Peloton Outdoor Classes

There are a couple of ways to define Peloton outdoor classes. That’s my goal for this article.

One, there are legit classes that you can take outdoors with Peloton. And, two, there are Peloton classes that provide the experience of being outside without leaving your home.

Some of these classes are exclusive to the Peloton app; others you have to own hardware in order to take them.

Don’t worry, I’ll explain it all. Read on for everything you need to know about Peloton outdoor classes.

Peloton outdoor walking classes

As of this writing there are 100+ classes that come up on the Peloton app under outdoor walking classes. Previously, all the walking classes were lumped in with Walk + Run classes.

Thankfully, Peloton has fixed this glitch. Now you can choose from a number of different types of walking classes to take outdoors.

They are:

  • Music Walk
  • Power Walk
  • Theme Walk
  • Walk + Run
  • Warm Up/Cool Down Walk

Finally, what makes the outdoor walking classes on the app special is this: they are audio only. So, you just need to play them and go.

More about Peloton outdoor walking classes here.

Peloton outdoor programs

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As you likely know from my review of Peloton programs, there are a number of them devoted to running. What I didn’t realize (until researching this article) is how many of these running programs incorporate running outside.

For example, “Road to Your 26.2” (aka running a marathon) is primarily designed to be used off the Tread. Take a look at the screenshot of the first few days of Week 1. 

You’ll notice that only one class appears to be filmed in the Peloton studios. It is a strength training class specifically for runners.

The rest of the classes in this portion of the program mimic the classes you’ll find in the outdoor section of the app, with audio-only runs. Also, it includes stretching and warms up, again, seemingly to be done outdoors.

Road to Your 26.2 Program

In fact, as of this writing there are three parts to the Road to Your 26.2 Program. All follow the same format as the one I’ve shown above. 

Want to preview the classes in this or any of the other Peloton programs? When you open it in the app, scroll down until you see “Recommended Schedule.” Then, tap on that to see the suggested classes in the program.

In fact, when comparing the three Road to Your 26.2 programs, they all seemed to incorporate the same or similar classes. All, except the aforementioned strength classes, appear to be designed to be done outside.

Interestingly, if you’re interested in the Road to Your 5K program, it is not meant to be done outdoors. I mean, of course, you can do it outside. But all of the classes are studio classes.

You Can Run Outdoors

On the other hand, Peloton has two programs that have the word “outdoors” in them. They are the “You Can Run Outdoors” programs.

There is a You Can Run Outdoors in English. Also, there is a You Can Run Outdoors program in German.

Here’s more about Peloton classes in German.

Both programs are 16 classes over eight weeks. And all of those classes are audio only.

Other program that uses outdoor classes

I scrolled through all of the existing Peloton programs and discovered just one more that incorporates outdoors or audio-only classes. It is mixed in with studio classes.

So, the one other program with legit outdoors classes in it is Train Like Allyson Felix.

Outdoor collections

One of the biggest flaws to Peloton Collections is the fact that you cannot search them. When you open a collection on the app, you just have to scroll to find the class you want to take.

In fact, while researching this article, I tried to find collections that include outdoor classes. It wasn’t easy.

For example, there is the Made for Travel collection, which I highlighted in my article about using Peloton when you travel. These classes are meant to be taken on the road or in a plane.

Therefore, it makes sense that they include outdoor classes, such as a 20-minute, audio-only run with Robin Arzon or 20-minute, audio-only hip hop walk with Adrian Williams.

Currently, there are 40+ classes in this collection. I’d say at least half are for outdoor use.

Then, throughout various collections, you will find some outdoor classes. But, like I said, you have to scroll to find them.

For example, in the Broadway series, Matty Maggiacomo has an outdoor run to the “Rent” soundtrack. Also, the Spotify collection starts with a handful of audio-only classes. 

Really, it’s hit or miss. Like I said, I wish you could filter or search classes within Collections.

What are Peloton scenic rides

So, what are Peloton scenic rides?

They are rides you take on your Peloton cycle that take you “riding” outdoors, virtually.

In other words, instead of taking a ride in the studio with your favorite instructor, you’re able to take a ride outside.

That is, “outside” without leaving the comfort of home.

You do all of these scenic rides On Demand. Scenic rides are not part of live class offerings.

I’ve got a whole article devoted to Peloton scenic rides.

Where to find Just Workout classes to take outdoors

When Peloton first introduced the “Just Work Out” option, you had to use a filter to find it. Now, it appears on the homescreen of the Peloton app, once you open it.

Unless you know where to look for it, it can be confusing. But it’s that little red circle on the bottom right of the screen.

Tap that icon to load your “Just Work Out” options. Then, you’ll see the header that says “Track an activity outside of a Peloton class.”

Just Work Out options

You have 11 options for tracking. They are:

  • Outdoor Walking
  • Stretching
  • Strength
  • Cardio
  • Outdoor Running
  • Outdoor Cycling
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

Why offer these options versus one “Just Work Out” button to tap? Because your outdoor walks or runs or non-Peloton classes can count towards your Peloton milestones. 

So, if you were wondering if outdoor walking, running or cycling classes that you enable on the app apply towards your total classes taken, the answer is yes.

Also, you’ll notice that some of the classes you can track are not specifically for outdoors. My guess is this is if you take a class with another discipline.

Finally, I’ll enable the Strength just workout when doing my PT exercises. And Outdoor Walking when walking my dogs.

More about Just Ride on the bike and Just Run on the Tread here.

Getting Just Workout to track properly

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve been complaining lately about the Just Workout not tracking my time. I was complaining because I wanted my minutes to count towards the annual challenge.

Well, I think I’ve finally figured out how to get Just Workout: Walk to track properly. Here goes.

When I start Just Work Out, I have to dismiss two things. One, the box that says metrics may be inaccurate because I have location sharing disabled. Well, that’s on purpose so no one can follow me.

And, two, it asks me to Enable location sharing for accurate metrics–didn’t we just go through this? So, I tap dismiss.

I keep my WiFi active on my phone. Then, when I’m done walking outside, I wait for my phone to reconnect to my WiFi.

Once I see the WiFi is back on, I end the walk. Every time I’ve done this, my outdoor walks are tracked accurately, and I’m getting the the time “credit” towards the annual challenge.

Can you do Peloton Tread classes outside

You can absolutely do Peloton Tread classes outside. For example, I love to listen to Matty Maggiacomo “walk and talk” classes whenever he releases a new one each week. I’ve even listened to them live while walking my dogs.

Also, I’ve become a big fan of Jon Hosking’s walking classes. However, there are simply not enough of them on the Outdoor section of the Peloton app. 

So, when I want to take a walk outside with my dogs, I’ll fire up a Tread Walking class with Jon on my phone. Then, I’ll listen to it–and follow the speed cues as best I can–while my dogs get their exercise. 

I highly recommend his 30-minute Disney Walk from 5/7/22. I’ve taken it multiple times.

If you have any lingering questions about Peloton outdoor classes, please let me know.


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