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Cheap and Free Food on National Food Days

I had never heard of a food holiday with free food. That was until one year I wrote an article for a national magazine on National Coffee Day about coffee day freebies. As soon as it was published, my blog … Read More

home cooling tips

Home Cooling Tips: Window AC Unit vs Central Air

In your quest for home cooling tips, are you wondering about central air vs window units? Or should you keep cooling your home through window air conditioning units. What about those new fangled mini split air conditioning units also called … Read More

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How to Make Clothes Last Longer

More than eight years ago I first wrote about how to make clothes last longer. Our family was full on into our suddenly frugal years. We were cutting costs and trying to stretch our dollars further. It was around that … Read More

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Save Money at the Beach

For anyone looking to take a beach vacation, it’s important to think about how you can save money at the beach. Not just because you don’t want to be foolish with your money. But also so you can save money … Read More

dangerous food for dogs

Dangerous Human Food for Dogs

For the longest time I knew that chocolate was a human food that was dangerous for dogs. I thought that the list ended there. But then one day, my daughter finished eating some kale salad and left her dish on the … Read More

save money on car insurance

Save Money on Car Insurance

You probably knew that being a bad driver could cost you more for insurance. But did you know that being a good driver could help you save money on car insurance? I’m not just talking a driver who doesn’t get … Read More

rent versus own a home best real estate tips

Rent Versus Own A Home

If your neighborhood is like mine, then “For Sale” signs are popping up faster than dandelions on front lawns. That’s because spring is real estate season. Even so just because you’re getting ready to move doesn’t mean you have to … Read More

12 Ways to Put Cash Back into Your Budget

If you decided that you wanted to reduce your everyday spending, what would be the inspiration behind that move? Putting together a down payment for a house? Saving up for a big vacation? What about having cash on hand in … Read More

6 Tips to Help Your Home Stay Cool This Summer

The dog days of summer are here and so are the scorching temps. Thankfully, the heat wave here in the Northeast just ended, but there’s no guarantee that another one won’t come along before summer is done. So if you’re … Read More