Getting Off the Peloton Class Waitlist


I’ve discovered that getting off the Peloton class waitlist is the best way to get into classes at Peloton Studios New York.

I haven’t tried this method at the Peloton London studios.

However, should I get across the pond to take classes, I’ll let you know if it works.

Anyway, I’ve been trying for weeks to get into a class at Peloton New York City.

The process of going through the new Peloton online class booking system is ridiculous and frustrating.

Never once have I managed to get into a class on a Monday–now Thursdays since Peloton changed the booking days.

I couldn’t even get onto a Peloton class waitlist.

Getting on Peloton class waitlist later in the week

While it was understandably frustrating that I could not get into any of the classes I tried to book each Monday, now Thursdays, I’ve learned something important: as it gets later in the week, people cancel their spots.

And suddenly waitlist spots open up.

Granted, these spots are for a few days later.

However, if you have flexible travel plans, it would be wise to continue to check the studio website and see if there are openings.

For example, on a Tuesday I was able to get myself on the waitlist for two classes on the coming Saturday at PSNY.

There were two other classes with waitlist spots available, too.

How to get off the Peloton waitlist for classes

Because so many readers had questions about the Peloton class waitlist after I first wrote my article about the Peloton Studios reopening, I reached out to Peloton to ask.

Here’s what they told me–and here’s what I learned from my own experience.

Two waves to the waitlist

People get off the waitlist in two waves.

One, there is a wave in the days before the class.

Two, the next wave happens the day of.

FYI, I was on the waitlist for a Denis Morton Power Zone Endurance ride one day.

About 24 hours in advance, I got an email stating, “You’re in!”

Here is how Peloton explains this all:

“If someone cancels in the class, the first person on the waitlist is automatically moved into the canceled spot and they receive a confirmation email. There is no set time for this because it happens in real time as things get canceled.”

Day-of waitlist at Peloton Studios

I asked Peloton if it was possible to get off a waitlist the day of a class, whether or not you’re on the waitlist at all.

In other words, if you show up at the studio, could you possibly get into a class that day?

First, Peloton’s response below from June.

Peloton’s response:

“We do have an onsite standby list so if someone is local and would like to try their luck in case of no shows, they can come to the studio and be added to the standby list. These spots will get filled 15-20 minutes prior to the class.

Anyone can arrive and be added to this list.  We will be capping this at a certain point since we won’t want 50 people on standby for a 39 person class.”

FYI, the 39-person class is the cycling studio.

Peloton says that if you want to try to get in a class on the same day, get to the studio at least one hour ahead of start time–maybe more.

Then, definitely check in at the front desk.

There is no day-of standby list for classes

However, based on my own experience being on a waitlist, this day-of standby list is no longer true.

That is, you can no longer (it appears) show up at the studio unannounced and get added to the day-of standby or waitlist.

In fact, when I asked about this before checking in for my Denis Morton yoga class, for which I was on the waitlist (show up no earlier than one hour before class time), I was told, no.

You have to have a waitlist spot to even be let in the door.

Once you get inside, though, you can get into other classes.

In fact, when I checked in for the waitlist and was given a standby buzzer (just like at a restaurant), they offered to get me into Matty’s class.

They said it was a run class.

I don’t run so I declined.

Shouldn’t have done that.

Turns out it was a walk plus run.

Once I figured this out, I went back to the front desk.

Unfortunately, the class was now full.

Also, if you are on the waitlist, they ask that you stay in the ground level lobby by the 10th Avenue entrance.

You’re not supposed to go elsewhere in the studio.

Technically you can leave the area, like if you need to use the bathroom in the locker room.

However, the buzzers disconnect once you walk away.

So, don’t leave or you may miss your chance to get off that waitlist and into a class.

Pro tip: if you get to the studio on one waitlist and are offered a spot in another class, take the spot.

Because there is no guarantee that you will get that waitlist spot you originally booked.

