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I’ve just updated this blog post on where you can place a supermarket order online. It now includes 39 46 stores that let you order online and either pick up or have your groceries delivered.

In addition, you may have ended up here because you were looking for information about Peapod delivery. Peapod parent compay Ahold Delhaize has shut down Peapod.

Instead, you need to order directly from the grocery stores that used to be the ones fulfilling those Peapod orders. This includes Stop and Shop Delivery or Giant Food Delivery or Giant Direct Delivery, depending on where you live. You’ll still get the great delivery experience that you got with Peapod. RIP, Peapod.

More people than ever order groceries online

As more and more stores allow you to place a supermarket order online, I’ll continue to update this blog post to reflect that.

However, for the past few months, we’ve been using Instacart nearly exclusively to have our groceries delivered. Seems we’re not alone.

According to Supermarket News, last month 73.5 million Americans placed a supermarket order online. This is a 24 percent increase from the month before. 

As more stores go back to regular shopping, will it last? Only time will tell. However, I’ve become so fond of placing my supermarket order online via Instacart that I plan to continue using the service. In fact, I’m working on an Instacart review to expand on my experience using the service. I hope you’ll read it when it’s done. 

Here’s my new review of Instacart called “Instacart Grocery Delivery: Is it Worth it?”

Can I order groceries online and pick them up?

I’ve also been able to buy my groceries online and then pick them up at both Giant Eagle and Walmart. Therefore, when I talk here about the best online supermarket delivery service, I can only talk about grocery shopping like this with these limited experiences.

Can I order groceries online and have them delivered?

However, there are dozens of supermarkets nationwide that let you place your grocery order online to be delivered. Some are doing the delivering themselves, like Giant Eagle’s Curbside Express. You can choose between pick up and delivery. Delivery costs more.

Others are employing Instacart to deliver, like Costco does.  Or companies like Instacart, such as Shipt

Place Your Supermarket Order Online

So, what grocery stores do online ordering? Or, where can you go these days to place your supermarket order online? I’ve uncovered 39 46 supermarkets and grocery stores. They either offer home delivery of your groceries or are still doing pick up at the store.

Like I said many stores are using Instacart or Shipt for an online supermarket order. What’s great about Instacart, at least, is you actually start shopping on the Instacart site. You enter your zip code and Instacart finds the closest grocery store to you. The great part is Instacart may return results for multiple grocery stores and pharmacies.

Your zip code determines if you can get grocery delivery

When I entered a zip code where I used to live, Instacart came back saying they could shop for me at both CVS Pharmacy and Weis Markets. That’s great to know. If one store is delayed or out of stock or not offering grocery delivery anymore, Instacart can help you find a backup store to place your supermarket order online.

Keep in mind that so many people doing online supermarket orders. Therefore, it is likely not reasonable to expect deliver or pickup in a two-hour window or even same day. Even Amazon is struggling to keep up with orders for Amazon Fresh at Whole Foods. Just imagine how busy all of the employees fulfilling your online supermarket orders are. Also, if you’re allowed to tip them and you can afford a few extra bucks, do it.

Grocery shopping online

Now onto the list of 39 46 businesses that will allow you to place your supermarket order online. I’ve listed them here in alphabetical order.

Acme Fresh Markets

Not to be confused with the Acme Markets mentioned below, which are in the Philadelphia area, Acme Fresh Markets are based in Ohio. What is confusing is the URL for Acme Fresh Markets is

Anyway, Acme Fresh Markets offers both grocery pickup. You have to create an account at first. Also, you’ll need to order at least $35 worth of groceries. And you’ll pay a $2.95 pickup fee. 

Acme Markets

Recently, Acme Markets started working with Instacart to help you get your groceries delivered. This is the only way you get Acme home delivery.

Second, there is Acme grocery delivery to your car, aka pickup. However, pickup is not available in every location. I just searched two zip codes where I used to live in the Philadelphia suburbs. Both defaulted to Instacart delivery because pickup was not available.

Third, Acme Markets just introduced a coupon code for savings. Get $20 OFF + FREE DELIVERY on your 1st order when you spend $75 or more.

Finally, Acme Markets is a part of the Albertson’s family of supermarkets.


