Best Wedding Registry Programs That Save You Money

I’ve just updated this blog post on the best wedding registry programs.

That’s because this year, a bunch more stores are offering free gifts with a new registry.

Or they’re giving discounts to enjoy after your wedding.

Either way these are some of the best places to registry for a bridal shower.

When I think about bridal registry programs, I think about weddings.

I mean, who wouldn’t?

And when I think about weddings, I think about the popular times of the year for couples to get engaged and to get married.

Speaking of your wedding, did you know what months are most popular for weddings?

These are the top five:

  1. June
  2. October
  3. September
  4. July
  5. May
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I know this because I wrote close to a dozen books about weddings.

You can find a link to my Amazon Author Page at the bottom of this article.

While it’s exciting to get married during a popular month, it can also be very expensive.

You’ll save more money on your wedding when you get married in an off-season month (read: cold weather or winter).

You know what else can be expensive?

Wedding registries.

These can be expensive if your guests don’t buy the complete sets that you’ve registered for.

Stores with great bridal registry programs

Some stores have better wedding registry programs than others.

They are convenient and they offer a broader range of products.

Plus, they offer certain bonuses or freebies when you sign up to register.

For example, you might get wedding registry free gifts, wedding registry freebies or free stuff for your wedding registry.

These are some of the best wedding registry incentives–free stuff–don’t you think?

Looking to order your wedding flowers online?

Now you can do that at Safeway, Albertsons and Vons’ supermarkets.

Best places to register for a bridal shower

Some stores offer discounts on purchases after you’ve completed your registry or gotten married.

These are the kinds of bridal registries that can save you money on wedding gifts or even qualify for free wedding gifts–from yourself!

Truth is, many couples have no idea that these kinds of bonuses exist, such as a free gift card with a wedding registry.

Don’t miss out!

Yes, that’s right–you the bride and groom can save money on gifts for themselves and/or get free gifts just for creating a bridal registry.

These are some of the best wedding registry programs with awesome perks!

If you ask me where to register for bridal shower gifts, I would tell you to go with the stores that have wedding registry freebies, wedding registry incentives and wedding registry perks!

Here are fun bridal shower games to include in your planning.

Bridal wedding registries that can save you money

Thinking about using your bridal registry as a way to save money, I think, makes you a smart and sophisticated consumer.

It also allows you to register with confidence.

If your guests choose to buy gifts off your registry, then they can purchase with confidence, too.

With these freebies and incentives in mind, here are the best bridal wedding gift registries that can save you money–listed here in alphabetical order.

In my opinion these offer some of the best wedding registry perks around.

Plus, these are some of the popular wedding registry stores where you may have been considering registering anyway.

1. Amazon Bridal Registry

You get bonus free gifts and other fun stuff when you register for certain brands and create an Amazon wedding registry.

This is good to know if your bridal registry includes Calphalon, Le Creuset and Cuisinart.

With the Amazon wedding registry, what stuff can you get?

Well, we’re talking everything from free mixing bowls to a free high-end knife when you complete your registry.

In addition, after your big day, Amazon will send you a 10 percent off coupon to help you finish out your registry as part of its wedding registry incentives.

Thanks to your Amazon wedding registry, you can take advantage of the Universal Registry feature.

You also have up to 180 days to return almost everything on their registry.

If you don’t have a Prime membership, here’s an article on how having Amazon Prime can save you big–365 days of the year.

Finally, read these tips to search for someone’s Amazon wedding registry.

2. Bed, Bath and Beyond Bridal Registry

Note: Bed, Bath and Beyond filed for bankruptcy in April 2023 and has started closing stores. Therefore, I can no longer recommend couples register here.

If you’ve already registered at this store, then you probably got the same email that I did, saying the following about their registry program:

“Your registry data is safe. You can still view your registry at this time. We expect to partner with an alternative platform where you will be able to transfer your data and complete your registry. We will provide details in the coming days.”

The Bed, Bath and Beyond bridal registry has partnered with certain brands that are popular on bridal registries. This gives you, the bride and groom, free stuff as a thank you for registering for those brands. Actually, the wedding registry freebie comes when your guests buy the products. Then, you send in a redemption form for your free item.

3. Belk Department Store Wedding Registry

Belk calls its registry discount program “registry rebates.”

Basically, you get free gifts when you complete your Belk Wedding Registry with brands ranging from Calphalon to Le Creuset.

The freebies also includes All-Clad.

Both All-Clad and Calphalon are included in this holiday gift guide of products guaranteed for life.

4. Bloomingdale’s Bridal Registry

Bloomingdale’s offers couples who sign up for their bridal registry an impressive number of perks and discounts.

For starters, you’ll get 20% off dresses, intimates, suits and more before your big day.

Then, after the event, discounts continue.

You get 20% off on everything on your registry for six months after the wedding.

Finally, you get free bonus gifts from certain brands when you register for them.

There are 22 participating brands as of this writing.

These brands include Kate Spade New York, Le Creuset and Vitamix.

5. Crate and Barrel Wedding Registry

Everyone who registers for wedding gifts at Crate and Barrel gets an exclusive discount.

That discount is 15 percent off any Crate and Barrel purchase in the three months after your wedding.

It isn’t limited to items left on your registry.

There is another freebie perk that couples can get from Crate and Barrel–free stemless wine glasses.

However, they aren’t an automatic gift for the engaged couple.

Instead, you’ll need to attend one of Crate and Barrel’s Private Registry Events.

Then, as a thank you for attending, you’ll get your free wine glasses.

6. Dillard’s Bridal Registry

Couples that create a wedding bridal, baby or general gift registry with Dillard’s can conceivably receive freebies and bonus gifts from 15 different brands.

There is a trick, though.

The trick is to register for those brands and have your guests buy certain items within those brands.

