Meat Markets that Accept EBT


There are hundreds of online and in-person meat markets across the United States that accept EBT. This makes it easier for SNAP recipients to access high-quality protein sources.

These meat markets offer a wide variety of meats, including beef, pork, chicken and fish. Some even offer specialty items like wild game and locally raised items available for home delivery.

How to find meat markets that accept EBT

There are a few ways to access meat markets that accept EBT. One, you can shop at supermarkets that take SNAP EBT. Nearly every grocery store sells meat so you can simply get your protein sources there.

Two, you can visit a local farmers market. Many farmers or outdoor markets include vendors that raise sheep, cows, pigs and chickens. Also, many more farmers markets are set up to accept SNAP EBT payments.

Finally, there are online options for buying meat and paying for it with EBT.

Supermarkets that take EBT

As I mentioned, nearly every supermarket chain sells meat and seafood. Many also take SNAP/EBT payments.

Also, they offer the ability to order groceries online.

Therefore, these grocery stores are a great place to buy meat online for your family if you rely on SNAP/EBT.

Some of the grocery stores that fit the bill include:

Farmers markets that take EBT

I wrote about farmers markets in Maine that take EBT as well as meat markets in Maine that take EBT. There is a local resource in Maine that helps residents there find these kinds of markets.

Turns out there are two national websites that can help with that, too. One is called Local Harvest. The other is from the USDA.

Using Local Harvest

Local Harvest can help you find lots of different kinds of local farms and markets, such as these:

Ever so, the Local Harvest website isn’t easy to navigate. For example, I tried searching the website for markets that take EBT and it didn’t work.

On the other hand, when I clicked on “shop” on the top menu, it brought me to a subsequent page where I could select “meat.” From there I could scroll and find specific farms and markets selling meat.

Finally, by clicking through to each place’s website, I was able to see if they take EBT payment or not. Like I said, not easy to navigate, but if you’re persistent, you can get the information you need.

USDA Local Food Directory

The USDA, the same federal government organization that oversees the SNAP/EBT program, has a website directory of local food providers. It includes some of the following:

  • CSA
  • Farmers Market
  • On-Farm Market

You can use this directory to search using your location to find local meat purveyors. Then, like the Local Harvest site, you can click through and see if any of the places in your results take SNAP EBT.

Buying meat online with EBT

One of the easiest ways to buy meat online and pay with it using EBT is shopping through Amazon. I’m serious.

When I searched on the site for “meat and seafood” and “EBT eligible,” I got more than 100 results.

For example, my results included chicken thighs and ribeye steak, both from Whole Foods Markets. Of course, this makes sense since Amazon owns Whole Foods.

However, other results included canned tuna, beef jerky and a surf-and-turf meal kit.

Also, online meat purveyor Omaha Steaks has a presence on Amazon. So, if you have your SNAP/EBT card loaded as your payment option on Amazon, it’s entirely possible that you could buy from Omaha Steaks using your SNAP/EBT benefits.

Butcher shops

The last place to go to get meat products with your EBT card would be butcher shops. I’m talking about freestanding stores that sell meat.

Of course, if you’re like me and eat a lot of fish and seafood, you can look for a seafood market that takes EBT. They do exist.

By accepting EBT, these markets are helping to ensure that all SNAP/EBT recipients have access to healthy, nutritious protein sources.

Here are more than a dozen surprising things you can buy with SNAP EBT.

How SNAP EBT works

Low-income households get their SNAP/EBT benefits from the state. It comes in the form of a physical card that recipients can use to purchase food at participating retailers, including meat markets.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides eligible individuals and families with benefits to purchase healthy food. The EBT card works like a debit card. Finally, benefits are loaded onto the card each month.

EBT Payment at meat markets

Meat markets that accept EBT payments can process transactions using the same equipment as debit card transactions.

Customers can use their EBT card to purchase eligible items, including meat, poultry and fish.

SNAP-Eligible Retailers

In addition to meat markets, as I’ve mentioned, SNAP benefits can be used at grocery stores, convenience stores, farm stands, CSA programs and farmers’ markets.

In addition, Walmart and Amazon also accept SNAP benefits for online purchases.

Finally, customers should look for the “SNAP Accepted Here” sign at participating retailers, such as the one I photographed below at my local Hannaford supermarket.

we accept snap ebt horizontal sticker on window.
Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

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