Peloton Instructors Who Wore It Best

I’ve just updated this post I’m called Who Wore It Best, because Peloton has released new lines of clothing and brand collaborations that weren’t available before.

This article is all about the brands the instructors are wearing or reasonable facsimiles of those brands.

Or, if I can’t figure out which brand it is, I’ll give you the same outfit or similar fashion items so you can recreate your favorite Peloton instructor’s look.

Many of the instructors like to wear magic pants, a topic I cover in this blog post.

What you’ll discover with Who Wore It Best

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Peloton X Brittany Allen collection

On September 29, 2023, Peloton released the Brittany Allen apparel collection.

Not familiar with Brittany Allen? Well, you probably are but just didn’t realize it. Whenever a Peloton instructor has worn a one-of-a-kind outfit to teach class, chances are Brittany Allen designed it.

Jess king wear brittany allen

If you’ve emailed me asking about one-shoulder sports bras (before Peloton released their own line of sports bras), chances are it was a Brittany Allen design.

I’ve been a fan of hers still seeing her on Project Runway a few years ago. Most recently, she was on Project Runway All Stars, where she was a finalist. I’m sure that if you shop her collection on the Peloton Apparel boutique, you’ll become a fan, too

Peloton instructors as brand ambassadors

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Recently, I started a series of posts on Instagram about the brand ambassadorships that different Peloton instructor have.

In these posts I’m highlighting clothing I’ve seen them wearing on their own social media.

Many of these images are part of their sponsorships.

Even though they are paid partnerships, the clothing itself is quite awesome.

So, I’ve featured some of those pieces–plus shopping information–below.

Read about these Peloton partnerships, too.

Shopping info for outfits

The shopping information below is a work in a progress.

Or, you can call it a living document.

Basically, it will evolve and grow over time as I identify more of the best outfits that Peloton instructors wore in the same fashion.

Got requests for shopping info that I haven’t included from your favorite instructor?

Be sure to post a comment to let me know.

Also, now you can buy Peloton apparel–and see Peloton instructors modeling them–on Amazon.

Sweaty Bands glitter headbands

I’ve put together a shopping list on Amazon of some of my favorite Sweaty Bands headbands.

One shoulder sports bras

Camo leggings in all colors

Punk Goth ripped or mesh leggings

Here’s my article about Peloton workout clothes.

Finally, I could swear that Peloton instructors buy some of their clothing from

Sneakers Peloton instructors wear

I’ve seen so many different brands of sneakers and footwear in Peloton classes. Primarily, instructors tend to favor Nike but there are some outliers, too.

For example, Robin Arzon is known to go glam with her Golden Goose sneakers. Those babies cost north of $500 at Nordstrom.

Here are some ideas for Golden Goose knockoffs or affordable versions of these chic sneaks.

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