Easy Anniversary Gift Ideas

Are you a procrastinator? And are looking for easy anniversary gifts you can buy at the last minute?

In other words, who among us hasn’t put off buying a gift, be it a birthday present or last minute anniversary gift?

I’ve been married for nearly 30 years, and I know when my wedding anniversary is. But, every year the date sneaks up on me. Guaranteed.

As a result, where does that leave me? Looking for last minute anniversary presents for him–the him being my husband, Bill.

Well, then I came up with these anniversary gifts for a husband who has everything. But I digress.

Oh and please make them simple gifts to buy, probably online and with fast delivery.

Therefore, I am always left freaking out about last minute anniversary gifts. At the same time, what else is in my way?

Well, deciding what gift to give. I don’t know about you but I never got around to memorizing the gift themes by anniversary year. Thus, my reason for writing this article.

Help with easy anniversary gifts

Sure, everyone knows that a 25th anniversary is a silver anniversary. Therefore, you should buy a gift with a silver theme.

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At the same time, it’s common knowledge that a 50th wedding anniversary is the golden anniversary. Therefore, something gold would be an appropriate present to give for 50 years of marriage.

But what about a 13 year anniversary gift? Or, a 35th wedding anniversary gift? Or even a 3rd wedding anniversary?

Not sure what to get your parents for their anniversary? Here are some clever ways to involve your parents in your wedding that will be a gift they’ll remember for a lifetime.

What do you buy for that?

My whole reason for writing this blog is this: I want to help readers be smart shoppers and sophisticated consumers.

For me, a big part of that shopping intelligence is looking for convenience. Therefore, it’s about getting the most value for your time and money.

This post on ideas for easy anniversary gifts is no different. I want to make your life easier. Above all, I want to help you come up with great ideas, even if you’re buying at the last minute.

FYI, according to Time Magazine, the traditional of giving anniversary gifts with themes can be traced back to Ancient Rome. Wow!

Certainly, the end result of this post is a bit selfish, too. Like you I never want to be in a jam for an anniversary present. I know anniversaries are a popular topic.

Want to dive right into traditional themes for wedding anniversary gifts? This blog post can help.

Or, are you more about a modern theme for anniversary presents? Well, then this article on modern anniversary gifts by year is the place to go.

Gift themes that repeat

As I began to dig into ideas for anniversary presents, using themes as my guide, I noticed something interesting: many themes repeat over the lifetime of a marriage.

In fact, I found that 16 themes repeat at least twice over at least two different anniversary years.

Below, I’ve outlined those 16 repeating themes, listed in alphabetical order. Then, I’ve included which anniversary year they’re connected with.

In addition, I’ve added in whether the theme is modern or traditional–or both. So, if you’re looking for the linen anniversary or the lace anniversary, for example, I can help.

Finally, having this resource on hand with themes, well, you can figure out last-minute anniversary gift ideas much easier.

This will be true if you’re buying a romantic gift for him or need a 25th or 50th anniversary gift for your parents.

Here is information about wedding anniversary themes in the UK.

Appliances anniversary theme

You can buy appliances for two different anniversaries. Appliances are the modern themes for both four years of marriage as well as 18 years of marriage.

Additionally, appliances are also the traditional theme for year 18. So, if you know someone celebrating their 18th anniversary, then appliances are definitely the way to go for a gift.

Where can you go to buy appliances? Plenty of places. Here are some ideas.

Vintage looking convection oven on Amazon

Air fryer from Target (we love ours)

Beverage refrigerator from The Home Depot

energy star appliance state sales tax holiday

China anniversary theme

China, along with porcelain, is the modern gift theme for a second year of marriage. However, china appears once more in wedding themes. You might even see bone china listed.

And that would be for 20 years of marriage. At that point, it is the traditional gift theme for a 20th anniversary.

So, you can think of china as a material or you can think of China (capital C) as a culture for gift ideas. Here are some suggestions:

Check Replacements.com for something from the china pattern

Gift a class subscription on Wondrium about Tai Chi

replacements china

Clocks anniversary theme

Clocks appear as the prefered present theme in these anniversary years. They are:

  • first modern anniversary gift
  • the 42nd anniversary–both modern and traditional

Some ideas:

Echo Dot Clock and Smart Speaker from Amazon

Origami clock made from paper wedding vows on Etsy

Copper anniversary

The traditional theme for a 7th anniversary is copper and wool.

However, copper shows up again as the modern and traditional gift theme for a 49th anniversary.

How about these gift ideas?

Moscow mule copper mugs from Etsy

Wool socks–his and her or matching–from Darn Tough Socks

Crystal glass anniversary theme

Together, crystal or glass are the modern theme for a third year of marriage. However, by themselves, they show up at least twice more.

Crystal is also the traditional theme for a 15 year anniversary.

Glass, on the other hand, is both the modern and traditional gift.

Some suggestions:

Crystal martini glasses on Etsy

Peloton glass water bottle

Waterford crystal bowl on Amazon

crystal wedding anniversary gift

Diamond anniversary theme

The diamond anniversary theme is a little tricky. That’s because both diamonds (in general) and diamond jewelry are themes but not for the same years. Nonetheless, I’ve combined them here.

Diamond jewelry is the appropriate modern gift theme for 10 years of marriage and the traditional theme for 30 years of marriage.

Additionally, diamond is both the modern and traditional gift theme for a 60th anniversary.

Your choice is simple and straightforward: diamond jewelry. Plus, these days you can choose a more affordable option in lab-grown diamonds.

Gold anniversary theme

As I mentioned earlier nearly everyone knows that a 50th wedding anniversary is a golden anniversary. That’s why gold is the modern and traditional gift theme for 50 years of marriage.

