Wantable Style Edit Review

I’ve just updated this Wantable Style Edit Review. A few years ago, I discovered this online styling service when an ad for Wantable showed up in my Facebook feed. The ad talked about Stitch Fix customers loving Wantable. So I was curious.

In this Wantable Style Review, I’ll explain how Wantable works, how much Wantable costs, how Wantable vs Stitch Fix compares plus everything else you need to know about this online styling company. I’m confident you’ll enjoy reading this Wantable Review and that you’ll consider signing yourself up like I did.

wantable style edit review

How does Wantable work

For starters, you may be asking, “What is Wantable?” or “How does Wantable work?” Well, Wantable is an online styling company along the lines of Stitch Fix. It is a personal styling service. You may call it a Wantable subscription or a Wantable subscription box, but there is no subscription fee.

Like so many of the online styling and subscription box companies I’ve reviewed, Wantable works by first asking you about your style. For women, Wantable offers three options:

Regardless of which Wantable box you want, you have to take a quiz. It’s easy and fun.

FYI, the Sleep and Body Edit is new to me. So I just took that quiz and ordered my first box of intimates. Then I wrote this review of underwear subscription boxes.

Wantable Style Quiz

The Wantable Style quiz asked me to rate prices of clothing and kinds of clothing in two ways.

  1. For prices I had to click on always, sometimes or never when choosing a range of prices for everything from tops to bottoms to bras.
  2. For styles of clothing my options were love, like or dislike.

The style quiz also asked about color preferences, how much I weighed, what sizes I normally wear. It really was an easy quiz to take–probably the easiest one I’ve ever had to do for an online styling company.

Here is my review of the most popular subscription boxes by state.

The Wantable Stream

wantable stream style edit review 2020
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After going through the Wantable style quiz, and placing my first styling order, Wantable directed me to visit the Wantable Stream. When I got there I was faced with dozens of clothing choices. I could request or decline anything there.

So I clicked on some items I thought I might like. I was able to request or decline certain pieces of clothing.

Of the Wantable brands in the stream, there were some I’d definitely seen in stores or with my other online styling companies.

This included Kensie, Karen Kane and Kut from the Kloth. I couldn’t tell if these pieces from the Wantable Stream would be added to my upcoming style edit or if I were to buy them separately.

As I kept scrolling down, more clothing kept showing up. In the end I just chose a bunch, and then just exited the page because I couldn’t figure out what’s what.

My Wantable box

It took a little over a week between signing up for my Wantable Style Edit and the box arriving. Here is what my note from my stylist Mary said:

“Welcome to your first Style Edit! I am so excited to help refresh your wardrobe with pieces that match your lifestyle and style preferences. For a starting point, I am including a mix of pieces to scope out your style. Try pairing the Kelsey Knit Trouser in Grey Grid with the Josie Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee in White. Layer with the Lyocell Utility Jacket in Dark Chambray during cooler days or evenings. This amazing jacket isn’t only eco-friendly but breathable and lightweight, too! For a second look, pair the Sarah Ankle Skinny in Port Antonio with the Bailey Plaid Top in Grape View. Accessorize with the Mila Hoop Earrings in Silver. I would love it if you could leave me some feedback and let me know what does and does not work so that we can nail your fit and style in Edits to come!”

Now I’ll know to pay closer attention when requesting items from “the Wantable stream.” Maybe look for brands I know.

wantable style edit review 2020

The brochure inside the box showed images of all seven items that were sent to me in my Style Edit. It noted two of the items that I’d requested on the Wantable Stream. They were:

  • Bailey Plaid Top in Grape from Beach Lunch Lounge (a brand I’m not familiar with) $68
  • Dark Chambray Utility Jack from the Bagatelle Collection $68

One of my items was a pair of silver hoop earrings. They came in a lovely suede envelope that said “pretty little things” on the outside. I was really impressed with the packaging.

