One of the goals in writing this blog is to help make you a real sophisticated consumer and smart shopper. This is regardless of what you’re in the market to buy–be it the best Peloton accessories or wide width shoes for women.

I’ve also taken into consider the why you were shopping. Maybe you’re buying something indulgent for yourself. Or maybe you’re looking for gift ideas for Peloton lovers, Father’s Day or Christmas. Or maybe you’re in the market for something as simple as a new dehumidifier.

With that in mind I thought it made sense to create a Shop page for all the products I mention in my various blog posts. That way if you wanted one place to scroll through your shopping options, it was there for you. is price matching during its clearance sale. Check it out!

Below you’ll find products and recommendations from each of the my blog posts. I hope you enjoy scrolling through. Maybe you’ll find something you like that you didn’t even know you wanted. Happy shopping and scrolling.

For your convenience, I’ve set up an Amazon storefront that links to products mentioned in many of my popular blog posts. So, if you prefer to do your shopping on Amazon, I hope you’ll check it out.

Finally, if you’re interested in buying any of my books in print, I recommend you shop on It’s an online marketplace of independent bookstores. 

Peloton Content

You’ll find that I’ve covered a lot of different Peloton content on my blog. A lot of it includes shopping advice. Below are some of the posts and products I’ve written and recommended.

Peloton Return Policy

Recently, I covered the Peloton return policy and how I used it with the purchase of the Peloton Guide. Also, did you know that the Peloton Bike Plus is now $500 cheaper?

In addition, if you buy the Peloton Bike Plus for $1,995, you get free shipping, delivery and setup. 

Brands Peloton instructors wear

The post on Peloton apparel and workout clothes includes some of the non-Peloton brands that instructors wear. 

Brands of Clothing Peloton Instructors Wear

Foam rollers to use in foam rolling classes

Have you tried foam rolling classes as part of your stretching routine? This blog post “rolls” you through the Peloton foam rolling classes–where to find them, what they’re good for and what products you need to participate.

Foam Roller to Use in Foam Rolling Classes

Best Peloton accessories

My blog post on the best, must-have Peloton accessories and essentials has been the number one blog post for more than a year. No wonder. People are loving their Pelotons and want to make sure they own everything they can to get the most out of their Peloton cycle, Peloton Tread or the Peloton digital app. 

I recently published a new article on power zone training on the Peloton. It included its own list of must have essentials, which I’ve inclued below. 

Below are the products I’ve recommended in those blog posts. I’ve collected them here to make your shopping easier.

Peloton Phone Mount

I found many companies on Etsy that are 3D printing a phone mount or holder for the Peloton. These work with all sizes of iPhone and Android phones.

Some do more than just hold a phone. They also have room for your earbuds.

Best Peloton Accessories: Shoe Hanger

Here are inexpensive yet effective shoe hangers you can buy on Etsy.

Best Cycling Shoes for Peloton

Looking for the best cycling shoes for Peloton? Here are some highly rated options.

Also, since so many readers have written asking about Pearl Izumi shoes for Peloton, I've made sure to include that brand.

Pro tip: get the Pearl Izumi shoes that are SPD and SPD-SL compatible. That means they can take the Peloton Delta Look cleats but can also be swapped out for SPD cleats, too.

Finally, when you shop on the Pearl Izumi website and sign up for their newsletter, you'll get 15% off your first purchase.

Best Peloton Accessories: Baleaf Padded Shorts for Men

Best Peloton Accessories: Baleaf Padded Shorts for Men

Best Peloton Accessories: Baleaf Padded Bottoms for Women

When you shop for cycling shorts on use code LEAH15 at checkout--you'll get 15% off.

You won't find a coupon like that on Amazon.

FYI, Baleaf also makes bottoms for yoga, running, golf and tennis, among other activities.

Bombas Products Guaranteed for Life

Peloton Yoga Accessories

Peloton Mat

You can find a mat the perfect size for under your Peloton bike on Amazon. They're usually advertised as a treadmill mat.

Peloton Weights Amazon

Toe Cages for Peloton Bike on Amazon

There may be a number of reasons you could be looking for toe cages (or shoe cages) for your Peloton bike.

It could be that you don't want to use cycling shoes with Delta Look cleats--the kinds that are compatible with Peloton cleats. Perhaps you have SPD cleats on existing shoes and want pedals that can take those cleats and have cages, too.

Or you may have multiple people using the Peloton bike, not all of whom wearing cycling shoes with cleats.

Or you have guest riders from time to time who want to wear sneakers or tennis shoes when riding.

These are all valid reasons to invest in toe cages, which usually come attached to a pedal that you can screw right into the crank shaft on the Peloton bike. All of the options below are available, conveniently, on Amazon.

