Peloton Workout Clothes: The Most Common Questions Answered

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As soon as we got our Peloton bike in 2016, I couldn’t wait to buy myself some Peloton workout clothes. I loved seeing the instructors wearing this cool workout gear, and I wanted some for myself.

Lucky for me I’d shared my Peloton referral code with a few friends. So, therefore I had a couple $100 credits burning a hole in my proverbial pocket.

You do know about the Peloton referral program, right? That when someone uses your Peloton referral code to buy a bike or Tread, you get $100 in credits to use on Peloton workout clothes in the Peloton boutique. Then, when they get a Peloton, the primary owner on the Peloton account gets their own referral code through the same program.

However, because my plan was to shop the Peloton boutique online, I had many questions about the Peloton apparel. That was mostly because I couldn’t try anything on. It seems I’m not alone.

Most common questions about Peloton workout clothes

As I was researching this blog post, I stumbled upon the same questions again and again about Peloton apparel. Questions like:

  • Does the Peloton apparel run small?
  • What brand is the Peloton clothing?
  • Can you buy Peloton apparel in the store?
  • How does Peloton apparel fit?
  • Can you return Peloton apparel?

There were also lots of questions about why Peloton workout clothes always seem to be sold out. In addition, people were uncertain about when the Peloton apparel “drop” would happen each season. The drop is when the clothing becomes available for sale online.

Since that fateful day in 2016 when I started coveting Peloton clothing, I’ve purchased bras, leggings and tops. With years of Peloton ownership under my belt and first-hand experience purchasing these workout clothes, I’ve done my best to answer the most common questions about the apparel. So, here goes.

peloton workout clothes qanda pin

Does the Peloton apparel run small?

The question if Peloton apparel runs small is basically asking how the clothing fits. Well, like with so many types of clothing, it all depends on the brand and the clothing itself.

For example, with one Peloton bra I bought, I had to get an XL, even though my normal bra band size is a 34. Even so, the XL barely covered my breast tissue on the sides so I had an unexpected side boob. Not a good look on a middle-aged woman.

On the other hand I’ve purchased many different tops from the Peloton boutique. In some instances the large was too large, and I needed a medium. In other instances the large fit just right. And in a third instance, I needed the extra large. (I’m normally a 10-12 on top.)

Quick tip on Peloton workout clothes: I usually buy them in bulk when I have those $100 credits from my referrals. I’ll get multiple sizes of the same items. Then, I’ll either return the ones that don’t fit. Or, if they were a final sale, I’ll sell the ones that don’t fit on Poshmark.

Here’s my article about how I make extra cash by consigning clothing on Poshmark.

Substitute men’s sizes in clothing

Finally, if there is a top I really want and I’m worried about the sizing, I’ll buy the men’s version. I know men’s sizes will automatically be roomier.

For example, in 2019, Peloton was selling the instructor quote series. You know, shirts that featured each instructor’s catch phrase. Such as Denis Morton’s “If you can’t be good, be careful” or Matt Wilpers’ “Consistency is key” or Ally Love’s “Yes or yes.”

There were two Peloton shirts I wanted–the aforementioned Wilpers’ shirt as well as Jenn Sherman’s JFDI–Just. F*ing Do. It. All the women’s sizes were sold out. So, I bought a small in men’s.

2 peloton instructor quotes on shirts

Peloton clothing size chart

When it comes to the size chart for Peloton clothing, again, it depends on the brand. I’ve found that the descriptions on the Peloton website aren’t very helpful.

For example, telling me that Christine is wearing a size medium doesn’t help me decide on a size if I don’t know how tall she is or what size of clothing she normally wears. Again, one of the reasons I’ll buy pieces in multiple sizes, just to be sure.

Another option is if you know the brand of the clothing, you can check the brand’s own sizing chart. For example, the Lululemon Peloton leggings and bras are super popular. If you own other Lululemon items, then you should have a good sense of how the Peloton workout clothes from Lululemon will fit you.

Here is a link to the Lululemon size charts on


What brand is the Peloton workout clothing?

For starters, there is the Peloton brand of clothing. I’m not sure which company makes this brand for Peloton. But those Peloton shirts of instructor quotes plus my Century Club milestone shirt were both the Peloton brand.

However, from time to time, Peloton partners with well-known brands. For example, in the past I’ve bought Lululemon Peloton leggings. In addition, one of my favorite Peloton workout shirts is from Athleta. I’m wearing it in this yoga time-lapse video below.

Also, my last Peloton apparel purchase was a foil stamped shirt from Spiritual Gangster. When I got my activewear subscription box from Wantable last year, it included yoga gear from Spiritual Gangster. So it’s a brand I’m familiar with.

peloton workout clothes shirt foil stamped

Here is my review of activewear subscription boxes

Finally, you may have heard that Peloton recently partnered with Adidas to create a line of workout clothing and athleisure apparel. It’s called Adidas X Peloton.

I’ve highlighted some of the items that you can buy on the Adidas website.

UPDATE: Peloton’s most recent collaboration with Adidas is also with Beyonce’s brand called Ivy Park. 