My Wantable style edit clothing

I was super excited about the Kelsey Knit Trouser in gray grid from Liverpool. I’ve gotten Liverpool brand clothing before from Stitch Fix and while shopping at Nordstrom. In fact, I was thrilled to have those trousers in my Style Edit since I’d actually written the following in my note to my new clothing stylist: “I’m looking for new trousers and shorts sleeve tops and blouses that I can dress up or down.”

The pair I got, in my usual size, was too big. When I went to check out I was given the option to exchange them for a different size. But it was not to be.

When I clicked on exchange, I got the following note: ” Oh no! This item is no longer available. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.” Sadly, when I tried to exchange the short sleeve v neck tee shirt from Trim & Tailor (again a brand I did not know), it, too, was sold out.

Too bad. This shirt was soft and really pretty.

Shirt from Wantable stream was a keeper

The good news is that the plaid shirt I’d requested from the Wantable stream was a definite keeper. It is button down but with a deeper v neck. So it’s more feminine than most flannel shirts. Plus, because I have a big bust, the deeper neck means it doesn’t pull across my chest. Yeah!

I love the grape burgundy color mixed with the navy plaid. During the cold-weather months and the crisp fall days, I would say that I have been easily wearing that shirt once a month. It’s a great piece for casual days when I want to be comfortable–and warm–without looking sloppy, if you know what I mean.

wantable stream style edit review 2020

Wantable discount

All told the seven items came to $461. If you keep at least 5 items, then get a 20 percent discount. For me that would have been $92.20. That would have brought the total down to $368.80.

I prepaid the $20 styling fee (like other styling companies charge), so my total-total if keeping all seven pieces would have been $348.80. That’s a really good price for seven pieces. In the end I’m paying $48–$20 for the style edit applied to the $68 for the plaid shirt.

Make a Wantable Style Edit part of your work from home wardrobe.

Checking out and reviewing your clothes

Checking out on the Wantable site is intuitive, user friendly and easy. The site brings you through each of the items and gives you the option to keep, exchange or return.

After clicking on something I was returning, Wantable asked an additional question: Was there anything you liked about this item?

More about Wantable style edit

In addition to a Wantable style edit for women, you can get a Wantable Active edit. For fun I did a style quiz after checkout for an active edit. It included questions about what kind of exercise I would be wearing fitness clothing for and where I would be working out–at home, yoga studio or a gym. In fact, after I went through a Wantable active edit, I added it to my blog post on the best workout clothes subscription boxes.

Wantable for men

As far as Wantable for men, the only option is an active edit. If they have sizes for big and tall men, I’m definitely going to sign up my husband so he check out a Wantable men’s active edit.

Wantable for men says it offers performance clothing and loungewear for working out or hanging out. So, I’ll definitely be checking that out.

Wantable plus size

I’m guessing that you could call the clothing from Wantable plus size. How? When you do the style edit quiz or the active edit quiz, Wantable asks you for your sizes. There are definitely Wantable plus size options. With tops and bottoms, you can choose up to size 3X. With bras you can go up as high as 46E+.

And since Wantable asks you how tall you are and what you weigh, in the weight category you can go as high as 350 pounds.

Looking for plus-size clothing subscription box options?

wantable plus size style edit review 2020

Wantable clothing brands

As I mentioned some of the Wantable clothing brands that came in my style edit were ones I’d never heard of. But when I searched them on Google, they ended up being legit brands you could find at Nordstrom or Bloomingdale’s. Of the Wantable brands in my box, Liverpool was the one I was most familiar with.

There does seem to be an exclusive Wantable brand called W. by Wantable.

I decided to take a look at the Wantable Stream for fitness clothing so I could see the Wantable brands there. I saw a few items in the brands I recognized and/or own. This included:

  • Onzie
  • Beyond Yoga
  • Free People Movement
  • Spiritual Gangster

How much is a Wantable box

Wondering how much does Wantable cost? Well, like with other subscription box companies and online styling services, you pay a styling fee each time.

With Wantable that styling fee is just $20. Like other companies, that $20 is deducted from whatever you buy from your box.