Best Mat for Peloton: Gaiam on Amazon

I mention in this review of the best mat for Peloton that I use a Gaiam yoga mat for my Peloton yoga practice. You can find all kinds of Gaiam yoga mats on Amazon.

Some of the Gaiam yoga mats on Amazon are thick. There are some that are longer--up to six feet or 72 inches long. Some come with a yoga towel or a strap. One is made especially for kids doing yoga. I've rounded up some mats for you to consider.

I've also included some Gaiam yoga blocks you can buy on Amazon for your practice. There are Gaiam yoga blocks made of foam and some made from cork.

Finally, I've include some cute Gaiam yoga socks that you can buy on Amazon. You can use these for barre classes, too, which Peloton has started offering.

Vornado Fans for Peloton

I found a great selection of Vornado fans on Amazon.

Peloton Tread Screen Cover

A number of companies are making screen covers for the Peloton Tread.

Laptop Tray for Tread

You can turn your Peloton treadmill into a walking desk with these accessories, some of which are available on Etsy.

Peloton Power Zone Training Must Haves

You'll find most of these accessories and must haves in my Peloton room. Many have helped make Power Zone training and every other ride much more comfortable.


Peloton Gifts to Give

From milestones to marriage anniversaries to Mother’s Day, there are plenty of opportunities to buy a gift for a Peloton user throughout the year. I believe I’ve rounded up some of the best Peloton gift ideas, including those featuring some of your favorite instructor quotes.

Peloton Leaderboard Name Gift Ideas

Give the gift that reflects the recipient's unique Peloton leaderboard name, complete with hashtag. Or buy one for yourself. Here are a few on my must-have Peloton gifts' list.

Peloton Cody Rigsby XOXO Shirts

Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby's XOXO series is super popular among the Boo Crew. Not surprisingly, his fans want XOXO shirts to show their love for him. Therefore, I've found tank tops, tee shirts and sweatshirts, all with XOXO Cody on them. I think you'll love these Cody Rigsby shirts et al.


Peloton Digital App Review

In this blog post that reviews the Peloton digital app, I offer home spin bike suggestions that are an affordable alternative to the Peloton cycle.

Peloton Alternative Indoor Spin Bikes on Amazon

Here are some indoor home spin bikes that are an affordable alternative to the Peloton cycle. These are great options if you're hoping to use the Peloton digital app for your workouts but don't have the cash or budget to buy a Peloton bike.

Peloton Instructor Quotes

From Robin Arzon crown quotes to Jenn Sherman’s potty mouth saying “Just F(*&ng Do It,” there are tons of favorite Peloton instructor quotes. That’s why I wrote the blog post that rounds up awesome products featuring your favorite Peloton instructors and their quotes

Here are some of the products I recommended from each of the instructors mentioned in my article.

Peloton Instructor Quotes: Leanne Hainsby

Leanne Hainsby was one of the first Peloton instructors to start broadcasting indoor cycling classes from the company's London studio. A former dancer (like so many Peloton trainers on this side of the pond), I got to know her during the recent Pelothon.

Two of her likely best-known sayings are referring to being inside your "sparkly bubble" (think disco ball) and "done and dusted," when you've finished your workout. I found a few items on Etsy featuring these Leanne quotes.

Peloton Instructor Quotes: Jess Sims

Jess Sims is one of the many Peloton Tread instructors. In addition to running and walking classes, Jess also teaches strength classes. I came to fall in love with her teaching methods when Peloton was offering "Live from Home" classes.

I especially love her saying "You Don't Have To. You Get To" about the joy and blessing of being able to move your body. Also, "Last Set. Best Set" as you're grinding through a workout. Two other good ones: "No Ego, Amigo" and "How you do anything is how you do everything."

She's also well known for saying that you want to get that "glazed donut look" as you build up a sweat. Here are some Jess Sims' inspired products I found on Etsy and elsewhere that feature her quotes or just remind me of her. If you're a member of the You Get To Crew, you'll love them, too.

Peloton Instructor Quotes: Robin Arzon

Peloton trainer and instructor Robin Arzon, aka Robin NYC, scared me at first. But even though her catchphrases like "Add it Back" and "Yes You Can" sound tough, they are also motivational and inspirational.

She also likes to refer to riders (and herself) as royalty or a queen or as wearing a crown or simply as hustlers. So, I've found a number of fun items on Etsy--leggings, apparel, posters and more. From hustle quotes to queen quotes, these feature everything you love about Robin Arzon.

Peloton Instructor Quotes: Christine D'Ercole

I'll admit it: Christine D'Ercole is one of my favorite Peloton instructors. I appreciate her very real approach to fitness, body image and more. Her mantras, sayings and quotes always resonate with me. From "I am I can I will I do" to "What if you can?"

