Getting Off the Peloton Class Waitlist

I’ve discovered that getting off the Peloton class waitlist is the best way to get into classes at Peloton Studios New York. I haven’t tried this method at the Peloton Studios London. However, should I get across the pond to take classes, I’ll let you know if it works. I would imagine that getting classes off the waitlist with your favorite instructors in London works similarly.

Anyway, I’ve been trying for weeks to get into a class at Peloton NYC. The process of going through the Peloton online class booking system to book a Peloton live class is ridiculous and frustrating. At least in my experience recently, Peloton has gotten rid of the queue. Ding, dong, the queue is dead.

However, on December 13, the big Peloton news was that they’d updated the studio booking system for in-person classes. As a result, it’s now even harder to get onto a Peloton waitlist.

Earlier this year, Peloton instituted a new policy, explained here:

“In order to accommodate as many Members as possible, each individual Member can book 2 classes per day or 4 classes per bookable period (Thurs-Mon). Waitlisted spots do not count towards your overall limit; however, please only reserve one waitlist spot per Member per class. We reserve the right to cancel classes that are booked in excess of the limits.”

When I was getting ready to head to PSNY in December 2023, to celebrate my birthday, I had my max four classes booked. However, because I’d booked under the old system, I was also on the waitlist for two more classes. Unfortunately, because of the new system, I never was able to get into additional classes because I was locked out from adding more to my three days at the studios.

So, this new system seems to close you out of additional waitlist classes once you hit those four booked classes. Before December 13, you could continue to add yourself to waitlist spots, regardless of how many classes you had confirmed.

no longer able to join peloton waitlist for classes

Knowing this, I will be changing up how I book classes in the future. Rather than scramble to get my four bookings, I’m going to focus on waitlist spots.

Another update: you cannot put yourself on the waitlist for more than two classes in a day or four total classes in a weekend. Again, I hate this about the new system. What if you are traveling long distances to go to PSNY for the weekend? And how you get off the waitlist has changed completely, too. More about that in a bit.

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Here’s what I wrote to Peloton in an Instagram comment:

“Only downside to working the waitlist these days? @pelotonstudios is now limiting how many classes you can take in a week. So when you are traveling from out of town, that’s sucks that you can’t use the most of your time @onepeloton to take classes. I hope they change this in 2024 to a MONTHLY limit instead or increase the weekly limit beyond only four days. Or rather than a max of four classes over a Thursday to Monday, if you live more than 50 miles away, you have NO limit. Something needs to change.”


Getting on Peloton class waitlist later in the week

While it was understandably frustrating that I could not get into any of the classes I tried to book each Thursday, I’ve learned something important: as it gets later in the week or, frankly, the month, people cancel their spots.

And suddenly waitlist spots open up. Granted, these spots are for a few days later. For example, I happen to be traveling to New York City this weekend to see family. So, I decided to check the Peloton Studios website to see if there are any spots. On a Wednesday, there were 22 waitlist spots.

So, if you have flexible travel plans, it would be wise to continue to check the studio website and see if there are openings in the coming days and weeks. FYI, I ended up getting off the waitlist for two classes. One was a Matty Maggiacomo power walk. The other was a yoga flow with Chelsea Jackson Roberts.

leah with chelsea jackson roberts
With Chelsea Jackson Roberts after Peloton yoga flow class.

2024-25 Peloton Studios New York planned closure dates

If you’re planning to try to get into last-minute Peloton classes in New York, then you’ll need to note the days that the studio is going to be closed. These are pre-planned closures, when there are no live classes. The remaining dates for 2024 and into 2025 are:

  • Spring Studio Closure: April 15-22, 2024
  • Memorial Day Holiday: May 27, 2024
  • Pause and Reflect: June 19, 2024
  • Pause and Reflect: July 4-7, 2024
  • Summer Studio Closure: August 26-September 2, 2024
  • Holiday Studio Closure: December 23, 2024-January 1, 2025

The London studios also have closure dates. However, PSL hasn’t announced what their dates are for the rest of 2024. So I can’t give you specifics on waitlist opportunities there or rather lack thereof if the studios are closed.

Everything has changed with the Peloton waitlist

Because so many readers had questions about the Peloton class waitlist after I first wrote my article about the Peloton Studios reopening, I wanted to share what I’d learned from my own experience.

