Peloton Row: What You Need to Know

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Well, it’s official: the Peloton Row is happening. According to information I received from Peloton, pre-orders for the Peloton rowing machine start now. Peloton made the rower announcement today.

When is the release date? Peloton says that deliveries “are anticipated to begin” in December 2022. So, right in time for the holidays.

peloton rower featured pin

What you need to know about the Peloton rower

I sent a long list of questions to Peloton about the new rower, instructors, rowing classes and more. While they could not answer all of my questions, they did answer a lot.

So, the purpose of this article is, hopefully, to answer any lingering questions about the Peloton rower. In addition, I’ve included the questions Peloton did not or could not answer. However, I’ve done some digging, whenever possible, to get you the answers you seek. 

What is the Peloton Row?

If you’ve ever wondered, “Is Peloton coming out with a rower?” then this is your answer. Meet the Peloton Row.

Like its competitor the Hydrow rowing machine, the Peloton rower is a rowing machine with a touchscreen tablet that broadcasts classes. 

When is the Peloton rowing coming out?

As I mentioned you can start pre-ordering today. Peloton says that deliveries will begin in December 2022.

As far as who will be delivering the rowing machine, here is what the Peloton FAQ says about deliveries:

“Your new Row will be delivered to your home and set up by our team of professionals. We’ll place it in the perfect spot you’ve already picked out, finish assembly, connect it to power and Wi-Fi and walk you through the basics…”

Now, it’s not clear if “our team of professionals” is legit Peloton employees. There has been lots of news about how Peloton is shutting down warehouses and laying off its own delivery drivers. 

On the other hand, maybe Peloton considers third-party vendors like XPO its “team of professionals.”

Here is a recap of my very good experience getting my Bike Plus delivered by XPO. 

Can you buy this rower on Amazon?

As you know Peloton recently debuted the Peloton store on Amazon. While you can buy apparel, accessories and shoes on the Peloton Amazon store, the only hardware for sale is the original Peloton bike. 

Peloton hasn’t said if they will be selling the rower on Amazon.

How much does it cost?

Peloton has priced the rower at $3,195. This includes the delivery and setup.

Like other Peloton products, there are add-on accessories packages. This includes:

Starter package at $3,270. The Row Starter bundle includes the rowing machine, a Peloton squeeze water bottle and a mat for under the Row.

Select package at $3,520. The Row Select bundle includes the Row, a Peloton squeeze water bottle, mat for under the Row, workout mat, Peloton heart rate monitor and two sets of dumbbells.

Ultimate package at $3,570. The Row Ultimate accessories bundle includes the Row, a Peloton squeeze water bottle, mat for under the Row, workout mat, Peloton heart rate monitor, three sets of dumbbells, a yoga block and yoga strap.

Um, Peloton you need two blocks to practice yoga. I hope they’ll change this in the future..

FYI, you can buy the accessories mentioned above all on Amazon. In fact, it might be cheaper for you to buy them a la carte.

What are the rower’s specs?

Here’s what you need to know about the size, weight and more of this rowing machine.

One, it has an eight foot by two foot footprint. So you’ll need to make sure you have enough room for it.

Two, the machine weighs 156 pounds. By comparison the Peloton Bike weighs 135 pounds and the Peloton Tread (not the original Tread Plus) weighs 290 pounds. 

Three, it stores upright. It comes with a Peloton branded anchor that you’ll mount on the wall to hold it. In fact, Peloton will not mount this anchor or bracket when delivering the Row.

However, if you don’t put it in a room with at least eight-foot ceilings, you won’t be able to store it vertically. Maybe that doesn’t matter to you, though.

peloton rower stored upright

Four, the Row comes with a swivel touchscreen tablet. In fact, in the press images I received (and have included throughout this article), it looks exactly like the touchscreen on my Bike Plus. And, in fact, it is the same size (24 inches) so I’ll bet it is. 

