Adidas Shoe Size Chart

This article on the Adidas shoes size chart focuses exclusively on youth to women’s footwear.

That is, how you can convert youth sizes into women’s sizes. Or, if you need to figure out a woman’s shoe size in a children’s shoe.

I wrote this article for people who might be looking to buy children’s shoes for adults as a way of saving money. Also, I’ve included links to shopping sites. That way, if you like what you read and want to shop, you can do that with just one link or tap.

Also, if you click or tap any of those links, I may earn a commission from the retailer. There is no cost to you for using my links. But I need to be upfront about all of that.

Finally, this article is what they call short and sweet. That’s because I haven’t padded it with fluff just to keep you scrolling. I’ve provided the information you’re seeking and then we’re out. Of course, if you still have questions, let me know.

Adidas youth to women’s shoe size conversions

I wore Stan Smith sneakers like these in high school. Photo credit: Adobe Photos.

Adidas doesn’t make it easy to figure out what size children, youth or teen shoe sizes would be in adult’s size.

That is, there are two separate pages for each size chart.

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On the one hand, there is a size chart for Adidas-brand children, youth and teen shoes.

On the other hand, there is a chart just for women’s and men’s Adidas shoe sizes.

Lucky for us, though, each of these charts includes foot measurement lengths.

So, with an extra step, you can figure out which size in Adidas would work to convert from youth to women’s.

Youth foot measurements

Adult foot measurements

For example, based on the charts above, we can see that a foot measuring 9 inches would be all of the following sizes for Adidas shoes:

  • Youth size 5 US
  • Men’s size 5 US
  • Women’s size 6 US

What formula does Adidas use for conversions

You see, most shoe brands use a plus two/minus two formula for conversions.

Or +2/-2 when going from a youth to women’s size or women’s size to a youth.

However, when converting youth sizes in Adidas to women’s sizes, it’s just one number higher or plus one (+1).

That’s the formula I used to create this shoe size chart.

Youth or Big Kid SizeWomen’s Shoe Size
Convert Adidas Youth to Women’s Shoe Sizes

Final thoughts

You can get more information about these different footwear options by checking out the Adidas shoe size charts on the as well.

Adidas has a partnered with Peloton for the Capable of Greatness clothing line. Sadly, there are no shoes. However, there’s lots of great workout clothing.

Finally, here’s where you can see the brands that Peloton instructors wear — including Adidas.

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  1. Very informative and straightforward article. This article helped me choose the right size from Adidas’s shoe youth section. I got size 6 youth which is a perfect fit for me (size 7 in women’s shoes).