My Stitch Fix Men Review

This is not the first time I’ve written a Stitch Fix Men review. A few years ago I wrote about online styling services for Parade.

Then, right here on this blog, I did a roundup of the best men’s online stylist services or personal styling service online or personal stylist online. I recently updated that review for this year.

So why am I writing a separate Stitch Fix Men review now? Because Stitch Fix, the online personal stylist, finally has extended sizes.

That means that my big-and-tall husband could finally get Stitch Fix outfits and use a men’s personal shopper online via Stitch Fix Men. Now, he can have his own version of big and tall fashion styling services and a personal stylist online.

You can always choose a Stitch Fix gift card.

What is Stitch Fix

I’ve been a happy Stitch Fix customer since 2015. That’s when I first heard about the online styling service.

At first I asked “What is Stitch Fix” but then I tried it out. Then I wrote my popular blog post called, what else, “What is Stitch Fix.”

In case you don’t know, Stitch Fix is an online styling service that sends you clothing in the mail. It is not a subscription box, in that you don’t pay a monthly fee.

You can order a Stitch Fix box whenever you’d like, through the website or the Stitch Fix app. Once you try something on, you can keep, return or exchange any item.

Stitch Fix is not a subscription box

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With traditional subscription box services, you have to keep whatever the company sends you. Not with Stitch Fix.

I’ve been waiting years to get my husband to try the mail order styling service that I’ve come to love. I love that he can have a big and tall fashion box of his own now as well as his own clothing stylist, albeit online.

If my daughters were younger, I totally would have signed them up for Stitch Fix Kids by now. (FYI, Stitch Fix Kids offers unique, affordable clothing and accessories in sizes 2T-14. This would have made back-to-school shopping so much easier.)

But back to my husband. Finally, he could have a Stitch Fix account of his own.

Stitch Fix for Men expands sizes

I was so happy when Stitch Fix announced expanded sizing. Now the company would be offering up to 3XL and a 48-inch waist, and short and tall fit options.

This was how the company announced the news in an email I received at that time:

Stitch Fix Men is expanding its size offering and now carrying Men’s sizes XS-3X in tops, 28”-48” in waist, and 28”-36” inseams. We’ve also updated our tailored styles. Look to your Stylist for elevated suit separates, dress shirts and dress shoes. For the active moments, Stitch Fix Men is adding performance pieces for every activity from golf to running to hiking.

This was great news for my husband. 

Here are other options for wide width men’s dress shoes.

Registering for a Stitch Fix box

I’ll be honest–as a busy executive, he didn’t have time to do the signing up. So I did it for him.

If your significant other is busy like mine, go ahead, sign him up and get his first Fix scheduled right away. Sometimes there is a delay between sign up and the first Fix. So get it scheduled as soon as you sign him up so he won’t have to wait.

Just like when I registered for Stitch Fix years ago, the whole process of registering my husband was super easy.

Comparing Stitch Fix Men to Stitch Fix Women

It required looking through a bunch of different outfit looks to create a style profile. What was different about the Stitch Fix for Men’s experience of creating a style profile were the questions on how the customer likes clothing to fit.

I know with the women’s style profile fit, the questions were more about body parts. That is, which parts of your body do you like to show off and which parts of your body do you like to keep covered.

With the men’s questionnaire, Stitch Fix wanted to know how my husband liked clothes to fit. For example, with regards to shirts, jackets, jeans and more, did my husband like a slim fit, average fit or a baggier fit.

What comes in your first Stitch Fix box

Because this was going to be Bill’s first Fix, the website explained that he would receive many more than the five pieces that come in most Fixes. After his first few Fixes, when Stitch Fix was figuring out his likes and dislikes, he could expect to receive only five items.

Of course, now that the fashion styling company is offering Stitch Fix Extras, it’s easy to bump up the number of items you receive. For Bill’s first Fix, I added in some boxer briefs.

My Stitch Fix Men review

About a week after I’d signed him up, completed the style profile and scheduled his first Fix, his Stitch Fix for Men box arrived. See? I told you you should get the Fix scheduled as soon as you sign up.

Anyway, it was interesting to see how slightly different yet on-brand the men’s version of Stitch Fix compared with the women’s version. The color of the box was more of masculine green than the light blue color of the boxes my own Fixes arrive it. Inside, things were different, too.

How the Stitch Fix Men’s box differs

The clothing in a men’s Fix come wrapped in a heavyweight, brown craft paper. It looked super classy. Women’s Fixes come with white tissue paper, which is pretty in its own right.

The box itself was much bigger. Then again, it had eight pieces inside.

And since my husband is 6’3″, well, his clothing should take up more space than mine do. I’m only 5′ 4″. That makes sense for a big and tall clothing box.

Like with my own Fixes, Bill could expect to pay a $20 styling fee for his box. That $20 would be credited to whatever he kept from the box.

Why I’m writing a Stitch Fix Men review

To be completely transparent, when we signed Bill up for Stitch Fix for Men, it was because I’m working on a review of workout clothing subscription services. I’d ordered a workout Fix for myself and wanted one for Bill, too.

