Hotels in Georgia with Peloton

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This blog post on hotels in Georgia with Peloton grew out of two popular travel posts I’ve written. One, my original article on Peloton hotels worldwide.

And, two, this article on airport hotels with Peloton bikes. Just a heads up–there are at least two airport hotels in Atlanta with Pelotons.

When Peloton riders are searching for hotels that also have the bikes, I know that Atlanta is a popular destination. Georgia is also a popular destination for private vacation home rentals with Pelotons. In fact, this blog post on the topic of private vacation homes to rent includes at least two in Atlanta with Pelotons.

Finally, I’ve just updated this blog post to reflect new hotels in the Atlanta area. Specifically, a new hotel in Buckhead.

Hotels in Georgia with Peloton

While Atlanta isn’t the only Georgia city with Peloton hotels, it is where most are located. However, you’ll see from the alphabetical list below, there are a handful of other Georgia hotels that also have Peloton bikes.

Also, sadly, many of the original Atlanta Peloton hotels have since closed. This includes the W Hotel Midtown in Atlanta. It is permanently closed. 

Alpharetta Georgia hotels with Peloton

Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta

Despite having Atlanta in its name, the Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta is actually in Alpharetta, a suburb. It has one Peloton bike in its fitness center or hotel gym.

The Hotel at Avalon, Autograph Collection

You’ll find two Peloton bikes at The Hotel at Avalon, Autograph Collection. Specifically, there is one cycle with shoe or toe cages and SPD pedals on the reverse side. However, the second bike in the hotel gym comes with the original Look Delta cleat-compatible pedals. So you can clip in with your shoes from home.

Marriott Hotel Brands

Looking for a Marriott hotel finder for a future stay when you can earn points as part of the Marriott Bonvoy rewards program?

Then make sure you familiarize yourself with all of the various Marriott brands. 

These brands many not all have Marriott in their names, but they are all part of the Marriott family:

Finally, many Marriott hotels have amenities worth noting.

This includes Peloton bikes (sometimes the Peloton Tread), Hydrow Rowers or Tonal/lululemon Studio smart gyms, plus electric vehicle charging.

Atlanta Georgia hotels with Peloton

AC Hotel Atlanta Airport Gateway

On the Fitness Center page of The AC Hotel Atlanta Airport Gateway website, the hotel promotes the fact that they have a Peloton bike there.

Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway Hotel

The Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway Hotel seems to have one Peloton bike in its fitness center

Atlanta Marriott Marquis

There is at least one Marriott hotel in Atlanta with a Peloton bike. I saw someone post a picture while riding it in the Marriott gym. However, when I checked out the Atlanta Marriott Marquis’ website, I discovered that you can book a hotel room with a Peloton already in it. Sweet!

And most recently a friend reported that the hotel has upgraded to four rooms in the hotel with a bike in the room. I understand that you can request the room when you book online. You want the Peloton Bike room guest room with 1 king bed.

On the other hand, you can ask to be switched to one (if it’s available) when you check in. (That’s what she did.) And yes she had a view like the one in the picture, below.

Atlanta Marriott Northeast

The Atlanta Marriott Northeast shared the picture, below, on its Facebook page. You’ll notice that there are two Peloton bikes in the fitness center.

This is one of two Atlanta hotels with Pelotons near Emory University. Good to know if you’re taking a child to tour the campus or you’re visiting a student there. It’s also why I’ll be adding this hotel to my post about college towns with Peloton bikes in them.

Bellyard, West Midtown, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel

One of the newer hotels in Altanta, the Bellyard, West Midtown, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel is part of the Marriott family.

Its fitness center includes two Peloton bikes.

Also, the pedals appear to have shoe or toe cages.

So, no need to pack your spin shoes.

The Burgess Hotel

Located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, The Burgess Hotel has one Peloton bike in the hotel gym.

The Candler Hotel

I couldn’t figure out from either The Candler Hotel website page or the Expedia page if there really was a Peloton in this Atlanta hotel. However, this CN Traveler article finally confirmed it. So then I went page and took a closer look. In the pictures on the Expedia Page, you can see two Peloton bikes tucked away in a corner.