I still regret not taking that spot in Matty’s class!

Some people get off the same-day Peloton class waitlist

Some people have gotten off multiple waitlists in the same day.

One person I know got into three classes in a single day.

Here is how she described her success in doing this:

“Get to the studios about an hour and 15 minutes before the start of class. It was my experience that people were brought off the waitlist according to when they got to the studios and checked in that day.

Of course there’s no guarantee, but since there are so many bikes in the studio, I saw more people being brought up the waitlist for cycling classes than any other classes.”

Arrive sooner than one hour, you’ll have to wait outside

I realize that the person I interviewed above said to get to the studio at least 75 minutes before class.

Sure, you can do that.

However, you’ll have to wait outside.

In fact, when I first arrived at the studio for a 10:30 class (at 8:30), there was a line outside.

I was already on the waitlist for a specific class, but I showed up two hours early, just in case.

I assumed this was for people wanting to get on the standby list.

So, I asked if I should join the line.

The very nice person at the front door told me that in order to get on standby, you have to be on the waitlist already.

That means you need to book a waitlist spot online, as I mentioned above.

Pro tip: head to the Whole Foods next door.

Take the escalator up to the second floor, where there are tables and chairs overlooking 10th Avenue.

You can hang out.

When I returned around 9:15, I was told to wait outside until literally one hour before the class started.

And right at 9:30 they opened the door, checked me in, asked to see my vaccination card and it was off to the races.

Keep checking the Peloton studio website for class openings

We’ve already established that bookings open each Monday Thursday at 12 noon Eastern.

And they often fill up within minutes.

However, life happens and people cancel.

So, if you’re going to be in New York City, check back on the studio website.

A class that previously was full may now have a waitlist open.

Or, even better, there is room to book.

I’ll tell you that once I got on one waitlist, which happened on a Tuesday, I booked my trip to New York City for the coming weekend.

This involved booking a flight and a hotel.

And then I stalked the Peloton studio site relentlessly.

When I tell you I refreshed it at least once an hour, I’m not exaggerating.

And by the time I got on my flight to New York City on a Thursday, I was on the waitlist for four classes.

By the time I got to my hotel, I was on the waitlist for two more classes.

On Friday, I got notice that I was off the waitlist for a Denis Morton Power Zone Endurance class for Saturday.


And by the end of Friday, I was on the waitlist for two more classes and off the waitlist around 11 p.m. that night.

Finally, on Saturday, I ended up taking three cycling classes.

There was the aforementioned Denis class.

Then, a Jenn Sherman class (which I got off the waitlist for the night before).

Finally, I was on the waitlist for a Hannah Corbin ride and got my buzzer.

When it went off–meaning I was in the class–I screamed!

Final thoughts on getting off the Peloton class waitlist

You’ll need persistence and patience when dealing with Peloton classes and either booking them or dealing with the waitlist.

But having learned first hand that you can actually get off the waitlist, that’s probably how I’ll go about booking classes in the future.

If you have any other questions about navigating the Peloton class waitlist, let me know.

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  1. Thanks for this detailed post, it really helped me understand the NYC system better.

    I am currently in London and they have a bracelet system which is less effective. The employees will come to a group of people and say, “I’m sorry, _____ class is full. Are you interested in being on the waitlist for _____?” I found the process to be disorganized because there were 2 waitlist spots but 4 people were asked the question.

    In addition, since I didn’t get into the class, I thought the credit would go back to my account, but that did not happen. I have reached out to PSL but haven’t heard back.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that the system is less organized in London. You should definitely get the credit back. When I reached out to them via email, I heard back quickly. If that doesn’t work for you, try the online chat.

  2. As far as waitlists, do you know if you can “trade up” once you’re in the studio?

    For example, if I’m confirmed for a 9:30 pilates class and I show up an hour before to check in, can I potentially get on the waitlist for a 10:00 cycling class upon arrival? And if I happen to get into the 10:00 cycling class before 9:30, can I give up my pilates spot to someone else who is waiting in order to take the cycling class?