Strangely, the screen has a camera on it like the Bike Plus. Weird since Peloton has discontinued your ability to video chat during class.

peloton rower swivel screen

User specs for the rower

Five, Peloton has height and weight limits for this equipment. It says you need to be at least 4’11” tall or no more than 6’4” tall to use it. Also, the maximum weight is 300 pounds. 

Also, the “pedals” where your feet go on the rower can accommodate feet as small as a women’s size 5 and as large as a men’s 13.5. And, no, you don’t need special shoes. Sneakers will do.

Now, keep in mind the bike also has similar minimum and maximum height and weight requirements. However, there are plenty of Peloton members bigger and smaller than this who use the equipment successfully. I’m not sure why Peloton includes these specs about users.

Trying out the rower in a Peloton showroom

One of the questions that Peloton did not answer was about the rower in showrooms. So, I can’t tell you if it will be in the stores.

trying peloton row in tampa showroom

However, someone shared on Facebook–and gave me permission to use here–this picture above. It’s of her trying out the rower in the Peloton Tampa showroom. 

I’m hoping to go out this weekend to my local Peloton store to try the Row. Also, since Best Buy stores near me sell the Hydrow Rower, I plan to visit one so I can compare the two rowers.

In the meantime, here is my article about Peloton store and showroom locations.

Who are the Peloton rowing instructors?

Currently, I’m in the middle of a power zone challenge on the Peloton bike. In a class last week, instructor Matt Wilpers mentioned that during college, he rowed for his school.

So, it’s no surprise that Matt is one of the new Peloton rowing instructors. In fact, there are two existing Peloton instructors now teaching on the rower. One, Matt. And, two, Tread and strength instructor Adrian Williams

New Peloton instructors

In addition, Peloton has added three new instructors to their roster specifically for rowing. They are:

  1. Ash Pryor
  2. Alex Karwoski
  3. Katie Wang

Peloton Rower Instructors low res

Who is Ash Pryor?

Ash (short for Ashley) Pryor is the founder of the Relentless Rowing Academy. According to the Black Coaches and Rowing Association, Pryor is also the owner of Relentless Fit Factory, LLC,  a gym that focuses on body positivity and inclusive practices for everyone. The goal is to provide affordable, competent training for black and brown people by black and brown people. 

In addition, Pryor is a former Big 10 athlete. Finally, she has worked at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, overseeing Ohio State’s women’s rowing.

Who is Alex Karwoski?

Alex (short for Alexander) Karwoski is a member of the Senior National team of US Rowing. He’s also an Olympic rower, having participated in the 2016 Olympic games. He was an alternate for the 2020 Olympic rowing team. Karwoski also rowed for Cornell University as an undergraduate.

Who is Katie Wang?

Katie Wang is a former Barry’s Bootcamp instructor. People who’ve taken her classes there loved her. I’m sure we’ll love her at Peloton, too.

What kinds of classes will be on the Peloton rower?

As of right now Peloton says there will be instructed rowing classes, rowing bootcamps, guided scenic rowing classes and, eventually, live rowing classes. These latter classes are slated to start in 2023.

scenic rowing on peloton

However, as I wrote in my review of the Peloton Studios New York reopening in 2022, it’s not clear where the Peloton Row classes will be taught. Will Peloton swap out one of the existing four studios at PSNY in Hudson Yards for rowing? Or, will they create space somewhere else for those classes? 

Also, it’s not clear if members will be able to take live rowing classes in person. For example, we now know that all bootcamp classes are filmed on the days members are not in the studio. So, it will be interesting to see if the rowing bootcamp classes end up without live, in-studio participants.

Will Peloton rowing classes be on the app?

I’ve gotten conflicting answers to this question. On the one hand, Peloton is saying that app-only members will not have access to rowing classes. I saw this on the Official Peloton Facebook page today, when someone asked the question.

peloton answer about row classes

On the other hand, the Peloton website says that you have to have a Peloton all-access membership to use the Peloton Row. Well, I have an all-access Peloton membership to use the bike. 

