Healthy and Unique New Year’s Resolutions for This Year

When it comes to unique New Year’s resolutions, most Americans trend towards popular New Year’s resolutions instead of the unique. In fact, many have to do with better health.

Here is what a recent New Year’s resolutions survey found:

  • Six in 10 Americans wanted to drop some pounds.
  • One-third hoped to get more exercise this year.
  • Twelve percent planned to join a gym.

In addition, many people want to do a better job of managing their money. The third most popular New Year’s resolution is to take up a new hobby or learn new skills.

My take on healthy and unique New Year’s resolutions

Rather than simple focus on common or popular New Year’s resolutions, I’ve decided to take a twist on the regular. That is this blog post for the new year focuses on healthy and unique New Year’s resolutions.

And I’m not just going to list them and move on with my life.


I’ve tracked down deals or more information that you need to know about in order to pursue those resolutions, be them healthy or unique.

For example, my own resolutions include being more mindful and, frankly, grateful. I’m in a good place in my life and want to remind myself regularly about how blessed I really am.

So how am I going to pursue what might not be a super unique New Year’s resolution but one that feels authentic to me? Well, I might treat myself to some art for my office space or bedroom that fits with my mantra about being more mindful. Or maybe some other housewares that reflect my newfound commitment to seeking simple happiness in the new year.

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So now that you now my take on healthy and unique resolutions, here are some additional ideas for you to consider. Whenever possible, I’ve linked to deals or more information on products and services that might help you pursue your own goals in the new year.

Healthy New Year’s resolutions

You might think that companies that are in the business of encouraging people to make these healthy New Year’s resolutions would be charging more for their services now. You would be wrong.

I’ve rounded up a handful of savings you can find right now. This includes healthy New Year’s resolutions for seniors and healthy eating New Year’s resolutions.

Fitness and weight loss deals

I’ve tracked down deals that can help you save some money on your healthy New Years resolutions. Some of these deals help with exercise-related resolutions. Others help with healthy eating New Years resolutions.

Noom Weight Loss App

Are you trying to decide if you should try out the Noom app to lose weight? Let me tell you this–Noom works.

I wrote an honest review of the Noom weight loss app. This Noom review includes Noom pros and cons.

Whether for New Year’s resolutions or any other time of the year, I highly recommend that you check out Noom.

Healthy eating New Year’s resolutions

In addition to wanting to get more exercise and possibly losing weight, you may have some healthy eating New Year’s resolutions.

Well, I’ve got some ways that you can pursue your healthy eating and save some money. This includes savings on popular meal kit boxes.

Finally, I’m not sure if there is such as thing as kids New Year’s resolutions. But maybe as a parent you want your kids to eat better in the New Year. If so, any of these meal kits that promote healthy eating could work for your family.


Last year my husband and I signed up with HelloFresh, because eating better was one of our healthy New Year’s resolutions. It’s one of a handful of meal subscription services we’ve tried recently, and it’s become one of our favorites.

Check out my review of three meal kit delivery services.

We’ve loved everything this meal kit service has delivered to our front door and we’ve cooked at home. Even our picky-eater teen daughters have liked the meals from HelloFresh.

HelloFresh offers a family plan that serves four, or you can sign up to get meals that serve two–perfect for the young couple or empty nester. HelloFresh makes it easy to keep those healthy new year’s resolutions.

Right now HelloFresh has a $90 off offer. This helps you save on HelloFresh meal kit boxes. 

Save on fitness clothing

Did you read my review of the best fitness clothing subscription boxes? What about my post on the best ways to get sweat smells out of your exercise gear?

Well, first, I suggest you check out those posts at your leisure. Second, any of the companies that I’ve included in those fitness clothes-related posts have deals to coincide with New Year’s resolutions. Finally, there are a few new companies with offers that I thought you’d want to check out.

Wantable Fitness Clearance

After signing up for what’s called the Wantable Fitness Edit, I got some of the best workout clothing I’ve ever owned. This includes a pair of leggings from Free People.

You can read more about my experience getting a Wantable edit in this Wantable review. I also included Wantable in my post on the best subscriptions for workout clothing.

Right now Wantable is having a fitness clearance sale. So you’ll need to first sign up for that aforementioned Fitness Edit.

Then head over to the Wantable stream and click on the sale fitness clothing you can find. Don’t wait too long before your favorites sell out. 

Or you shop “Unboxed” on the Wantable site. That’s where you’ll find must-have sale items and save up to 50% with free shipping.

Savings on self care New Year’s resolutions

Is self care one of your healthy New Years resolutions? I highly recommend it. When I say “self care,” I mean doing something regularly to take care of your body, mind and spirit.
Last year I made a resolution to start getting massages on a regular basis. Since then, I’ve gone monthly for this kind of self care.

Unique New Year’s resolutions

Are you looking to add some unique New Year’s resolutions to your new year to do list? I think a super cool unique and a cool New Year’s resolutions is learning a new skill.

Just last night my husband and I were talking about new skills we wanted to learn this year. His had to do with construction. Mine had to do with music. I’d also love to learn to do a better job with Photoshop.

Here are two online “schools” that can help you–and me–learn a new skill in the new year. Or at least prepare for future learning.


When you sign up with Coursera, you can learn all kinds of skills, such as Master sensory techniques for wine analysis from UC Davis. Join Today!. In addition, you can take online class from world-class institutions like the University of Michigan and Penn.

Don’t have a lot of time like I do–or should I say like I don’t? Well Coursera has a ton of popular courses you can complete in under 8 hours! That’s perfect for time-crunch individuals whose unique New Year’s resolutions include learning a new skill in the new year.