Courtyard Atlanta Midtown

The Courtyard Atlanta Midtown recently added this Peloton bike to the hotel gym.

Also, it appears that the hotel shared a fitness center with the Element Atlanta Midtown.

Emory Conference Center Hotel

A friend who works at Emory University tipped me off that the Emory Conference Center hotel has two Peloton bikes inside.

Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta

There is one Peloton bike at the Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta.

Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead

I’ve heard that there are two Peloton bikes at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead hotel.

Hampton Inn and Suites Atlanta-Midtown

There is one Peloton bike at the Hampton Inn and Suites Atlanta-Midtown.

Hilton Hotel Finder

In Fall 2022 Hilton hotels announced that they were putting Peloton bikes in every U.S. Hilton hotel by year’s end.

That’s great news for Peloton users.

However, in early 2023, my husband stayed at an Embassy Suites by Hilton hotel in Deerfield Beach, Florida, and there was not a Peloton in sight in the hotel gym.

So, caveat emptor.

Also, not all Hilton hotels have Hilton in the name, though many do.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a Hilton hotel, you should know all of the brands in the Hilton family.

You’ll find them in alphabetical order here in my Hilton Hotel Finder.

I’ve included a link directly to each Hilton brand so you can book a room directly with Hilton.

Hotel Clermont

Thanks for the Facebook post, shown below, I know that the Hotel Clermont has two Peloton bikes in the hotel gym.

Hyatt Centric Buckhead Atlanta

Opening day for the Hyatt Centric Buckhead Atlanta was December 2021. I’m told here are two Peloton bikes in the fitness center gym.

Hyatt Regency Atlanta

I’m pleased to share that the Hyatt Regency Atlanta fitness center includes a Peloton. Here is what the hotel says about the Hyatt Regency Atlanta gym:

“Our StayFit Fitness Center includes everything you need to maintain your routine or change it up—Peloton® fitness equipment”

JW Marriott Atlanta Buckhead

Thanks to a Facebook friend, I checked out the JW Marriott Atlanta Buckhead. He’d told me it was a hotel in Atlanta (well Buckhead) with Pelotons. He was right. The picture, below, of the two Peloton bikes, is from the hotel’s gym.

Kimpton Sylvan Hotel Buckhead

You’ll find two Peloton bikes here at the Kimpton Sylvan Hotel Buckhead.

Loews Atlanta Hotel

The Loews Atlanta Hotel has debuted something called Lifestyle Suites. These include a Peloton bike in room. Here is how the hotel describes them:

“New lifestyle suites offer all the amenities to keep your wellness routine on track including free Peloton classes.”

The picture, below, is what appears on the hotel website for the Lifestyle Suites. Clearly, it shows the Peloton bike in the room.

Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center

The Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center’s state-of-the-art fitness center features Peloton Bikes with On-Demand Fitness Programming.

Omni Hotel at the Battery Atlanta

You’ll find one Peloton bike at the Omni Hotel at the Battery Atlanta.

Renaissance Atlanta Midtown Hotel

Both a Facebook friend and a TripAdvisor review have confirmed that the Renaissance Atlanta Midtown Hotel is a hotel with Peloton bikes. In fact, when you visit the hotel’s Fitness Center page, you’ll see the two Peloton bikes there.

They’re in front of a mirror, so at first it looks like there are many more Pelotons at this Atlanta hotel. So, just keep that in mind.

Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel and Convention Center

The Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel and Convention Center is located in Cobb County in Northwest Atlanta. The hotel recently added Peloton bikes to the fitness center gym.

Ritz-Carlton Atlanta

The Ritz-Carlton Atlanta has three Peloton bikes in its fitness center. Don’t be fooled into thinking you might find Pelotons in room in the Wellness Level suites, however.

While these rooms are health and wellness oriented, the only fitness equipment in them are stability balls, yoga mats and blocks and the like. Unfortunately, they don’t come with Peloton bikes, but don’t you think they should?

