How to Make the Peloton Bike Seat More Comfortable

The most common question I get from beginner Peloton users is how to make the Peloton bike seat more comfortable. And I get it.

When I first started riding my Peloton back in 2016, my butt hurt. And I was someone who had taken spinning classes for years at my gym.

I don’t know if it is because you tend to ride your Peloton longer when you’re riding at home or more often or what. But it seems that everyone who gets a Peloton bike ends up wanting to know how to make the Peloton seat more comfortable.

They’re looking for the best accessories that can help them do that. And for good reason.

how to make the peloton seat more comfortable

Using the Peloton bike on a regular basis takes some getting used to. Last year I wrote a super popular blog post on the best Peloton bike accessories and add-ons you should get when you get a Peloton.

That blog post included a section on padded shorts and seat covers. However, now that so many people want to know how to make the Peloton seat more comfortable–because, let’s face it, the Peloton bike seat is uncomfortable–I’ve written this separate post on that topic.

How to make the Peloton bike seat more comfortable

So what is the secret to making the Peloton seat more comfortable? Well, there are a couple of things you need to do. This includes how you sit on the bike and what you sit on when you’re sitting on the bike.

Suggestions for making the Peloton seat more comfortable

Below is a list of suggestions for making the Peloton seat more comfortable. Each of the tips is a link to that section in the article. So, it will make it easier for you to follow along with my advice.

  • Peloton bike seat setting
  • Move the bike seat up
  • How to adjust the Peloton bike seat
  • Moving the original Peloton bike seat up or down
  • Adjusting the original Peloton bike seat forward or back
  • Moving the Peloton bike plus seat up or down
  • Adjusting the original Peloton bike plus seat forward or back
  • How to sit on the Peloton seat
  • Padded bike shorts for Peloton
  • Men’s padded bike short recommendations
  • Women’s padded bike short recommendations
  • Best gel bike seat cover
  • More tips for how to make the Peloton seat more comfortable
  • Products you can buy for comfort and to prevent saddle sores
  • Why you might want to get a professional bike fit
  • Replacing the Peloton bike saddle

Peloton bike seat setting

For starters, make sure that you’re riding in the right position for your bike. You want to make sure that the seat is positioned properly both horizontally and vertically.

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As far as the vertical position for your seat, you’ll notice that your Peloton bike post goes from one to 26. For the horizontal seat position, you can move it forward to position A or all the way back to position J. (Unfortunately, unlike traditional spin bikes, you cannot move the Peloton handlebar position forward or back, just up and down. That’s super frustrating.)

Move the Peloton bike seat up

If the Peloton bike seat hurts, check both positions. In addition, when in doubt move the seat up.

I know that probably sounds counterintuitive for how to make the Peloton seat more comfortable. But I’ve found that if I get my seat to a place where my legs feel like they’re “floating” when I pedal and my leg isn’t fully extended–you never want your leg fully extended–then that’s the perfect height.

So, for example, when I started riding, I had my seat at position 13. When my butt started hurting and I started playing around with the Peloton seat height, I landed just under position 17. It felt so much better. FYI, I’m 5’4″.

Update: I recently had a remote bike fitting for my Peloton. You can read my review of it here. But, bottom line: they had me move my seat back down to 15. I also learned how to finally ride in the proper Peloton position, which has helped my butt hurt so much less.

peloton seat settings

How to adjust the seat on a Peloton bike

When someone asks me about adjusting the seat on a Peloton bike, my follow-up question is this: do you mean adjusting forward or back or up and down? If you mean adjusting how level the seat is, I’ve explained, above, how you can tip the nose of the seat up or down.

However, most likely those looking to adjust the Peloton bike seat are asking how you can move it up or down or forward and back. Let me start by saying that this is a lot easier on a Bike Plus than an original Peloton cycle. Why? Because Peloton changed the mechanism for loosening and tightening the bike seat.

How to adjust the seat up or down on an original Peloton bike

To adjust the seat, up or down, on an original Peloton bike, you’re going to have to loosen the lever that sits at the base of the seat stem. That’s the rectangular pole, if you will, with numbers.

