Best Men’s Online Stylist Services Review Just Updated

I’ve just updated this article on men’s online stylist services because one two of the companies originally included–Bombfell and Trunk Club–have gone out of business. In addition, Wantable, which I’d reviewed for women here, has now added more options for men. So, if you’re looking for an online personal stylist for men, you’ll appreciate that this review is now Stitch Fix Mens vs Wantable.

So if you’re looking for information on Bombfell, a clothing company my husband loved, unfortunately, it is no more. I will try to find another online styling service for men that I could have him try out to replace Bombfell.

And I’m sad to report that Nordstrom made the decision to close Trunk Club in May 2022. It was one of my husband and my favorite online styling service.

Best Men’s Online Stylist Services Review

This article offers information about services offering men’s personal styling online. It is broken out by brand, about subscription boxes and online styling options for guys. My husband has tried the services I’m reviewing here.

Also, if you’re looking for clothing gifts for men, might I suggest these 11 top clothing gift boxes for the guy in your life?

Online Personal Stylist Services for Men

One of the reasons I like online personal stylist services is that I find them to be a great value for your time and money. That is, they’re great if you’re too busy to go to the store or simply don’t want to be shopping in person at this time.

Or these online personal shopper services fill a need if you feel you don’t have the acumen to choose on-trend clothes for yourself. These services will do that for you. And for a nominal fee.

Most charge a styling fee of $20, on average. That $20 is deducted from the cost of anything you buy from your subscription box.

Popularity of Online Stylist Services

These clothing subscription services are hugely popular. One survey I saw said that orders for subscription box services jumped 83 percent on Black Friday/Cyber Monday over the past year.

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Of course, these numbers are for all subscription boxes. These boxes includes Dollar Shave Club for shaving razors (which I use, too), Birchbox (cosmetics) and BarkBox (dog goodies), among others.

Here is my article on the most popular subscription services in the United States.

This story focuses on services offering a men’s personal stylist online. Technically, none of these companies is a true subscription box. That’s because you don’t pay a monthly fee like a subscription.

Instead, you order a box of men’s clothing from Stitch Fix Mens or Wantable when you want new clothes. Yes, you can arrange to have the clothes show up regularly but, again, it is not a subscription box.

Amazon personal stylist for men and women

Amazon now has a quasi personal styling option for men and women.

It’s called Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy.

Prime Try Before You Buy

Prime Try Before You Buy is a Prime-exclusive program where you can try on eligible items for sale on Amazon. Some items mentioned in this article qualify for Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy. That’s because you’ll discover that eligible items run the gamut and include women’s, men’s, kids’, baby clothing, shoes and accessories, plus more.

Prime Try Before You Buy is part of Amazon Wardrobe. However, it doesn’t just apply to Amazon brands.

For example, the Peloton clothing on Amazon all are a part of Prime Try Before You Buy.

How do you know if fashion items for sale on item are eligible for Prime Try Before You Buy?

You’ll see this toggle on/toggle off button on the shopping page.

peloton on amazon try before you buy circled

Try at home for free

Here are the best parts. One, you can try on up to six items at home for free.

Two, take seven days to try everything on. And, three, you’ll only pay for what you keep. Returns are free.

Sign up for Prime Try Before You Buy.

Limited sizes available for some fashion styling services for guys

Stitch Fix Men now offers extended sizes. This is great since Stitch Fix also offers plus-size clothing for women.

Men with hard-to-fit feet should check out extended-size options on Zappos. It’s where my husband buys all of his shoes.

Stitch Fix for Men Updates

Stitch Fix now allows  you to make exchanges for clothing that doesn’t fit. In addition, you can purchase gift cards for the man in your life who might benefit from Stitch Fix for Men. Stitch Fix Gift Cards starts at $20 and up. Choose from one of the pre-set amounts or set your own. Pick what works for you!

Also, Stitch Fix Men, the men’s fashion styling service, now offers extended sizes as I mentioned above. This includes big and tall.

Here is my Stitch Fix Men review, focusing on it as a big and tall clothing options. So now big and tall men can enjoy having a personal stylist online from Stitch Fix, too.

Stitch Fix Men Review

Stitch Fix Men launched in Fall 2016. The personalized styling service offers men a wide range of apparel, footwear and accessories like socks and belts.

Some of the brands Stitch Fix Men is sending include Scotch and Soda, AG, 7 For All Mankind, Penguin and Mavi. Sizes range from XS through XXL, waist sizes 28-42, and inseams 30, 32 and 34.

