How the Peloton Referral Program Works

Once again, I’ve updated this article about the Peloton referral program. Why? Because some things have changed.

One, you can now refer someone to get a free 90-day trial to the Peloton app. Two, you can still refer friends and family when buying a Peloton bike or Tread and you both benefit.

They get money off accessories and you get free clothing. However, how that referral works–the technicalities of it–have changed slightly since I first wrote this article.

And three, where you find your referral code on the Peloton website is completely different, too. It’s so frustrating that Peloton keeps changing things. Then, again, they keep purging classes, and I hate that, too.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. You may have lots of questions about the Peloton referral program that I want to answer. This includes:

  • Where do I find my Peloton referral code?
  • How many times can I share my Peloton referral code?
  • What is the benefit of sharing a Peloton referral?
  • How would someone use a Peloton referral to save money?
  • What is the process for sharing a Peloton referral code?

How the Peloton referral program works

Here’s how that Peloton referral program works. It’s pretty simple.

You share your unique Peloton referral code with someone you know who may be buying a bike or Tread. This referral code is only good with the purchase of an original Bike, Bike Plus or Tread. It does not work with an app-only membership.

It used to be that you literally shared an alphanumeric code with people. They plugged that in at checkout and, voila, automatic discount.

However, Peloton has changed how that works. Now you share a link that has your code embedded in it. Then, people shop off that link so you both get credit.

Savings on Peloton accessories packages

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Your referral code saves them $100 $200 on Peloton accessories bought at the same time as their Peloton hardware. So, it’s savings for the add-on packages, not the equipment itself.

Here’s how Peloton describes it:

“Give friends $200 off their purchase with a Peloton Bike, Bike+, Tread, or Row order and you’ll get $200 off Peloton apparel and accessories.*”

*Limited-time 09/28/2023 – 10/09/2023 offer for Peloton All-Access Members (including account holders and linked profiles under such accounts) and Rental Members only.

Keep in mind that hardware has different accessories packages. And, after 10/9/23, the referral savings will go back to $100.

FYI, you can now buy Peloton accessories on Amazon.

How many times can I share my Peloton referral code

The primary owner of the Peloton account can share their unique code up to 12 six times each calendar year. At the beginning of the next year, your code “resets.”

Then, you can begin sharing it again. With each share, you earn more free clothing from the Peloton boutique.

You can track how many people you’ve referred on the same page where you’ll find your link to share. This is what it looks like.

Where do I find my Peloton referral code

Previously, you would find your Peloton referral code under your profile on the Peloton website. That’s still true, but everything looks different.

Instead, these are the steps you’ll take. Again, this is on the Peloton website, not the Peloton app.

  1. Log into the Peloton website.
  2. Look for your profile pic on the top right of the page.
  3. Next to your profile pic are three lines. Click on them.
  4. Scroll down to where it says “Refer Friends” and click on that.
three lines on peloton profile page
Look for the three lines to the right of your profile picture.
where to find refer friends in dropdown menu
When you tap on the three lines, you’ll see “Refer Friends.”

Now you’re on the referrals page. On the top is a “slider” that lets you move between sharing a referral for an app free trial and sharing your exclusive code to save on Peloton accessories.

Click on the slider to get it to move from one side or another. This will give you access to the link you want to share.

How do I share my Peloton referral code with someone

It’s easy. As I mentioned above, once you get to the “Refer Friends” page, there will be a link you can share with people.

photo of how to copy peloton referral link
You can share your Peloton referral code by copy the link or sending via email.

How to redeem my clothing credits from the referral code

So, let’s say someone has used your referral code to buy a bike or Tread. Peloton will email you with a unique code that is your $100 credit to spend at the Peloton boutique online. This is how you redeem it.

One, go shopping. Two, spend at least $100 so that you get the full value of your Peloton referral credit. Three, checkout.

Unfortunately, if you spend less than $100 you can’t use the remaining credit to pay for shipping. You’ll always have to pay for that out of pocket.

What if I have multiple referral code credits from Peloton

If you’re lucky enough to have had multiple people use your code to buy a bike, Row or Tread, keep the following in mind when redeeming your credits. You cannot stack them.

That is, you can apply one $100 credit to a single shopping trip. If you have more than one $100 credit to spend, you’ll need to make multiple shopping trips online.

Speaking of shopping trips, at one point you could use your referral code credit of $100 to shop at a physical Peloton store. I’m not sure if that’s still possible. I’ll check on that and get back to you.

This article guides you to all of the Peloton stores and showrooms nationwide.

Final thoughts on the Peloton referral program

Clearly, I’ve benefited from the Peloton referral program. I’ve earned lots of free clothing.

My friends and family have benefitted, too. They got savings on accessories packages for the Peloton hardware they buy.

That being said, Peloton has gotten stingier over the years with how the referral program works. One, it used to be that anyone on your account could share a referral code. Now it’s only the primary account owner.

Two, it used to be that you could share your referral code up to 12 times a year. Now it’s only six times.

I’m sure Peloton has a legit business reason for cutting back on the benefits of the referral program. Finally, now that Peloton is selling apparel on Amazon, I wonder if they’ll eventually do away with the referral credits all together.

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