How to Find Peloton Free Classes

Peloton studios reopened in Summer 2022.

Here is my article about riding live at the new Peloton studios in NYC at Hudson Yards.

If you have a Peloton cycle like I do, then the notion of Peloton free classes probably seems like, um, what? Did you just say Peloton free classes? I mean, you paid to buy your bike and you have to have a monthly subscription to use it–or to use the app. So what the what with Peloton free classes?

Turns out they’re a thing. In fact, there are some ways you might not reazlie that you can enjoy taking Peloton classes for free when you’re not at home. In fact, I’m going to share with you how, recently, I was able to celebrate one of my Peloton milestones at a Peloton cycle showroom and enjoy one of the Peloton free classes at the same time.

peloton free classes

Looking for a Peloton showroom or store location near you? This article can help.

Classes at Peloton studio NYC

The main Peloton studio is in NYC. It’s where most of the live Peloton classes are broadcast from or recorded. You might think that you get to ride for free all the time at the Peloton studio NYC, thanks to your subscription. Unfortunately, that’s not true.

The nearly half dozen times that I’ve been able to ride live at the Peloton studio Chelsea–shout out to Christine D’Ercole and Matt Wilpers, the two instructors I’ve met in person–I had to pay full price for my class. 

Book a Peloton hotel when visiting New York City.

In the spring of 2020 the whole operation moved to the Far West Side of Manhattan so everything will be under one more roof. That means no more Peloton studio Chelsea. Instead, the Peloton studios NYC will be at 33rd Street and 10th Avenue.

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Here is information about riding live at the Peloton London studio.

That’s super convenient for people coming in by train to Penn Station. That would be folks from Long Island on the LIRR, New Jersey or Pennsylvania on NJ Transit, or anyone arriving into New York City via Amtrak. That’s because Penn Station is located at between 32nd and 33rd Streets and between 7th Avenue and 8th Avenue. That’s an easy walk to the new Peloton studios at 33rd Street and 10th Avenue.

Here is the exterior of the Peloton studio NYC that opens in 2020. I took this picture while walking to the Peloton studio Chelsea for one of my live in-studio rides last year.

peloton gifts

When the Peloton studios reopen in 2022, I hope to get back and do in-person rides again. In the meantime, are looking for more information about the Peloton Studio seating chart? Once the studios reopen, this link on the Peloton website should provide all the information for booking classes, including the seating chart for spinning classes.

Hotels near Peloton studio NYC

By the way, there are a number of Peloton hotels in New York City. These are hotels that have Peloton bikes in their fitness center. I wrote about staying in a Peloton hotel, without even realizing it, in my blog post Hotels with Peloton bikes.

However, if you’re looking for hotels that are, basically, walkable to the new Peloton studios, here are a few to consider. Some of these hotels are Peloton hotels. Others are just regular hotels. Finally, when I say “walkable,” I mean within 10 to 20 blocks or under a mile. 

Courtyard Marriott

This Courtyard Marriott is one of two hotels that Peloton says it has partnered with for its new west side studio locations. This hotel is located on 10th Avenue and 34th Street. So just around the corner from Peloton studios NYC. The hotel is also dog friendly. 


Pictures of the fitness center of the Crowne Plaza HY36 Midtown Manhattan website confirm that there are two Peloton bikes there. The hotel is located on 36th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues so very close to the Peloton west side studios. 

Kimpton INK 48 Hotel

When the Peloton studios were in Chelsea, I liked to stay at The Kimpton Eventi Hotel. It is one of the hotels with Peloton bikes. We stayed there, with our dogs, over the summer. Great hotel, great fitness center and amazing restaurants and super close to the Peloton studio Chelsea.

Now that the Peloton studios NYC have moved to the Far West Side, I’ll likely book one of my other favorite Kimpton hotels–the Ink 48. Also dog friendly and also has a great restaurant. A little farther walk to the studios–about 15 blocks–but still convenient and worth it.

If none of these hotels seem to be to your liking, you can always book through your favorite travel website. One of mine is

Book a ride at one of the Peloton store locations

These days there are Peloton store locations in malls, airports and even some Main Streets USA. There’s a handful in Canada and even Peloton store locations in London–and a studio, too. That’s good information to have if you’re ever visiting England and want to book a ride.

But the majority of Peloton store locations or these Peloton cycle showrooms are stateside, and that’s where you can book a ride for free and basically enjoy Peloton free classes. Some of these Peloton store locations include:

  • In Michigan, the Peloton Somerset Collection
  • Peloton Westchester Mall in White Plains, New York
  • Peloton store Chicago–the Shops at North Bridge and Oakbrook Center
  • Boston-area Peloton Natick Mall in Massachusetts; there are three other Peloton cycle stores in the Boston area, too
  • Peloton California–there are 12 Peloton stores, including Peloton Store Newport Beach

I recently booked my free ride at the Peloton store in Pittsburgh; it’s the closest one to me.

Why did I book a free ride when I have my Peloton bike at home? Because I was celebrating my 900th ride and wanted to do something special for myself for reaching that milestone. In fact, when you visit the webpages for the various Peloton store locations, they encourage you to come see them if you’re riding a Peloton milestone.

How to book a ride at a Peloton cycle showroom

This video will show you everything you need to know to sign up for Peloton free classes at a Peloton cycle showroom.

You’ll notice that after you’ve made your reservation, you’re told what to bring for your workout. This includes socks and running shoes–assuming you’re trying out the Tread. However, when I rode my milestone, I brought my own bike shoes–Look Delta cleats only as you would use at home–and my own water bottle. These are the same Peloton bike accessories that I use at home.

This is good information to have, whether you’re riding a milestone like I was or just want to get in a ride when you’re traveling. You can ride for free at any Peloton store, as long as they have space and you book ahead online.

Speaking of milestones, sometimes the Peloton store locations will do something special for your milestone. For me, they made a sign with my leaderboard name and a congratulations message for ride 900.

Some people, who go to ride their Century ride–that’s ride 100–will find balloons spelling out 100. I took the picture, below, on the opening night of the Peloton Pittsburgh showroom. Clearly, someone there was celebrating their Century ride.

peloton free classes

Others might be a gift bag of Peloton swag. This is a picture of what one of my Pelo-friends received for his milestone ride.

peloton free classes

Ride for free at your hotel

Did you know that hundreds of hotels across the United States now have Peloton bikes in them? It’s one of the reasons I wrote my popular Peloton hotels blog post, after discovering that I, myself, was staying in a Peloton hotel when I was in town to ride at the Peloton studio Chelsea.

I know this is a bit of stretch, saying you can enjoy Peloton free classes when you ride at your hotel. But if you’re traveling and don’t want to miss your workout, it’s good to know that you can book a hotel room at a place that actually has a Peloton bike. I mean, it is possible to do a Peloton bike class using the app, but it’s just not the same.

Need more information about Peloton free classes or anything else Peloton? Post a comment and let me know.

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