How to Sell Your Peloton Bike

Recently, we upgraded to a Peloton Bike Plus. This after purchasing our original Peloton in late 2016. Sure, we could keep two Peloton bikes. But if we only want to pay for one subscription, my husband and I could never ride together.

That’s a quirk of the Peloton all-access model. If you own two of the same kinds of equipment and have a single subscription, only one person can use it at a time. Honestly, it’s ridiculous. We also own a Peloton Row. And if I want to ride and my husband wants to row, that we can do simultaneously.

Anyway, it makes sense for me to start researching now how to sell a used Peloton bike. I mean, from what I’ve read, used Peloton bikes sell fast. And they retain much of their value.

So, if you own a Peloton and need to save money, it might make sense to put your Peloton bike up for sale.

How to sell a used Peloton bike

  • How to get your Peloton ready to sell
  • How you should price your Peloton
  • Where to list your used Peloton to sell
  • Alternative options for selling a used Peloton

Finally, you may want to sell your Peloton after you cancel your membership.

So, let’s get started with prepping your bike to sell

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How to get your Peloton bike ready to sell

There are a couple of things you should do with your Peloton bike–and your Peloton account–if you’re looking to sell your bike but maintain your Peloton account.

What do I mean by maintaining your account? In case you’re getting a different piece of equipment or just going it alone with the Peloton app.

One, you should download all of your workouts from the bike. You can do this on the Peloton website. Here are the steps.

Steps to download your Peloton workout history

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One, head to the Peloton website.

Two, log in under “My Membership.” Then, use the menu to find “Profile” and click on that.

Three, click on “View Workouts.” On the top right of the screen, you’ll see an oblong button that says “Download Workouts.”

Finally, download your workouts. All of the information will go into a CSV document, which you can open in Excel. 

Another reason to download your workouts? So you can calculate how many rides you’ve done on your bike. Some buyers will want to know this.

Remove and replace add ons and accessories before selling

You should remove any add ons to the bike, unless they’re part of the sale.

This might be removing non-Peloton pedals you may have purchased so you could ride with shoe cages or SPD cleats, and putting the original Peloton pedals back on.

Or, if you bought a Top Form Design swivel mount or handlebar extender, you should take those off (you could probably sell them separately in the Facebook Peloton Buy Sell Trade group). That is, of course, unless you’re making them part of the sale.

Clean the bike before selling

In addition, clean the bike before selling. No one wants to buy a dirty bike.

If you’ve read my article on how to clean your Peloton–and you’ve followed my instructions–then you just need to give the bike a cursory wipe down.

Remove personal information from your bike before selling

Also, be sure you remove all of the profiles from the bike. You don’t want to sell the bike with your information still stored in the tablet.

How to factory reset your Peloton bike

Finally, you should do a factory reset of your Peloton bike. Here are the steps to do that.

To factory reset your Touchscreen:

  1. Power down your Peloton bike. That would be using the power button and then selecting “Shutdown” on the touchscreen.
  2. Once the bike is completely turned off, simultaneously hold the power button and the Volume Up button on the side of the screen.
  3. When the Peloton logo appears, let go of the buttons.
  4. Use the volume buttons to navigate while the bike is in “recovery mode.”
  5. Navigate to “wipe [all user] data/factory reset.”
  6. Use the power button to select this option.
  7. Confirm by selecting “Yes — delete all user data.”
  8. Once the data has been wiped, select “reboot system now.”

FYI, I grabbed these instructions from the Peloton website. You may want to direct your buyer to this page in case they have any questions about activating the bike after the factory reset.

How to price a used Peloton bike for sale

Many Peloton bikes retain their value. In fact, the newer the bike–and the fewer the rides the bike has had done on it–the more you can probably get for the bike.

So, what is a Peloton resale value? Honestly, it’s a lot like buying and selling a home. It’s what the market will bear.

However, there are two things to keep in mind when pricing your used Peloton for sale.

What is the generation of your bike’s monitor

One, what generation monitor do you have? Some really old bikes have a Gen 1 monitor.

These are sorely out of date, and maybe you’ve noticed some problems with the touchscreen.

If you have a Gen 1 monitor, you can reach out to Peloton to upgrade to a newer monitor, for $350. It might be worth getting before selling.

With that newer monitor, you can probably get more for your bike when you sell.

You might be able to find newer Peloton monitors for less money on eBay.

Color of the Peloton power button doesn’t matter

How do you know if you have a Gen 1 monitor?