First of all, did you know that when you do Albertsons online shopping?  Also, when you place your supermarket order on the website, you can get cash back from Rakuten? Definitely sign up for Rakuten so you can get cash back from grocery shopping.

Here’s my article: What is Rakuten?

Finally, in some markets, Albertson’s is working with Instacart for grocery pickups in store. Those markets are:

  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Houston
  • Las Vegas
  • Phoenix


Instacart powers Aldi delivery, home delivery, and grocery delivery, whatever you call it. From what I can tell Aldi grocery pickup is also something that Instacart does for the store.

Either way start your supermarket order for Aldi delivery at the Instacart website. Enter your zip code so Instacart can find the closest Aldi to you.


If you live near a Whole Foods, then you can likely get Amazon Fresh to deliver your groceries

Amazon Fresh not available in your area? You can always sign up for Amazon Prime Pantry. This can help you get non-perishable staples delivered to your home. 

picture of amazon locker

BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ’s Wholesale Club offers grocery delivery in certain markets. When I lived in the Philadelphia area, I shopped at both BJ’s and Costco.

In 2020 BJ’s launched curbside pickup at all of its clubs. It includes fresh and frozen food orders, which curbside previously did not include.

You can shop online at and via the BJ’s Mobile App for:

There are 219 BJ’s Wholesale Clubs in 17 Eastern seaboard and some Midwest states.

FYI, BJs home delivery is really Instacart home delivery.

Right now BJ’s has an incredible offer for new members: spend just $25 for a 12-month Inner Circle Membership.

bjs curbside pickup shopping cart

Costco Grocery Delivery

When it comes to Costco grocery delivery, it really takes two forms. First, Costco grocery delivery that is same-day delivery is done through Instacart. So that’s how Costco home delivery of groceries occurs. Because it’s done through Instacart, like with other grocery stores that let you place a supermarket order online, start your grocery shopping at the Instacart website.

Second, Costco grocery delivery for non-perishables is done through the Costco website. And the fastest you can get your items is two days. Costco was one of the resources I’d included in my blog post about where you can still buy toilet paper online.

Been on the fence about a Costco membership? Check out the deal below!

Join Costco today. Get a $20 Costco Shop Card as a new Executive Member. Or, get a $10 Costco Shop Card as a new Gold Star Member. 


Cub grocery delivery is really Cub delivery Instacart. Yup, you guessed it. When you want to place a supermarket order online for Cub, you’ll start your grocery shopping at Instacart.


Fairway grocery delivery is done through Instacart.

Food City

Food City in Virginia and Kentucky offers online shopping through GoCart Curbside PickUp program. It is not offering home grocery delivery at this time. Rather, you pickup your supermarket order at the store. They’ll load everything in your car for you.

Food Lion

When it comes to Food Lion and shopping online, you have two options. You can order to pick up your supermarket order–for a $1.99 fee. It’s called Food Lion To Go.

Or you can get Food Lion home delivery for a $3.99 fee. Both require a minimum $35 purchase.

Food Lion first order discount

If you are new to Food Lion pick up or delivery, check out the offer below:

Details: FREE Pickup or Delivery on your first order over $35

Terms: *We’ll waive the Online Delivery or Pick-up fee for your 1st order of $35 or more. Valid for 1st-time residential customers only. Order calculation excludes alcohol, tobacco, pharmacy, gift cards, postage stamps and any other purchase prohibited by law. Other Service Fees, taxes may still apply. Available in select zip codes. Offer not transferable. Limit 1 per household. Expires 12/31/21. Valid on orders placed on only.

Fred Meyer

If you want to take advantage of Fred Meyer grocery delivery, expect to pay a $5.95 delivery fee and a $6.00 service charge. I’m guessing the service charge is there because Instacart is the one who shops your supermarket order and bring it to your home.

Fresh Thyme Farmers Markets

Grocery shoppers in the Midwest can now get their food delivered from Fresh Thyme Farmers Markets by signing up with Shipt. This includes getting alcohol delivered.

Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle’s online grocery shopping for delivery is really Curbside Express home delivery. It is free to use. Because Curbside Express is the pick up option at Giant Eagle stores and it has been expanded to home delivery, too.

The service fees are pretty high–$12.95–so if you live in Giant Eagle territory, you might want to look at other options available to you. I live in an area with Giant Eagle, and because of these high fees, I use Instacart to get my groceries delivered from a locally owned supermarket in the next town.