As a so-called Stitch Fix Influencer, the folks at Stitch Fix offered to comp us for the workout boxes.

When his Fix arrived, it was a mixed Fix, if you will, of workout clothing and everyday clothing. Ironically, he ended up loving the everyday clothing more than the workout clothing.

So I had to alter my plan to write a Stitch Fix Men review to be about the everyday clothing, not the workout clothing exclusive review. My husband has since ordered at least two additional Fixes!

What was in his Stitch Fix box

So what did Bill receive? Here’s what was in his Stitch Fix Men box:

  • Fairlane Dorian Merino Wool V Neck Sweater
  • Even Tide Durant Performance Tee
  • 01Algo Vancouver Performance 1/4 Zip
  • 01Algo Brandon Performance Henley
  • Hawker Rye Essential Wash Stretch Straight Fit Chino
  • Mavi Zach Straight Leg Jean
  • Hawker Rye Omaha Stretch Chambray Shirt
  • Stance Reedley Classic Crew 2-Pack Socks
stitch fix men fairlane brand

Stitch Fix shirts for men

As I mentioned the reason Bill hadn’t tried Stitch Fix until now was because he needs tall sizes in shirts. Only one of the Stitch Fix shirts was a legit tall size.

It was a grey chambray button down, long-sleeved shirt from Hawker Rye (shown, below). He loved it. It was definitely a keeper.

Bill wanted the gray Fairlane V-neck sweater to work but it was too tight in the bodice. The sleeves and neck were perfect.

He could have sized up with an exchange but he was concerned the sweater would be too big overall. So he returned the sweater.

There was one other keeper that Bill was excited about. It was a pair of green khaki stretch pants, also from Hawker Rye.

Stitch Fix delivered them in the exact waist size and inseam that I’d included in his style profile. However, the slanted front pockets were pulling weirdly.

Checking out on Stitch Fix Men

It was easy to checkout on the Stitch Fix website. He could have checked out on his phone as well, using the Stitch Fix app.

With each item he received–from the Stitch Fix shirts to the pants–he had the option to “keep” or “return” or “exchange.” With the Hawker Rye green pants, he decided to exchange them.

Once he had indicated that he wanted to make a Stitch Fix Men exchange, a drop-down menu appeared. It showed all of the sizes available that he could select as an exchange.

He was able to choose the next waist size up. The following week, the new pants arrived. They have become his go-to business casual pants for business casual Fridays at work.

He wears these pants on most weekends, too. That’s when he wants to look a little more dressed up than jeans. Bill has gotten so much wear from his Stitch Fix Men clothing.

stitch fix brand hawker rye

The 01Algo performance pullover Stitch Fix shirt was a tough call.

Bill loved the fabric. He loved the fit. But it came in black.

Bill really likes green and wanted the pullover in that color. When he clicked “exchange,” he discovered that Stitch Fix limits exchanges to sizes only.

He really wished that there had been an option to exchange for a different color, too. So he returned the pullover, too.

The rest of the Fix just didn’t work for him. This was because the clothing didn’t fit in a way he liked or were colors he didn’t like. 

Overall thoughts on his first Stitch Fix Men shipment

Even with only keeping two items, Bill says he would definitely use Stitch Fix for Men again. And he has!

That chambray shirt really won him over. It is so different than what he normally wears on the weekend.

He probably never would have chosen such a shirt in the store. But when it showed up from Stitch Fix for Men, it was love at first sight.

Recapping my other Stitch Fix Men review

Prior to Stitch Fix offering its expanded sized, I’d had my 31-year-old brother Josh sign up to try it out so I could write a Stitch Fix for men review. Here’s a recap of his experience.

I write more in detail in this popular post on online fashion styling services just for men.

Josh found the sign up and style profile creation process for Stitch Fix Men easy and clear. Unfortuantely, he had to wait to see the results of his efforts.

Because he didn’t scheduled his first Fix right after signup, it took a long time to arrive. Don’t make the same mistake Josh did. Schedule your first Fix as soon as you sign up!

When his Fix finally arrived, it was spot on.

“They did a pretty good job, actually really good. The stuff they chose was quality and really solid. It was really customized,” Josh says.

His Fix included two shirts, a belt, a pair of pants and a sweater. He was impressed with the packaging inside the box.

Josh liked the styling cards that come with each Fix. He found the suggestions on how to wear your items with other products helpful.

Time to try everything on

Josh didn’t feel like three days was enough time to try everything on and send it back. Bill agrees.

Having only three days to try on clothes and decide felt really rushed. He thinks five days would be better.

Good news: I found this out from the folks at Stitch Fix. You can ask for more time to try everything on:

From the website:

“You can actually extend your return time so you have more than 3 days to make a decision before returning the items. You can do that in the app or in your account in your web browser, or email our support team!”

So what was Josh’s takeaway from Stitch Fix Men? Well, he loved the belt so much he kept it. “It was really unique,” he says. “The color of the leather was really nice, a beautiful cream brown.”

Like I said my husband has become a big fan of Stitch Fix Men, too. It’s really helped him stock his wardrobe for business casual Fridays.

Here are some other clothing boxes for men.