Peloton Instructors Who Wore It Best

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What is Who Wore It Best? Well, if you’re following me on Instagram, then you know about this new regular feature on my feed. It will be all about the clothing that Peloton instructors are wearing.

What is Who Wore It Best

What is Who Wore It Best? Well, it’s not really which instructors wore which item of clothing better. More it’s about instructors wearing same or similar outfits, or items in the same or similar fashion.

Basically, it’s a roundup of pictures of themed athleisure that instructors have worn when teaching class. Then, the Who Wore It Best post will include the brands the instructors are wearing or reasonable facsimiles of those brands. Or, if I can’t figure out which brand it is, I’ll give you the same outfit or similar fashion items so you can recreate your favorite Peloton instructor’s look.

Many of the instructors like to wear magic pants, a topic I cover in this blog post.


What you’ll discover with Who Wore It Best

To complement the Who Wore It Best posts on Instagram, I’ve created this blog post on the same topic. Here is where my fashion pictures and brand suggestions will live on forever.

Below, you’ll find the theme for the week. You’ll also find pictures. Then, you’ll see information about where you can shop for the sports bras, tops, leggings or other athleisure you may want to add to your workout gear.

I’ll always offer at least three options from that week’s Who Wore It Best fashions. That way if you can’t decide what to buy or think you would want to wear, you’ll have options.

Extra outfits for Who Wore It Best

In addition to posting what I’ve already posted on Instagram, you may find some Easter eggs in this post from time to time. That is, I may have come across some Peloton instructor clothing items or same/similar outfits that don’t quite fit for an Instagram post. So, I’ll share those here, too.

I send a weekly email about Peloton instructor clothing. Use the box below to sign up to get the inside scoop.

Peloton instructors as brand ambassadors

Recently, I started a series of posts on Instagram about the brand ambassadorships that different Peloton instructor have. In these posts I’m highlighting clothing I’ve seen them wearing on their own social media. Many of these images are part of their sponsorships.

Even though they are paid partnerships, the clothing itself is quite awesome. So, I’ve featured some of those pieces–plus shopping information–below.

Emma Lovewell and Under Armour

Peloton Instructor Emma Lovewell and Under Armour

When you visit Emma Lovewell's Instagram account, you'll see right in her bio that she's listed as an Under Armour athlete. So, it's no surprise that her Instagram account is filled with images of her sporting different Under Armour gear.

Below, I've highlighted some of the pieces I've seen in her feed of late along with shopping information for you. Everything directs to the UnderArmour website.

Ally Love and Adidas

Who Wore It Best Ally Love and Adidas

Peloton instructor Ally Love has been an Adidas Ambassador for quite a few years now. Here are a few of the items I recently shared on my Instagram in a Who Wore It Best post.

Rebecca Kennedy, Under Armour and Kohl’s

Rebecca Kennedy and Under Armour

Peloton instructor Rebecca Kennedy partnered with Under Armour at Kohl's to showcase really cool exercise attire. I've featured some of it here. When I couldn't find the items at Kohl's, however, I've substituted in other retailers, such as Macy's.

Shopping info for outfits

The shopping information below is a work in a progress. Or, you can call it a living document. Basically, it will evolve and grow over time as I identify more of the best outfits that Peloton instructors wore in the same fashion.

Got requests for shopping info that I haven’t included from your favorite instructor? Be sure to post a comment to let me know.

Also, now you can buy Peloton apparel–and see Peloton instructors modeling them–on Amazon.

What sneakers do Peloton instructors wear

What Sneakers Do Peloton Instructors Wear

Zipper tops and sports bras

Zipper tops and sports bras

In a recent Who Wore It Best Wednesday roundup, I focused on zipper tops. That is, I noticed a handful of Peloton instructors wearing tops with a zipper detail.

Who was wearing these and what were they wearing? Here is what I saw on their respective Instagram feeds:

As always I've added shopping information, where available, below.

Red, white and blue workout clothes

Red, white and blue workout clothes

In a recent #whoworeitbest Wednesday post on Instagram, I focused on #pelotoninstructors wearing American flag colors as they appear on their own Instagram feeds. This was in time for the 4th of July Independence Day celebrations here in the United States.
I'd included the following:

🔴 Jess Sims wearing Red leggings and sports bra from Reebok. FYI, Jess Sims is one of the Reebok brand ambassadors.

⚪️ Emma Lovewell wearing a white Mid Crossback Sports Bra from Under Armour.

🔵 Callie Gullickson in blue Free People Movement "Home" shorts.

I've included shopping information for those products below.

Tie dye workout clothing

Peloton Instructors Who Wore It Best: Tie Dye

I've recently noticed Peloton instructors wearing tie dye on Instagram. I've seen some of them in this kind of clothing in class, too. Tie dyeing has come a long way from its hippie origins, wouldn't you say?

I know that at one point the Peloton boutique carried branded clothing in tie dye patterns. However, I'm not sure if they still do. So, below I've rounded up the tie dye clothing that Aditi Shah and Kirra Michel have been spotted wearing. I've also included additional tie dye workout clothing options for your shopping pleasure.

Finally, check out the tie dye options (tops, bottoms, sweatshirts) available on Carbon 38.

Striped leggings

Striped Workout Leggings

Based on my regular Wednesday #whoworeitbest feature on my Instagram, I'm focusing on striped leggings I've seen Peloton instructors wearing.

