Walking in Cycling Shoes

I’ll never forget the first time I ever saw someone walking in cycling shoes. I’m talking about the kinds of shoes with cleats on the bottom that clip into pedals.

Anyway, we used to live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The country roads there that parallel the Delaware River are super popular with road cyclists. 

So, I wasn’t that surprised when, one morning at my favorite bakery, a Peloton of cyclists pulled into the parking lot. They dismounted their bikes, leaned them up against the building and very carefully walked inside.

I say carefully, because if you’ve ever worn cycling shoes, then you know that walking with a cleat on a smooth floor can be slippery and dangerous.

How to walk in cycling shoes

Fast forward a few years, and now I’m the one wearing cycling shoes. 

There have been times I’ve had to clip out of my Peloton bike to answer the door. 

Heading down a set of wood stairs in those shoes is not a good idea.

Usually, I’ll end up walking down sideways, like you might when wearing ski boots.

You definitely don’t want to end up on your ass while walking in cycling shoes.

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So, how can you do it safely?

Well, obviously, walking slowly helps. And avoiding smooth floors is also helpful.

However, if you’re out in road cycling shoes and want to stop off for breakfast somewhere, well, you can’t predict what kind of floor you’ll end up having to walk on.

Product helps you walk in cycling shoes

On the other hand, there is a new “sole” you can attach to your cycling shoe to make it easier to walk in them. It’s called the VeloSandal.

velosandal walking in cycling shoes

This sandal attachment for cycling shoes provides a rubber sole with a tread on it. You can “walk” right into the sandal while wearing spin shoes with a Look Delta cleat on them. 

So, it could be an actual Peloton bike shoe.

Or maybe the Nike Super Rep shoes that also takes the Look Delta cleat.

nike super rep with velosandal

I found great prices on Nike Super Reps at Going, Going, Gone stores.

The company behind the VeloSandal is the same company behind the VeloTowel.

They make great mats to go under a Peloton bike and towels for the handlebars.

I’ve highlighted these products in the best accessories for a Peloton bike.

What is the VeloSandal

As I mentioned the VeloSandal provides a “sole” that attaches to the bottom of a Look Delta compatible spin shoe.

That way you can walk safely around your home (or into a cafe) while keeping your cycling shoes on.

The top of the VeloSandal is made of gray foam. There is a cutout for the Look Delta cleat to “clip in”–though you’re really not clipping in like on a pedal.

velosandal to walk in cycling shoes

You’ll notice that at the toe end of the VeloSandal facing upwards it says “To the Left” or “To the Right.” Not surprisingly, this helps you know which foot to put in which sandal.

Use code TOTHELEFT to save 10% on the VeloSandal.

Then, if you were to flip the sandal over, you’ll see a red, grooved bottom that looks similar to sneakers, tennis shoes or trainers.

This provides the grip you need for walking in cycling shoes.


In addition, this can protect hardwood floors from scuffing. Cycling cleats can do that.

VeloSandal sizes

Right now there are three sizes for the VeloSandal. They come in small, medium and large sizes.

However, on the VeloSandal page on the VeloTowel website, you’ll see the three choices for sizes displayed like this:

  • Women’s US 5-7.5/EU 35-39
  • Women’s US 8-10/EU 40-42 Men’s US 7-9/EU 40-42.5
  • Men’s US 10-12/EU 44.5-46.5

I wear a EU 39.5 in cycling shoes. So, to be safe I ordered the “medium” size, which fits EU 40-42.

Either way, the Look Delta clip is going to fit into the sandal. They are a standard size on the bottom of cycling shoes.

You want to get a size that is closest to what you need to walk in so you’re not tripping over the front of the VeloSandal.


Walking in cycling shoes with the VeloSandal on is a lot like walking around in flip flops.

So, not something you should wear for a long walk (or drive a car while wearing).

But if you don’t want to take your cycling shoes off after you get off the bike, they are great to help you with walking around.