So your only Wantable cost upfront is $20. You add a credit card when you sign up for Wantable. It’s then charged $20 before your box is sent.

Wantable prices

As far as Wantable prices go, I found the clothing prices to be comparable to Stitch Fix. In fact, the prices were like Stitch Fix but possibly cheaper.

For example, the pair of jeans I received cost $66. When I got a pair of Liverpool jeans from Stitch Fix, they were $98. Granted, I’ve paid over $100 for NYDJ that I got through Nordstrom.

Wantable vs Stitch Fix

So why did I sign up for Wantable when I’m already getting Stitch Fix? As I mentioned in the introduction, an ad for Wantable showed up in my Facebook feed. The ad talked about Stitch Fix customers loving Wantable.

While I’m not ready to give up Stitch Fix, I was curious to try a company that compared itself to Stitch Fix. So how does it work out when comparing Wantable vs Stitch Fix? Let me outline the similarities and differences

Comparing Wantable vs Stitch Fix

Styling fee

Both charge $20

Number of items in the box

With a Wantable style edit vs Stitch Fix, well, Wantable definitely comes out ahead here. You get seven pieces with your Wantable style edit.

With a Stitch Fix “Fix,” you get only five pieces.

Free shipping

Yes, both companies offer free shipping of your clothing to you and free shipping back to them after you checkout.

Wantable vs Stitch Fix brands

Both companies offer their own exclusive brands but also sell brands that are available elsewhere. For example, both Wantable and Stitch Fix have sent me the Liverpool brand.

wantable style edit review 2020

Wantable style edit pros

There are many pros to include in this Wantable style edit review. They include:

  1. An easy-to-take style quiz.
  2. The affordable styling fee that’s on par with what other online stylist companies charge.
  3. Wantable offers free shipping both ways.
  4. There are brands of Wantable clothing that I recognized or was familiar with or, frankly, already owned.
  5. It has an option to exchange clothing for a different size.
  6. You get seven (7) pieces in a Wantable Style Edit or Wantable Active Edit.

Wantable offers another option for a personal stylist online. For my Wantable Active Edit review, please check out this blog post on the best workout clothing subscription boxes.

FYI, for the longest time I would call the Wantable Active Edit the Wantable Fitness Edit. Maybe you call it a fitness edit, too. I dunno–makes more sense to me.

Wantable style edit cons

None of the online personal stylist companies I’ve used hit a home run on the very first box they sent to me. So though I’m listing just a few cons with this Wantable Style Review, take it with a grain of salt.

I’ve learned that it takes a few boxes from an online personal shopper for any of these companies to get a good sense of your style and what clothing or accessories to send. That being said, here are three Wantable cons worth noting.

First, I could not preview the clothing before it was sent to me. Second, when I tried to exchange sizes for two pieces of clothing I liked, I was told they were all sold out. So I had to send them back.

And, third, the Wantable Stream is confusing. I wish the website did a better job explaining exactly how that worked and what the chances are that you’ll get the items you select. In my most recent Wantable Style Edit, I chose six shirts that I liked. When the box arrived only one was in there–and no explanation as to where the other ones were. Again, I would love to be able to preview what’s coming so I’m not disappointed.

Overall thoughts on my Wantable Style Edit Review

So what do I think now that I’ve been through at least two Wantable Style Edits and have written this Wantable Style Review? Well, I can’t wait to get another Style Edit. Even with the cons mentioned above. Right now I’m signed up to get an Edit each month.

Even if I keep only one piece per Edit, that’s an affordable way to add to my wardrobe throughout the year. Plus, it’s super convenient to have clothes sent right to me.

And as a devout fan of online styling companies, I’ve gotten used to the convenience of trying things on at home. I’m not sure I’ll ever willingly head back into a department store dressing room in the future. Hope you found this Wantable review to be spot on for you and that it answered your questions. If not, post a comment below and I’ll see how I can help you!

Stitch Fix now has something called Stitch Fix Freestyle. It allows you to buy clothing outside of working with a personal stylist. I’ve reviewed Stitch Fix Freestyle here.

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