How to Unclip from a Peloton

So many new riders don’t know how to unclip from a Peloton bike.

I’ll tell you, I didn’t when we first got our bike.

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Maybe you ended up here because you were searching Google for the answer to how to unclip your Peloton shoes

Now, I’m an expert at unclipping.

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I want to help you learn this valuable skill, too.

I’ve create a video here that shows you how to unclip from a Peloton.

Then, below I’ve explained how to do it, step by step.

How to unclip from a Peloton

To start to unclip, you’ll want to stay seated on the bike.

Next, push down on the resistance knob and keep pushing down.

While still pushing down, turn the heel of one of your shoes away from the Peloton bike frame.

You may have to lift your heel a bit to unclip.

Release the resistance knob.

Once you unclip your shoes from the Peloton, step the unclipped foot onto the floor.

Repeat the same as above on your second foot.

How to clip into Peloton

Here is how you clip in to your Peloton.

First, stand on the floor, straddling your bike.

Second, take one foot and point the “nose” of the foot into the side of the pedal that kind of bends upwards.

Third, push so that the Look Delta cleat clicks or clips into that upwards-bent part of the pedal.

Fourth, do the same with your other foot.

You may fit it easier, once one foot is clipped in, to sit on the seat and then get your second foot clipped in.

I’ve likened getting your shoes into the Peloton pedal to clipping into skis.

So, if you know how to get in and out of snow skis, you shouldn’t have any trouble clipping in or clipping out of your Peloton bike.

Why can’t I get my shoes off the Peloton pedal?

As we’ve just established, many people have a hard time unclipping their shoes from the Peloton.

So, they just end up leaving their shoes in the Peloton pedals when they dismount.

This is a fine way of dealing with the Peloton pedals and your inability to clip out, if you’re the only person riding the bike.

However, it is good practice learning to unclip your shoes from the Peloton.

As mentioned above, there are two key tricks to unclipping, especially if your shoes are new or you’ve just tightened your cleats.

One trick: push down on the resistance knob while trying to unclip.

Second trick: while pushing down on the resistance knob, turn the heel of your shoes away from the Peloton bike.

I’ve noticed that in a couple of Ally Love post-ride stretch classes, she’ll start the class on the bike.

And before you get off the bike to stretch, she’ll go through the easiest way to unclip.

This is good instruction so watch it carefully if you find yourself in one of these classes.

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