Giant Direct/Martin’s Direct 

The Giant Company runs both Giant Direct and Martin’s Direct. Giant was where I did my food shopping when I lived in Eastern Pennsylvania.

If you live in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia or West Virginia, and your grocery store is Giant or Martin’s, then Giant Direct is the online grocery service you want to sign up for. In the past, was the ecommerce site for Giant. Not anymore. 

According to Supermarket News, Giant Direct is now offering a discount on midweek deliveries:

“[I]t has removed fees for Giant Delivers midweek orders (Tuesday to Thursday) for customers across its Mid-Atlantic market area. Also, for orders placed during the Friday-to-Monday period, the grocer has halved the delivery fee to $3.95. Minimum order amounts for delivery have been cut as well, from $60 to $30.”

Giant Foods

For 84 years, Giant has been dedicated to bringing customers great quality, value and service. So, if you live in Delaware, Virginia, Maryland or Washington, DC, and you want to order groceries online for delivery or pickup, you’ll do that through the Giant Foods website now. Previously, you would order through but not anymore. 

Finally, right now Giant Foods is offering a new coupon code. Enter GFCHICKENOUT1 at checkout and you’ll receive a free select rotisserie chicken or free select pizza with $30 pickup or delivery purchase. This is for select zip codes only.


You can now use Instacart to get groceries delivered from Hannaford supermarkets. According to Supermarket News, “150 of Hannaford’s 184 stores in Maine, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont” now use Instacart for delivering groceries to customers’ homes.

In addition, you can do pickup at your local Hannaford store. It’s called Hannaford to Go.

Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter online shopping is done through ExpressLane, its shopping service. You can choose to pick up your groceries. You can get Harris Teeter delivery in certain locations, but you’ll have to enter your address to find out. It looks like the Harris Teeter home delivery is done through Instacart.


HEB curbside and delivery is still offered. But, like many grocery shopping locations, HEB is experiencing shortages in its HEB online store. So if you place your HEB supermarket order online for pickup or grocery delivery, you might not be able to get everything you want. FYI, HEB delivery is done using Shipt.

Heinen’s Fine Foods

Shoppers living in Ohio and Illinois that love Heinen’s Fine Foods can finally shop online for grocery delivery or pickup. That’s because Heinen’s has partnered with Instacart. That means you can use it to order your groceries online from any of the 23 stores in those two states. 

Hy-Vee Aisles Online

Hy-Vee Aisles Online is how you place your supermarket order for Hy-Vee online shopping. You can choose Hy-Vee delivery or Hy-Vee Aisles Online pickup.


It looks like Jewel-Osco may has finally launched its own delivery service with this savings offer: $20 Off + FREE Delivery on your first order when you spend $75 or more.

King Soopers

You have a number of options for getting your supermarket order from King Soopers. First, there is King Soopers ship, which looks like a straight out mail order service. Second, when you King Soopers shop online, you can choose to pick up your grocery shopping. Finally, there is King Soopers grocery delivery.

With King Soopers grocery delivery, it looks like you need to start your grocery shopping at Instacart. Also, there is a $5.95 delivery fee and a $6.00 service charge.


You have multiple options when grocery shopping onlinen with Kroger. Firstly, you can use the Kroger Ship program to have your order sent to your home. Secondly, for Kroger grocery pickup and delivery, there are two third parties that can do this for you. One is through Shipt aka Kroger Shipt. The other is through Instacart for grocery shopping at Kroger

Finally, Kroger has a number of ways to save on placing your grocery order online. This includes the following:


The German grocery chain Lidl, now popular in the US, uses Shipt to deliver its groceries. If you sign up for the myLidl account and add your phone number associated with your myLidl account to your Shipt account, you’ll save 3% on groceries. 


In some Meijer locations, regular employees are shopping your Meijer grocery pickup order. In others Meijer is using Shipt. However, when it comes to Meijer delivery, it looks 100% like it is Shipt. So start your grocery shopping on the Shipt site if you’re hoping to place your supermarket order for Meijer.

Pavilions makes it easy to get quality groceries, produce, meat, seafood as well as big/bulky items such as pet food or cases of water delivered to homes and businesses. It’s a great fit for busy families, individuals short on time and/or anyone that wants a convenient way to do their grocery shopping and related household items. offers its delivery service in many major cities and suburbs within Southern California such as Los Angeles, Beverley Hills, West Hollywood, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. 

