They are either fun walks or power walks or just “regular” walks–they appear as just “walk.” 

Usually there is a musical theme for these regular walks. Think of it as “Just Walk” for the Peloton app.

It’s important to note that you should not let the title of just “walk” fool you. That aforementioned Jess Sims’ 90s walk is just a walk-walk, not a power walk.

But because the walk is all what she calls jock jams, it has a fast beat and you will be walking fast. I never fail in working up a sweat when walking to this class.

Who teaches outdoor walking classes?

Well, I’ve already mentioned that Jess Sims has an outdoor walk. So do most of the Tread instructors. This includes:

  • Olivia Amato
  • Robin Arzon
  • Susie Chan
  • Kirsten Ferguson
  • Bec Gentry
  • Jon Hosking
  • Rebecca Kennedy
  • Jess King
  • Matty Maggiacomo
  • Selena Samuela
  • Jess Sims
  • Andy Speer
  • Adrian Williams

How long are outdoor walking classes on the Peloton app?

Most of the outdoor walking classes on the Peloton app are 20 minutes or 30 minutes long. My favorite 90s walk from Jess Sims is 30 minutes. It’s the perfect length for my dogs’ first walk of the day.

There are also a handful of 45-minute outdoor walking classes. Sadly, there aren’t any 60 minute walking classes outdoors on the Peloton app. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do multiple classes to add up to a longer time walking.

What kind of music do they play in Peloton outdoor walking classes

You can expect to enjoy all kinds of different music genres on the Peloton outdoor walking classes on the app. They range from classical music (Bec Gentry) to country (Selena Samuela), rock (Andy Speer) to R&B (Kirsten Ferguson).

Also, when Peloton has artists series classes, some of them show up in the outdoor digital walking classes, too. For example, there are two Beyonce Peloton walking classes right now. Kirsten Ferguson has one and so does Rebecca Kennedy. You’ll find the Beyonce walking classes under the musical category of pop.

Peloton Tread walking classes

In addition to the outdoor walking classes explained, above, there are plenty of walking classes on the Tread. And, best of all, you don’t have to own the Tread to take Tread walking classes.

I own a regular NordicTrack treadmill and use it to take walking classes from Tread instructors on the Peloton app. I also use this treadmill for Peloton bootcamp classes, which I explained in this blog post.

Like with the outdoor walking classes, the Peloton Tread walking classes also include Walk + Run classes. Thankfully, though, they’re not the majority of walking classes. Right now, there are literally hundreds of walking class options that were recorded on the Peloton Tread.

Update: In 2022 Peloton released hiking bootcamps with Rebecca Kennedy. As soon as I take my first one, I’ll add a review.

Finally, I spent a recent weekend at the Peloton Studios New York. During my time there I took a 30-minute Country Walk class with Marcel Dinkins.

This was my first time on a legit Peloton Tread. And, anyone who says that walking is not a workout has never taken a Peloton walking class!


Just Walk on the Tread

Finally, if you want to know if you can “Just Walk” on the Tread (as you can “Just Ride” on the bike), here’s your answer. Look under “Just Run.”

You’ll find it in the same area of the tablet where you find the scenic runs. Unfortunately, this is not available on the Peloton app. Also, just because it’s called “Just Run” doesn’t mean you can’t make it “Just Walk.”

Who teaches Peloton walking classes on the Tread

Many of the same instructors who guide the outdoor walking classes lead walking classes on the Tread. However, since Peloton has added a whole crew of British Tread instructors, you get to take walks with them, too.

Here is the list of Tread instructors teaching Peloton walking classes you can take on the app or the Tread hardware. They are listed in alphabetical order:

  • Olivia Amato
  • Robin Arzon
  • Susie Chan
  • Marcel Dinkins
  • Kirsten Ferguson
  • Becs Gentry
  • Jon Hosking
  • Jermaine Johnson
  • Rebecca Kennedy
  • Jess King
  • Matty Maggiacomo
  • Jeffrey McEachern
  • Joslyn Thompson Rule
  • Selena Samuela
  • Jess Sims
  • Andy Speer
  • Adrian Williams

How long are Peloton walking classes on the Tread

There are a few Peloton walking classes that are five and 10 minutes long. These are the warm up and cool down walks. 

