Nordstrom Restaurants and Cafes

Did you know that Nordstrom restaurants are worth making time to visit? I know that I was suspicious when someone suggested I grab a meal at the cafe in my local Nordstrom department store.

However, then I made time to eat there. And boy was I pleasantly surprised. Nordstrom cafe food is delicious.

And it isn’t just sit down restaurants that you’ll find at the store. I’ve also grabbed coffee at the Nordstrom eBar and enjoyed a delicious slice of chocolate layer cake at the Marketplace cafe.

Since I figured readers might not be familiar with the concept of restaurants at Nordstrom, I wanted to outline them all for you.

How many Nordstrom restaurants are there

While I don’t have the exact number of restaurant locations of Nordstrom, here’s what I can tell you: there are 19 restaurant and cafe concepts affiliated with Nordstrom. Yes, 19. 

Where have I eaten at Nordstrom? Bistro Verde at the Nordstrom store in NYC, Marketplace Cafe at the Nordstrom in Pittsburgh and many, many cups of iced and hot coffee at the Nordstrom eBar. 

List of Nordstrom restaurants

So, what are the Nordstrom restaurants called? Here’s an alphabetical list. 

Following this list, I’ll explain what each eatery concept is. And, if possible, give you a rundown of their locations.

  • Bar Verde/Bistro Verde
  • Bazille
  • Broadway Bar
  • Burger Bar
  • Cafe Bistro
  • Cafe Nordstrom
  • Ebar
  • Gelato Bar
  • Habitant
  • Jeannie’s
  • Marketplace Cafe 
  • Men’s Store NYC Clubhouse
  • Milk Bar
  • Nordstrom Grill
  • Oh Mochi
  • Ruscello
  • Shoe Bar
  • Sweet Sundae Bar
  • Wolf

You’ll find the largest collection of Nordstrom restaurants at the NYC flagship store. I snapped this picture of the store directory when I visited in the fall. I’ve circled all of the different restaurants that I could spot on the sign.

Bar Verde/Bistro Verde

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What’s the difference between Bar Verde and Bistro Verde restaurants at Nordstrom? To be honest, I’m having a hard time telling them apart.

Here’s what I do know: when I visited the Nordstrom flagship store in NYC, I had a delicious meal at the Nordstrom Bistro Verde. My meal of grilled salmon over farro and fresh greens was fantastic. I didn’t think to take a picture of my plate until I was almost done! Update: I went back to the restaurant on my birthday and ordred the same thing. Here it is.

meal at nordstrom cafe of salmon
Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

Nordstrom says that Bistro Verde is “the flagship restaurant within our Nordstrom restaurant portfolio. Catering to a family-friendly audience, Bistro Verde offers quality ingredients and classic bistro fare, along with handcrafted cocktails, beer and wine, representing value and excellence in every dish.”

On the other hand it appears that Bar Verde may be a more upscale eatery. It has a more farm-to-table approach, with local ingredients. Well, at least the Bar Verde locations in California do.

Bazille Nordstrom

From what I’ve read, Bazille Nordstrom is an upscale bistro concept. You can find this restaurant at six Nordstrom locations. They are:

  • Burlington Mall (Burlington, MA)
  • Del Amo Fashion Center (Torrance, CA)
  • St. Johns Town Center (Jacksonville, FL)
  • Stanford Shopping Center (Palo Alto, CA)
  • The Galleria (Houston, TX)
  • Town Center at Boca Raton (Boca Raton, FL)

Broadway Bar

There is a single Broadway Bar location. And it’s at the Nordstrom NYC flagship store.

It’s on the third floor of the building at 57th Street and Broadway, and it overlooks Broadway. 

Broadway Bar focuses on light bites and drinks. If you want a full-service meal, head up to the fifth floor to the aforementioned Bistro Verde. That’s where I enjoyed my lunch.

Burger Bar

Another exclusive at the Nordstrom NYC store, the Burger Bar is located on the store’s lower level. Its menu is pretty straightforward–burgers (meat and plant-based), fries and shakes. 

nordstrom burger bar cafe

Cafe Bistro

You’ll find an open kitchen at Cafe Bistro locations, where you can watch your food being made. Some Cafe Bistro locations at Nordstrom include:

  • Northshore Mall (Peabody, MA)
  • Phipps Plaza (Atlanta, GA)
  • South Shore Plaza (Braintree, MA) aka Nordstrom Braintree
  • Tacoma Mall (Tacoma, WA)
  • The Fashion Mall at Keystone (Indianapolis, IN) aka Nordstrom Fashion Mall

Cafe Nordstrom

You’ll find traditional American fare at Cafe Nordstrom locations. Nordstrom has partnered with DoorDash for order delivery from Cafe Nordstrom restaurants.