Turn the lever a few times counterclockwise (think lefty Lucy) to loosen it enough to pull the seat pole up or down to your desired height. Then, turn the lever clockwise (righty tighty) to tighten. 

Quick tip: if the seat is tightened but the level is sticking out to the left or the right, press the button on the front of the lever, which loosens that handle without loosening the seat pole. Then you can move it to be parallel to the pole so it won’t hit your legs when you’re pedaling.

How to adjust the seat front or back on an original Peloton bike

When I talk about adjusting the Peloton bike seat front or back, I mean closer to the handlebars or farther away from the handlebars. To do that you’re going to have to loosen the lever that sits under the seat on the horizontal pole with letters on it.

Like with moving the seat up and down, you’ll loosen the lever until you can move the seat forward or back. I’ll tell you that this isn’t as easy as it sounds because the seat doesn’t always move smoothly along that horizontal pole. Anyway, I find that nudging it to where I want is easier than pushing or pulling. 

Once the seat is in the position you prefer, you’ll tighten the lever, and you’re done.

How to adjust the seat up or down on the Peloton Bike Plus

When Peloton came out with the Bike Plus, they improved the handle that you use to adjust the seat. Rather than deal with a levered handle, know you just have a knob. And what’s easier than twisting a knob to loosen or tighten.

Just like with moving the seat up or down on the original bike, your goal is to loosen it enough to pull the seat pole up or down to your desired height. Once it’s there, you’ll turn the knob, and you’re done.

How to adjust the seat front or back on a Bike Plus

Again, Peloton improved how you can move the Peloton bike seat with the Bike Plus. However, there isn’t a knob. This time there is a lever that you just flip up or down to loosen. No twisting or lefty Lucy to worry about. 

You flip the lever down, you move the seat front or back–or closer or farther away from the handlebars–and then you flip the lever up. Now the seat position is secure, and you can start riding.

How to sit on the Peloton seat

One of the ways to sit on the Peloton seat and make it more comfortable is not to sit so forward. So, in other words, don’t sit so far forward that your private parts are mashed up on the nose of the seat–the skinny part.

Listen to the Peloton instructors who tell you to put your booty back onto the widest part of the seat. This is what they mean by putting your booty back.

Yes, your butt should be as far back on the seat as possible. No, it should not be hanging off. However, you do want to be in a position where you can feel your sit or sitz bones on the seat towards the back of the seat. Those are the two bones in your butt.

Honestly, for me, when I’m sitting right on the Peloton seat, some of my butt is hanging off the back of the bike. But my sit bones are right on the seat. Hope that makes sense.

Padded bike shorts for Peloton

I went for years in spin class without wearing padded bike shorts. Then my Peloton came along. My husband was the first to invest in padded bike shorts for Peloton.

Padded shorts for men

He started out with padded bike shorts from Baleaf. Actually, he bought three or four. This way he didn’t have to wash the padded bike shorts after each ride. He could rotate them on a regular basis.

When you shop on and use the code LEAH15 at checkout, you’ll receive a 15% discount.

Some of the Baleaf padded shorts come is sizes as large as 3XL. Because my husband fits into the “big and tall” category, this is good information to have if you’re buying padded bike shorts for a Peloton rider who might be in the XXL Tribe.

Leah is on the Baleaf blog

Hey, check me out. I’m a guest blogger on the Baleaf website blog. There, I’m talking about why it’s important for Peloton users to invest in workout gear, like those aforementioned padded shorts.

Padded shorts for women

My female friends who ride a Peloton have been raving about padded bike shorts from the brand Terry. I ordered my Terry shorts over the holidays and now wonder why I’d waited so long to ride with padded shorts.

Why Terry padded shorts made a difference

Here’s where I noticed the difference with the Terry padding versus other pants I’ve tried before. The chamois extends beyond your butt and the padding itself. This helps you avoid chafing and getting a Peloton saddle sore and hot spots.

Wearing this Terry brand shorts, I was the most comfortable I’ve been riding since getting my Peloton cycle. Look: I know that Terry shorts are expensive. But they are worth it. Plus, they last. After two years my shorts look as good as new.