However, with the new booking system that debuted on December 13, everything has changed. For one thing, you don’t get those email notifications anymore that say, “You’re in” or “You’re off the waitlist”–unless you have existing credits in your Peloton account.

In other words, in the past, if you were on the waitlist and a spot opened up on a Peloton bike in the cycling studio, Peloton automatically moved you off the waitlist into a legit spot. You didn’t have to do anything to claim your spot — the system handled it. Not so with the new system.

Now, if a waitlist spot opens up and you do not have any credits (previously purchased for a class you had to cancel), you get an email notification in the days before your class that lets you know that a spot has opened in your waitlist class. That email then includes a link you must click within two hours of receiving the email to complete the booking process. However, it doesn’t explain what happens if the two-hour window passes, if you miss the email like I did before my December trip. TL;DR: it’s an automatic cancellation of your waitlist spot.

your peloton waitlist link has expired

You’ve lost your spot on the waitlist

Trust me: I was super bummed that I missed this email and a guaranteed spot in Denis’ yoga class. I figured, OK, I’ll just show up tomorrow an hour before class and try to get off the waitlist then.

Nope. If you don’t click the link and take the spot, you’re off the waitlist. Like 100% scrubbed from it. I discovered this when I went back into my studio account to check. Peloton took me off the waitlist and I can’t get back onto it, even though there are spots available.

This is probably why, during my December trip, there were empty bikes in the cycling studio during my 7:00 a.m. class with Camila Ramon. People on the waitlist didn’t answer in time and those spots were wasted. Honestly, that’s stupid.

empty bikes in peloton studios
From a social media post I shared after seeing empty bikes at Peloton.

A new thing that Peloton is starting is a so-called quiet period. That means, they won’t be sending emails about waitlist spots you can claim in the overnight hours — Eastern Time for PSNY and GMT for the London Studios. I’ve heard that emails stop going out at 10 p.m. local time and start again at 6 a.m. local time.

During my trip back to PSNY in January 2024, I met a number of people who got off the waitlist like I did. However, they did not have leftover class credits in their account so they got that email in their inbox saying they had to click the link within two hours. All told me that the email arrived around 6:30 a.m. Eastern. So, if you’re on the PSNY waitlist, definitely check your email first thing in the morning, every day before your trip.

Here are tips for what to bring with you when you visit the Peloton Studio.

Will there still be two waves to the Peloton waitlist?

It used to be that people got off the waitlist in two waves. One, in the days before the class you could get an email saying you have the chance to get off the waitlist.

And two, it was day-of. That is, if you were still on the waitlist the day of the class, you would show up an hour early, get your buzzer and pray to the Peloton Gods that you got in. While the system sort of still works that way, there are some marked differences.

For starters the restaurant buzzers are gone. Instead, they take your phone number when you check in for the waitlist. This is the text message I got when I checked in for my Matty class and was on the waitlist for an Adrian Row class a few hours later.

text confirming spot on waitlist standby

Later, they will text you with the good news if you got off the waitlist and into the class. And they choose people randomly, not on a first-checked in, first-served basis as they did before. Or, they’ll text you about 30 minutes before the class begins to say, whomp whomp, you didn’t make it off the waitlist.

text saying I did not get off the waitlist

In fact, I just read something on the Official Peloton Facebook page. It tells me they’ve changed the waitlist system.

peloton waitlist update

Day-of waitlist at Peloton Studios

So, basically, if it is 12 hours before your class and you still haven’t gotten an email about a waitlist spot and your Peloton account still shows you on the waitlist, plan to go to the studios the next day. You’ll want to show up one hour before the class begins.

Once you check in at the front desk, you’ll take a seat in the lobby area. At about 30 minutes before class begins, they start canceling spots for any no-shows. Then, they start moving those waitlist people–YOU!–into classes.

New system changes how waitlist spots are given out

As I mentioned at the top of this article, Peloton debuted a new booking system on December 13th, which seems to affect how the waitlist works. I was right.

