Best Workout Sweat Towels for Peloton

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If there’s one thing you’re going to need when you start using a Peloton, it’s workout sweat towels. Trust me–you’re going to sweat a lot.

And that’s a good thing. Because when you’re sweating, you know you’re getting a good workout.

However, as I wrote in my blog post about cleaning your Peloton, sweat can be bad for your bike. Sweat has salt in it and salt can rust metals. So, after mopping up your own sweat on yourself with a towel, you want to wipe down your bike after a workout.

It’s a topic I’ve touched on briefly. For example, I discussed using microfiber towels in my blog post on maintaining your Peloton. 

Workout sweat towels

But beyond generic microfiber towels that you can find on Amazon, there are at least three brands of workout sweat towels that I personally use with my bike and which I think you would love using, too. So, the purpose of this blog post is to introduce you to these workout sweat towels.

One of these can also be used as sweat towels for runners, too. Anyway, I think after reading my review of these towels, you’ll want to buy some for your Peloton room, too.

Yoga sweat towels, too

In addition, as someone who has sweaty hands, I find that I need to use a towel on my yoga mat. If I don’t have a towel nearby, my sweaty hands start to slip on my mat.

Yeah, they can call the yoga mat a sticky mat, but it becomes more like a slippery mat under my hands. So, I’ll also address yoga towels you might want to get.

Personalized sweat workout towels

Finally, I know that people love the idea of personalized towels. That is, towels that you can personalize with an inspirational message or your name or whatever.

You can find a ton of these options on Etsy. So at the end of this article I’ve created a mini gift guide, if you will, of personalized sweat towel options.

best workout sweat towels1

Brands of the best workout sweat towels for Peloton

For starters I’m going to focus on three brands of workout sweat towels that I’ve been using with my Peloton. They are:

  1. Drip Accessory, maker of the Spin Towel
  2. Work It Towels
  3. Velotowel, originator of the bike frame towel wrap

Drip Accessory Workout Sweat Towels

Drip Accessory is a company that is making all kinds of products that can help you with your workout, or at least the sweat that comes from working out in your home gym. For the purpose of this article, I’m going to focus on their towel products.

They make towels that you can use with a Peloton bike or a Peloton tread, or really any brand of spin bike or indoor gym equipment. Their best seller is called the Spin Towel. It’s a towel that fits over your Peloton handlebars to catch your sweat. 

Spin Towel and Other Peloton Accessories

Workout Sweat Towels Including Spin Towel

For your cycle, the Spin Towel really is a great spin bike handlebar cover. Use it every time you ride the bike.

Workout Sweat Towels from WorkIt Towels

I’d never heard of the brand WorkIt Towels until the founder reached out to me on Instagram. (You are following me on Instagram, right?) WorkIt Towels are soft, absorbent fitness towels with bright, beautiful colors.

The towels all include inspirational sayings. They’re the ones you’ve heard many of your favorite instructors saying, such as these two gems from Jess Sims:

You Don’t Have To. You Get To.

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

On the other hand, some of the so-called inspirational sayings are a bit snarky. Then again, so are some of our favorite Peloton instructors. I’m looking at you, Cody Rigsby and your BooCrew!

Size and feel of these workout towels

WorkItTowels are traditional-looking towels in that they’re rectangular. However, they are big enough to fold over your Peloton’s handlebars. I always keep one nearby for my sweatiest of rides.

One of the things I love about the WorkIt Towels is that they’re soft, as I mentioned, and fuzzy but they don’t shed. I have a handful of WorkIt Towels that I received. I never washed them before using, and they never shed on me. 

Do you know what I mean? You buy new towels and if you don’t wash them before using, the fluff just falls off and sticks to your skin. Not with WorkIt Towels.

Workout Sweat Towels from WorkIt Towels

Workout Sweat Towels from WorkIt Towels

WorkIt Towels are more traditional sweat towels that are great to use during your Peloton workout. What I love about these towels is how soft and absorbent they are, and the great sayings each towel has on it. Here are some of my faves.

Best of all: Use code LEAH10 and save 10% on your purchase!

VeloTowel Workout Sweat Towels

The company called Velotowel makes a number of products worth mentioning for Peloton lovers. They are the VeloTowel “Framewrap” for the Peloton bike, the VeloTowel “AeroWrap” that is a multi-piece, legit towel for your Peloton handlebars and the VeloMat, which goes under your Peloton bike.

VeloTowel Frame Wrap

The VeloTowel frame wrap is more of a sweat guard or giant towel for your Peloton’s frame. It fits over the frame, with a hole in the middle for the resistance knob. I think this is such a clever design and a great way to keep your bike protected from sweat. 

VeloTowel offers a Frame Wrap version that fits the original Bike as well as the Bike Plus. If, like me, you have two bikes–one OG and the other the Plus–you can buy a two-pack of the Frame Wrap at a discount. This way you have them for both bikes and you save money. 

AeroWrap handlebar towels

If you’re looking for handlebar covers in towel form, then you’ll want to buy the AeroWrap. There’s a version for the original bike and one for the Bike Plus. They are sold separately.

