Peloton Healthcare Discount

There are two kinds of Peloton healthcare discounts that you need to know about.

One, there is a discount on your monthly Peloton membership from a healthcare or health insurance provider.

And, two, there is a membership discount for healthcare workers or those working in health-related professions.

This article covers both healthcare discounts on a Peloton membership.

Peloton membership discount through health insurance

This savings on a Peloton subscription is something that you can get through your employer or health insurance provider. Or your healthcare plan.

Reach out to human resources

One, start by reaching out to the human resources department at your employer or your spouse or partner’s employer.

Or, check to see if health clubs or fitness center memberships can be reimbursed through your healthcare plan.

At some workplaces, Peloton qualifies for this reimbursement.

This is what I did with my husband’s employer, since that is how we get our health insurance.

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Unfortunately, they did not recognize Peloton as a legit health club membership so I was SOL.

Planet Fitness and the YMCA would have qualified, but I like exercising at home!

However, like I said, our healthcare insurance company did not recognize at-home fitness as being eligible.

Peloton membership reimbursement

Two, if it turns out that your Peloton membership does qualify for a discount or reimbursement, find out what you need to do to get that money back.

It may be like filing an out-of-network health insurance claim.

You may have to download, print out and mail in paperwork.

Or you may be able to do it online.

Chances are you’ll have to do this monthly to continue getting the membership discount benefits.

How employers might cover a Peloton membership

I learned about this option of getting reimbursed for a Peloton membership from the various Peloton Facebook groups I’m in. There are too many to list.

Anyway, here are examples that people shared. This is how they were able to get a discount or full reimbursement from their health insurance company or their employer for using their Peloton.

Health insurance reimbursement

One woman was already getting money back from her health insurer, if she visited the gym more than 100 times in a year.

When COVID hit, she went back to her health insurance company and asked if taking Peloton classes would count.

They said it would, with proof.

So she downloaded her Peloton workout history, submitted it and got 100% of her membership fees for the year back.

United Healthcare Peloton offer

united healthcare and peloton membership discount

Another person learned that her health insurance provider–United Healthcare–offered $100 a year in fitness reimbursements. That included Peloton.

So, while $100 only covers a few months of membership, it’s better than nothing.

I think this UHC partnership with Peloton is pretty unique.

However, just recently United Healthcare made a public announcement about covering the Peloton app for certain members.

Here’s what the announcement said:

“Eligible UnitedHealthcare health plans* now include a 1-year Peloton Digital Membership with access to the Peloton App or a 4-month All-Access Membership waiver – at no additional cost.”

So, in other words, in this instance, the Peloton monthly fee is paid by the health insurance company.

Here is my review of the Peloton digital app.

Employer reimbursement

Still a third person works for a company where gym membership is a covered benefit. No questions asked.

So he didn’t have to send anything to insurance to get money back.

It happened all through his employer, which added the money back into his paycheck.

There is a Peloton support page that can help you figure out how to get reimbursed for your Peloton membership.

Want more Peloton troubleshooting tips? This blog post can help.

Cigna Insurance health and wellness benefits

I’ve got good news and bad news with regards to Cigna insurance and Peloton. First the bad news.

Unfortunately, Cigna Healthy Rewards Discount Program does not cover Peloton equipment reimbursement. That seems ridiculous since it covers other kinds of fitness products and services. For example, you can get reimbursed for buying Gaiam yoga products.

Now for the good news: as per this Cigna press release, since 2023, Cigna has offered the Peloton App as a free resource for all U.S.-based employees. However, with the recent change to how the Peloton App works, one can only hope that Cigna is covering the Peloton App+ level, which gives you unlimited access to all Peloton classes.

Peloton healthcare discount

What is a Peloton healthcare discount?

It’s a discount on membership for people who work in the healthcare industry.

So it’s really a Peloton healthcare worker discount.

This includes a discount for people in the fields you might expect associated with healthcare, such as doctors, nurses, etc.

African american nurse girl wearing medical uniform and stethoscope over pink background showing arms muscles smiling proud. Fitness concept.

However, Peloton has expanded this healthcare worker discount to include veterinarians and other medical techs.

From the Peloton support page, here is who qualifies in the medical field for discount:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Behavioral Health & Social Service
  • Chiropractor
  • Dental Provider
  • Dietary & Nutritional Service Provider
  • Emergency Medical Service Provider
  • Eye, and Vision Services
  • Nursing Services
  • Pharmacy
  • Podiatry
  • Respiratory Service Providers
  • Developmental Service Providers
  • Rehabilitative Service Providers
  • Restorative Service Providers
  • Speech, Language and Hearing Technologists & Technicians
  • Physician Assistants
  • Clerical and Administrative Support
  • Veterinarians
  • Veterinary Assistants

Originally, these discounts were on the Peloton app membership.

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Healthcare discount on Peloton equipment

However, Peloton has expanded this discount to include $200 off accessories packages with the purchase of:

  • Original Peloton Bike
  • Bike +
  • Peloton Tread

So, keep in mind there are two different kinds of healthcare worker discounts. One, a discount on app membership.

Or, two, a discount on Peloton accessories when you buy certain Peloton hardware.

On the other hand, this discount is not for the Peloton all access membership.

So, to recap, those working in the healthcare industry can get one of two discounts from Peloton.

One, they can get a discounted rate for an app-only membership.

Or, two, they can get a discount on accessories when they buy certain Peloton equipment. However, they will still pay the regular all-access membership monthly price.

In other words, unfortunately, there is no Peloton all-access membership healthcare discount.

Here are hotels, stores and brands that give a healthcare worker discount.