Like Stitch Fix for women, men sign up for online stylist services by filling out a style profile to share their size and style preferences. A personal clothing stylist selects five items of apparel, footwear and accessories that best fit his unique taste, budget and lifestyle.

The items are shipped right to his door. You have three days to try on the Fix at home.

You purchase what you want to keep by checking out on the Stitch Fix website or the Smartphone app. Then, you sends the rest back with free shipping both ways.

There is a $20 styling fee. It is deducted from the price of whatever you buy.

How Stitch Fix Men works

Originally, I had my 30-year-old brother Josh Ingram, a brand strategist in New York City, test out Stitch Fix Men, the online stylist for men. Josh normally shops for clothes at H&M, J.Crew or the skate shops in his hip Williamsburg, Brooklyn neighborhood.

Sometimes he’ll buy clothes online because he likes instant gratification. He’d never worked with a personal stylist before.

Getting started on Stitch Fix, with the sign up and style profile, “was pretty awesome and well thought out,” he says. “I was excited to get everything from them.”

Pros of online stylist services from Stitch Fix Men

As mentioned Josh found the sign up and style profile creation process for Stitch Fix Men easy and clear. When his Fix arrived, it was spot on.

“They did a pretty good job, actually really good. The stuff they chose was quality and really solid. It was really customized,” Josh says.

His Fix included two shirts, a belt, a pair of pants and a sweater. He was impressed with the packaging inside the box.

Josh liked the styling cards that come with each Fix. He found the suggestions on how to wear your items with other products helpful.

What about giving the man in your life a Stitch Fix gift card for Father’s Day, his birthday or as a holiday gift?

Cons of online stylist services from Stitch Fix Men

Josh’s Fix included a shirt that he believes he’d seen in local shops. In his Fix it cost $95; he believed he could get it cheaper elsewhere.

Note: if Josh had seen that shirt online at a lower price and had contacted Stitch Fix customer service as soon as the Fix arrived, they likely would have offered a price match.

Also, Josh didn’t feel like three days was enough time to try everything on and send it back. And, because he lives in New York City, where outgoing mailboxes are uncommon in apartment buildings, having to walk the Stitch Fix return package to a post office was a hassle.

Overall Thoughts on Stitch Fix Men and an Update

So what was Josh’s takeaway from Stitch Fix Men? Well, he loved the belt so much he kept it.

“It was really unique,” he says. “The color of the leather was really nice, a beautiful cream brown.”

But he did send the other four pieces back. He’s not sure he would use the service again.

A big part of this is because mailing things isn’t always convenient. I imagine that if Josh had lived in a private house, a doorman building or the suburbs with a car, his opinion of the convenience of Stitch Fix Men may have been radically different.

Stitch Fix now offers “Extras” for men. That is you can add basics, like underwear, undershirts and socks to any Fix you schedule.

Finally, Stitch Fix Men just announced that it is expanding into new categories and sizes to deliver personalized fit and size for every guy’s wardrobe needs. Even though Stitch Fix Men has been around for just two years, this feels like a long time coming.

Have you read my new Stitch Fix Men review? It focuses on it as a big and tall fashion styling service for men.

Stitch Fix Men offers more than 100 brands, and 800 fit and size combinations. This includes Stitch Fix exclusive brands as well as those you recognize from traditional online and brick-and-mortar stores.

stitch fix mens fashion box

Wantable Men’s Themed Edit Review

With Wantable recently expanded its offering for men, I ordered my husband a Men’s Themed Edit over the holidays. It’s called the New Year, New Gear Themed edit.

Previously, Wantable only offered a Men’s Fitness Edit option, which was casual, workout, weekend gear. This is my review of his experience with his Wantable Men’s Themed Edit.

wantable style edit for men

Wantable online styling and men’s clothing

Like with every online styling company I’ve reviewed, Wantable has you go through a series of style and fit questions. FYI, Wantable calls it clothing boxes “edit”–as in you’re going to edit your wardrobe by adding these new pieces to it. 

Just like when I ordered from Wantable, after going through the sizing and other preferences, Wantable puts you into the “Wantable Stream.” This is where you can look at actual clothing items and select them for your box. I know that I’ve gotten some of my most favorite pieces for my wardrobe this way.

With Wantable you have to pay a $20 styling fee upfront. You pay this by entering a credit card. That $20 fee is applied to anything you keep. If you five or more pieces from your Edit, you get 20% off your purchase. 