Some people say it’s based on the color of the power button, which is orange.

That’s because the newest bikes have a gray power button on the back of the monitor.

That’s not entirely true. We got our bike in late 2016 and it has an orange power button.

However, I know we have a Gen 2 monitor. How did I check this? On the back of the monitor there is a code.

Code that shows you what generation monitor your Peloton has

Here are the codes to look for on your Peloton monitor and what they mean.

Generation 1 Peloton monitor = model number contains 72010

Generation 2 Peloton monitor = model number contains RB1V1

The Generation 3 Peloton monitor contains RB1VQ, but you’re most likely to find these on the Bike Plus.

Model Number for Generation 2 Peloton monitor

Price so you’re not competing with Peloton pricing

Another thing to keep in mind is the cost of a new Peloton bike. As of this writing, a new Peloton bike (not the Bike Plus, unless that’s what you’re selling) is $1,495.

Even if you’re selling a new Peloton bike, the warranty does not transfer but the new buyer will have a warranty option if you’ve opted into the Peloton Protection Plan.

Also, Peloton recently reintroduced its refurbished bikes program. They’re selling used original bikes for just under $1,200.

The Peloton refurbished bike program also includes the Bike Plus. Used Peloton Bike Plus models go for $1,995 versus $2,495 for a new one.

Keep in mind that these refurbished bikes come with a limited warranty. The one you’re selling does not. Therefore, price accordingly.

Here are tips on how to move a Peloton

Peloton Protection Plan extended warranty

However, in April 2022 Peloton updated its policy about warranties. While the original 12-month warranty on a new bike does not transfer to a new owner, an extended warranty will.

Renamed the Peloton Protection Plan, this extended warranty provides coverage for your Bike or Tread for 48 months. So, four years.

It is available for U.S. owners only. The Peloton Protection Plan starts at $199.

Here’s what Peloton had to say about the transferability of this new warranty options:

“Protection plans sold after April 5, 2022 are transferable. If you are purchasing a previously-owned Peloton product, be sure to request and retain the protection plan order confirmation from the original owner in the event you require future service under this plan.”

So, if you’re selling your used Bike and you’ve opted into this Peloton Protection Plan, that will be a selling point for buyers.

It might help you get more money for your bike, too.

Good price point for selling

Anyway, my research tells me that $1,000 is the most common price people will pay for a used Peloton bike. However, with the refurbished bike program back online, it might be lower now.

Remember: selling a Peloton is a lot like selling a house. It’s not what you think the bike (or the house) is worth but what the market will bear.

During times when Peloton had delays in getting bikes into people’s homes, you could charge a lot more. That’s because people didn’t want to wait for Peloton to get around to delivering their bikes. 

Right now, if you were selling a used original Peloton Tread, my guess is you could get a lot of money for it, even used.

So many people are posting complaints on the Official Peloton Facebook page (OPP) about XPO canceling deliveries of Treads. Therefore, I think a used Tread would get snapped up quickly.

Thankfully, we didn’t have any problem when XPO delivered our Bike Plus.

Where to sell a used Peloton bike

So, where do you go to sell a used Peloton bike? Well, online, of course. 

There are a couple of options you can use. This includes:

What you need to know about moving a Peloton bike

Let’s say you’re successful in selling the Peloton bike. Well, congrats. 

You should expect that your buyer will want to try out the bike before Venmoing you the cash or whatever. So don’t get the bike quite ready for moving…yet.

However, when it is time to move the bike, I would suggest you check out this article on how to safely move a bike or Tread.

Alternatives to selling a used Peloton bike

Of course, if you are simply looking to upgrade your old Peloton bike for a new one, you can consider trading it in. Once Peloton released the Bike Plus, it started letting original bike owners trade their bikes in for a credit towards a new Bike Plus.

Unfortunately, at this time the trade-in program is paused.

Final thoughts on how to sell a used Peloton bike

I hope that I’ve covered all of the questions you came to this article looking for the answers to.

If I’ve missed describing a situation that you find yourself facing while selling your Peloton, please let me know.

In addition, if you want to share your own story of selling a used Peloton, please post a comment. I’m sure we can all learn from our own collective experiences. 

Finally, if there is a Peloton-related topic you think I should cover on this blog–and I haven’t yet–I’d love to hear your ideas.

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  1. I want to sell my Pelaton which i never use. What’s the best way to do this? It’s in very good shape