Stitch Fix Review: What is Stitch Fix

Are you looking for an honest Stitch Fix review? Wondering what Stitch Fix is all about? Well, let me tell you.

Have you ever wanted to have your own stylist? However, you don’t have the income to justify shopping with one? Or maybe you don’t have the time to spend a day at the mall. Perhaps you just don’t like shopping all together. Either way, you need to know about Stitch Fix in this Stitch Fix review. It’s a stylist in a box that is definitely worth trying out.

What is Stitch Fix? 

What is Stitch Fix? It’s a mail-order styling service for women. Currently, it is available for United States residents only.

stitch fix review

I’d never heard about online stylist services like Stitch Fix until July 2015. That was when I was sitting around in between television interviews for a satellite media tour I was doing on behalf of a client.

Stitch Fix review compared with an in-person stylist

I had mentioned to my client, a national household brand that I was representing as a spokesperson, that I’d gone shopping six months earlier with a stylist. I’d paid $80 per hour, with a four-hour minimum. Yeah, personal stylist fees are expensive.

While I was pleased with most of the clothing I’d gotten, I wasn’t pleased with how time-consuming shopping with a personal stylist near me was. Also, I did not like the fact that I had to spend an exhausting day in department store dressing rooms. Yeah, I know, the world’s tiniest violin is playing a sad song for me.

How much an in-person personal styling costs

Bottom line: I ended up spending about $400 on personal clothing stylist fees. I spent about the same amount for clothing.

It’s true that I’m still wearing many of those pieces a year later. Still, there had to be another way to use a personal styling service, right?

My introduction to Stitch Fix

During that July 2015 conversation, my client asked, “Why aren’t you using Stitch Fix?” To which I asked, “What is Stitch Fix?”

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Once I learned what Stitch Fix was, I signed up. Also, I requested my first Fix right away.

I love that with Stitch Fix it costs only $20 as the personal stylist fees to get personally styled. My fashion life was changed forever.

FYI, if you have a fashion-challenged friend or a fashion-loving female family member, I believe that a gift card for Stitch Fix is a great gift to give.

Signing up for Stitch Fix

Want to get your own personal stylist online? Here are the basics on how Stitch Fix works.

You sign up on and fill out a style profile. Creating my style profile was a lot like working with a clothing stylist in person.

When I did she came to my house, brought with her magazines and catalogs showing various outfits, color palettes and styles, and asked me to rate how much I liked or disliked them and why.

The Stitch Fix online profile was the same. It had me ranking pictures of Stitch Fix outfits based on how much I loved or hated them. The idea here is to tease out our personal likes and dislikes in a visual (versus verbal) way.

Find out how Stitch Fix helped me find the perfect special occasion dress.

Your Stitch Fix Fashion Profile

Your Stitch Fix style profile questionnaire also asks personal questions. It asks your age, if you’re pregnant or a mother, and whether you need clothes to go to an office or to stay at home.

It also asks what price points you’re comfortable paying. In addition, it wants to know if you would like accessories sent along with clothing. Yes, please!

The great thing about this style profile is that it is fluid, organic, almost like a living organism. How you answer the questionnaire the first time you sign up doesn’t set your style profile in stone.

Update your fashion profile whenever you want

After receiving a few fixes and wanting to tweak what I was getting–many of the tops I was getting were baggier than I liked–I went back in and recompleted the questionnaire. This time I said that I liked more body-fitting fashions. Redoing the questionnaire is an option you have at any time.

After finishing your style profile, you can choose how often you want your fixes to show up on your doorstep. The default setting is monthly, but you can request to receive them more frequently (every two weeks) or less frequently (every other month).

Stitch Fix is not a subscription box service

In fact, you can request a “Fix” any time your heart desires. It’s important to point out that Stitch Fix is not a subscription box. There is no monthly fee.

An important part of this Stitch Fix review: I would recommend scheduling your first Stitch Fix fix as soon as you create your account and finish the questionnaire–while your choices are still fresh in your mind.