Right now, you can get $20 Off + FREE Delivery on your first order when you spend $75 or more.

Pick n Save

Pick n Save uses Instacart for all Pick n Save delivery orders. Customers placing a supermarket order for pick up can get it directly from the store.


When you shop on the Publix online store, you can choose to have curbside pickup at the store or you opt for Publix delivery. With the former Publix employees are the one doing your grocery shopping for you. With the latter you need to start your grocery shopping at Instacart. Why? Because it’s really Publix Instacart delivery that is handling your supermarket order. 


With Ralphs online shopping, you’re using the service that used to be called Clicklist. This is specific to pick up for your supermarket order. If you’re looking for Ralphs grocery delivery, then you really want Ralphs Instacart delivery. So start your Ralphs grocery shopping at Instacart.

Randalls offers its grocery delivery service in many major cities and suburbs within Texas such as Austin and Houston. The store has a great offer for new customers: You’ll get $20 Off + FREE Delivery on your first order when you spend $75 or more.


Safeway online shopping offers two options. One, is Safeway order online and pickup. This is done through your local Safeway store. 

Two, you can do Safeway delivery with Instacart. However, some Safeway stores do their own deliveries when you order online. Either way, you can get your groceries delivered to your doorstep.

Sam’s Club

Here’s what Sam’s Club had to say about Sam’s grocery delivery service:

“Sam’s Club is partnering with Instacart to offer same-day delivery of groceries and everyday essentials… Instacart customers will have the option to shop local Sam’s Clubs without a membership, giving them access to Sam’s Club’s signature savings and bulk shopping options, paired with the convenience of same-day delivery.”

So if you want to place your supermarket order with Sam’s and have it delivered, make sure you start your Sam’s grocery shopping at the Instacart website.


Instacart powers Schnucks delivery. That’s all you really need to know!


New England-based Shaw’s offers its online ordering and delivery service in many major cities and suburbs within the states of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.  Save $20 on your first order at when you spend $75 or more.

Star Market

Star Market is based in Massachusetts. There are 21 locations, primarily in the Boston area. 

If you’ve never tried Star Market’s online grocery ordering, you might want to now–thanks to this coupon code for savings. Get $20 off plus free delivery on your first order at Star Market. Note: you need to spend $75 or more for the savings to kick in.

Stater Bros

Stater Bros Instacart is how you get your supermarket order online delivered to your home.

Stop and Shop

When you place a Stop and Shop order online, Peapod is no longer fulfilling that order. In fact, you may have landed here because you’d first read my article Is Peapod Worth It. Anyway, Peapod is slowly being shut down and the brands that it had previously partnered with, like Stop and Shop, are taking over delivery.

Additionally, in some markets, Instacart shoppers are the ones delivering your Stop and Shop order

Finally, if you’re new to Stop and Shop delivery, guess what? You can save money on your first order. Sign up here and used code SSFLOWERS25 at checkout. You’ll save $25 on the first order and then get free delivery for the next 60 days. 

New freshness guarantee at Stop and Shop

According to a Supermarket News article, Stop and Shop has brought back its freshness guarantee. That is, if you’re unsatisfied with the quality of certain fresh foods you’ve purchased from the store, return them. Then, Stop and Shop will give you double your money back.

Here are some details from Stop and Shop’s money-back guarantee page:

Should your purchase not meet your expected standard, we stand by our fresh products and will provide double your money back on purchases in:

  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Produce
  • Dairy
  • Bakery
  • Floral
  • Deli – including Prepared Foods & Cheese Bazaar

We will happily refund your purchase within 7 days of pick up or delivery through our Customer Care Center. Purchase will be verified then refunded to the original form of payment.


Can you buy groceries online from Target? Yes! That’s because Target grocery delivery is done through Target Shipt. In some markets it is Target Instacart.

Either way, you’re sure to find a way to get your grocery shopping done at Target without having to leave home. Your third option is to grocery shop on and choose either Drive Up or Pick Up in Store. 

Two important tips for shopping Target this way. One, if you want to do Drive Up, you can shop on the Target website for in-store pickup. But you need to checkout on the Target app and switch your order to Drive Up. You cannot choose Drive Up from the website.