And that all-access membership also gives me access to classes on the app, my RokuTV and the Peloton website. So wouldn’t it make sense that I would have access to rowing classes, too? Finally, the press release that Peloton sent out said this:

“Existing All-Access Members can access content on the Peloton Row at no additional cost.”

I’ll keep asking about this question until I can get a straight answer.

In fact, one of the questions I asked Peloton (which they could not answer) was if the rowing content would be like the Peloton Guide content. That is, it would be exclusive on that platform for a certain amount of time and then it is released to the entire Peloton ecosphere. They didn’t answer so, like I said, I’ll keep asking.

Other details about the Peloton rower

Like all Peloton hardware, the Peloton Row comes with a 12-month limited warranty. Also, you’re eligible to add the 48-month extended warranty aka the Peloton protection plan. 

More about the Peloton warranty here.

Also like Peloton hardware, you can use a 30 day home trial to check out this new rowing machine. After 30 days, if you don’t like it, Peloton will take it back and refund your money. I used this home trial when I bought the Peloton Guide.

Is the Row compatible with the Apple Watch or ANT+ heart rate monitors?

Peloton tells me that it is compatible with both the Apple Watch and ANT+ heart rate monitors, using Bluetooth. This is great to know if you use the Scosche ANT+ heart rate monitor like I do.

Here is my review of the best Peloton-compatible heart rate monitor.

Finally, I’m told that, like the Peloton Guide the rower will help you with form check. Also, it will tell you which muscles you’re using throughout class. So, if you’re looking to work specific parts of your body in addition to getting a great cardio workout, the Row has it all.

Peloton rower vs Hydrow vs Concept 2 rower

If you’re trying to decide between this rower or those made by other companies, here are some side by side comparisons to consider.

Price of Peloton rower vs Hydrow vs Concept 2 rower

Peloton Row: $3,195 plus $44/month all-access membership

Hydrow: Hydrow Wave is $1,495 plus $38/month membership; The Hydrow original Rower is $2,495 plus $38/month membership 

Note: On 10/3/22, the Hydrow Wave price increases to $1,695

Concept 2: About $1,200 on Amazon

Size of Peloton rower vs Hydrow vs Concept 2 rower

Peloton Row: Eight feet by two feet, 156 pounds

Hydrow Rower: 86″L x 25″W x 47″H, 145 pounds; Hydrow Wave Rower: 80 inches long X 19 inches wide, 102 pounds

Concept 2: 96 x 24 x 14 inches, 57 pounds

Classes on Peloton rower vs Hydrow vs Concept 2 rower

Peloton Row: Guided rowing, bootcamps, scenic rowing

Hydrow Rowers: 3,000-plus classes of rowing, strength, yoga and more

Concept 2: No classes available as it has no screen.

What else would you want to know about Peloton rower vs Hydrow vs Concept 2 rower? Post a comment and let me know.

Final thoughts on the Peloton rower

So, will I be getting the Peloton Row? It all depends. 

If I find out that I can do rowing classes on the Peloton app, then I’ll probably buy the less expensive Concept 2 rower. Both of my daughters have this rower at home, along with a Peloton bike. They use the rower to do the Tread bootcamps. And, instead of running, they row. 

However, if Peloton keeps the content exclusive to the Row tablet, I might consider trying that 30 day home trial and go from there. However, $3,200 seems like an awful lot of money to spend on a rowing machine.

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  1. I have a concept 2 RowErg at home. It’s really the preferred training machine for rowers. So, it always confuses me when they don’t allow us Concept 2 people to hook up via Wi-Fi, no Concept 2 does not have a tv screen, but it does have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and a small digital screen. I’d love to use peloton app for rowing but I’m NOT giving up my Concept 2.

    • Thank you for letting me know. So you can pair your Concept 2 with your Bluetooth heart rate monitor? Appreciate this additional information.



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