Going Going Gone Store Review

The Going Going Gone store from Dick’s Sporting Goods isn’t an outlet store. Nor is it a warehouse store. It’s something in the middle.

When Dick’s announced the creation of Going Going Gone stores in 2021, the company referred to it as an “off price store concept.” Then, I heard from someone representing the company who described it this way:

“Going, Going, Gone! is a private brand of Dick’s Sporting Goods that specializes in providing discounts on apparel and footwear from some of the biggest brands, including Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour.”

So, is it an outlet? A warehouse where Dick’s dumps stuff that doesn’t sell? A place for overstock?

Well, I visited a Going Going Gone store location in Pittsburgh to find out exactly what kind of store this is. I spent a couple of hours going up and down the aisles to research this article and write this review. Hopefully, I’ll give you a better sense of exactly what this Dick’s off-price store concept is all about and you’ll have a better understanding of the surprising deals I found doing my research.

What is Dick’s Going, Going, Gone store

Walking into my local store, here was my first thought: it felt a lot like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack. In fact, if you’ve ever shopped at a Dick’s Sporting Goods, then you know that those stores can be humongous. 

Going, Going, Gone is more on the scale of the TJX family of stores. In fact, the layout is similar, too.

The Pittsburgh location I visited stocked something for everyone. There was women’s and men’s clothing in the center of the store, shoes across almost the entire back of the store, youth on one side, and fitness equipment on another side. 

As much as 75% off retail

Throughout the store there were tables and rounders (round clothing racks) with super discounts. For example, there were signs advertising deep discounts. That is, any item with a price tag ending in .93 would qualify for an additional 75% off. I kid you not.

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I found a bunch of Nike Super Rep cycling shoes (which take the Delta Look cleat that Peloton bikes use) that normally retail for $120. While not all of them had a price tag ending in .93, two pairs did.

One was a white shoe and marked at $13.93. The other was a fluorescent yellow and marked at $24.93. So, after the 75% off discount, those shoes came out to be $3.45 and $6.23. How could I not buy them?

Different prices on Nike cycling shoes

FYI, there were Nike Super Rep shoes elsewhere in the store. They definitely were not this cheap, but they also weren’t full price. Instead of $120, they were priced at $71.97.

Also, the Going, Going, Gone online store has Nike Super Rep shoes. They have different colors than I saw in the store.

At the time of writing this article, your choices were pink or white with an animal print pattern. They cost $79.97. So it appears you get the better price when you visit an actual store.

Where GGG merchandise originates

I found out that Going, Going, Gone is where Dick’s Sporting Goods sends items that have not sold well at their traditional retail outlets. No wonder they can afford to mark things down 75%.

In fact, it makes sense that Dick’s would ship overstocks here. And why I found Christmas sneakers from Brooks as well as plenty of Fourth of July attire (I visited the store in August).

Here is my article about shopping back to school at Dick’s.

Apparel brands at Going Going Gone

While the store had plenty of brands that are unique to Dick’s Sporting Goods, such as CALIA by Carrie Underwood, Going, Going, Gone has national brands as well. For example, there’s the aforementioned Nike cycling shoes.

But Nike is hardly the only well-known brand I saw in the store. Also, I found athleisure leggings, golf and tennis clothing, and bathing suits from The North Face, Gaiam and Under Armour, to name a few brands. One rack had sports bras all priced under $10.

In addition, there were plenty of shoe options from Brooks, New Balance, Asics and more. And these were not just sneakers, trainers or tennis shoes. For example, there were hiking boots from Timberland and colorful combat boots from Dr. Martens aka Doc Martens.

Finally, there was some small exercise equipment, such as dumbbells and Kettle bells, and the prices were unbelievable. For instance, there was a two-pack of Gaiam foam yoga blocks that included a yoga strap.

When I bought my Gaiam yoga blocks from Amazon a few years ago, they cost about $15. That was just for the blocks.

At the Going, Going, Gone store, this combo pack of two yoga blocks and yoga strap was $12.97. Yes, I bought them.

Extended sizes

I was really impressed with the range of sizes that the store stocked. For example, I met a mom who was looking for size 10 gym shoes for her daughter. And the shoe racks had plenty of options.

In addition, I found tops and bottoms, including leggings, up to size 3X. Same with bathing suits and bras. So I would say this is a size-inclusive store.

Speaking of sizes, for parents who want to have their children ride their Peloton, take note: the cycling shoes I found–the Nike Super Reps–were all in really small sizes. Like women’s 5 and 6. Also, there were lots of soccer cleats in super small sizes, too. So if your child has a youth sized foot, they may be able to get away with wearing one of these smaller size women’s shoes.

Going Going Gone store locations

Dick’s Sporting Goods is headquartered in Pittsburgh. So, it’s no surprise that there are two Going, Going, Gone stores in PA. One is in Pittsburgh, the one I visited. The other is in a Pittsburgh suburb–Monroeville.

So, where are Going, Going, Gone stores located in the United States? Here’s an alphabetical list. You’ll see that they are in select locations only:

  • Avon, Indiana (IN)
  • Chesterfield, Virginia (VA)
  • Kennesaw, Georgia (GA)
  • Knoxville, Tennessee (TN)
  • Monroeville, Pennsylvania (PA)
  • Olathe, Kansas (KS)
  • Orland Park, Illinois (IL)
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  • Royal Palm Beach, Florida (FL)
  • Tempe, Arizona (AZ)
  • Utica, Michigan (MI)

Shopping benefits at Going, Going, Gone

Even though Going, Going, Gone is the off-price version of Dick’s Sporting Goods, you still can enjoy the same benefits and conveniences as shopping at a regular Dick’s store. This includes:

  • Ship to store
  • Earning Dick’s Score Card rewards
  • Returns to any store
  • Buy online pick up in store

This article outlines dozens of stores that offer BOPUS–buy online, pick up in store.

Final thoughts on Going, Going, Gone stores

As with any off-price retailer, you never know what you’re going to find in the store. So even though I found plenty of Nike Super Rep cycling shoes, you may visit a GGG store near you and not find any.

Also, like some discounters, the price you find may not seem so cheap to you. For example, the Christmas sneakers I mentioned.

Sure, they originally retailed for $155 and have been marked down. But they’re still $54.97. That’s not such a bargain, is it?

Anyway, I could easily see getting addicted to visiting Going, Going, Gone. I think my daughters, who live in athleisure, would love shopping there, too.

Definitely visit the GGG website and be sure to sign up for the email list. You’ll get $15 off your first $75 purchase.

Finally, wondering if Going Going Gone is legit? You bet it is.

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  1. “They originally retailed for $155 and have been marked down. But they’re still $54.97. That’s not such a bargain, is it?”

    Thats a HUGE bargain. Especially for a brand as good as Brooks. So I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

    1. Actually, you’re right. I guess because I’d seen shoes in the $20 range in the store, I was a bit biased about seeing something for over $50.