Save Money on an Online Stylist

One of the issues that hold people back from signing up with an online clothing stylist service is the cost.

Maybe this might be holding you back.

You’re concerned that getting your clothes this way will be too expensive.

What if I told you there were ways to slice $25 here and $50 there off the cost using an online personal stylist service?

Yep, it’s true.

You really can save money on an online stylist.

How to save money on an online stylist

The secret is signing up, scheduling your first shipment or box, and then sharing what’s called your referral link with others.

How much you save depends on the online styling company or the subscription box’s terms of service.

For example, here is how to save money on Stitch Fix.

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With Stitch Fix, you get $25 in clothing credit for every friend that signs up and schedules their first Fix.

Keep in mind that the scheduling part upon sign up is key for your $25 to come through.

Make sure you encourage any people with whom you share the link to schedule that first Fix.

And have them schedule within two days of receiving your referral link.

That’s because the savings may expire quickly.

The more you buy, the more you save

In addition to earning what could amount to free clothing, there are other ways you can save money on the clothes you get from an online styling company.

Many offer you an upfront discount when you keep all the items that came in your box.

Dia&Co, which specializes in clothes for women, in size 14 and up, gives a 25% off discount if you keep all five pieces that came in your Dia Box.

So does Stitch Fix.

Money-saving offers from online clothing stylist service companies

Now let me outline specific money-saving offers and tips from online styling companies with bona fide referrals fees that you can use to save money on future clothing purchases.

Companies are listed here in alphabetical order. I highly recommend taking a chance on using an online stylist. I learned so much from mine, including how to wear French tuck shirts.

How to save money with Dia&Co

With Dia&Co’s referral program, not only do you benefit but so do the folks that sign up using your referral link.

Here’s how Dia&Co explains how it works:

“You’ll receive $20 credit to Dia&Co for every friend you refer who orders their first Dia Box using your sharing link!

They’ll also receive a waived styling-fee for their first box!”

Let your friends know that they can request everyday or work clothing form Dia as well as a Dia Active Box.


How to save money on Fabletics

The workout clothing company Fabletics, featured in my review of the best Workout Clothing Subscription Boxes, offers a $10 Fabletics credit for every friend you refer to sign up for Fabletics.

Got a lot of friends who like to exercise?

That could add up to a lot of free credits to spend on your own workout clothing.

Plus, when you sign up as a VIP with Fabletics, you get your first workout outfit for just $25!

Fabletics stocks exercise apparel and athleisure gear in sizes XXS to 3X.

This includes Lizzo’s workout clothing line called Yitty.

Save money on Stitch Fix

Each Stitch Fix customer has a unique referral link that’s easy to share with friends and family.

Simply send it out via text, email, or social media—whichever you prefer!

Once your friend completes the checkout process, you’ll receive a $25 credit to your Stitch Fix account.

Credits automatically apply toward your next charge, whether it’s a purchase or the styling fee.

Stitch Fix styles men, too. Here’s my review of online stylist services for guys.

Money saving tips with Wantable

Wantable is the newest online styling company, no subscription needed, that I’ve tried.

I’ll be honest–I saw their ad on Facebook, and when it mentioned being comparable to Stitch Fix, I had to check it out.

So far I’ve gotten a half-dozen Wantable boxes.

Some were active gear.

Others were everyday clothing.

Here is how the Wantable referral program works.

Hint: it can save us all money on future purchases.

“Every customer has a unique referral link that’s easy to share with friends and family via email or social media.

You’ll receive $25.00 for each friend that signs up once they complete checkout for their first Edit.

This typically happens 7-12 days after their order is placed.

Your credits will apply automatically towards any future styling fees or purchases.”

Final thoughts on saving money on an online clothing styling service

I hope you’ve found this article on how to save money on online styling clothing helpful.

If there are other companies you’d like me to profile, including how you can save money on your purchases there, please let me know by replying to this email.

Finally, if you were looking for tips on how to save money on Trunk Club, unfortunately Nordstrom closed Trunk Club in 2022.