Adidas x Peloton clothing line

Peloton Workout Clothes: Adidas

UPDATE: This is the link to the newest Peloton Adidas brand collaboration and the latest clothing being offered with Beyonce's Ivy Park brand.

Peloton instructors Ally Love and Cody Rigsby worked with Adidas to create this clothing collection Adidas X Peloton.

What clothing do Peloton instructors wear?

Curious about the brand of clothing that Peloton instructors wear? Well, according to an interview last year in PopSugar Fitness, Jess Sims said, “We always have to wear at least one Peloton-branded article of clothing, but they encourage us to be authentic to ourselves and do as we want.”

That’s why, for example, you’ll see Christine D’Ercole wearing a Peloton top but then leggings with her catchphrase “I am I can I do I will” written on them. Those leggings, by the way, are made by Miami Fitwear.

Brands that instructors wear

Below, I’ve listed some of the brands that instructors tend to wear. When possible I’ve included mention of which instructor wore which brand. Of course, I’ve included a link and any coupon codes I could find, in case you want to go shopping.

Brands of Clothing Peloton Instructors Wear

Finally, I’ve discovered that you can shop many of the brands mentioned above at one online store. It’s called Revolve. So, definitely check it out.

Here is my post about Peloton magic pants and shirts. Not sure what magic pants are? You need to check out the post!

Baleaf Workout Clothes

Baleaf Workout Clothes

I've written before about Baleaf brand clothing and how we love wearing it while working out. Turns out Baleaf has leveled up its fashion offerings to compete with some of the brands that Peloton instructors wear.

Below are some of the newest options from Baleaf that could rival the pricey, designer brands that instructors show off in class. Use coupon code LEAH15 to get 15% off at checkout.

Can you buy Peloton apparel in a Peloton store or showroom?

Yes, you can absolutely buy Peloton apparel in a Peloton store or showroom. The only thing you cannot buy at a Peloton store are the Peloton cycling shoes. However, you can try them on there and then order online. Click here for more answers to common questions about Peloton shoes.

When I visited the cycling studio in New York City, you always entered through the retail store. There was plenty of clothing on the racks.

peloton tread

Similarly, when I did my 900th ride at the Pittsburgh Peloton store, I could have shopped for clothing, too.

The only Peloton clothing you cannot buy in the store is a Century Club shirt. That’s something that Peloton sends to you for free after you hit your first 100th class milestone.

Here’s my blog post on Peloton milestones, including how to get your free shirt.

Peloton Century Club shirt sizing

When I received my Peloton Century shirt, I was told that the sizes were unisex. So I ordere the size I normally take in unisex shirts–medium. And the shirt fit perfectly. It continues to fit perfectly.

Now the Century Club shirt I got was an all-cotton shirt. I understand that Peloton has now changed the fabric of Century Club shirts to more of a dri-fit fabric. And people are telling me they are tending to run large. So, I don’t know if this new sizing is more a men’s size than a woman’s size. But keep that in mind when you hit your Century ride, run or class and get a notification about your forthcoming Peloton Century Club shirt.

Finally, in 2021 Peloton announced it would no longer give Peloton Century Club shirts to app-only users. Only those with hardwared (Peloton Original Bike, Bike Plus or Peloton Tread) would qualify for a Century Club shirt when they surpassed, for the first time, 100 classes in a single discipline.

That discipline, by the way, doesn’t have to match your hardware. A bike owner could earn their Century Club shirt doing 100 meditations and a Tread owner could earn their’s doing 100 strength classes.

Does Peloton clothing ever go on sale?

I have to be honest with you–I only buy Peloton clothing when it’s on sale or marked down or on the clearance rack. Truth be told, one of the most common questions about Peloton apparel is why it’s so expensive. I don’t have an answer about why it is so expensive, except to say that it can be.

Peloton has a captive audience with enthusiasts like you and me. And if we customers are willing to pay $78 for a pair of WITH brand capri leggings or $52 for a Lululemon bra, then there’s no reason for them to change their pricing structure.

Which is why I try to buy anything I want on sale. It means that I’ll often get Peloton workout clothing months after it’s dropped or maybe it’s from last season. I don’t care. If it’s cute and comfy and affordable, I’m all for it. That’s why whenever I visit the Peloton boutique, I always click on the “sale” tab first.

When will new Peloton apparel come out?

This is the million-dollar question. I’ve seen other bloggers and influencers obsessively checking the Peloton online store for new clothing drops.

Just this week one of them posted on Instagram that she’d seen new clothing on the Peloton UK online store. (This blogger was in the US.) She hypothesized that if the clothing was online overseas, it would be on sale for US audiences soon thereafter.

She was right. Less than 24 hours later word was all over social media that Peloton had dropped the spring line.

Seasonal clothing lines

In addition to seasonal changes and new clothing lines, there is another clue to when you might see new Peloton workout clothes in the boutique. And that would be when Peloton announces themed classes coming up.

For example, on January 28, I got an email about the upcoming Black History Month rides in February. Then, on February 1, I got an email that a new line of Black History Month-inspired attire was now for sale in the boutique.