Even better whenever possible, I've include ways you can save money on these leggings.

I mean, who doesn't love a discount, am I right?

Peloton Pride-inspired rainbow clothing

Rainbow Clothing

June is Pride Month and there was a big Peloton apparel drop in time for that. Not surprisingly lots of Peloton instructors were sporting rainbow-enhanced clothing on their Instagrams.
If for some reason the Peloton rainbow collection sells out, I wanted to offer alternatives for rainbow attire. Check out what I've found for you.

Open back sports bras

Cool Sports Bras

Recently, some Peloton instructors have worn sports bras with interested backs. These include strappy backs, cut out backs and more. For example, yoga instructor Anna Greenberg wore a Bliss bra from Lanston Sport. That's a brand of athleisure attire you can find on

Here is a link to the 50% off sale at going on now.

Another great place to shop for cool sports bras or activwear? Nordstrom Rack, where you'll find brands ranging from Alo Yoga to Zella.

Here are a few stand-out bras with cool backs you may want to add to your workout collection.

Here is my post on the top everyday bras for big busts.

Peloton x Adidas Clothing

FYI, Peloton’s most recent collaboration with Adidas is also with Beyonce’s brand called Ivy Park. 

Animal print workout clothes

Animal Print Workout Clothes

Nearly every week I've spotted Peloton instructors wearing animal print workout clothes. These could be leopard spotted workout pants, giraffe print leggings or cheetah yoga clothing.


And where am I spotting these leopard spots et al? During class with instructors like Leanne Hainsby, Ally Love or Kristin McGee, or on Instagram. That's where I found Becs Gentry running in a pair of animal print leggings and Rebecca Kennedy posting an Instagram story wearing similar bottoms.


Many of their outfits are animal print workout clothes that Peloton offered at one time or another. None are still available, as far as I can tell, though you could always look on Poshmark or eBay. In the meantime I've found other animal print workout clothes with fabric that reflects everything from leopards to zebras.


These leggings are from brands like Onzie, which website has an entire leopard print workout clothes shop. Then there's Beach Riot, which has animal print workout clothing in bright pink.

Stretch pants for every day

Stretch pants, joggers and more

Recently, I spotted Peloton instructors Rebecca Kennedy and Hannah Frankson on Instagram wearing elastic waist jogger or track suit pants. These aren't your grandfather's track suit pants, mind you. They were fashion-forward bottoms, in bright pink as well as a chic black, that you could dress up or dress down.

In addition, Peloton instructor Selena Samuela shared video on Instagram of her at the driving range. She was wearing stretch golf pants with zippers that looked like dressy leggings.

Based on these Instagram sightings, I've rounded up links to the actual brands they were wearing as well as others that could be an awesome stand-in.

Instructors favorite sneakers and running shoes

Peloton Instructor Sneakers and Running Shoes


Tennis shoes.


Whatever you call your athletic footwear, below I'm featuring some of the brands that Peloton instructors wear when teaching off the bike or working out in their own free time.

Sweaty Bands glitter headbands

I’ve put together a shopping list on Amazon of some of my favorite Sweaty Bands headbands.

Sweaty Bands Headbands

These Sweaty Bands headbands are the ones that Peloton instructor Christine D'Ercole can often be seen wearing in her cycling classes. You can see a wide variety of options of Sweat Bands on Amazon, via my shopping list here.

One shoulder sports bras

One-Shoulder Sports Bras

Lately, I've noticed certain Peloton instructors sporting one-shoulder sports bras in class. This includes Jess Sims, Rebecca Kennedy and Jess King.

Below, I've included the brands they wore. Or, if the one-shouldered sports bra is no longer available or sold out, I've substituted a reasonable fascimilies of those brands.

Finally, Peloton recently introduced its own line of workout apparel and athleisure clothing, including one shoulder bras.


Camo leggings in all colors

Camo Leggings

It's no surprise that Peloton instructors are looking their best in camo leggings. The camo pattern is everywhere on atheisure outfits this year.

Below are camo leggings that Becs Gentry, Ally Love and Leanne Hainsby wore recently. When I couldn't find the exact pair they wore in class, I've found a substitute brand or outfit so you can get some camo leggings for yourself.

Metallic tops

Metallic Athleisure Tops

You would expect to see Peloton instructors wearing metallic athleisure wear at the holidays. But many like to be shiny and bright throughout the year.

Most recently, I spied metallic tops on instructors Tunde Oyeneyin, Leanne Hainsby and Christine D'Ercole. I've included the brands they wore--or those in a similar fashion--below. Plus, where you could buy the same outfits.

Punk Goth ripped or mesh leggings

Goth Punk Leggings

It's when I took Peloton instructor Christine D'Ercole's recent new wave ride that I first saw her wearing what I considered to be goth punk leggings. They were ripped black leggings. I assumed she made them herself. She didn't.

Turns out there are plenty of activewear and exercise leggings that would fit under the heading of punk or goth leggings. There are those with fishnet, mesh panels--both Olivia Amato and Chelsea Jackson Roberts have worn mesh leggings--and other "dark" elements.

Below are some examples of the actual goth punk leggings Peloton instructors have worn to teach class along with other options in case you'd like to buy a pair for your workout ensemble.

Finally, I found other punk/goth/new wave items in Peloton instructor Instagram feeds so I've included those items here, too.

Here’s my article about Peloton workout clothes.

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