Two, not every store has the capability to store perishables. Even though we live 15 minutes from a Target store, we had to drive 50 minutes to another one to get milk, eggs and ice cream in our Drive Up order. That’s because the Target nearest our home didn’t have refrigeration capacity. So, keep that in mind.

target employee at drive up location.

Tom Thumb

When my daughter lived in Dallas, she did her grocery shopping at Tom Thumb. Turns out she could have gotten her groceries delivered from Tom Thumb, too. offers its delivery service in many major cities and suburbs Texas such as Dallas and Fort Worth. And, it has a savings offer for new customers only: Take $20 Off plus get free delivery on your first order when you spend $75 or more.


Vons is one of the more than 50 supermarkets that have partnered with Instacart for grocery delivery. This helps you get your grocery shopping done online and have it delivered to your home, again thanks to Instacart.

However, at some Vons location, you can order online and pick up at the store or ask the store to deliver your groceries. It’s a win-win either way.


I’ve been using Walmart grocery pickup for a few years now. I’ve mostly loved it but, like with many things these days, getting a convenient slot and finding everything in stock is a challenge. 

In some markets there are Walmart delivery options. In fact, Walmart recently announced it has started working with Instacart to deliver groceries in the following areas:

  • San Francisco / Bay Area, CA
  • Los Angeles/ Orange County, CA
  • San Diego, CA
  • Tulsa, OK
parking spaces at walmart grocery pickup service


Wegmans is yet another store that uses Instacart to fulfill its grocery shopping online. This is for Wegmans pickup as well as Wegmans grocery delivery. In fact, Wegmans recommends that you sign up for an Instacart Express membership so that you can save on pickup and delivery fees.


Interested in using Weis grocery delivery, aka Weis 2 Go? Then, you’ll need to connect with Shipt. They are the ones delivering Weis supermarket orders.

Whole Foods

If you want Whole Foods delivery, you’re going to have to sign up for the aforementioned Amazon Fresh. Why? Because Amazon owns Whole Foods now.

Unfortunately, you’ll no longer have the option of getting groceries from Whole Foods delivered for free. Starting in October 2021 everyone pays $9.95 for get their groceries delivered, so says Supermarket News. So, is Amazon Prime membership still worth it?

Finally, Instacart and Whole Foods no longer have a relationship. That being said, it might make sense to use Instacart or Shipt to get your grocery shopping online done elsewhere for the time being.

Winn Dixie

Winn Dixie has partnered with Shipt so you can do your Winn Dixie grocery shopping online. Then, Shipt will deliver your supermarket order

More about placing a supermarket order online

I’ve talked a lot about how you can get your grocery shopping done without leaving the house. And in many cases either Instacart or Shipt will be the services delivering your supermarket order. Here now is a bit more information about each of these services.


Instacart is the go to service for quick and effective grocery delivery. Customers select groceries from various retailers, and then Instacart shoppers will do the shopping for you. They’ll also deliver when they are finished. Consider tipping extra for your Instacart person during these challenging times. We always tips 20 percent–the same as we would if we were dining out in restaurants, which we’re not doing these days.

Finally, not sure if Instacart is available in your area? From an Instacart press release:

“Instacart today powers pickup for more than 50 grocery partners, including Food Lion, Gelson’s, Publix, Price Chopper, Schnucks, Shop ‘n Save, The Fresh Market, Wegmans and more, across more than 30 states.”

instacart order drop off
This is what it looks like when my Instacart shopper drops off my grocery order inside my garage.


Here is how Shipt describes its grocery delivery and other services its delivers:

“From phone chargers to frozen pizzas, Shipt delivers from popular stores in as soon as 1 hour. Saving time, fuel, and headspace, same-day delivery on household essentials and groceries is no-brainer for busy lives.”

It’s likely that if Shipt is available in your area, you might experience some delays, too.

Which supermarket is best for online shopping?

So, which supermarket is best for online shopping? Well, these days you can answer this in a number of ways. First, can you get a pick-up or delivery within a reasonable time period? Second, does the store have items in stock, like toilet paper? Finally, are you happy with the service you’re getting? 

Wondering what the best to buy groceries is? I’ve just updated my blog post on this topic.

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