Each “fix” (as they’re known colloquially) costs $20, the price of which is deducted if you buy any of the clothes you decide to keep. If you buy everything in your box, you get a 25 percent discount as well.

Here’s another money-saving option you may not know about: When you create an account and refer a friend who creates an account, you’ll get $25 towards free clothing from a future Fix!

Not surprisingly, Stitch Fix is one of the most popular subscription boxes in America!

What to Expect in Your Stitch Fix Shipment

When the postal service delivers your fix box, it’s like Christmas every day with your own personal stylist! Every Stitch Fix comes with five pieces in it. Sometimes those five pieces are all clothing; sometimes it includes accessories or jewelry.

Mine never include shoes because I put in my style profile that I have wide, hard-to-fit feet. I mail order all my shoes from either or Nordstrom.

Stitch Fix Styling Cards

In addition to the clothing, your Stitch Fix comes with styling cards. These cards describe the items in your box and how you can use them in different outfits.

I’ll never forget how in one of my first fixes, I got these cool patterned tan pull-on pants. The styling card suggested pairing them with a sleeveless cherry red top.

While my fix did not include that cherry red top, I happened to have one just like that already in my closet. I tried it on with the pants, and it looked awesome.

I never would have thought to put that top with patterned pants together since they’re not even in the same color palette. But that’s the benefit of having a personal stylist online via Stitch Fix.

Important Part of This Stitch Fix Review: Try Everything On

After your Stitch Fix arrives, you have a few days to try things on. You can post pictures to Instagram or ask friends for feedback on Facebook.

That’s only if you want; it’s not a requirement. Then you decide which pieces you’re going to keep and which you’re going to send back.

You “check out” on or on the Stitch Fix app by letting Stitch Fix know whether you “Like It” “Love It” or “Hate It” with each piece. You pay for whatever you keep (minus the $20) using a credit card.

The pieces that are going back, you put in a postage-paid package that came in your box. So sending everything back is free to you and convenient. It just goes in your mailbox.

Also, if you decide to keep all five pieces, Stitch Fix gives you a discount. It is 25 percent off.

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My Stitch Fix Review Takeaway

Since signing up for the service, I’ve received more than dozen Stitch Fix boxes. I’ve kept two to three of the pieces in the box, on average.

So while every “fix” isn’t perfect–or a 5/5 as some “Fixers” call it when you love all five pieces–there is something worth keeping in every one.

My biggest frustration with online personal stylist Stitch Fix has been with my age. Not that I have a problem with how old I am, but with how old Stitch Fix thinks my age-style should be.

In my first couple of fixes, I would describe the pieces as frumpier than I would like. So I made myself 10 years younger and, voila, my Fixes ended up being closer to the age-style I see for myself.

I hope that this review has provided answers to the question, “What is Stitch Fix?” Stitch Fix allows me to build my wardrobe nearly one piece at a time, on my budget and within my own comfort level.

In addition, you can get workout clothes from Stitch Fix.

Finally, click here for a Stitch Fix Men Review.


  1. Just received my first ‘fix’ from Stitch Fix. All five items were made in China and all were made from cheap materials. I contacted the company and inquired about this, as I noted in my profile and initial order that I did not want anything made in China. I was told that they worked with a few designers who made their clothing in the US and they they could not guarantee all my next order would be made in the US, but they suggested I put that in my profile. I returned all the items and cancelled my subscription. I did not ask for clothing made in the US, only that I would not buy anything made in China due to that country’s vile human rights record and ongoing genocide. Anyone ordering from this company, beware that you will receive cheaply made items from China. Certainly not worth the prices they charge. My first order was over $197 for 5 items, and that was with discounts! No thank you. As the saying goes, buyer beware.

  2. Just a quick comment – right at the top you said Stitch Fix was only available to residents of the US. It’s not – you can get it in the UK, as I do. It says so on the FAQ part of their own website

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