And, dare I say, she's made me cry on the bike. So has Jenn Sherman, another favorite.

Christine has her own website where she sells her line of IAICIWID products and you can register for her Wordshop classes, too.

Peloton Instructor Quotes: Ally Love

Ally Love's inspirational and motivational rides called "Sundays with Love" are a way for riders to feel "present" on their bikes.

In addition, she's all about empowering people, which is why she calls everyone Boss or tells them to "Boss Up."

Here are some of my favorite Ally Love-inspired products from Etsy.

Peloton Instructor Quotes: Denis Morton

Peloton instructor Denis Morton might be, in my opinion, the kind of funny quotes and sayings. He is an admitted dad joke teller and that's one of the reasons I love taking his cycling and yoga classes.

However, Denis is also inspiring, such as when he tell us "I make suggestions, you make decisions."

Here are some Etsy items featuring the best of Denis--who by the way spells his name is one "N"--not Dennis.

And, as Denis likes to say, "If you can't be good, be careful."

Peloton Instructor Quotes: Cody Rigsby

Cody Rigsby has been known to have many funny sayings. Things like "Fix your wig" to "It's not that deep, boo" to "Get your life together."

Some of his quotes are even explicit but still funny and, dare I say, inspirational: "Be like Elsa. Let that shit go."

I found a number of items on Etsy that the "boo crew" is sure to love. This includes Cody Rigsby shirts, posters, leggings, apparel, coffee mugs and more.

Peloton Instructor Quotes: Jenn Sherman

I have to thank Jenn Sherman and her epic sing-a-long rides for showing me that I could ride for 60 minutes on my Peloton. I also have to thank her for being real (swearing and all) with her motivational quotes and sayings. Perhaps her best known catchphrase is JFDI--Just Fucking Do It. Here are a few favorites I found on Etsy.

Peloton Instructor Quotes: Alex Toussaint

Here is a collection of items I found on Etsy featuring the best Alex Toussaint quotes. They include a t shirt with "Feel Good. Look Good. Do Better" on it as well as items with his probably best-known saying "This Ain't Daycare."

Peloton Instructor Quotes: Matt Wilpers

Power Zone creator and instructor Matt Wilpers has a few catchphrase quotes and sayings. One of them revolves around the importance of training smart.

Also, after a hard ride with him, people often say they've "wilpered."

Here are some cool Matt-themed items from Etsy.

Best Cleaning Products for Around the House

The products featured here appeared in this review of Lemi-Shine.

Lemi Shine

You can buy Lemi Shine on Amazon. It now has a number of different products. 

Where to Buy a Dehumidifier

I recommended these dehumidifier brands in a blog post called “Water from the Dehumidifier.”

Where to Buy a Dehumidifier

Nearly every major home improvement store or big box store sells dehumidifiers. Even Amazon does.

Here are links to some of the highest and best rated dehumidifiers available from major stores. Many of this brick-and-mortar stores will let you shop online and pickup in store.

Menstrual Lingerie

Menstrual lingerie, as it were, goes by many different terms. Some call it period underwear or period panties. Others call it menstrual undies or period underpants. And they’re more common than you think, which is why I wrote this blog post on menstrual lingerie products. Here are some of the products I recommend.

What is Menstrual Lingerie

I've rounded up some examples of menstrual lingerie and period panties, including some period swimwear. These are from some of the most popular brands.

Best Wide Width Shoes for Women

In my blog post about the best wide width shoes for women, I highlight some of the brands that I wear on my own two feet. I’ve also created exclusive shopping lists for women looking for extra wide or double wide shoes for all occasions.

Extra Wide Width Womens Boots and Booties

When it comes to extra wide width womens boots, you'll often find that with taller, riding boots, you also have the option of getting an extra wide calf in your boot. As someone with a double wide foot but not a double wide calf, this is often a challenge for me. Maybe you're different.

Either way, in this list of extra wide width womens boots, I've included brands with and without extra wide calves. I've also included extra wide width booties that I may not have shared earlier.

Extra Wide Womens Sneakers Tennis Shoes

Women with double wide feet looking for tennis shoes or sneakers to work out in face similar challenges as they do when looking for other every day shoes. And that is that extra wide womens shoes are hard to find.

While I often choose men's sneakers or tennis shoes for my exercise needs, there are brands that do make bona fide double wide or extra wide women's sneakers. Here are a few I've found.

Note: based on the manufacturer, the extra wide or double wide width may be listed differently. It would be XW, EXW, WW or EE.

Extra Wide Women's Dress Shoes

Here are some option for extra wide women's dress shoes, from a variety of retailers, including pumps, dress sandals and wedges.

