Cruises with Pelotons

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The last time our family took a cruise, it was long before we owned our Peloton bike. We sailed on the Norwegian Dawn out of Port Liberty in Bayonne, New Jersey. This was the view of nearby New York City as we were leaving the port.

Our itinerary included a number of stops, including Port Canaveral, Florida, and Nassau, Bahamas. It was our last big family trip with our daughters before they graduated from college.

We did workout while onboard, including taking daily yoga classes with the fitness center instructors. Also, there was a spin studio but it was just regular spin bikes.

These days, times have changed. Now you can keep your Peloton streak alive even when you’re traveling on a cruise.

Cruise Ships with Peloton Bicycles

As of right now it appears that only two cruise lines have Peloton bikes on board. And that would be Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean.

I’ve outlined the information on both cruise lines here. It seems that both Celebrity and Royal Caribbean continue to add more Pelotons to different ships. So check back often for updated intel.

Celebrity Cruises with Pelotons

The Celebrity Edge has Pelotons in the fitness center. And Celebrity Cruises says that ships in the Millennium, Solstice and Edge classes also have the bikes on board. This includes the Celebrity Summit boat. 

Also, I recently learned that the Celebrity Cruises Silhouette ship has six Peloton bikes on board. That’s compared with the three bikes on the Celebrity Apex ship.

Finally, I read an article in Travel Agent magazine about the Celebrity Beyond ship. You can book an Iconic Suite for your voyage; it comes with a Peloton bike in the living room.

FYI, you can book Celebrity Cruises through the money-saving site Cruise Direct. 

peloton bike on cruise ship overlooking ocean

A writer friend of mine wrote about her experience for the Cruise Critic website with using the Pelotons on a Celebrity ship. Here is what she had to say about which ships have them:

The line has six bikes per ship on its Edge- and Solstice-class ships, and four on its Millennium-class ships.

I wouldn’t be surprised if other popular cruise brands start to add Pelotons. Finally, if you find yourself on a ship without the cycles, you can always boot up the Peloton app and take classes that way.

Royal Caribbean Cruise with Pelotons

Some Royal Caribbean ships have added Peloton bikes to the fitness center.

Recently, I learned that the Royal Caribbean Wonder of the Seas, which is considered to be the largest cruise ship in the world, has four Peloton bikes on board.

In fact, a friend snapped this photo of the bikes (she’s on board right now) and shared it with me.

peloton bikes on cruise ship 1

My daughter is traveling on the Harmony of the Seas ship this spring. She’s promised to text me pictures of the Pelotons on board.

Finally, if I learn of other Royal Caribbean vessels with Pelotons, I’ll be sure to add that information to this article.

Here are other ways to use a Peloton while traveling.

Final thoughts on cruises with Pelotons

My husband is retiring this year, and we’re thinking about taking another big family trip–a cruise. Except this time around, my daughters will stay with our dogs so we can sail away on a couple’s trip.

You can best believe I’ll be looking at cruises with Pelotons first for our trip. And after we go, I’ll share our experience.

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