Unique Subscription Boxes

There’s no question that subscription boxes are having their day. They provide an easy and convenient way to buy someone a gift, without ever leaving the house.

Since 2014, visits to subscription company websites have grown by 890%. The most popular categories? Beauty, apparel and food.

Some of the most popular subscriptions boxes include:

Ipsy, which sends five personalized makeup products

Blue Apron, a food-company that sends chef-designed meal kits. New Blue Apron customers get $130 off across 6 orders. Plus, your first order ships free!

Stitch Fix, which has clothing stylists putting together boxes of women’s clothes, men’s clothes and children’s clothes.

However, Stitch Fix is not a subscription box. In fact, it is an online styling service. Nonetheless, it gets lumped into this category by so many.

I’ve covered lots of different kinds of subscription boxes on this blog. Plus, I’ve used many of them in real life–and still do.

Finally, subscription boxes make great last minute gifts.

Unique subscription boxes

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However, if you’re shopping for someone who likes extraordinary things, then you’ll love learning about these unique and quirky subscription box options. Perhaps you’ll find something that you like for yourself.

Customers can get pretty much anything they want delivered by the month. This ranges from gluten-free jerky to an Escape Room in a box.

In fact, thanks to Stacker.com, I got the intell on some of the most unique subscription boxes around from Cratejoy and beyond.

House of Rituals subscription box

The House of Rituals Box by Tamed Wild is a unique, fun option for the modern Wiccan in need of supplies for rituals, spells, prayers or intentions. Each month, you’ll get a box of candles, incense, crystals and other “old world tools.”

For instance, each of these subscription boxes comes with a parchment keepsake page. This encourages subscribers to add to their grimoire—a book of magic spells—or book of shadows.


Talk about a unique subscription box: DoggieLawn will ship busy dog owners a fresh patch of grass for their pooch to use as a potty.

Interestingly, subscribers can pick a “lawn” size for small, medium and extra-large—or multiple—dogs. You can also buy DoggieLawn on Amazon.

Cryptid Crate

Sign up for Cryptid Crate through Cratejoy to get a monthly box filled with cryptozoology. What is cryptozoology?

Cryptozoology is the study of creatures that may or may not exist. On the one hand, it’s all about Yeti, BigFoot, etc. On the other hand, this unique subscription box also covers paranormal themes.

Unique Succulent Box

Know someone who would love to have plants at home but has a brown thumb? In other words, do they kill anything green they bring home?

Well, this unique subscription box is perfect. Called the Succulent Box by House Plant Box, it delivers a new succulent plant each month.

Best of all, these are hardy plants that provide a dose of greenery. In other words, they don’t need a lot of care. So, they’re perfect for people who tend to forget to water their plants.

Skulls Unlimited Bonebox

This monthly box of bones literally includes a box of bones. So, it is something relating to an animal’s skeleton.

In fact, bone collectors can get professionally cleaned natural animal bones. How are they prepared? Using dermestid beetles.

Past boxes have included skulls, teeth, baculum claws and other skeletal remains. However, due to wildlife export restrictions, the Bonebox is only available to the lower 48 states, Alaska and Hawaii.

Ratty Box

You’re probably familiar with dog subscription boxes like BarkBox. However, dogs aren’t the only pets that can get monthly treats and toys.

If you keep rats as your furry friends–or know someone who does–then you’ll want to check out Ratty Box. Basicaly, it delivers yummy rat treats and toys monthly.

Gluten-free Jerky Box

Part of the Jerky of the Month subscription box company, those needing to eat gluten-free can indulge, too. That is, this unique subscription box delivers jerky made without gluten.

In addition, you’ll find a coupon on the Cratejoy site to save money on your order. Finally, you can subscribe for up to 12-months of gluten-free jerky snack goodness.

Slime subscription box

My first exposure to slime was on the Kids Choice Awards on the Nickelodeon Channel. However, perhaps you’re an OG slime lover or know someone who is.

Now slime-lovers can join the subscription game with the Sliime subscription box on Cratejoy. In fact, these monthly boxes includes slime itself. Plus, you’ll get slime-themed items as well as candy.

Cat Lady Box

There is no shortage of subscription boxes for cat owners. However the Crazy Cat Lady Box takes the cat subscription box to another level.

One, the Cat Lady Box sends two to three cat-themed items for cat owners. This includes clothing, jewelry or home decor.

And, two, your kitty gets a surprise, too. Plus, the folks behind the Cat Lady Box support good causes that help cats in need.

You can sign up for the Cat Lady Box on Cratejoy. Finally, you can find a bunch of cat subscription boxes on Amazon, too.

Vegan snack subscription box

With SnackSack Vegan, you’re gettting a plant-based monthly discovery box that delivers nothing but unique and delicious vegan snacking. Each box comes with about a dozen different vegan snacks.

On Cratejoy, you can subscribe to the SnackSack Vegan snack box for one month, three months, six months or a year.

Tea Subscription Box

As a coffee drinker myself, I don’t quite get the appeal of tea. However, devout tea aficionados are sure to flip over the Sips By Box tea subscription.

The Sips by Box is a multi-brand, personalized tea subscription box. Each month, they match tea drinkers across the U.S. with delicious teas from over 150 global tea brands.

You’ll get four premium teas in each box. That’s enough to brew more than a dozen cups of tea.

Lego Subscription Box

Kids and adults alike love Lego bricks. Therefore, I’m confident they’ll love this Lego subscription box called Brick Loot.

Here’s some of what you’ll get in each Brick Loot box:

  • Four to eight Items each month
  • Brick Loot Exclusives in each box
  • Bonus Digital Building Fun
  • Get your hands on the newest brick items before they hit the market

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