I have confirmed that, as of this publishing, all of these shoes were available in a double wide width.

Best Wide Width Shoes for Women: Booties

Here is a collection of some of the best wide width booties from a variety of brands, including those you can buy at Nordstrom and on Zappos. In many instances some of these booties come in an extra wide width, too.

Best Wide Width Shoes for Women: Nordstrom Brands

Here are a few examples of shoes from those wide width brands available at Nordstrom.

Best Wide Width Shoes for Women

Here are some of my favorite brands that have the best wide width shoes for women. This includes wide boots and booties, sandals, flats and more. Some come in extra wide or double wide as well.

Work from Home Essentials

I’ve just updated my blog post on clothing for when you’re working from home–as so many of us are these days. It includes great options from subscription styling service M.M. LaFleur. I’ve highlighted a few of those selections below.

M.M. LaFleur Work From Home Essentials

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Having trouble finding the right anniversary gift? You’re not alone. These gift suggestions are from two of my blog posts related to anniversaries. One focuses on easy anniversary gifts with a modern theme. Another focuses on anniversary gifts with a traditional theme.

6th Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea

With turquoise one of the 6th wedding anniversary colors and the traditional gift theme iron, a turquoise blue Le Creuset cast iron pot would be a great selection for a spouse who loves to cook.

7th Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you're going with wool as your traditional seven year wedding anniversary gift theme, here are great brands of wool socks to consider. Yes, I said socks!

8th Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

The traditional theme for being married eight years is bronze or pottery. Look at the cool items I found--featuring one or both of these themes--on Etsy! These are some simple yet perfect presents for him or for her.

Traditional 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

The traditional wedding anniversary theme for being married 10 years is tin. Look at these cool tin signs I found on Etsy!

25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas on Etsy

The theme overall for a 25th wedding anniversary is silver. So, find something made of silver or featuring silver, and you're good to go. That's a simple approach to buying the perfect present, right?

Anniversaries 26-29 Gift Themes and Ideas

When you've reached your marriage milestone of being married for 26, 27, 28 and 29 years, you're looking at a single wedding anniversary gift theme. They are:

  • 26: art
  • 27: music
  • 28: linens
  • 29: tools

With these themes in mind, I've suggested some gifts to get by year that are personalized and could work as a present for him, for her, for a couple, for parents or grandparents, or anyone else you know celebrating their anniversary.

31-34 Anniversaries Gift Themes and Ideas

When you've reached your marriage milestone of being married for 31, 32, 33 or 34 years, you're looking at a single wedding anniversary gift themes to shape your shopping and gift buying. So there's no reason to think in terms of a traditional gift theme or a modern gift theme. They're all the same.

Those themes are:

  • 31 anniversary: travel
  • 32 anniversary: bronze
  • 33 anniversary: iron
  • 34 anniversary: food

With these four themes in mind, I've suggested some gifts to get by year that are personalized and could work as a present for him, for her, for a couple, for parents or grandparents, or anyone else you know celebrating their 31st, 32nd, 33rd or 34th wedding anniversary.

36-39 Anniversaries Gift Themes and Ideas

When you've reached your marriage milestone of being married for 36, 37, 38 and 39 years, it gets more challenging to find unique gifts to give each other or someone you know. But here's the good news: you're looking at a single wedding anniversary gift themes to shape your shopping and gift buying. Those themes are:

  • 36: antiques
  • 37: books
  • 38: luck
  • 39: laughter

With these four themes in mind, I've suggested some gifts to get by year that are personalized and could work as a present for him, for her, for a couple, for parents or grandparents, or anyone else you know celebrating their 36th, 37th, 38th or 39th wedding anniversary.

41-44 Anniversaries Gift Themes and Ideas

When you've reached your marriage milestone of being married for 41, 42, 43 and 44 years, first of all, congratulations! That's a long time to be married. Not many couples reach these milestons.

At the same time, it gets more challenging to find unique gifts to give each other or someone you know. But here's the good news: you're looking at a single wedding anniversary gift themes to shape your shopping and gift buying for years 41-44. That's because the traditional gift theme and the modern gift them are the same.

Those themes or symbols are:

  • 41 anniversary: office
  • 42 anniversary: clocks or watches
  • 43 anniversary: entertainment
  • 44 anniversary: electronics

With these four themes in mind, I've suggested some gifts to get by year that are personalized and could work as a present for him, for her, for a couple, for parents or grandparents, or anyone else you know celebrating their 41st, 42nd, 43rd or 44th wedding anniversary.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Everyone knows that a couple celebrating 50 years of marriage are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. That's a huge milestone to reach.

However, you don't have to buy gaudy golden things as a themed gift. As I've said before,