Three days before a Power Walk class for which I was on the waitlist, I got the email below:

email about claiming waitlist spot

Notice, it tells me there is a SPOT available in a class, not that I’m off the waitlist. And I had to click the link to take that spot. Which I did. That was the only way to get off the waitlist and into this Selena Samuela Power Walk class.

leah in tread studio for selena samuela walk class
In the PSNY Tread studio before Selena Samuela class. Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

Had I not seen the email nor clicked the link, that waitlist spot would have gone to someone else. As you can see, it says the link expires in two hours. And as I explained earlier, if you miss the chance to click that link, then you lose your spot not only in the class but on the waitlist all together.

Take the first spot off the waitlist you can get

My last time at the studio, I was on the waitlist for a Denis Morton yoga class. When I checked in, they offered me a spot in Matty’s class.

They said it was a run class. I don’t run so I declined. Shouldn’t have done that.

Turns out it was a walk plus run. Once I figured this out, I went back to the front desk. Unfortunately, the class was now full. This happened again in December when I was, again, on the waitlist for a Denis yoga class. I didn’t get in but they offered me a spot in Mariana’s run class. Also, I declined.

Pro tip: if you get to the studio on one waitlist and are offered a spot in another class, take the spot.

I still regret not taking that spot in Matty’s class! Which is why I was so psyched to get into his walk class in January.

leah with matty maggiacomo. jpeg
Line outside the Peloton Studios New York. Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

Keep checking the Peloton studio website for class openings

We’ve already established that bookings open each Monday Thursday at 12 noon Eastern. And they often fill up within minutes.

However, life happens and people cancel. So, if you’re going to be in New York City, check back on the studio website.

A class that previously was full may now have a waitlist open. Or, even better, there is room to book an actual class versus getting on a waitlist.

I’ll tell you that once I got on one waitlist, which happened on a Tuesday, I booked my trip to New York City for the coming weekend.

This involved booking a flight and a hotel. And then I stalked the Peloton studio site relentlessly.

When I tell you I refreshed it at least once an hour, I’m not exaggerating. And by the time I got on my flight to New York City on a Thursday, I was on the waitlist for four classes.

By the end of Friday, I was off the waitlist for two more classes. Finally, on Saturday, I ended up taking three cycling classes — they were stacked classes. If you can, try to book those. That is, on the studio website it will show Class A + Class B. You don’t leave in between classes but you get to take two legit classes for one price.

peloton studio card wristband vertical
Wristband, milestone sticker and studio card I received when I got off the waitlist for a Matty Maggiacomo walk class. Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

The next day I got off the waitlist for a walking class in the Tread studio and then a strength class. However, with this new booking system, all of the above would have been impossible today. That’s because once you have four spots reserved for you — either booked in a class or a spot on a waitlist — the new system will not let you add any additional waitlist spots.

A woman on a treadmill at the gym is checking the peloton class waitlist.
Here I am on a Tread in the Peloton Studios after getting off the waitlist for a Matty Maggiacomo walk class.

Be wary of day-of waitlist spots on the website

One final thing about stalking the Peloton Studio waitlist for spots: if you see a red waitlist spot for a class happening within the next hour and you’re in the city, don’t rush over and try to get in.

I’ve learned that the studio website defaults to the red waitlist button when it’s under an hour until a class starts. I don’t know why it does this. All I know is that during my last visit, I saw this happen —n yes, I was still obsessively checking to see if I could get into other classes.

And when I saw one pop up that was 30 minutes in the future, I rushed to the front desk and asked to get in. That’s when I learned that, nah, it’s a bug in the system and there really aren’t any waitlist spots left. I can’t believe, almost a year later, that bug is still there. So, don’t get your hopes up like I did.

As far as what to bring with you to the studio, this article has a shopping list for your PSNY visit.

How many spots in each Peloton studio class

If you are wondering how the number of spots in a PSNY class might affect your ability to get off the Peloton studio waitlist, you’re not wrong. For example, of the four studios, the cycling studio has the most spots. There are 39 bikes in the cycling studio, which is Studio 1.

Next, there is the Tread studio. That’s Studio 4. There are 16 treadmills in that studio. I confirmed that during my last Tread class with Matty Maggiacomo. If you look at my Tread tablet, with the “Only Studio” Leaderboard filter on, you’ll see that there are 16 people in the class.

PSNY tgread studio leaderboard showing 16 spots
16 spots in the PSNY Tread Studio. Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

After that is Studio 3, which swings between the strength studio and the rowing studio. I took a rowing class with Alex Karwoski in December and counted eight Rows. When I took a strength class with Logan, there were eight spots as well.

