Euro to US Shoe Sizes

To be honest, I never cared much about Euro to US shoe sizes until I started riding my Peloton bike in 2016.

Then, I needed to purchase cycling shoes that clip in.

Every place I went for my spin shoes, I was faced with sizes I’d never considered before.

Or so I thought.

Then I realized that the Birkenstock sandals that had gotten me through two pregnancies–because my feet were so swollen–also were labeled in European shoe sizes.

After that I looked around my closet and realized there were a number of pairs of shoes I owned that didn’t come labeled with an American shoe size.

You see, I’m normally an 8.5 WW. 

Instead, they were sizes in the 30s.

How to understand Euro to US shoes sizes

I know I’m not alone in trying to convert European shoe sizes.

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FYI, European sizesare often in the 30s and 40s.

This is true for both women and men.

How do I know this?

Because I have readers constantly asking me questions about this topic, such as:

“What is size 10 US in Euro?” or “What is Euro size 38 in U.S.?”  or “What’s a size 7 in European shoes?” and many more like these.

Before I started writing this article, I took out three pairs of my own shoes.

I still have the boxes so it was easy to see their sizes. 

You know, because when you wear a pair of shoes so much, the sizes tend to wear off inside of them.

So, for example, my awesome purple, silver and white Hotter sneakers are EU size 40.

Right on the box I can see that in Hotter sizes EU size 40 is 8.5 US.

hotter sneaker

It’s the same with Born Julianne ballet flats.

They are USA size 8.5 and Euro size 40.

Finally, my Josef Seibel sandals are sized slightly differently.

That is, I can wear a smaller size and they still fit.

So, I can see that the Tonga sandal, which I wear all summer long, is a EU size 39.

Actually, I had to toggle over to the Nordstrom website and look at their charts to figure out how to convert Euro size 39 to a US size.

The image below shows you that, at least with Josef Seibel shoes, 39 is the equivalent of size 8 to 8.5 US.

UK shoes sizes vs Euro shoe sizes vs US shoe sizes

Even though the UK left the European Union, you might think that their shoe sizes would be comparable to EU sizes.

You would be wrong.

In fact, UK shoes sizes are more akin to US shoes sizes, in that they are often single digits for women’s shoes.

There aren’t any UK shoe sizes in the 30s and 40s.

However, UK shoe sizes do not match up exactly with US shoe sizes. 

For instance, a US size 9 in women’s shoes is a UK size 7.

So, two sizes smaller.

On the other hand, a US size 10 in men’s shoes is a 9.5 in UK shoes.

Or, it could be a size 9, depending on brand.

So, when thinking about UK sizes versus US sizes, go down either a half or full size to find a shoe that fits.

Why the difference between European and UK sizes?

I have no idea.

Euro to US shoe size conversion chart

Below I’ve lined up as many EU shoes sizes (including the United Kingdom) along with the US size it corresponds to.

I’ve done my best to research sizes.

However, as with the examples I shared above from my own shoes, there can be variations based on brands.

So, when in doubt, click through to size charts for any shoes you may buy online like I did with my Josef Seibel shoes I got from Nordstrom.

Women’s shoe size Euro to US to UK conversions

Note: the sizes in the charts below are for adult women’s feet.

In some instances, children can wear very small women’s sizes.

However, these sizes are all with adult foot sizes in mind.

Keep in mind that size conversions can vary by brand.

Finally, I’ve added in half sizes here.

Not all European shoe sizes have half sizes like American shoe sizes do.

Here are the best wide width shoes for women.

You’ll find the men’s shoe size conversion chart below this one.

Finally, if you happen to be visiting Europe–say, taking the kids to London–this is a good information to have if you want to go shopping for shoes.

Euro Shoe SizeUS Women’s Shoe SizeUK Women’s Shoe Size

Men’s Euro vs US vs UK shoes size conversion chart

Just a reminder that when it comes to US shoes sizes to UK shoe sizes, there is just a half size difference.

So, for example, a US size 10 in men’s shoes is a 9.5 in UK shoes.

As far as European shoes sizes in men’s vs U.S. sizes, the chart below will help you figure out the conversion.

Also, as with women’s shoes, sizes may differ slightly by brand.

So be sure to check the store or brand’s own size charts to confirm what size you need.

Finally, young boys can probably get away with some of the smallest men’s size shoes.

This would be regardless if they come in EU sizes, UK sizes or plan old U.S. shoes sizes.

Here are the best wide width dress shoes for men.

Euro Shoe SizeUS Men’s Shoe SizeUK Men’s Shoe Size

Here is info if you need to convert men’s shoes sizes to women’s.


Brands that sell in European or UK sizes

Some of my favorite shoe brands sell in European or UK shoe sizes.

That may be true for you, too.

However, if you’re shopping for new shoes, be prepared to convert Euro to US shoe sizes with the following brands:


Hotter Shoes


Josef Seibel