Here’s what the note from his stylist Madeline said:

“Yay, you. You’re about to experience our first-ever Men’s Themed Edit! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed picking out pieces for you from our premium men’s brands in the New Year New Gear collection. The key to these pieces is their comfort, qualify and easy (great if you’re running around or just kicking back at home).”

Pros of Wantable Men’s Themed Edit

As I’ve mentioned in other blog posts, as a former football player, my husband Bill qualifies as big and tall. It has always been a challenge to find online styling services with clothing that will fit him. With sizes going up to XXL, I had high hopes for Wantable.

The Wantable boxes are always generous. That is, you get seven pieces in each one. So it was like Christmas morning for Bill going through the box. Here’s what was in his box:

  • long sleeve black t-shirt from Public Rec
  • short sleeve heather t-shirt from Public Rec
  • 3-pack of ankle socks made from Swaggr (made of recycled plastic bottles–so cool!)
  • navy shorts
  • sport polo in beautiful blue and white stripe from Rhone
  • charcoal gray bathing suit from Rhone
  • burgundy jogger pants from Public Rec

Shipping to him was free; Wantable includes free shipping back as well. Also, it gives you the option of shipping back via USPS or UPS. It provides a prepaid label for both services.

Quality clothing all around

While I didn’t recognize any of the brands of clothing, Bill and I agreed that each piece of clothing was high quality. I’ve sinced Googled Public Rec and Rhone, and these are legit brands of men’s clothing. And they’re well liked. 

Bill liked the fact that the Swaggr socks are made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. As a family that compost our food scraps and recycles nearly every box, piece of paper and plastic bag we use, having clothing made from recycled materials was very on brand for us. Plus, the socks are soft and a nice color palette of orange, green and blue.

Cons of Wantable Men’s Themed Edit

Perhaps the biggest con for the Men’s Themed Edit was the fact that very few things fit Bill. While we did receive size XXL, none of them were XXL Tall. He really needs that “tall” part of the sizing, especially with shirts.

Also, two of the bottoms in the box were size 38 waist. According to my research, a 38 is an XL, not XXL. It’s no surprise, then, that one of these bottoms–the navy shorts–didn’t make it past his thighs. It was then that we realized they were a 38. Oops.

However, these “cons” are only a con if you’re a big and tall person, or you wear larger than an XXL. On the other hand, if your sizes fall within the Wantable range of S to XXL, I feel confident you would love the clothes you would receive from Wantable. 

Overall thoughts from this Wantable men’s review

If Wantable has offered a tall option for clothing, I know Bill would have kept the polo shirt. It was really soft, and the blue and white stripe was so subtle that the color was just gorgeous. With work at home business casual these days, he could have paired it with a sweater vest or even a blue blazer if he needed to look nicer for a Zoom call.

Bill also liked the burgundy joggers, too, for weekends. However, a tall size option really would have helped them not look like women’s capris on him, if you get my drift. I don’t think they were meant to hit him mid shin.

In the end he sent everything back except for the socks. Since we’d already paid the $20 styling fee, we didn’t want to lose that fee. So we kept the socks. They cost $30. So, with the fee, they were just $10 out of pocket. And good news: they’re one size fits all, which means I can wear them, too. 

If you’d like to sign up for a Wantable Men’s Edit, you can use this link.

Stitch Fix vs vs. Wantable

I wanted to outline some straightout comparisons of Stitch Fix vs Wantable

Number of items Stitch Fix vs Wantable

Stitch Fix: 5

Wantable: 7

Styling fee Stitch Fix vs Wantable

Stitch Fix: $20 styling fee, applied to any clothes you keep

Wantable Edit (for both men and women) costs $20, which is applied to anything you keep.

Discount when you keep everything Stitch Fix vs Wantable

Stitch Fix: 25% off if keeping all 5 items

Wantable: 20% off it keep five or more items.

Conclusion on Men’s Online Stylist Services

For anyone who has a tough-to-buy-for-guy in their life, one of these men’s online stylist services might just be the perfect gift. This could be a gift for the December holidays, Valentine’s Day, his birthday, Father’s Day, college graduation or another occasion for which you will be buying your favorite guy a gift. In fact, a clothing subscription box is a perfect anniversary gift for him.

Whether you decide that Stitch Fix vs Wantable Men’s Edit is the best clothing fashion styling services for men is based on what you’ve read here and what resonates with you. Thanks for reading this review.


  1. My son received Stitch Fix and loved it. I loved the prices. He is now too big for the kids line. In reading this review it appears Stitch Fix is the best regarding prices for men. Would you agree?

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