target deal days

Why You Should Shop Target Deal Days

Target Deal Days are back this October. And even though we haven’t gotten through Halloween yet (as I write this article), retailers definitely want you to be thinking about holiday shopping already. For example, recently we shopped at Costco. As … Read More

stores closed on national holidays costco sign

Retail Stores Closed on Holidays

While we know that many corporate businesses close for national holidays, did you know that certain retail stores are closed on holidays, too? You have to commend these retailers for giving their employees the day off when many other Americans … Read More

Halloween on a Budget: Frugal Costumes and More

Who doesn’t love the idea of doing Halloween on a budget? Considering that spending on Halloween overall increases each year, it’s a good idea to think about ways you can cut your costs yet still enjoy Halloween this year. According … Read More

chanukah gifts for pet lovers

Cool Hanukkah Presents for Pet Lovers

If you’re a Jewish pet owner and will be celebrating Chanukah, chances are you will be buying or already have bought your pet a present. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), half of all dog owners and nearly … Read More

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Stores with In Store Pickup

If you’re a procrastinator or just hate the crowds at the stores, then you’ll love shopping at stores with in store pickup or curbside pickup or drive up. That is you buy online and then use in store pickup to … Read More

national ugly christmas sweater day

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day Ideas

Wondering when National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is this year? Well, it is celebrated on the third Friday of December each year. So, for 2022 National Ugly Sweater Day is December 16, 2022. I’m updating this post to give you … Read More

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Experience Gift Ideas To Give Right Now

A few years ago my husband was looking for experience gift ideas for me and came up with a great one–a kit to test our dog’s DNA. Of the four dogs we’ve owned, all have been rescues. So even though … Read More

mothers day flowers

Experience Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Are you looking to for experience gift ideas for Mother’s Day this year? You’re on the right track. Especially if you can find experience gifts that mom can enjoy at home. I love the idea of gifts of experience or … Read More

holiday vacation rentals

Save Money on Holiday Vacation Rentals

If you’ve ever traveled with children, then you know that finding holiday vacation rentals often makes more sense than staying in a traditional hotel. When you spend your vacation in a rental, you often have access to multiple bedrooms, a … Read More

easy slow cooker chicken recipes

4 Really Easy Slow Cooker Recipes

Using your Crock Pot or slow cooker–or even your InstaPot pressure cooker–is a great way to make easy slow cooker recipes and get meals on the table without spending a lot of money. It’s a time saver and it’s a … Read More

Holiday Tipping Guide

Looking for a holiday tipping guide for this year? Wondering about holiday tipping, including whom to tip and how much? You’re not alone. Just about when Thanksgiving rolls around, holiday tipping usually becomes top of most American’s minds. It’s no … Read More

Peloton Instructor and “dog mom” to Shiloh and Sienna Grace, Jess Sims introduces new ACANA® Rescue Care for Adopted Dogs and offers advice to help families integrate activity into both their own lives and their newly adopted dogs’ lives as part of the company’s Forever Project.

Peloton Pet Mom and Dad Gift Ideas

Would you call yourself a Peloton pet mom or dad? Do you have the hashtag Pelopups or Pelopets on your Peloton profile? Is your Peloton leaderboard name reflective of your dog or cat love like mine is? My LB name, … Read More

Thanksgiving Life Hacks for This Year

What a difference a year makes. This article on Thanksgiving life hacks for this year is an update of a frugal Thanksgiving blog post I wrote a few years ago. The original version included advice on cheap airline tickets and … Read More