Side note: I was pretty thrilled to see that Terry offers what amounts to a lifetime guarantee called The Terry Guarantee. I love companies that stand behind the products they sell. Have you read my articles on lifetime warranties and products guaranteed for life?

I’ll admit that the first time I wore padded shorts, I felt like I had a diaper on, lol. But let me tell you–wearing padded shorts while spinning was a game changer!

Oh, also, you need to wear your padded bike shorts commando style.  Turns out the edges of your underwear can dig in when you ride and could be causing saddle sores. More about Peloton saddle sores a little later.

FYI, if you’re not comfortable with riding without underwear, please check out this blog post on the best underwear for working out.

Best gel bike seat cover

Another way to make the Peloton bike seat seat hurt a little less is to invest in a Peloton seat cover. As I said earlier, when we purchased our Peloton bike, I was not new to spinning.

Even so, I had to admit it, the Peloton seat hurts. When you press on it, it seems cushioned and soft enough. But a couple of 45-minute Power Zone rides and, man, your butt hurts.

Nonetheless, I need some bottom relief, if you will. I needed a bike seat cushion that would turn the Peloton bike seat into the most comfortable spin bike seat ever. Basically, I needed a saddle seat cover cushion.

Here is my post on Peloton for beginners.

Bike seat cushion cover

Here are other gel cushion seat covers that long-time Peloton users recommend as well. One of the other gel seat covers with great reviews is from Domain Cycling. Some people have told me that they think that Domain has the best Peloton seat cushion. You decide.

Seat covers should be washable

If you are going to invest in a Peloton seat cushion, make sure you can wash it. Let’s be honest. Anything that you sweat on or into needs to be washed regularly. I wash my leggings and sports bra daily.

Quick tip: invest in a good mesh lingerie bag to wash the seat. It’s what I use to wash my sports bras (and regular bras) so that they don’t get tangled and destroyed in the wash. Hang the seat up to dry.

Wondering how to clean your Peloton? This blog post gives you all the tips you need to know.

More tips for how to make the Peloton seat more comfortable

If you’re still finding that the Peloton seat hurts, there are still more ways to make the Peloton seat more comfortable. Keep in mind it might have become a skincare issue.

First, don’t sit around in sweaty padded shorts after your class. That keeps your skin moist and can help create an environment for saddle sores.

Next, speaking of saddle sores, you may have them. For me saddle sores from my Peloton were more like painful, ingrown hair follicles where the back of my thigh met my butt cheeks.

This article explains all about saddle sores from cycling.

Products you can buy for comfort

I’ve recently invested in two skincare products that have helped tremendously. One is called Body Glide Cycle Chamois Balm.

Get a professional bike fit

Finally, if all of these tips aren’t answering your quest on how to make the Peloton seat more comfortable, go to your local bike shop and get professionally measured. Some have reported getting bike shop employees to come to them to fit them right on their Peloton at home. I ended up booking a virtual bike fit with Matt Wilpers Team Wilpers company.

One of the recommendations may be to tip the “nose” of the seat down. That is, make sure that the angle of the seat isn’t pointing up. The nose should be flat or tilting slightly down.

Replacing your Peloton bike seat

The bike shop may suggest a replacement seat for your Peloton bike. They may take into consideration the Peloton bike seat dimensions and compare it with the dimensions of your butt. I’m not kidding.

I just went through a virtual bike fit at home with a cycling professional. You can read my review here.

Some cyclists swear that the best way to get the most comfortable bike seat is to have your sitz or sit bones measured (literally, the bones you sit on that are underneath the skin of your backside), and then match a seat based on those dimensions that you can replace your Peloton seat with. So don’t assume you need a bigger Peloton seat or a smaller Peloton seat without conferring with a professional first.

Finally, I’ve put together a shopping list together over on Amazon for all of the products I’ve mentioned here and more. 

how to make peloton seat more comfortable

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  1. Thanks for the great posts. Bought the komfy seat cushion so hoping that helps. Your blog about the remote bike fitting was perfect. I’m 5’ 3” and I made some adjustments based on your post that will help me a ton until I decide to bite the bullet and get a professional fitting. I’ve never cycled until Peloton and so there is a reason I haven’t consistently used my bike in the last 3 years. I’ve never been set up correctly!