Nordstrom Ebar

Craving coffee? Then you’ll want to head to the Nordstrom EBar coffee bar. At my local Nordstrom, the Nordstrom coffee bar is on the first floor, at the entrance to the mall. In fact, most Nordstrom mall locations have an this kind of coffee bar in the store.

My favorite drink there is iced coffee. I’m pretty easy to please.

You can also get smoothies and grab-and-go meals. Oh and sweets, too. Yum.

Finally, if you decide to Google Nordstrom EBar locations, it will come up as Artisan Coffees. Fancy, huh?

Gelato Bar

There is a single Nordstrom Gelato Bar location. And that’s at the Nordstrom Ala Moana in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Here are reef safe sunscreens to pack for a Hawaii vacation.

Habitant Nordstrom

It appears there are only a handful of Nordstrom stores with Habitant inside them. This includes Honolulu, San Jose and Chicago.

FYI, Habitant is a place to enjoy a cocktail and small plates. It’s not a full-service restaurant.


Here is how Nordstrom describes Jeannie’s:

“Jeannie’s is the result of an exciting collaboration between Nordstrom and Tom Douglas Restaurants. The signature of this innovative, full-service concept is pizza made with handcrafted dough topped with fresh produce, artisan cheese and charcuterie.”

There are only two Nordstrom stores with Jeannie’s. One is at the flagship NYC store and the other is at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas.

Marketplace Cafe

marketplace cafe nordstrom white plains ny
Marketplace Cafe at Nordstrom, White Plains, NY. Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

If your Nordstrom has a full-service restaurant inside, chances are it’s the Marketplace Cafe. It’s where I’ve had one of the best pieces of chocolate layer cake ever and also a veggie omelet that I refused to share with my family.

Finally, my husband uses a restaurant’s penne ala vodka as his litmus test for whether or not it’s a good place to eat. That dish at the Marketplace Cafe at the Nordstrom in Pittsburgh got two thumbs up–when he was done eating, of course.

Men’s Store NYC Clubhouse

Not only can customers grab a beer at the Men’s Store NYC Clubhouse, but also they can receive free styling services

More options for men’s online styling services.

Milk Bar Nordstrom

Milk Bar started as an upscale bakery and treats in New York City. Now it’s partnered with Nordstrom to open in three store locations. 

They are Nordstrom NYC, Nordstrom Bellevue (near Seattle) and Nordstrom Vancouver in Canada. Sorry, Atlanta and other southern cities — Milk Bar hasn’t made it there yet.

Nordstrom Grill

The Nordstrom Grill is a full-service restaurant at select Nordstrom locations. Based on my research, you can find Nordstrom Grill at the department stores at these malls:

  • The Bellevue Collection in Washington State
  • Mall of America in Minnesota
  • City Creek Center–Salt Lake City aka Nordstrom City Creek
  • Tysons Corner Center in Virginia
  • The Mall at Green Hills in Tennessee
  • Beachwood Place in Ohio

Oh Mochi

Only at the Nordstrom NYC store, Oh Mochi features baked-in-house mochi donuts, which are naturally gluten-free.


Ruscello Nordstrom is a full-service restaurant serving Mediterranean food. From what I can tell, you’ll find Ruscello Nordstrom in the following cities:

  • Atlanta
  • Costa Mesa
  • Honolulu
  • Minnetonka
  • Oak Brook
  • Wauwatosa

Shoe Bar

Shopping for shoes and sipping cocktails? Sign me up.

You can enjoy all of this at Shoe Bar, a bar and light bites cafe in the middle of the women’s shoe floor at the Nordstrom NYC store. That’s on Lower Level One.

Sweet Sundae Bar

There is just one Sweet Sundae Bar, and it’s at the Nordstrom Southcenter. That’s in Tukwila, Washington.


Seattle Chef Ethan Stowell created Wolf, a modern, casual space restaurant serving Italian fare with a Northwest twist. Ironically, it’s located in the Northeast, at the Nordstrom NYC store.

Restaurant curbside pickup

Did you know that you can use the Nordstrom curbside pick-up services to get food from the restaurants? Well, you sure can.

However, unlike shopping online and picking up instore–or curbside, as the case may be–things are a bit different with to-go food orders. At most Nordstrom locations, you’ll need to call the Nordstrom restaurant or eBar to place your order. Then, they’ll bring it out to your car, curbside, when you arrive.

On the other hand, it is possible that your local Nordstrom store does have online ordering for food from its restaurant. You’ll need to check the Nordstrom website to confirm.

Finally, as I mentioned earlier, some of the Nordstrom restaurants use DoorDash to deliver food directly to you.

Paying for Nordstrom restaurant and cafe purchases

Of course, whenever I eat at a Nordstrom restaurant or get a coffee at a cafe, I’ll use my Nordstrom credit card. I want those Nordy rewards for my spending.

However, did you realize that you can use Nordstrom gift cards for these food purchases, too? Yes, you can. Confirmed this on social media.

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