City Target Stores

In the past few years, Target has been focusing on smaller footprint stores called City Target.

I recall how excited my mother in law was about the new Target that was opening in her West Side Manhattan, Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood.

She lived in an assisted living facility on Tenth Avenue, just blocks from the Target store there.

At 29,000 square feet, that Target store was significantly smaller than the stores she used to shop at in the suburbs.

However, she loved the idea of Target being nearby nonetheless.

What is a City Target store

As I mentioned, City Targets are smaller footprint stores that sell much of what bigger Targets do and they offer the same services.

These are considered to be smaller format stores.

Target says there are more than 150 of them nationwide.

Smaller Target locations near campus

The very first urban Target I ever visited was in New York City.

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It was when we moved our older daughter to college in Morningside Heights and realized we’d forgotten to pack pillows for her dorm room.

In fact, many smaller format Targets have opened near college campuses.

The very first one opened near the University of Minnesota.

Here is a brief list of some colleges with City Target aka small-format stores nearby:


  • San Francisco State University
  • UC Berkeley
  • UC San Diego
  • University of California Irvine
  • USC


  • Florida State University
  • University of Florida Gainesville


  • Loyola University
  • Northwestern University
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Illinois


  • University of Maryland


  • Boston University
  • Harvard University
  • MIT
  • Tufts University

Philadelphia University City store

  • Drexel
  • University of Pennsylvania


  • Texas State University
  • UT Austin


  • University of Vermont

Washington State

  • University of Washington

This article can help you find Pelotons near college campuses.

Other small Target stores metro locations

As I mentioned, I have firsthand experience visiting a Target in NYC.

Also, I’ve been to one in Chicago.

Wondering about other urban or downtown locations with these smaller format Target stores?

Since I know the New York City metropolitan area the best–and readers have had the most questions about Targets in NYC–here’s a brief list.

Target NYC

There are a number of smaller Target locations in NYC neighborhoods now.

This includes:

  • Chelsea (opening soon)
  • East Village
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • Kips Bay
  • Lower East Side
  • Soho
  • Times Square
  • Tribeca
  • Union Square
  • Upper East Side
  • Upper West Side

Target Queens

My husband and I used to live in Astoria, Queens.

At that time, we never could have imagined being able to shop at Target.

My how times have changed.

You’ll find City Targets in these Queens neighborhoods now.

Note: some of these areas of Queens are more suburban than urban.

I’m guessing that the Target stores there, while technically in the city, are larger than stores you’ll find closer to Manhattan:

  • Astoria (store opening soon)
  • College Point
  • Elmhurst
  • Flushing
  • Forest Hills
  • Jackson Heights

Target Brooklyn

Just like in Queens, more Target locations are open or will be opening in Brooklyn.

Here’s where you’ll find some of them.

  • Atlantic Terminal
  • Bensonhurst
  • Flatbush
  • Fulton Street
  • Kings Plaza

Size of City Target stores

These City Target or urban Targets are usually under 40,000 square feet.

Some City Targets are significantly smaller. One in Chicago is about 12,000 square feet.

That’s just about the same size as three basketball courts.

Even the smallest of City Target stores offer many of the same-day services that larger Target stores do. This includes:

target employee at drive up location.

This article explains all stores with buy online, pick up in store capacity

What is the difference between City Target vs regular Target

As I think I’ve outlined, the main difference between a City Target vs a regular Target is the size of the store.

A regular Target averages around 130,000 square feet. City

Target stores are about 40,000 square feet or smaller.

However, the name City Target can be a bit of a misnomer.

That’s because you may find a “regular” Target store–or even a former Super Target location–in a city.

For example, I know that Pittsburgh, very much a city, has multiple large-format Target stores.

So does Philadelphia.

You can use this Target store locator to find a City Target near you.