The AeroWrap comes as a two pack, giving you a fresh towel for each time you work out. This sweat towel slides over the “hump” in the middle of the Peloton handlebar and comes off easily to wipe yourself down after class. Easy on, easy off.


The VeloMat from VeloTowel is the original towel that goes under your Peloton bike. It’s the one I have in my Peloton gym on top of my bike mat. 

The VeloMat is Chevron-shaped, almost like the Look Delta cleats on the bottom of your cycling shoes. It fits perfectly between the front and back legs of your bike.

VeloTowel bundle

I love that the folks at VeloTowel have bundled their most popular products. That means you can buy what you need and save money over buying items separately.

Right now, there are two kinds of bundles. One is the Ultimate Wrap Bundle. There is a version for the original bike or the Bike Plus. This bundle includes three items:

  1. VeloMat
  2. FrameWrap
  3. AeroWrap

Next, there is the “It’s a Wrap Plus” bundle. As with the other bundle, there is one with products for the original Peloton and one for the Bike Plus. It’s a two pack, containing the following:

  1. FrameWrap
  2. AeroWrap

Must Have Best Peloton Accessories: Velotowel

The brains behind the super-absorbent Velotowel have a number of products to protect your bike from sweat. So you can think of them as a sweat guard for your Peloton.

The company recently introduced something called the Velo Mat, which goes underneath your bike to absorb sweat. It is machine washable and a great addition to your Peloton accessories.

Here are some additional must-have, best Peloton accessories.

Yoga workout sweat towels

I’ve never done hot yoga. But I do get hot and sweaty when I practice my Peloton yoga. That’s why I invested in yoga mat towels at Target.

Like my yoga mat from Gaiam, the yoga towels I bought are also the Gaiam brand. Again, I got them at Target. 

What I love about these yoga towels is that each corner has a little “pocket,” if you will. Your yoga mat slips into this pocket and stays in place throughout your entire class.

These yoga towels are microfiber. So, they absorb sweat like crazy without getting sopping wet. I guess what they’re doing is wicking away the sweat, making them moisture-wicking towels. 

Gaiam Yoga Towels

As I mentioned I bought my Gaiam yoga towels at Target. However, if you shop directly on the Gaiam website, you’ll find a greater selection of these yoga towels that go over your mat. 

In fact, when I visited, I found five different kinds of yoga mat towels for sale. They are:

  1. Regular yoga mat towel from Gaiam
  2. Gaiam stay put yoga towel (this is the kind with the pockets that I have)
  3. Active dry yoga mat towel from Gaiam
  4. Gaiam grippy yoga mat towel
  5. No-slip yoga mat towel from Gaiam

Lululemon Yoga Towels

There are two kinds of yoga towels from Lululemon. One, there are yoga towels that go over your yoga mat. And, two, there are smaller Lululemon yoga towels that you can use to wipe away your sweat during or after your practice.

I really like the design of one of the Lululemon yoga towels. It looks like a camo print but it has very feminine colors–lavender purple and mint green.

There’s another pattern that’s called Starlight but it looks more like a black and white floral print.

Lululemon Yoga Sweat Towels

Lululemon's website sells yoga sweat towels both big and small.

Yoga Towels on Amazon

You can find plenty of yoga towels on Amazon. If that’s where you prefer to shop, I would recommend looking at the Manduka brand of yoga towels on Amazon.

Manduka is a well-known maker of yoga mats, towels and other accessories. You may have read about the Manduka lifetime guarantee for its yoga mats. 

Anyway, over on Amazon, you’ll find the Manduka eQua yoga towel. It is quick-drying and non-slip. There are other yoga sweat towels from Manduka, which I’ve highlighted below.

Manduka Yoga Sweat Towels

Here is my article on Peloton yoga basics.

Personalized workout sweat and yoga towels

When it comes to personalizing workout sweat or yoga towels, Etsy is your best bet. There are so many options to choose from.

There are a handful of craftsmakers offering personalized yoga towels that fit over your yoga mat. Others have personalized yoga sweat towels. You can even order a personalized yoga mat!

Here is a link to personalized sweat towels on Etsy. Below, I’ve highlighted some individual selections.

Same with personalized workout towels to use on your Peloton. I’ve seen custom embroidered towels that have your name and your favorite piece of exercise or gym equipment on them, such as a spin bike or barbells. Plus, there are microfiber towels that you can personalize with your Peloton leaderboard name, too.

Personalized Workout Sweat and Yoga Towels on Etsy

This blog post offers tips on how to care for curly hair when you’re sweating it out daily.

Final thoughts on the best workout sweat towels for Peloton

I’ve covered a lot of ground in this towel-centered blog post. When talking about the best towels to use with your Peloton, I offered options for Peloton handlebar towels, overall sweat towels you can use when running on your treadmill or riding your bike, and I made suggestions about yoga towels for your Peloton practice. 

I think I pretty much covered it all when it comes to workout towels. However, if I missed something or didn’t answer your questions about towels to buy for your exercise routine, post a comment and let me know.

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