St. Regis Atlanta

A friend recently stayed at the St. Regis Atlanta hotel and said there were two Peloton bikes in the gym. However, when I searched the Athletic Club (which is what the hotel calls its fitness center), they were nowhere to be found. But I didn’t give up hope.

Then, while searching through photos on the hotel’s website, I spied a Peloton. It was in the Empire Suite.

It seems the Empire Suite has its own fitness studio. Not only does it have a Peloton bike in room but also a stability ball, hand weights and an elliptical machine. 

Thompson Buckhead

One of the newest hotels in town, the Thompson Buckhead is part of the Hyatt family. It has at least one Peloton bike in its 24-hour fitness center.

Westin Atlanta Perimeter North

People had told me that The Westin Atlanta Perimeter North had a Peloton bike, but I couldn’t find anything on the hotel’s website to confirm. However, by digging a little deeper, I did find a couple’s wedding website that mentions they’d booked this hotel so their Peloton-obsessed guests could get their workout in. 

The Westin Peachtree Plaza Atlanta

At the Westin Peachtree Plaza Atlanta, the three Peloton bikes in the hotel gym are in their own separate space. All appear to have shoe cages on their pedals.

Note: There is a Westin Workout Room at this hotel. However, from pictures on the hotel website, it shows a regular spin bike in the room, not a Peloton.

The Whitley, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Atlanta, Buckhead

You wouldn’t know that The Whitley has a Peloton bike in its hotel gym. There is no mention of it anywhere on the hotel’s website. And none of the photos of the fitness center show a Peloton. However, I found a Facebook post that mentions it having a Peloton, but, again, no photos.

Hotels in Atlanta Georgia with Peloton Bikes

Braselton Georgia hotel with Peloton

Chateau Elan Winery & Resort

If the Chateau Elan Winery & Resort hadn’t posted the photo, below, to Facebook, I never would have known it was a Georgia hotel with a Peloton. 

Dunwoody Georgia hotels with Pelotons

Dunwoody, Georgia, is a suburb of Atlanta. So if you’re looking for a hotel with a Peloton bike near to Atlanta, these hotels can help.

Hyatt Place Atlanta/Perimeter Center

The Hyatt Place Atlanta/Perimeter Center hotel has two Peloton bikes in the hotel gym.

Greensboro Georgia hotel with Pelotons

The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds Lake Oconee

More of a resort than a hotel, The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds Lake Oconee has three Peloton bikes in its fitness center. 

Jekyll Island

A Facebook friend just returned from a stay at the Westin Jekyll Island. While there she commented on how it was too bad the hotel didn’t have Pelotons. Well, guess what? I just found out the hotel has ordered two bikes.


The Alida

The Alida hotel has a single Peloton bike.

Mansion on Forsyth Park

The 24-hour fitness center at Mansion on Forsyth Park has one Peloton bike, shown, below.

peloton bike in hotel gym

Perry Lane Hotel

Multiple people have confirmed that the Perry Lane Hotel in Savannah is, in fact, a Peloton hotel–with two bikes there.

River Street Inn

There is one Peloton bike at the River Street Inn.

Thompson Savannah

Before I get into the details about the Peloton bike at the Thompson Savannah hotel, I wanted to point out that there is another Thompson hotel in Savannah. It is the Eliza Thompson House.

It does not have a Peloton. You want the Thompson Savannah hotel that’s part of the Hyatt family.

Now as far as the Pelotons at the Thompson Savannah go, the hotel refers to them in the plural. And when I looked at the hotel’s Expedia page, I saw the photo, below. It shows two Peloton bikes.

The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa

There are two Peloton bikes in the Westin Workout Fitness Studio at the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa. 

Final thoughts on hotels in Georgia with Peloton

Like so many of these Peloton hotel posts, this one focused on Georgia is a work in process. It feels like nearly every week I learn about a new hotel with Peloton bikes.

So, rest assured that as I come across new information–and can confirm it through my fact-checking process–I’ll add it to this post. In the meantime if you stay at a Georgia hotels with a Peloton, or work for one, and I don’t have it on my list, please reach out by posting a comment below.

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