Finally, there is the yoga studio. That’s Studio 2. There is space for only seven mats there, which I discovered when I took the yoga class with Chelsea.

seven mats in the peloton yoga studio
There is space for seven mats only in the PSNY yoga studio. Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

Final thoughts on getting off the Peloton class waitlist

You’ll need persistence and patience when dealing with Peloton classes and either booking them or trying to get on the waitlist. Also, with the new system, you have to check your email regularly. Personally, I think Peloton should move to a text system, the day they have for day-of waitlist spots.

In fact, after experiencing this new system during my December 2023 trip and being frustrated by it, I polled my social media followers. Here are the results:

survey results about new peloton waitlist system

Hands down: people want text alerts over emails.

If you have any other questions about navigating the Peloton class waitlist, let me know.

Postscript on the Peloton waitlist

It appears that Peloton has improved the new waitlist system. I got an email today about being added to a class when a spot opened up.

At first I panicked because I missed the added part and was searching for the link to click before the two hours expired. But alas I was automatically added and then I confirmed it in my Peloton Studios account, which you can see below.

peloton studios account showing youre attending

It appears because I had credits in my account, leftover from waitlist spots I’d paid for in December and didn’t use (when you still had to pay, regardless if you had a secured spot in class or not), I got into the class automatically. This now seems to be the default if you have credits leftover. If you don’t, you will still need to wait for that link, click it within two hours and then pay for your class then. However, since you don’t have to pay for a waitlist spot anymore, I’m not sure how lucky others will be in having this seamless movement from waitlist to confirmed class spot.

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  1. I wish we had a place to ride in a group. Your New York spot sounds like fun. For now, we have our Peloton in the living room.

  2. Thanks for this detailed post, it really helped me understand the NYC system better.

    I am currently in London and they have a bracelet system which is less effective. The employees will come to a group of people and say, “I’m sorry, _____ class is full. Are you interested in being on the waitlist for _____?” I found the process to be disorganized because there were 2 waitlist spots but 4 people were asked the question.

    In addition, since I didn’t get into the class, I thought the credit would go back to my account, but that did not happen. I have reached out to PSL but haven’t heard back.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that the system is less organized in London. You should definitely get the credit back. When I reached out to them via email, I heard back quickly. If that doesn’t work for you, try the online chat.

    2. Great read with lots of answered questions. I have a question about your post script about the Peloton waitlist. A coworker and I are headed to NYC next month for a conference and this am I tried to get us both into a class while we are there. She wasn’t available to sign up so I was on two laptops and managed to get her into an Ally Love cycling class and I am waitlisted for the class. I am worried about the two hour window they give you to respond if a spot opens up- I am on the West Coast and even with the quiet hours at night that you mentioned, if they start at 6 am EST, that is 3 am for me. You mentioned in your post script that you were automatically added to a class and didn’t have to click on a link to sign up. Did you have credits from the old system? My email reads “Bookings made with a pre-existing credit will move automatically into the class list – no action will be required.” I, unfortunately do not have any credits and when I emailed support to ask if I could buy credits, the response was “Since we updated our system to a pay-as-you-go model, members will no longer be able to buy credits in advance to book a spot for class.” This system does not seem ideal – I would be willing to pay now just to secure the spot in the chance I get in. Thanks again for a great read.

      1. When this happened to me in December, I *did* have credits but I still had to click the link. But you’re right: I do have credits in my account and now it seems that if that is the case, you will get moved into the class automatically. Peloton, make up your mind!

        Here’s an idea: get on the waitlist for a class, let’s say, a few days from now as a test. If you get in and, as long as there is more than 24 hours until the class, pay for it. I mention this timeframe because then I would cancel your spot after you’ve paid. If you cancel fewer than 24 hours before a class, you lose your money. Anyway, if you have that plus-24-hours timeframe secure and you cancel, now you’ll have a credit in your account. Then, if you get off the waitlist when you want, you will get moved into that class. Make sense? Let me know if this works.

        1. Update: I got into the class from the waitlist. I got an email at 3:55 am PST with my two hour window. Thankfully I woke up around 4:30 and happened to peek at my email. I am an early riser, but not usually that early. Thankful I didn’t sleep through my two hour window! I rode in the original studio in 2019 – the process to get into a class has sure changed!