  3. Hello, Leah. Thank you for sharing your experiences at PSNY with us and for this very helpful and informative article! It is amazing to hear that you have been able to take various classes! In terms of your experience of being added to Matty’s walk + run class, was that class at the same time as your original waitlisted class, before, or after? Also, would you say this is a rare event? I ask because I really want to take a class with Jess Sims or Adrian Williams and am hoping that a waitlist or spot opens for any of their classes on the weekend I’ll be there. Lastly, I recently learned that I cannot take pictures with either of them if I am not taking one of their classes. Since they have truly been my inspiration in my health and fitness journey, I hope that I at least get to see them in person despite being unable to get a picture with them. Would you say that you were able to see other instructors during your time there even though you did not take their classes? Again, thanks for your help with all of the tips and tricks.

    1. I will try to answer all of your questions. One, Matty’s class was before the class that I was waitlisted for. As I’d written, you have to check in one hour ahead of time so Matty’s class was starting 30 minutes after I’d checked in (or an hour before the waitlisted one), and I’m still kicking myself for not saying yes. I can’t tell if this is rare or not. Two, you will see instructors walking through the studios (usually with a bodyguard) throughout the day. They are usually very generous in stopping to take pictures with people who asked. Hope that helps.

      1. Thanks, Leah for helping me with my questions! I hope to have that luck in the future and that you get another surprise chance to get into a Peloton class. “Together we go far”

  4. When I was registering the day classes opened, I found that I couldn’t get on multiple waitlists. I only have one purchased “experience credit.” Do you think this was a site traffic fluke, or do you have to have the same number of credits purchased as number of waitlists you’re on? Did you have to purchase more credits at the studio after you got into three classes in one day?

  5. Hi! Thank you so much for this site. I have been trying to book a class since they reopened the studio and have never seen an open class. But I didn’t know about the Thursday drops – hopefully I’ll have better luck now!

    I did get on a waitlist once but there was no information about when I would be informed about getting off it, and no instruction to go to the studio day-of. I was never notified about getting a spot, so a few hours before the class start time I actually cancelled the waitlist reservation because I was afraid I’d get “in” like 5 minutes before class and be marked a no-show. Well, now I know to go in person an hour before!

    Why do they keep all of this a mystery? Am I just missing where this is clearly spelled out in the website? It’s very frustrating. Thanks again for the info – your blog seems to be the only place it exists!

    1. It is frustrating that the information is as forthcoming as it should be. I’m glad you found my post helpful.


    1. I do not. However, nearly every person I know who got on a waitlist for a cycling class at PSNY got off it and into class. But like most things in life, there are no guarantees.

  6. If you are on a waitlist for a spot, and you know – that realistically, you aren’t heading to the city unless you have a confirmed spot, if you cancel the waitlist spot with only say 12 hours until the class (the night before) – do you lose the credit?

  7. Great article! Thanks for the run-down. I got off the waiting list on a Friday for an Ally Love ride the next day, back in October. I was already in NYC for other reasons, so it worked out great. Do you know if there’s any way to find out what number you are on the waitlist, and therefore what your chances are of getting in? I’m on the waitlist for a Dennis ride on January 8, and I’m dying to ride with my fave instructor!

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I’ve asked and they won’t tell you what number. However, I’ve discovered that cycling classes, because they have the most spots, are the easiest to get off the waitlist. Good luck.

  8. Well, this sounds promising! Next Saturday (11/19), I’m on the waitlist for Jenn Sherman’s 12:00 class. I’ve been checking frequently on the site, but the class is still full. Next Saturday I’m heading to NYC on the Acela on the 6:20 am train so I hope that I can get in. I learned from your post that I can at least get in the building due to being on the waitlist! I’m happy your strategy worked for you!