What You Need to Know Now About Amazon Prime Day

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Here’s what you need to know about shopping and buying on Amazon Prime Day this year. Amazon Prime Day 202s will be in July. I’ll post more details once the dates and deals are finalized.

In 2021 Prime Day was in June. And in 2020 Prime Day became Prime Week.

Why Prime Week? Because some media outlets have heard that Amazon has blacked out October 13 through October 20 for any vacation days. In other words, they want all hands on deck for the seven days between October 13 and October 20 aka Amazon Prime Day or week.
amazing things to buy on amazon


What’s so great about Amazon Prime Day?

Well, in addition to getting great deals on Amazon, Amazon Prime Day has become such a thing that you can expect other retailers to react. Last year, Best Buy and Walmart did, creating their own shopping holidays like Best Buy Day and Walmart Day.

Like Black Friday these retailers tend to push high-ticket items, like tech and TVs. Last year these were some of the best days to buy electronics. The prices were unbelievable. In fact, we ended up getting our daughter a Roku TV for her first apartment during this time period. The prices were sick.

What should I buy on Amazon on Prime Day?

I’ve put together a list of amazing things to buy on Amazon throughout the year. This list below on 8 amazing things to buy on Amazon is a good one to keep in your back pocket or to bookmark.

In addition, if you like lifetime guarantees like I do, you can shop for warrantied products on Amazon, too. In fact, you may be interested in my blog post of 32 brands you can buy on Amazon with lifetime warranties.

Here are ways to save big on an Amazon Prime Membership. You don’t want to buy on Amazon without it.

Here are the 5 best Alexa hacks for the kitchen.

Buy groceries on Amazon

Amazon, as a company, can help you procure groceries in two ways. The first is at Whole Foods Market locations. You do know that Amazon owns Whole Foods, right? Well, even if you sign up for a free 30-day trial of a Prime subscription, you can save on groceries IRL at a brick-and-mortar Whole Foods during your free trial. In fact, all Prime members can save at Whole Foods.

The second way you get groceries from Amazon is to buy on Amazon. And you would do this through Amazon Fresh. Amazon Fresh lets you buy groceries, including the very brands you might find at Whole Foods. You can choose everything from organic produce to paper towels to stock your pantry. Try a free trial of Amazon Fresh today.

Did you know you can shop gift registries?

Both new parents and new couples can create gift registries on Amazon. What makes these registries unique is the fact that you don’t have to limit your guests to buying products from Amazon.com only. You can link in selections from other online stores, too.

Each registry comes with a bonus of one kind or another. For example, when you create a baby registry and your friends and family buy on Amazon, you could end up qualifying for $100 worth of free diapers and wipes.

Here are a couple of registry options:

Buy on Amazon Baby Registry

When you create a Baby Registry at Amazon.com, you’ll find everything you need, enjoy discounts when you buy on Amazon plus and extended return period. Also, you can add from any website.

Create an Amazon Wedding Registry

  • Up to 20% completion gift off most products on Amazon
  • World’s largest selection, plus Amazon’s reliable fast shipping and world class customer service
  • It’s universal – add items from other websites with the universal button
  • Fast, free shipping – Free shipping on orders over $25 or fast, FREE delivery on millions of items with Prime.

Amazon Gift Registries

Here are two gift registries worth registering for on Amazon.

Original TV programming you can buy on Amazon

If you haven’t yet watched Transparent or The Man in the High Castle, you’re missing out on some amazing original TV programming. Of course, the only way to watch these Amazon programs is to have a Prime membership. You can try Prime for free for 30 days, by the way. Thirty days gives you plenty of time for binge watching, right?

In addition, there are now Prime video channels you can sign up for and buy on Amazon. It’s basically adding premium channel subscriptions to your Prime membership without having to pay for cable. Other benefits include:

Amazon’s music-streaming service

To compete with Pandora, Spotify and even iTunes, Amazon now has its own music service called, what else, Amazon Music. Here’s how Amazon describes the music service you buy on Amazon:

“Tens of millions of songs with new releases from today’s most popular artists. Listen ad-free with unlimited skips. Download for offline listening.”

There is a fee for the service but, like Prime, you can try for free for 30 days. Try Amazon Music Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

Trading in electronics

Previously, whenever I had an old cell phone or table to sell, I would turn to Gazelle.com to get cash for my electronics. If you like to buy on Amazon and are OK receiving Amazon Gift Cards for your old devices, you can check out the trade-in service there.

Legit furniture that you can buy on Amazon

You can probably furnish your entire home or apartment with the amazing things you can buy on Amazon. This includes products and furniture for the bedroom, bathroom, living room, home office, mudroom and more.

With just a quick search on Amazon, I discovered you could buy on Amazon the following home furnishings:

Yes, you can buy automotive parts on Amazon

Fixer-upper types and tinkerers, listen up: Amazon now has a whole section of the site devoted to automotive parts. If you read my recent blog post on how to vacation with your dog, then you know we rented an pet-friendly RV for our trip.

It turned out that we needed to get an external braking system for the RV. We bought the Tekonsha brand. It worked through our Subaru’s towing and hitch system. Where do you think my husband got that braking system? Yes, he did buy it on Amazon.

You can even shop for new cars on Amazon—mostly reading reviews and getting advice on different car brands and models. Who knows? In the near future Amazon just might snap up one of those car-buying sites like Autotrader or CarMax, and one day you could legit buy a car on Amazon.com

If I’ve missed any amazing products and services you can buy on Amazon, let me know! In the meantime I’ve created a shopping list over on Amazon .

Wayfair did its own version of Amazon Prime Day with Way Day.



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