However, gold jewelry happens to be the modern gift theme for a 14th anniversary as well.

Look to well-known stores like Nordstrom for gold jewelry gift ideas for him or her.

Iron anniversary theme

Technically, iron and candy are the traditional theme for a 6th wedding anniversary. However, iron is also the modern and traditional themes for a 33rd anniversary.

Some gift ideas:

Fireplace andirons on Etsy. Some are shaped like dogs.

Cast iron skillet from Amazon

Here is the best overall cast iron cookware to own.

cast iron cookware bass pro shops 33 anniversary gift

Jade anniversary theme

Jade is the modern gift theme for 19 years of marriage and 35 years of marriage. In addition, it is the traditional gift theme for a 19th anniversary.

Etsy has so many great gift ideas made of jade

Lace anniversary theme

Technically, the modern theme for an 8th anniversary is linens and/or lace.

Lace is also the traditional theme for a 13th anniversary.

Lace lingerie from Nordstrom would be lovely

Leather anniversary theme

There are two anniversaries with leather as the theme. One, it is the traditional theme for a 3rd anniversary. And, two, leather is the modern theme for a 9th anniversary.

So, if you’re looking for a 9 year anniversary gift idea, leather would be a good place to start. Here are a few ideas.

Check Nordstrom for leather shoes, leather belts or a leather handbag

Leather desk desk tray from Amazon

Linen anniversary theme

Both linen (singular) and linens (plural) show up as anniversary themes.

Linens is one of the modern themes for being married for eight years.

Linen is also the 12 year traditional theme so anything made of linen could be a 12 year anniversary gift.

Additionally, linen is both the modern and traditional theme for 28 years of marriage.

How about a linen embroidered handkerchief for him from Etsy.

Or, a linen scarf for him or her

Linen gifts for him

Here are a few ideas on linen gifts for him.

Pearl anniversary theme

You can go with pearls if you’re looking for a modern 12th anniversary gift. At the same time, pearls are the traditional gift theme for a 30th anniversary.

A few ideas:

Pearl necklace for her

Pearl cufflinks for him

Pottery anniversary theme

Pottery, along with bronze, are the traditional 8th anniversary gifts. Interestingly, pottery repeats the very next year as the traditional gift theme for a 9th anniversary, too.

Sign up for a class on Wondrium with master potter and designer Jonathan Adler

Or, check Etsy for pottery ideas

Watch anniversary theme

You’ll find watches to be the modern gift theme for a 15th wedding anniversary as well as a 42nd. Watches are also the traditional gift theme for 42 years of marriage.

How about surprising him or her with an Apple Watch

anniversary gift watches

Wood anniversary theme

Wood is the traditional gift for a 5th anniversary. It is also the modern theme for the 6th anniversary.

A few gift ideas:

World map made of wood to track your travels together

Wood shelf to hold your Peloton and exercise gear, available on Etsy

Why cover anniversary presents

I’ve got a blog post on anniversary freebies that gets a ton of traffic all year long. It focuses on restaurants that give free food on your anniversary. It’s super popular.

So I know people are coming here already for anniversary information. Why not help them with ideas for last minute or easy gifts, too.

This blog post is about general advice on finding easy anniversary gifts. I’ve since written two additional blog posts about anniversary presents–one on traditional themes and one on modern themes.

In each of these additional gift-related posts, I’ve outlined anniversary themes by year 1-60. Also, I provide specific gift suggestions and links to where you can buy them.

General gift giving advice

I just wanted to step back and offer overall gift advice. Why should you listen to me? Because I’ve written a dozen-plus books on weddings and gift giving.

One of the things I learned in writing those books is this. If you can find gifts that speak to a person’s hobbies, interests or affinities, then you’ll find a great gift.

How hobbies can make for easy present inspiration

So, for example, if you know where someone went to college, what kind of pets they have, or what they do in their free time, then you’ve got a ton of information for giving gifts. As a result, you should have an easier time buying gifts.

This makes it so much easier to buy that person an anniversary gift or any gift overall. Consider these examples.

Look toward their alma mater for anniversary gift ideas

For example, when in doubt, you can buy something from their alma mater.

In addition, if the recipient is a dog or cat lover, anything that allows them to enjoy their pet more is a great gift to give.

Finally, give a gift that lets someone enjoy their hobbies more. It could even be something as simple as goodies related to their favorite sports team.

Or if you’re living with a Peloton addict (guilty!), you might be on the hunt for gifts for Peloton users. If so, you can definitely get Peloton gift ideas for this hobby over at this blog post on Peloton gifts and recommendations.

While this advice is more general in nature, it can apply to wedding anniversaries. It could make it simpler for you to figure out easy anniversary gifts.

For specific ideas on traditional wedding anniversary gifts, please check out this new, extensive blog post on anniversary ideas in the traditional theme.

On the other hand, if you’re shopping for modern wedding anniversary gift ideas, this new blog post lists themes by year, with plenty of present suggestions and anniversary gift ideas.

Here are experience ideas that make for great anniversary gifts too.

Etsy anniversary gifts

In case you didn’t know, Etsy is a great place to shop for creative, thoughtful unique gifts for nearly any occasion. So here is a link that will take you directly to the Etsy anniversary gifts page on the platform

modern wedding anniversary gift themes list 1-60

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  1. We have an anniversary sundial that sits on our window sill indoors and it makes rainbows in the room when the sun shines. It was made just for us, for the window in our family room, and it is personalized with our names and a special date line that the time shadow follows on our anniversary day each year. There is a mark on that line that the time shadow touches at the time we were married, and we drink a toast each year when it happens. I think it’s a great idea because it does something special every year on our anniversary. I don’t remember what it’s called exactly but you can find it with a search. Ours works great and the rainbows on sunny days are just great!