So keep that in mind whenever Peloton announces themed rides, such as it did with the Grateful Dead series last year. The boutique also ended up stocking Grateful Dead-inspired gear.

Why is Peloton clothing always sold out?

In the before times, it was much easier to buy Peloton clothing. Simply put, there were fewer members. So the competition to buy the cool new workout gear was less.

Nowadays, Peloton promotes the fact that the community has nearly 6 million members three million members. As soon as people hear of a clothing drop, they rush online and shop.

During a recent drop I quickly added three items to my cart. By the time I got to checkout, they were all sold out. And while I was shopping, there was plenty of inventory. But clearly I was trying to buy popular items so I missed out.

Where else can I buy Peloton workout clothes?

As I mentioned earlier, when I’m unsure about sizing, I’ll buy multiples of the same item. And, if I can’t return them, I’ll sell the extras on Poshmark. So, if I’m selling Peloton clothing on Poshmark, many others are, too. 

FYI, if you decide to sign up for Poshmark, use my code SUDDENLYFRUGAL. You’ll get $5 to apply to your first purchase–of Peloton workout clothes, right?

In addition, the Peloton Facebook Buy Sell Trade group has clothing from time to time.

Also, people sell Peloton workout clothes on eBay.

Finally, you can find unofficial Peloton workout clothes on both Amazon and Etsy. This includes apparel that features quotes from Peloton instructors like Cody Rigsby.

Here is my blog post on Peloton instructor quotes.

Peloton brand clothing

Now that Peloton is making its own brand of workout and exercise clothing, I need to order some of their leggings to try out and write a review. Previously, I’d only purchased Peloton leggings made by other manufacturers, such as Lululemon. 

However, in shopping on the Peloton apparel site, I’m getting the sense that the Peloton leggings run very small. Normally, I wear a size large in leggings. When looking at the Peloton clothing size charts, it appears I would order a size large.

However, if you read the descriptions of the models wearing the leggings, it sounds like I would need to order a size 1X instead to have the leggings fit me. So use the Peloton clothing size charts with a grain of salt and, instead, read the clothing and model descriptions for a better sense of how things fit.

In the meantime, I own plenty of Peloton brand shirts and can tell you that most of them fit true to size. The only caveat would be a shirt that’s marketed as a crop. If you don’t want to show your midriff–and I definitely don’t–then order one size up.

A cousin of mine recently gifted me with a cropped “Together We Go Far” Peloton shirt for joining her in the class that was her Century ride. I was happy just to ride with her; the shirt was an unexpected treat. Anyway, she sent me a size XL and I’m so glad she did, because it fits perfectly.

Peloton Shirts Amazon

Here are some Peloton-inspired shirts that I found for sale on Amazon.

Peloton Shirts Amazon

What is the brand of headbands that Peloton instructor Christine D’Ercole wears?

I’ve had many readers have asked where they could find the sparkly headbands that instructor Christine D’Ercole wears. The brand is called Sweaty Bands.

Sweaty Bands offers a no-slip headband that you can buy on Amazon. You’ll notice that Christine tends to match the headbands to the outfits she wears in class. I particularly like the royal blue sparkling headbands.

FYI, the sparkly headbands are the “Viva Diva” kind from Sweaty Bands. They come in a variety of widths. I’ve highlighted a few below.

I recently featured these Sweaty Bands headbands in my weekly update of Who Wore It Best.

Sweaty Bands Headbands

These Sweaty Bands headbands are the ones that Peloton instructor Christine D'Ercole can often be seen wearing in her cycling classes. You can see a wide variety of options of Sweat Bands on Amazon, via my shopping list here.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Zella Brand

Workout Clothes: Zella Brand at Nordstrom

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is the best time of the year to shop Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. And if you're looking to level up your activewear game, you'll want to check out the Zella Brand available at Nordstrom. Here are some selections I recommend.

Can you return Peloton apparel

Turns out you can return Peloton apparel, with some caveats. One, the clothing must be unworn. Two, the tags have to still be attached. And, three, you have to make the return within 30 days of purchase.

You can get the lowdown on all of Peloton’s return policies here.

Final questions about Peloton workout clothes

Have I missed answering any questions about workout clothes that you would buy from the Peloton boutique? One thing I didn’t mention was that the boutique carries items other than something you would wear to exercise.

Last winter they had Peloton hats, puffer jackets and sweatshirts. These items were more in the realm of athleisure clothing than true workout gear. I don’t own any of these pieces so I can’t tell you how they fit or anything like that. However, if you have bought some and want to provide feedback for other readers, please post a comment and let us know.

Finally, reads have come here searching for the answer to this question: what do Peloton instructors wear around their waist? Primarily, you see this on female instructors. It looks like a Lycra belt, usually color coordinated with their outfit.

Well, that belt around their waist likely holds their mike pack. That’s their microphone pack. Having done TV interviews in my lifetime, I can tell you that when you get a microphone placed on you–either as a headset or clipped on your clothing–there has to be a battery pack attached to it to broadcast their sound. The Peloton instructors are no different. And if you look closely you’ll see that many are wearing earpieces, too. This is so the control room can communicate with them, if necessary, during class.

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