These freebies and bonus gifts range from free gift cards to free cookware.

How’s that for bridal registry free gifts?!

In addition, Dillard’s offers a generous registry completion program.

This allows you to buy remaining items on your registry at a discount.

What an awesome registry perk!

Discover the Wedding Shop at Dillard’s.

You can find the latest styles for the mother of the bride, the guests and more.

7. is a universal wedding gift registry.

A universal gift registry is one that combines the best of all worlds.

That is, it’s an online wedding gift registry that connects you and your guests with stores nationwide.

So, rather than registering in a bazillion places and having people shop all over the place, you and they can go through one portal to get it all done.

That one portal is

It connects you with some of the biggest retailers out there.

This includes some major retailers that no longer have wedding registry programs of their own.

These retailers include:

  • Best Buy
  • Boscov’s
  • JC Penney
  • Kohls
  • Nordstrom

In addition, you can register at places you probably didn’t know had a bridal or gift registry.

For example, you can create a Home Depot registry via MyRegistry.

Case in point: here are just a few of the store categories where you can create a wedding gift registry through

  • pets
  • books
  • sports gear
  • travel gear
  • electronics
  • eco-friendly products

Benefits of a universal wedding gift registry

Here’s a benefit of a universal wedding gift registry like that fits with the theme of this blog post:

you can still get the perks, freebies and discounts.

When reached out to me to introduce the service, here’s what they told me:

We mainly offer benefits to our new members. At the moment, if someone creates a wedding registry on our website, they are immediately provided with these special offers. These offers may be subject to change as we partner with various brands.

Freebies and perks from

Right now those freebies, perks and special offers are available from two vendors.

They are Wayfair Registry and Minted.

Again, these freebies and perks change over time.

So, if you decide to use MyRegistry, definitely opt into any offers they may have for now or in the future.

Click here to sign up for MyRegistry and get those new user perks.

Finally, here are a few other benefits for

One, MyRegistry has gift registries in Spanish.

Two, there is a gift registry for Canadian couples.

Three, you have the option to use to set up a baby registry.

Four, gifts can include both products and Cash Gift Funds.

This allows couples to request money to go toward more expensive items, such as honeymoon expenses and home down payments, or for group gifting.

Charity gifting is also available so guests can contribute to a cause on behalf of the couple.

8. Macy’s Bridal Registry

The biggest money savings with a Macy’s bridal registry comes after the wedding is over.

Here is how the Macy’s Bridal Registry page describes this perk:

The savings continue for 6 months after you’re married!

We’ll load a promo code in your Macy’s Wallet for an EXTRA 20% OFF most remaining items on your registry and an EXTRA 10% OFF the big stuff (furniture, mattresses & rugs).

Macy’s also offers something called Registry Star Rewards.

That offers even more ways to save money on your bridal registry purchase.

Plus, you get cash back on your purchases.

So, basically, free money.

9. Pottery Barn Bridal Registry

One of the biggest benefits of creating a Pottery Barn bridal registry is that your registry can include items from other brands in the parent company.

That includes Williams-Sonoma and West Elm.

It’s one of the best wedding registry perks when registering with this brand.

You can register for gifts from all three stores.

So, that means that in addition to registering for traditional registry kitchen items and bedding, you can add furniture and other “bigger” home items.

They call it The One Registry.

As far as the money-saving aspect goes, Pottery Barn et al offers a 10 percent discount for you to finish out your registry within six months of your big day.

10. Target Wedding Registry

At some point during the year, there is always a Target wedding registry free gift card.

That is, Target may offer a free bonus Target gift card for between $50 and $100 to couples who register at the store.

If you’re considering registering at Target, I would definitely ask.

Even if that offer isn’t happening when you do set up your Target wedding registry, you will still get free benefits and registry perks.

In addition to a 15 percent off discount for completing your registry, you’ll also get free gifts from certain brands when your guests purchase them off your registry.

For example, you’ll receive two free ramekins when you register for and receive a CW by CorningWare four-piece set.

Here is a blog post on Target college gift registry.

11. Wayfair Bridal Registry

Did you know that Wayfair has a bridal registry?

I didn’t, but now that I know about it, it looks awesome.

If you’re already a Wayfair customer, then you’ll want to check out the Wayfair bridal registry.

What kind of benefits come with registering at Wayfair?

Well, the money-saving kind.

The big one is this–20% off anything left on your registry after your wedding.

This discount is good for six months.

And the freebie? Well, it’s free returns for 90 days on anything off your registry.

Finally, did you know that Wayfair has its own shopping holiday?

It’s in May, and it’s called Way Day.

Here’s my article about Wayfair Way Day.

12. Williams-Sonoma Bridal Registry

As mentioned above, in the Pottery Barn registry section, Williams-Sonoma lets you add items to its registry from the other company brands.

It also gives you free stuff.

Right now, the Williams-Sonoma bridal registry has freebie offers from 11 brands.

They range from a free popcorn maker from Cuisinart to a stainless-steel skillet from All-Clad.

Did you know that All-Clad is one of the brands with a lifetime warranty?

Check out my article on cookware with a guarantee.

Gifts for wedding anniversaries

And once you’re married and ready to celebrate anniversaries, guess what?

I’ve got more freebies and perks for you.

Here are restaurants that will give you free food on your wedding anniversary! 

Anniversary gift ideas

I’ve written a number of posts on wedding anniversary gifts.

Here is one that offers gift suggestions by year and theme.

In addition, this post covers easy modern anniversary gift ideas, and this article covers easy traditional anniversary gift ideas.

Got gift questions? Post a comment and ask away.

Here are some ideas for setting up a monetary wedding registry.

Finally, are you interested in my wedding books?

Here is a link to the Leah Ingram Amazon Author Page.