Teacher and Nurse Appreciation Week

Every year, during the second full week of May, it is both Teacher Appreciation Week and Nurse Appreciation Week. Both professions are bound to find lots of deals during that seven-day period. However, I’ve rounded up deals and discounts that teachers and nurses can enjoy all year long.

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Where to Get Teacher Discounts

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A number of retailers, restaurants and more give teachers and other educators discounts throughout the year. Here are the places to go and how you can get those savings 365 days a year, not just during Teacher Appreciation Week.

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Where to Get a Healthcare Worker Discount

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If you work in healthcare as a nurse or otherwise, you can get discounts when you shop in person or online. You just have to show your work ID to prove you work at a doctor’s office, in a hospital, on an ambulance or something similar. Here’s where to shop for those discounts.

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Cheap and Free Food on National Days

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In the past, restaurants like Chipotle would give free food to nurses or teachers during their respective appreciation weeks. However, there are many more times during the year to get free food. Here’s when they are.

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Peloton Discounts for Teachers

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One of the popular hashtags on the Peloton leaderboard is one having to do with Peloton teachers. Not the people who teach the classes but rather members who work in education. If that describes you and you don’t know how to get a Peloton membership discount, read on.

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Teacher Appreciation Summer Savings

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In the past, some retailers have created their own teacher appreciation savings outside of Teacher Appreciation Week. This includes Sam’s Club and Target. With Target, these deals and savings are often within the Target Circle program.

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T-Mobile Teacher Discounts

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There are two ways you can get teacher discounts at T-Mobile. One, there is a straight out educator discount for up to five lines on a single account. And, two, T-Mobile has a discount plan for school districts. I covered this topic in my article about teacher discounts.

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Peloton Healthcare Discount

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What is a Peloton healthcare discount? It’s a discount on membership for people who work in the healthcare industry. This includes a discount for people in the fields you might expect associated with healthcare, such as doctors, nurses, etc. However, it also includes veterinarians and more.

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