Wayfair Way Day Explained

In the past, Wayfair Way Day was twice a year.

That is, there was Way Day in late April and then again in October.

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Last year, Wayfair’s 5 Days of Deals was October 7-11, 2022.

However, in 2023, the 5 Days of Deals started March 31.

I’m guessing Wayfair has, in essence, created a second Way Day for fall to match Target Deal Days and the second Amazon Prime Day for fall.

Wayfair 5 Days of Deals aka Way Day 2.0 starts at 9 a.m. Eastern.

What is Way Day?

You’ve heard of Amazon Prime Day, but have you heard of Wayfair Way Day?

It’s a relatively new annual shopping event on, you guessed it, the Wayfair website or the Wayfair app.

You’ll also find deals on websites and brands affiliated with the company, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Just like Amazon Prime Day, Way Day is a two-day event.

So when is it? March 31-April 4, 2023.

According to a press release I found about Wayfair Way Day 2022, you can expect to get 80% off on tens of thousands of items.

Also, you’ll get free shipping on everything. 

Here is my article about shopping on Amazon Prime Day.

How to shop Wayfair Way Day

The 2023 version starts at 12 a.m. on March 31st.

Then, it runs through to the end of April 4.

So, Friday through Tuesday.

You can expect to find some of the lowest prices of the year. In what categories can you find those Way Day deals? They include:

  • Home furnishings
  • Housewares
  • Home decor
  • Major appliances
  • Outdoor products
  • Home improvement items

How does Wayfair work

You may not realize this, but Wayfair works similarly to Amazon and its third-party sellers.

That is, the companies selling items on Wayfair are separate from Wayfair itself.

In other words Wayfair isn’t making many of the products it sells.

It’s just letting third-party businesses list their items for sale on their website.

Then, those third-party vendors ship the item to customers when they buy things.

I know this because I used to have an ecommerce business.

I had an Amazon store, and also I sold through Wayfair.

With my Amazon store I did something called Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), which meant I shipped everything to Amazon warehouses.

However, I also did seller-fulfilled orders.

That meant I shipped things myself.

With Wayfair, when you partner with them, you are doing all of the shipping.

So here’s the deal: Unless you’re buying from a recognized brand on Amazon or Amazon Basics, one of Amazon’s own brands, you’re buying from a third-party seller like I used to be. 

What brands are on sale during Way Day

Speaking of brands, Wayfair does own some brands, which will also be having sales on Way Day.

They each have their own websites where you can shop.

However, when you visit the links below, you’ll see them promoting hot deals during Way Day–even if they don’t reference it by name.

What are the Wayfair brands

These Wayfair brands include:

Keep in mind that while prices may be discounted up to 80% on the Wayfair main site on Way Day, at these affiliate brand sites, they may be different.

For example, at both AllModern and Birch Lane, they hint at the Way Day sales but for discounts up to 50% off, not 80%.

Still half off ain’t bad.

Wayfair-owned brands

This is how the company describes each of its brands:

Wayfair: Everything home – for a space that’s all you.

Joss & Main: The ultimate style edit for home.

AllModern: All modern, made simple.

Birch Lane: A fresh take on the classics.

Wayfair Professional: Just right for Pros.

Some of the non-Wayfair brands you can expect to see offering savings on Way Day include Kohler, Weber, KitchenAid and Sealy.

wayfair way day logo

Deals on Wayfair

You’ll find Way Day deals in nearly every category, including these ones:

Final thoughts on Wayfair Way Day

Here are some quotes and information I grabbed from a press release.

I think they do a good job of explaining how Way Day came to be and what you can expect during this shopping holiday.

“Consumers are bringing more creativity and innovation to their homes than ever before – from renovating garages into guest rooms and art studios, to transforming their backyards into outdoor oases. Whether planning for summer gatherings or stocking up on home staples, we are excited to offer our customers the lowest prices of the year this Way Day as we help them reimagine their spaces and create their own unique feeling of home.”–Steve Oblak, chief commercial officer, Wayfair

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  1. i ordered 2 wicker chairs and cushions from Wayday 4/10/23. They texted me they got my order and took the payment from my bank. i have not received any other info. what is going on?

    1. same here they took my money. but haven’t heard from them in a couple months .I’m having my bank block and investigate them.

  2. I order a large red chair on you wayday sale now your saying you don’t have my order but yet you are attempting to take money from my bank account. if you don’t have my order why is this happening?