Then, there are a few 15 minute classes. These are the Stacking Stuffers classes that instructors recorded over the holidays.

Finally, the lion’s share of Peloton walking classes on the Tread are these three durations:

  • 20 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes

Sadly, all of the 60 minute classes are Walk + Run. 

Peloton treadmill workouts

So, what are these Peloton treadmill walking workouts like? Well, also like the outdoor walks, they fall into different categories. Not including the Walk + Run, those categories are:

  • Hike
  • Power walk
  • Walk

Like the outdoor walking classes that are just listed as walk, the walk classes on the Tread usually have a musical theme. In addition, you’ll see some Artist Series classes show up as walks on the Tread. 

Also, the walking classes on the Tread include warm up walks, cool down walks and introductory walks, such as Rebecca Kennedy’s Intro to Power Walking. And then there are the hikes.

What are Peloton hikes?

Peloton started offering hiking classes on the Tread in 2019. In my mind, I figured I knew what a Peloton hike would be. You would be walking on the Tread or treadmill, and you would go up to the highest incline possible, then back down. Easy peasy. 

But the Peloton hiking classes are much more than that. For starters, they are of varying lengths. You can take a 15-minute hike, a 20-minute hike, a 30-minute hike or a 45-minute hike. If you’ve ever taken a legit hike outdoors, you know that 45 minutes of hiking is no joke.

Review of Peloton hiking classes

It wasn’t until recently that I took my first Peloton hike. So let me write this quick review.

I took Marcel Dinkins 15-minute Stacking Stuffer hike. I figured, eh, 15 minutes on my treadmill. No big deal. Boy, was I wrong.

Let me start by saying that I live in the Pittsburgh area. We have tons of hills around here. However, I was not prepared for how fast Marcel wanted us to go up those hills.

After a three-minute warm up, the hiking began and it started in earnest. Marcel asked us to go at least 3.5 MPH as we surged to a 12 percent incline. There was no way I could do that. I had to keep my speed at 3.0 MPH.

This was really a power hike

Every few minutes, she had us increasing the incline by two percent. So, in the course of, really, about 10 minutes, we went up to a 12 percent incline and then back down. Honestly, this Peloton class should be listed as a power hike. It moved fast.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. Just like so many of the other Stacking Stuffer classes I’ve taken, I was able to get in a really great workout in just 15 minutes. 

How to do Peloton walking classes on a regular treadmill

Remember: I do not own the Peloton Tread. I have a NordicTrack treadmill.

Like the Tread, my NordicTrack treadmill has “jump” buttons. This lets me adjust the speed and the incline in a single touch.

If you’re going to do any of the Peloton walking classes that were designed for the Tread, I would recommend you do it on a treadmill like mine. That way when the instructor says take your walk to 3 or 4 MPH or 5% incline, you just have to touch one button to do it. 

Of course, if you want to walk at a non-round number– say, 3.3 or 4.5 MPH–you will have to hit the plus and minus buttons to get those exact speeds. But with inclines, the jump buttons make it so much easier.

What shoes to wear for Peloton walking classes

I walk my dogs so much that I’m usually replacing my sneakers or walking shoes every three months or so. If it’s been longer than that since you got new walking shoes–and you walk as much as I do–please get new shoes. This is important for your foot health and your overall body mechanics.

Final thoughts on Peloton walking classes

As of this writing, I’ve earned my 500 walks badge on Peloton. In fact, I celebrated walk number 500 in that aforementioned Country Walk at PSNY. Marcel gave me a great shoutout!

I think taking Peloton walking classes is the perfect complement to all of the other kind of workouts I do–from the Hardcore on the Floor strength classes to Power Zone training. If you, too, take these walking classes, what are some of your favorites?

Finally, if I haven’t answered any of your burning questions about Peloton walking classes, please post a comment and let me know.


    1. Absolutely. In fact, I’ll often choose a Tread Walking class to listen to when I walk outside. Jon Hosking is my favorite.

  1. Does Peloton offer a way to record an outdoor walk (with or without an instructor) that is an undefined length of time, similar to the function on the bike that allows us to record a ride of any length with no instructor?

    1. Unfotunately, no. There is no “just walk” or “just run” option on the Peloton app. It’s a bummer, isn’t it? It would be a great addition. Wish I had better news.


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