  3. As far as waitlists, do you know if you can “trade up” once you’re in the studio?

    For example, if I’m confirmed for a 9:30 pilates class and I show up an hour before to check in, can I potentially get on the waitlist for a 10:00 cycling class upon arrival? And if I happen to get into the 10:00 cycling class before 9:30, can I give up my pilates spot to someone else who is waiting in order to take the cycling class?

  4. Hello, Leah. Thank you for sharing your experiences at PSNY with us and for this very helpful and informative article! It is amazing to hear that you have been able to take various classes! In terms of your experience of being added to Matty’s walk + run class, was that class at the same time as your original waitlisted class, before, or after? Also, would you say this is a rare event? I ask because I really want to take a class with Jess Sims or Adrian Williams and am hoping that a waitlist or spot opens for any of their classes on the weekend I’ll be there. Lastly, I recently learned that I cannot take pictures with either of them if I am not taking one of their classes. Since they have truly been my inspiration in my health and fitness journey, I hope that I at least get to see them in person despite being unable to get a picture with them. Would you say that you were able to see other instructors during your time there even though you did not take their classes? Again, thanks for your help with all of the tips and tricks.

    1. I will try to answer all of your questions. One, Matty’s class was before the class that I was waitlisted for. As I’d written, you have to check in one hour ahead of time so Matty’s class was starting 30 minutes after I’d checked in (or an hour before the waitlisted one), and I’m still kicking myself for not saying yes. I can’t tell if this is rare or not. Two, you will see instructors walking through the studios (usually with a bodyguard) throughout the day. They are usually very generous in stopping to take pictures with people who asked. Hope that helps.

      1. Thanks, Leah for helping me with my questions! I hope to have that luck in the future and that you get another surprise chance to get into a Peloton class. “Together we go far”

  5. When I was registering the day classes opened, I found that I couldn’t get on multiple waitlists. I only have one purchased “experience credit.” Do you think this was a site traffic fluke, or do you have to have the same number of credits purchased as number of waitlists you’re on? Did you have to purchase more credits at the studio after you got into three classes in one day?

  6. Hi! Thank you so much for this site. I have been trying to book a class since they reopened the studio and have never seen an open class. But I didn’t know about the Thursday drops – hopefully I’ll have better luck now!

    I did get on a waitlist once but there was no information about when I would be informed about getting off it, and no instruction to go to the studio day-of. I was never notified about getting a spot, so a few hours before the class start time I actually cancelled the waitlist reservation because I was afraid I’d get “in” like 5 minutes before class and be marked a no-show. Well, now I know to go in person an hour before!

    Why do they keep all of this a mystery? Am I just missing where this is clearly spelled out in the website? It’s very frustrating. Thanks again for the info – your blog seems to be the only place it exists!

    1. It is frustrating that the information is as forthcoming as it should be. I’m glad you found my post helpful.


    1. I do not. However, nearly every person I know who got on a waitlist for a cycling class at PSNY got off it and into class. But like most things in life, there are no guarantees.

  7. If you are on a waitlist for a spot, and you know – that realistically, you aren’t heading to the city unless you have a confirmed spot, if you cancel the waitlist spot with only say 12 hours until the class (the night before) – do you lose the credit?

  8. Great article! Thanks for the run-down. I got off the waiting list on a Friday for an Ally Love ride the next day, back in October. I was already in NYC for other reasons, so it worked out great. Do you know if there’s any way to find out what number you are on the waitlist, and therefore what your chances are of getting in? I’m on the waitlist for a Dennis ride on January 8, and I’m dying to ride with my fave instructor!

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I’ve asked and they won’t tell you what number. However, I’ve discovered that cycling classes, because they have the most spots, are the easiest to get off the waitlist. Good luck.

  9. Well, this sounds promising! Next Saturday (11/19), I’m on the waitlist for Jenn Sherman’s 12:00 class. I’ve been checking frequently on the site, but the class is still full. Next Saturday I’m heading to NYC on the Acela on the 6:20 am train so I hope that I can get in. I learned from your post that I can at least get in the building due to being on the waitlist! I’m happy your strategy worked for you!